I had to read this chapter twice because the first time I went through it, I could only concentrate on the size of Captain Yamamoto’s teeth – they’re huge!

Bleach has been a tease lately with the captain commander’s super slow power buildup, and this chapter was no exception. Like last week’s chapter, this one was very uneventful with nothing but another ability revealed, however, this time, Juha Bach also got some time to shine. I’m not sure if his new power, Kirchen Lied, is going to help though. Captain Yamamoto’s final revelation for this chapter involved necromancy. The holy light of Juha Bach’s Kirchen Lied doesn’t seem strong enough to wipe out an entire armada of corpses, and on top of that, the captain is still on fire.

Something quite interesting that was said at the beginning of the chapter was that this Bankai, if used too long, could end up killing the wielder himself. There have been a lot of speculations going around concerning the captain commander’s future. I, like many other, can actually see the captain dying in this battle, but with the way things have been going, I was starting to question whether my theory was right or not. No one has been able to weaken Captain Yamamoto yet, and if the Vandenreich leader can’t stand a chance – who will? So, knowing that the captain commander’s Bankai affects him, I can actually see him becoming a victim of his own powers if this battle keeps going on.

I do hope the captain commander can keep the battle up for a bit longer. I’m quite interested in his army of ten trillion corpses, and I wonder how the captain feels about having killed so many lives and using them for his own wars. I’m not going to judge him for that, but I’d like to know how he mentally handles this ability. He doesn’t seem burdened by the army, only physically exhausted. Aside from the moral aspect of it all, the army itself seems very impressive and I’m really excited about the upcoming chapter. Hopefully, this army will prove to be useful and do something cool.

This is actually my last Bleach post. I’d like to thank you all for the support you’ve given me the past few weeks; I appreciate it very much and it means a lot to me. Having said that, I’m now returning this category to Prooof who has returned from his trip. Once again, thank you guys!


      1. The point of the corpse army is that Bach’s defensive spell won’t allow Yamamoto to get close enough for a direct attack. But the corpse army, being already dead, can pass through the barrier and attack without being killed.

        I think.

      1. Today at 4:47 pmDa5id
        LINK 0 0

        It got better when Yamamoto started fighting, so it will end when Yamamoto stops fighting/dies.
        Yeah, read it back, but I didn’t get the same oh my god feeling the first time. So it must of been the recap as a whole.

  1. Honestly, Yamamoto has always been my most disliked character in all of Bleach, so I’m rooting for the bad guy here. The art was awesome in this chapter though, even if it was short. Cheers for the blog posts Stereoman!

    This is my first time commenting on RC, be gentle with me!

      1. It mainly stems from his stubborn nature way back in the Soul Society arc, his adherence to his rules over anything else really got on my nerves. Same goes for the Arrancar/Hueco Mundo arc for abandoning Orihime as a traitor. My least favorite character archetype is the stubborn leader, set in his rules, who refuses to listen and just follows the law to the letter. He could still redeem himself of course, I disliked Byakuya for the same reason but I appreciated his development and I’m ambivalent about him now. Yamamoto just hasn’t done enough in my eyes to warrant the same change in my opinion as of yet.

        I realise this may be an unpopular opinion, but it’s the way I’ve always felt about him!

      2. That’s true, his policies as leader have always been pretty poor. I just sort of like the fight scenes he’s in, which are pretty much the main appeal of his character in my opinion. Old muscle fire guy, he should be called.

  2. Is it me or is Kubo telling the readers to pretend that the whole I can steal your bankia badge does not exist in this battle. He has given no reason (external or internal dialoge) for why Bach is not using his “I got your bankia now badge.”

      1. So in other words instead of the story giving us the answers we have to make up the answers for the story. With the other vandenreich the moment bankia was spoken the badge came out. Here it is as if that badge never existed

      2. I’m guessing that terrible storytelling would have us believe that Juha Bach has seen or knows about North…and…something something asdlashglkadhglia erhgiau hcglajdfgh …

        —Can’t steal the Bankai completely so he’s waiting to steal North.

    1. I think it’s because he hasn’t finished releasing it completely yet. This is also my theory why they can’t steal Ichigo’s bankai because that’s not his full power (still hasn’t shown holofication)

    2. Stop and think for one second. Does Juda know all Yama’s bankai techs? How to wield them? Their potential? It is entirely possible, that he just waits and observes until Yama goes all in, to understand how to handle his bankai, before stealing it.

