「Consolidation; 連結」 (Renketsu)

We are nearing the end of Accel World’s 2-cour run… and I swear, half this time has been spent on the build up to Noumi’s demise. Was it worth the wait? This episode has definitely done a great job in combining many of the previous aspects and hints into one collaborative showdown with Noumi. So yes, in a nutshell, it was worth the wait and I was not disappointed.

Even up until the second last episode, Accel World still amazes me with the new terms and characters they throw into the story. The author has created a universe in which the audience never truly understands everything and that gives him the advantage to add elements to the story however he wishes. Although it has bothered me somewhat in the past, with the introduction of Black Vice (Tobita Nobuo), I was very fascinated in who this over-powered character was. Of course, everyone seems to be over-powered these days, but like every game, it’s not interesting unless you have new bosses and levels to reach. Black Vice is definitely a villain (or maybe not?) that I’d keep my eyes open for in the future (if there is a second season). His involvement with this Acceleration Research Society proves that there is another “power” out there that is trying to improve? change? learn more? about the Accelerated World and Burst Linkers.

Noumi never ceases to surprise me though. I’m not sure if that’s because he has such a dark and twisted soul or because I keep expecting him to change and prove me wrong. His “shining” moment however, only further empathized that he is a psychopath. What a poor psychologically damaged child. Do I blame his brother for it? Well of course – but the individual is also to blame for his strong will to crush and better his brother. Noumi’s own competitive nature and pride (and greed) is what led to his present-self. His ability is indeed one that stems from his feeling of having nothing and he knows no better than to steal what others have. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s any more right… I’m just saying that he turned from a villain with no motive (and just pure hatred) to one that deserves a bit of sympathy. Just the tiniest bit. For the most part though, I still think he is way past any sort of redemption and he’s going to get what’s coming next week.

And what was Chiyuri doing this entire episode? Playing victim once again. I have mixed feelings about Chiyuri, especially at the end of this episode. She goes from annoying best friend (who may or may not love two men at once), to Noumi’s partner in crime, to victim. And I gave her the benefit of the doubt at first – she’s lost her two best friends to a virtual world and has no way of helping. Then I felt bad because she was being played by Noumi, held as hostage and only wanted to save Takumu/Haruyuki from further harm. But with her recent attitude and “I did this on my own terms” speech, I really do not feel any empathy or feelings towards her whatsoever. When she appeared at the beginning of the episode, and all was forgiven – that does not sit well with me. I am not someone who forgives and forgets easily if my friends betray me and Chiyuri’s behavior just pushed all the wrong buttons. Of course, knowing Takumu and Haruyuki, I wouldn’t expect them to hold any grudges. And obviously, that means that Chiyuri is just another tool for Noumi to hold against them.

Kuroyukihime finally returns and there’s no better way to have an entrance than on a white stallion! Right guys? 😉 I was expecting her to make an entrance but to use her Mystical Reins and on a horse no doubt! Oh damn… shit’s going down. I’m not expecting a grand finale next week, but I am looking forward to the final showdown. There’s no way that the entire story can be neatly wrapped up, but I’m glad that the show’s been faithful to the LN so far (from what I’ve heard). As long as the arc ends, I’ll be satisfied and no more cliffhangers please!

Full-length images: I’m so excited for next week’s finale! Did everyone have fun reading my first 2-cour show? =)




    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      I don’t care what anyone think but Nomi needs more punishment physical or mentally don’t matter just more torture for such rotten spoil brat.

      1. I don’t know about you, but to me Noumi is as much a victim as a villain… reading this part of the LN made me pity him as much as I hate him… True that he might deserve something more, but what can you take from someone who already owns nothing? Noumi has nothing to start with as Taku pointed out, so I really can’t think of anything else to do to him… Plus, as Chiyu has said repeatedly, BB is just a game after all…

  1. Chiyuri… I swear I never liked her at first. She plays the damsel in distress role WAY TOO GOOD. And she constantly plays the ‘childhood friend’ card on her two best friends so she would not get hated or whatever.
    God.. another Orihime >.>

  2. Black Vice, he remains me of a cold-blood, sales man.

    Also, just curious, AccWorld stared ~7yrs ago, and the program are pass down from “parent” to his/her one and only “child”, so how did the 1st generation, or I should say the very 1st few individuals receive their AccWorld? I don’t mind spoilers

    Yes, I enjoy your post of this 2-cour AccWorld very much,Cherrie, please keep going like this for future shows.