  3. Somehow on the very first page I read it like this because of the summary being at the side and the end of the page being right where it starts.

    Genryuusai cloaks himself in incredible heat! Does this power lead to vanquishing his foe and bringing an end to the battle?


  4. I honestly think that juha is not the real leader of the vandenreich. for a guy who faced yama’s bankai 1000 years ago, you’d think he wouldnt be so shocked with all these tricks yama is pulling out, instead he’s just attacking him with random gimmicks. That’s like pulling out pistols on a person who has an anti-tank gun and wearing armor when you know clearly that their packing said anti-gun. I can easily see kubo pulling the whole im-not-the-real-leader-logic if yama does end up taking him out. It seems odd that the main bad guy fight is this early on in the arc

    1. Well, considering that Kubo has stated in press releases that this is the last arc for Bleach…coupled with the fact that there are still a ton of questions left unanswered (i.e. Royal Guard, Zeroth Squad, etc.), the Quincy invasion should only be the start of things.

      Of course, by the Law of Kubotitemanga, we should only expect a maximum of 50% of our questions to be delivered upon, and maybe 25% will receive closure.

      Kubo will pull something. He MUST in order to give the manga SOME KIND of closure.

    2. Funnily enough, I got the same vibe too. Would certainly put an interesting twist on things, however if Head Captain’s Bankai continues to act, he’ll simply be burnt into the background.

  5. To be honest, guys, I’m just annoyed that this is gonna end without Ichigo even being involved. To be honest, what I would like is Juha Bach showing he has a new power and then wastes Captain-General Yamamoto and then actually we’ll see Ichigo fight. I’m very serious, guys, this just seems kinda pointless to even involve Ichigo if he’s not going to fight.

    1. It’s okay. The reason for holding Ichigo there is to cut off all his communication. So from his point of view, his idea of what’s happening is very stagnant.

      Then the situation becomes even “worse” (subjective term with respect to Kubo) when Ichigo DOES get there.


      1. Yeah, you do got a point there, Jello. Considering I suspect it’ll be something important though if Yamamoto ends up defeated. I can imagine him being taken out though as apossibility to shake things up, given we’ve seen Chojiro, Izuru, and Byakuya die. And we don’t know if Kenpachi is still alive or not either, so it’d be dramatic to see more of the Soul Reapers in the Thirteen Court Guards being defeated and/or killed by the Vandenreich to amp the drama.

  6. Just my opinion.

    Outcome 1 : Juna Bach gets destroyed and the long white hair vice-leader turns out to be the main leader/antagonist, killing Yamamoto when he is vulnerable.

    Outcome 2 : It was Juna Bach’s plan to keep Yamamoto in Bankai form as long as possible to suffocate every1 in Soul Society, THEN steals his bankai.

    Outcome 3 : Juna Bach brings out some random never heard off anti-yamamoto move that will destroy him

    Conclusion: Regardless of how it turns out, Yamamoto will most likely die in order to pave a path for ichigo to swear vengeance and to be involved in this war; personally.

  7. It seems like a waste on the fact that Aizen was not killed via flames, he would make a nice edition to this “undead collection” if it really did revive the dead. This reminds me of the 9th espada’s blade.

    Anyway, I am wondering why Juna Back hasn’t stolen Yamamoto’s Bankai, it is likley that this Bankai is too strong to seal or another reason.

    Next is Ichigo, I would wonder if the guy is ever going to pull out his mask.

      1. Ichigo’s Hollow merged with Tensa Zangetsu back in the Final Getsuga Tensho training. Presumably that’s still the case, which could be part of why his bankai can’t be stolen: his bankai is much Hollow powers as it is Shinigami powers.

  8. If I wanted to see a character using Edo Tensei I’d go to naruto. Seriously Kubo seems to just follow whatever Kishimoto puts in his manga.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Even with all this I think Kubo copies Kishimoto more than creating his work in similar fashions of Akira.

    1. It might be surprising but nearly every Shounen manga follows this kind of build up. Your argument is invalid. And to be honest, Kishimoto’s art is rather awful compared to Kubo’s.

  9. I like how people need a special power just to stand near yamamoto in his bankai. forget attacking him just being like that too long will destroy soul society? jesus, at least we know now why he usually didnt fight and when he did he never went full out. Yamamoto is awesome. Best character of the cast.

  10. In regards to what you said about the Head Captain’s Bankai, I couldn’t help but feel when reading this chapter that the Quincies may actually have planned to destroy the soul society USING his bankai. Given that he has seen it before, this makes sense, and the whole thing could be a ploy just to get Yamamoto to go wild and destroy everything for them. Although, maybe this is only me? Would appreciate thoughts.

    Also, I feel that for an arc about Quincies there has been a distinct lack of Uryu, and an explanation as to why on earth he is so much weaker than the others. (Don’t get me wrong, I still think he’s one of the coolest characters in Bleach, but come on! Give him some screen time!….or Urahara, I could settle to know who put that blade in his face. My guess, and hope, is Grimmjow. Would like thoughts on this too.)

    1. I think it’s possible they plan to use it to destroy soul society, or they may just simply NOT want to steal it because if they couldn’t control it they’d risk destroying themselves as well.

      I think as far as Uryu, I’m curious if he’s so much “weaker” or what due to the mention that he SHOULD be stronger than the previous guy that fought Ichigo. It seems like his quincy powers are sort of like an evolution of a different branch of quincy techniques than these ones. It wouldn’t surprise me if he comes in at some point or his father ends up telling him about these guys and somehow he is able to adapt or change his powers based on knowing how these quincie’s powers are different.

      1. I would really like for that to happen. I’ve thought something along those lines too since the Quincie’s big reveal, and if Kubo can bring in Uryu and his father in this way, it could make things a lot more interesting to watch, especially since we’ve never really seen a Quincy on Quincy fight before. It would also break the streak of simplicity that Bleach has been weighed down by for a while now. If done properly Kubo could really make this final arc something to really remember Bleach by.

        Also, I’m keen to know what happened with the remaining Vizards. Right at the start Hiyori and Lisa were beside a portal as it opened, yet nothing ever became of that. I’m curious to know when they will show up again, AND for that matter, when Yoruichi will come out of hiding. As someone who can fight without her Zanpakto, she could seriously lend a hand to the good guys in this war!

    2. Destroying Soul Society using the captain commander’s Bankai is a very possible plan indeed, so I definitely find this theory interesting.

      And yeah, I feel you. Ishida has been missing for too long. I hope he is busy powering up so he can enter the battlefield. I just hope it won’t come down to a Kurosaki VS. Ishida fight (both fathers and sons) in the end.

  11. As someone who knows of the bankai from 1000 years ago, he might not be stealing it simply due to the fact that as said in the beginning it is so strong etc that the heat can/will eventually kill the user. Due to how the others seem to be able to effortlessly use the bankais almost as if they didn’t use them with their own energy it might be that he wouldn’t be able to control it or turn it off or such and so he’d just end up killing himself/everyone if he did try to steal it. It doesn’t seem quite clear if it can be stolen and then simply not used to take it away from someone. It’s also possible that the bankai has changed over the years since they last met and he’s trying to find out how it works now. The badges “may” require some knowledge of the bankai in order to steal them which is why they took all this time and researched the shinigami beforehand. Though since it seems they didn’t need any info such as when they mentioned renji’s bankai I’d assume not.

  12. *Grand Array of 10 Trillion Dead and Buried by Flames*

    10 trillion!? I know this is a fictional universe, but it’s still loosely based on Earth! Even counting every human ever, we don’t even reach 1 trillion. Either Kubo hasn’t done his research, or we can expect to see plenty of plenty of animal zombies next chapter. (But then again that would probably push the death count way over 10 trillion… Whatever, bring on the kitten, giraffe, and whale zombies!)

  13. I don’t think the old geezer will die. Why?

    1- If he dies, who would rule Soul Society? (Dead?) Byakuya..no. Kenpachi(that would be cool but lol) maybe the white long haired guy or oldest woman that heals everyone but they don’t seem too strong to rule the Soul Society.

    2- Kubo did say that the old geezer will become somewhat “soft”, we haven’t seen him yet becoming like this…all we did see is him going berserk.

    I’m probably sure he will lose the fight somehow or else the story is pretty much dead right now. Also, it all makes sense now why he does not show to people around him or they would have turned into ashes.