    1. regarding first generation burst linkers: Show Spoiler ▼

  3. all the dots are finally connected… the seemingly abrupt side story about KYH and her trip in Okinawa is tied in here 🙂 In addition, we finally get introduced to accel research society xD… I have been waiting for this moment for so long!

    before I go on there, I will just say one thing about Chiyu… the LN really tried to make people hate her at this point, but why did the author want to do that? Why does Chiyu want to come with Haru and Taku? Why did she betray them in the first place? There is definitely a reason for all of these… Whether that reason will change how you see the character is an open question however…

    now back to black lotus vs. black vice and cyan pile vs. dusk taker. Incarnate ability are shown left and right, the fight sequences are just so cool! Cyan Blade is not a big surprise, but it looks great! black lotus’s vorpal strike is also pretty awesome (seems like OP 1 spoiled that already), and black vice’s voice is nice 🙂

    can’t want for next week’s final fight and how things wrap up 🙂 Cherrie, thanks for the post as always!
    ps. this episode probably set a record of how many arms are torn off… as far as I can tell, there were 6 limbs being torn off or cut off xD

    1. I would love to see the Quadeyes Analyst (that’s the nickname, the Avatar’s real name is a secret…ho ho ho) appear in the second season with all the other yet-to-come characters. More epic fights, more mysteries, more stages, more characters (and gender traps), more Incarnate and above all — Chromified Silver Crow!!! (This is not really a spoiler since it’s more or less given). Sunrise, just give us the second season already! I want it now!! If it’s not available within 1/2 a year, I think I might go into AW withdrawal…

      Mixed Milkshake
      1. You know that quad eyes won’t appear till season 3 really (if there is ever a season 3)… Her role is so limited in the next arc… Heck, with that train of thought, I would love to see wolfram, choco and the rumored space stage! But yeah, the mystery and all the new incarnate abilities will be total blast to see 🙂

        Ps. The end of vol. 12 was great, but I hate all those crazy cliffhangers…

      2. well, even in battle royale mode, they are still in normal stage, so that someone is not bond by that limitation… it is so easy to forget because it does feel like forever since they last mentioned that condition… though somehow I just don’t see rescue missions could come for another 2 volumes…

  4. It’s basically the transfer of behavior. When a kid, say, experiences violence first hand a lot/grows up in a violent household/etc, the chances of them ending up performing acts of violence when they’re older are usually quite a bit higher compared to ones who live a “normal” life as a child. (I could use other examples, but those are darker x_x.) Noumi essentially grew up into exactly what his older brother was to him because he was so influenced by it for so long himself (coupled with being drunk with power from how accelerating in real life can work. Bad combination.).

    Does that justify what he’s done till now? Of course not. He still made the choice to do what he did and act the way he did and he should not be allowed to escape the consequences simply because of saying, “My brother beat me up”.

    The bit that annoyed me, besides Chiyu, was how Taku had the death blow ready to go and what does he do? HE CONVERSES AND GIVES NOUMI THE CHANCE TO RECOVER AND STRIKE BACK!!! Such a cliche always irks me to no end. It also makes them seem weak considering they were working so hard to resolve the Noumi situation without Kuroyukihime’s presence, only they get beat up and she “has” to appear to bail them out anyway.

  5. I believe it is common sense to just kill the already downed enemy instead of talking to him for almost 5 mins and let Noumi formulate a plan in his mind or let him at least regain his composure and strike you back. Taku probably suck at video games, “Oh, the enemy is gonna die, his hp is so low, how about I just stand there and do nothing and let him use potion or let his health regenerate itself and give him a chance to kill me? Yep, I should do that.” And Taku is a member of the kendo club, surely he know you are to strike your enemy down at all opportunities.

    I know this is a build up to Black Lotus return but is it not a bit stupid? Stand there and talk to him, instead of stabbing him in vital parts of the body?

    Taku blade is cool though, I like it.

    I was expecting a chrome disaster appearance but nope, just Haru getting some sort of boost that fall short of my expectation… body plate gone and run a bit and fall on the floor and cannot stand?

    And Chiyu is obviously a bait or a trump card and they cannot see that? I was all over it when I see Noumi grabbed Chiyu, shouting: “I KNEW IT, I KNEW IT!!”

  6. If memory serves me right, when the previous comment mentions that “she has to appear to bail them out,” this reminds me of the economy meltdown with occupy street Chiyu and tarp funds Kuroyukihime.

  7. Kuroyuki’s return was GREAT. The new sword of Taku is great, surpassed him much of his trauma. Chiyu still bothering me a bit.
    I hope Haru give a good fight already being free from the trap of “Black vice”.

  8. Ironic, isn’t? Never I had thought that Nomi, the one character that I HATED the most, would have the same kind of troubled past as I am. But instead of an older brother (since I’m the oldest one of my sibling), ii’s the bullies back in my old time. That doesn’t mean I sympathize Nomi ‘cos, as depressing as it is though, at least I didn’t turned like Nomi did.

    2 things that made me happy about this episode; I was wrong about the ‘Haru vs. Chiyu’ as I predicted last week, and the return of our beloved Kuroyukihime-sama.

    Now, with the permission of fellow RC readers and writers, allow me to say this;


    PS: I know that the spelling for Nomi’s name is Noumi (with letter U). I just didn’t bother to spell it like that for obvious reason.

  9. How wonderful that they give the one-dimensional Nomi a tragic past. *roll eyes*

    Got to love how the show is TRYING to garner some sympathy to the one character who is ruining my enjoyment of AW. Its like trying to resuscitate a dead pig. I don’t care about Nomi, I just want him gone. Just end this arc already!

  10. Accel World’s penultimate episode sets up what looks to be an awesome end to the show.

    The organization that’s been plaguing Nega Nebulous since the beginning of the second course is finally named, the Acceleration Research Society/Group. Of course, their true goals still have yet to be revealed but if I had to make an assumption from what’s been seen so far from the Society, they appear to be manipulating Brain Burst’s system for their own purposes even if it’s at the cost of others both in real life and in the game. We also get an introduction into the leadership of the Society, Black Vice, who may just be the show’s most affable character yet. And even if all that is a facade, he certainly seems to be no pushover. I’d say he’s a taste of things to come if Accel World does indeed get a second season.

    We finally learn the origin of Dust Taker, and surprisingly it manages to show that Noumi isn’t just the one-dimensional villain everyone thought of him as. His backstory highlights all the negative aspects of the Accelerated World previously established in the show. From the emotional scars that form ones avatars, to the dangers that can come from ones relationship with their Guardian, Noumi is the poster child for how Brain Burst can negatively effect those who use it. It gives the users power, but that power doesn’t fix their problems, and can in a worst case scenario drive the user to do unspeakable things and abuse that power for their own ends. And while there are plenty of positive examples of the good that can come from Guardian Relationships, such as Haruyuki/Kuryoukhime, Ash Roller/Sky Raker, and the Okinawan Burst Linkers, there are also as many examples of how they can be emotionally damaging such as Kuryoukhime and her Guardian, Scarlett Rain/Cherry Rook, and now Noumi and his brother. As much as it has benefited the cast, I still can’t help but think that the world truly would be better off without Brain Burst, because Noumi certainly would.

    Both Haruyuki and Taku got a moment to shine in this episode, as Cyan Pile used his Incarnate ability to beat down Noumi in a small mimic of the op. Sure he got taken out in the end, but it at least shows he’s grown after everything that’s happened. And Silver Crow also managed to show off, as he broke free from Black Vice using willpower alone in order to ensure he doesn’t lose that which brought him both strength and happiness. If Noumi is the poster child for the negative aspects of Brain Burst, Haruyuki would be the poster child for all the good it can do.

    Chiyu is still the most mysterious element in this arc, from both her intentions and to what role she’ll ultimately play in the end. I have some faith she’ll redeem herself in the last episode, and I equally hope we’ll get some reasoning for her helping Noumi.