    Next thing I want to say, HOORAY NO ICHIGO ONCE AGAIN! In my opinion, he is least character I like in Bleach, having in screen-time is totally boring and just makes me want to smack him…pretty much like THE SASUKE (although he is far worse) in Naruto. (okay don’t hate me please )= ! )

    1. I’m not a Sasuke fan either. I’ve always been on Team Itachi.

      I can see a few things possibly happening with this.

      – Old Man Yamma losing the fight only fight Ichigo to dive in at the last moment and save the world.
      – Old Man Yamma losing the fight and being “dangerously” injured only to have [insert a healer here] to save him.
      – Old Man Yamma losing the fight, having his bankai stolen, then Ichigo coming and having to battle against Juha + Old Man Yamma’s bankai only for Urhararararara to show up when all seems hopeless with the secret of how to break the bankai stealing and then Ichigo obliterating Juha.

      Hopefully it’s neither of those things because I’m tired of being right with how predictable Bleach has become.


      P Ko
    2. For the record, I am (or was) a Sasuke fan, and I still think he’s a whiney bastard who continues to be so even after Itachi told him NOT to be.

      Regardless of what happens with the Head Captain and the Quincy King, I hope Naruto gives Sasuke a ultra blow to the face.

    1. At least 1000 + years of combat, of both the Material world, the spiritual world, and Hueco Mundo. I think arguably 10 trillion is plausible. 6 billion people occupy earth as we speak. 200 years ago there were only 1billion. Now lets say there’s over the course of 1,000 years. Many warriors have probably been recycled. Example: Yama kills rebel human in battle, human becomes hollow, gets kills by Yamaji again, gets purified goes to soul society, becomes rebel shinigami type, gets killed again.

      In a way, Captain Commander doesn’t trap a soul, but just saves it’s unique battle spirit maybe? before its recycled, and then keeps its somewhat plausible that he has maybe hundreds of different copies of the same soul in different periods of time that he managed to kill in battle. this cycle can keep adding up thus making 10 trillion plausible?

      What do you guys think.

  14. About Urahara, I think he’s probably gona show up randomly later to save the day or do something cool, THEN he goes on explaining what happened to him (IE the guy pointing a sword at him, who will probably turn out to be an ally).

    Its the only way to make his portion of the story coherent at this point.

    As far as Yamamoto go, well, at this point Yamamoto pretty much looks unstoppable. His power level is way out of everyone else’s league. I like the old man, overpowered Master Roshi-esque old men character in shonen manga always appeal to me, so lol. I hope he survives.

    Im glad Ichigo is NOT the focus for once. Its getting old. Give the OTHER character some credit and spotlight, thank you.

  15. Is anyone else finding the heaven vs hell imagery just blatantly obvious? I mean, I’m not exactly looking that hard for biblical allusion but come on. Bach uses a “lord’s light” attack staging, and Yamamoto is necromancing while covered in fire. Kubo is clearly working to paint Soul Society as hellish and the Sternritter as heavenly. Well, the Quincy were always characterized as holy warriors, but SS always avoided a symbolic branding, as we’re even now kept in the dark about how most of it is structured. I’m expecting this fight to end with a third party intervention, but I’m expecting Kubo to start working towards discrediting Soul Society in the readers’ eyes.

    1. I can agree with that. I don’t approve of the methods of Soul Society or the Central 46 in the past. Soul Society has not been taking very good care of the outer districts as some of them haven’t had shoes in hundreds of years, and Captain Commander approved of wiping out an entire village which was related to the Quincy and now it is coming back to bite them. Before Ichigo and his friends invaded Soul Society they were absolute in their methods of execution and punishment. It’s not like anyone can argue about Yamamoto’s methods of the law because he’ll just turn them to ash. I don’t have much respect for the system because it’s pretty broken. Soul Society is not heaven.

    1. I appreciate that you think my posts are great and well written, and for that, I’d like to thank you. But please, don’t call someone a “lazy asshole” for being late when you don’t know that person’s reasons for being delayed. Prooof is a great writer, and I appreciate that he puts so much effort into blogging Bleach despite being busy.

    2. You know, it takes a lot of dedication and commitment to blog about Bleach all these years, much more than is required for other shows. It’s definitely something I doubt a “lazy asshole” would do, and it’s undoubtedly something I admire and respect a great deal as well.

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