    Noumi can bemoan friendship as much as he likes, but he shouldn’t forget about another type of bond: Love, as Black Lotus triumphantly returns to save both her love and her Legion. I admit I wasn’t expecting her to return in time for the final showdown, but boy was I pleasantly surprised when she showed up using the tool she had gotten from her adventure in Okinawa. And her entry into the fight is nice in that it doesn’t look badly on Haruyuki or Taku, as instead of dealing with Dust Taker she takes on the other unexpected guest of the showdown while leaving Silver Crow to to deal with Dust Taker himself. Haruyuki and Taku set out to finish off Dust Taker by themselves, and she’s still giving them the chance to do it.

    Now both our hero and heroine have showdowns of their own in the last episode of Accel World, Silver Crow vs Dust Taker and Black Lotus vs Black Vice, and I couldn’t ask for anything more from a finale.

    I’m pumped for a thrilling finish to Accel World, and I’d just like to thank Cherrie for all the enjoyable posts she’s made about the show and I hope that if it does indeed get a second season that you’ll post on that too.

  11. I was so glad that Accel World decided to include another antagonist. I mean after half a season of hating freaking Noumi, I finally have an enemy that I don’t totally hate. I know Black Vice has only been in one episode now but damn, having an antagonist that doesn’t piss me off all the time is a breath of fresh air.

    1. I’m glad to see someone else that’s not Noumi as well -__-‘ I found him a terrible villian to watch and it bothered me that he was doing bad for the “sake of doing bad” =S hopefully that won’t be the case anymore if there is a second season.

  12. When I first saw Black Vice’s skeletal avatar in the OP alongside Dusk Taker, Sulfur Pot and Rust Jigsaw, I thought he was some background building-like object rather than a character. lol

    W00t, KYH to the rescue. While I’m glad she came to restore the unfair playing field that Noumi has created, allowing Haru the dignity to finish off Noumi fairly and squarely, there’s just one tiny thing about her arrival that bothers me. She said she dived from Okinawa and took her over 15 hours to get to Tokyo inside the Unlimited Field, this begs the question: How did she even know when and where to arrive? If she timed her diving too early, she would have to wait inside for weeks or even months, as she wouldn’t have Black Vice’s convenient ability to decelerate.

    The appearance of Black Vice simply shows us that Noumi is nothing but a mere annoying stooge in the Acceleration Research Society’s (ARS) grand scheme of things. And as KYH noted, he’s barely even scratched the surface of the Accelerated World before he can even think of cheating his way towards defeating a King.

    I shall look forward to seeing him have his ass handed to him next week, and then we’ll be rid of this bad rubbish and focus more on proper three-dimensional villains with interesting motives and backgrounds.

    Kinny Riddle
  13. I actually fell asleep during the latter half of the fight scene, despite how badass the brawl between Taku and Noumi was. The characters sure do love giving speeches and crying while their best friends are getting crushed to death.

    While Kuroyukihime’s appearance would normally be a godsend, here it takes away from the purpose of the arc. The last half of the series was about Taku and Haru learning to get stronger without Kuroyukihime’s influence. But here, we have Taku and Haru getting beaten down furiously by Noumi and crying while barely damaging Noumi. Then of course, Kuroyukihime shows up and beats down everyone, conveniently leaving a severely wounded Noumi for Haru to pick off. What was the point of this entire arc? The characters are still just as dependent on her.

    Also, while there are perks to having an unsympathetic sociopath as your villain, Accel World’s script didn’t do anything purposeful with him. And now I’m supposed to feel bad for him with a rushed in back story, while he makes silly faces at the audience. Haha, yeah no.

    1. Pretty much. Thought this arc was suppose to be a tribulation that the trio had to conquer themselves. But in the end they went back to kneel before Noumi and were on the verge of defeat, until……Kuroyukihime showed up again.

  14. Haven’t watched the past few episodes since Chiyuri “betrayed” the team and helped “heal” Noumi (just before KYH’s Okinawa arc) as I was waiting until this arc was over. I don’t consider Noumi a villain worthy of taking up so many episodes. Here we are pretty much at the end of the series and Noumi is still the main villain?

    After the whole arc with Chrome disaster, I was looking forward to see what other interesting arcs lied ahead. Wasting so much good potential on such an unworthy villain? This second cour has been bitterly disappointing.

    1. Granted the whole arc seems to focus on a jerkass product of the world being jerkass, it also gave us a glimpse of a lot of things that will be the focus of this story in the future. noumi’s arc is just an opening of some of the things they’ll be facing in the future; more jerkass villains, kings, cheaters and the Brain Burst program itself.

      I’d like to ask Milkshake and jrj not to spoil these guys, and me, much. The guys at BT is still in hiatus mode.

      @Kinny won’t you take over the AW project? Or is your laptop still busted?

      The Moondoggie
    2. Well… While there is no question that Noumi is not the best villian, his main purpose is actually setting the stage for accel research society to surface… Also if you take into consideration that this is the first major crisis Nega nebulous faced (the LN was 2 volumes instead of 1 volume for the first two arcs), it makes sense for the arc to be longer…

      I am not going to say much about what is to come, but I can promise that there will be no more villian as bad as Noumi for at least a season (assuming sunrise animate vol. 5-9 all in one season).

  15. heh I couldn’t help cursing Haru aloud for giving in yet again! damnit…if you’re going to go out go out kickin…i thought he really learned that much by now. I am really startin to think Haru needs to get healed more than any of the other mega nebulous that have all been a little closer to being content since they confronted some of their fears. Chiyu seems a step backward in what it is she’s doing but i do hold out hope for some sort of double agent deal like Haru seems to suspect. I was really hopin they’d see Noumi off without help but then again the bum cheated, so Kuroyukihime’s appearance seems fair no matter how i look at it.
    congrats Cherrie i really enjoyed your reviews on this show and look forward to more shows in the future. i like your trains of thought. (and the screen capping excellence)

    1. Awwww… thanks a lot =) I don’t really have a concrete way of writing (yet?) so I’m glad that people can follow my thought process. I was trained by the best to do screencaps 😉 *coughVerdant&Divine*cough so all the credit goes to them ^^

  16. I was eagerly awaiting when the review will be posted. I have to admire Japanese ingenuity for reaching out openly to subtly to culture where there shows are catered, but whoever runs this show, though I like it, owes a fricking huge royalty since almost unnoticeable to most, the animators (having not read the novel, a humble guess) simply ripped of Budapest as seen from the Danube on both sides and made a pretty good copy of the parliament, surrounding buildings and the Castle on the other side

  17. Has Taku done anything in the past 20 or so episodes not involving his ass getting kicked?
    Got his ass kicked during the Yellow Radio ambush.
    Ass kicked by Dusk Taker twice and beaten in kendo.
    Lost to Kuroyukihime
    goddamn even lost to Haru early on.
    Come on bro

    1. being the best friend of the MC is tough…
      but I have to say, even though he seems to suck so much, Taku is so awesome in the next arc (at least emotionally)
      plus he is supposed to be the brain and shield of the legion, not the sword…
      but yeah, seeing him suffering repeated is kind of sad 🙁

      1. To be fair to Taku, he had pretty much won the fight with Haruyuki until Silver Crow gained his wings and was leading the fight with Dust Taker until he used Chiyu as a hostage.

        I think the closest Cyan Pile has ever gotten to an actual onscreen win by himself was when he did a double knockout with a Yellow Legion goon during the ambush.

        So yeah, being Taku sucks, but you have to give him credit for trying.

  18. I should say that the new character’s name is Black Vise, not Vice. Not because of the accents, but because it’s spelled like that on the original Magic: The Gathering card. And yes, he’s called after a card, like Black Lotus.

    1. the spelling is based on the Japanese name, which is very ambiguous in this case. (since Vise and Vice sounds almost the same in Japanese…)
      I don’t think there is any specific connection between avatar names and magic cards… since most avatar names are reflection of their property, style, weapon, etc. (like Roller has a bike, crow can fly, bell has a bell weapon, pile with the pile driver, just to name a few) (though black lotus, to my knowledge, seems to be a powerful card)


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