Even without the big hint given in the cliffhanger last week, I don’t think any of us readers are too shocked at this new twist, especially since the big villain is not likely to be defeated so one-sidedly this early in the arc. This chapter quickly confirms that the Juha Bach that Captain-Commander Yamamoto cut down easily turned out to be a complete fake — no more than two of Juha’s Sternritter. They were Loyd and Royd, a pair of identical twins who could mimic other people in appearance, powers, and even memories. Although their imitations are good, I’m a little amused that Kenpachi defeated the first so easily, then was destroyed by the second just as quickly (in fact, that was the one who couldn’t copy abilities). Regardless, they are both dead now, and they completed their mission even in their loss. The material is a little vague on how much they can actually boost their own power by copying others, since Juha mentioned that they weren’t strong enough to take Yamamoto’s bankai. The first part of the chapter was spent explaining their background, and it felt a bit unexpected and unnecessary, but luckily it was brief and was certainly a lot better than the dragged out talks that Bleach characters tend to give in the middle of fights.

In a ridiculously big turn of events, the real Juha Bach dumps everything on his old nemesis without so much as batting an eye. This was the super villain I was expecting, one who came prepared a secret weapon, knowledge on their opponents and a diversion to fool them completely. He even managed to talk to our good friend Aizen, though it doesn’t seem like he’ll be joining in the events yet. I think Yamamoto is pretty much out of the game now, since Shinigami are completely useless without their zanpakutou. Thanks to the constant power-level one-ups, Kidou has been outdated for quite a while now, and sadly even the most powerful and experienced captain Soul Society is defeated without a chance. Again as usual, it’s about time for Ichigo to come out and shine.


  1. I’m quite disappointed. Basically, if Ichigo defeats the main villian (I would be surprised if that didn’t happen), he will do it by overcoming Yamamoto’s bankai. I hoped there was at least one person in the universe who could overcome Ichigo.. guess not.

  2. you need to update that title: “Elder gets trolled.” I sure hope we aren’t scheduled for another hyperbolic time chamber practice. Kubo is high man, it seriously doesn’t make sense for Kenpachi to lose to the supposedly weaker one, unless somehow Juha Bach was the one who fought him and then left after he was done to have his little chat with Aizen.

    1. Indeed, it seems some people haven’t figured out that Aizen is actually Kubo’s representation inside the world of Bleach .. that’s why everything that happens is always “part of his plan” … and that’s why Aizen loves trolling people so much XD

      Ahm .. but seriously .. i still enjoy Bleach despite any flaws it has … and it’s too late to get off the ship now XD

  3. The first twin willingly became as strong (or as weak, depending on how you look at it) as Kenpachi, so it’s no surprise Kenpachi won. The second was as strong as himself, so…

  4. I’ll be honest, after the last two stories with Aizen and the Fullbringers, and knowing Kubo’s style which is to not take the predictable route, It felt like something was finally happening here. I really was afraid that the story would go somewhere strange and it would drag out the real Bach, but if you look at this chapter Bach had a fake, Aizen is finally brought up again, he steals Yama’s Bankai, explains why he can steal it, and slashes him. I know it’s poorly explained and it’s a ripoff of what Aizen did when he switched with Hinimori, but now it feels like we can get to the point.

    1. Unfortunately, readers predict Kubo’s attempts to be unpredictable. Then, as Kubo counter-predicts the readers, he does something dumb.

      It’s like shooting yourself in the foot only to lose at rock, paper, scissors in a more convoluted manner. He’s trying too hard.

      1. I think it’s ok if things are predictable, I mean I think we all know Ichigo will defeat Juah Bach. That’s predictable. For some reason Kubo thinks that predictable is bad so he does something that, while we didn’t see coming, doesn’t mean it’s a good twist. If Ichigo turned out to be a carrot the whole time…well yeah I didn’t see that coming but…that’s stupid. I feel like he did that with Aizen making the King’s Key and reaching the Soul King, we predicted it so he changed it to the weird and unsatisfying ending.

  5. How did Bach know about Yamamoto’s south technique if he was talking to Aizen during that event? Also what is the difference between the North technique and the East technique? They both look like a powerful cutting techniques to me.

    Also what was Bach’s plan? Distract Yamamoto with cannon fodder so that he could talk to Aizen and then defeat Yamamoto?

    1. I imagine Bach’s plan was to recruit Aizen WHILE he and the Vandenreich laid waste to Soul Society, Tasa. Since Aizen refused politely, Bach just left him. I imagine with Bach, he was listening in to Royd’s battle with Yamamoto and hence overheard his statement of his Bankai being unable to be stolen and wanted to correct him on that fact. In a way, even if what Bach did here is like what Aizen did with Momo, it’s different too since he was hoping to exhaust Yamamoto so he could then get the drop on him after he was done with his business with Aizen. It’s a crafty plan I gotta admit, that he could set this all up just before his invasion.

      1. I do see the logic and I do hope that was the game plan.

        Although I do question why Aizen is so important since the houyoko turned him into a powerless immortal. But I guess Bach did not know that.

  6. And now, I miss Gin.

    (No really, I do miss Gin. A lot. Kubo, if you can receive my ESP signals, hear me out: While you’re bullshitting your way through this, could you drop Gin from the sky or something? Kthxbai.)

  7. Again, this makes me wonder why we are not seeing One Piece chapter blog on this site. The predictable and boring nature of each bleach chapter is making me bleed from my eyes already.

  8. The more I read on this arc, the more I realize it’s like the Harry Potter movies over again. Voldemort -> Juha, Dumbeldor -> Captain Commander, and we all know who Harry Potter is. Make a few changes here and there and voila, you have a new Bleach arc! I suppose Ichigo has got to come into play somehow. It’s just sad that even the captain commander is a dummy to not have for seen himself fighting at third party knockoff, revealing every technique in his arsenal and getting his bankai easily stolen. Thiefs! Trickery! What sorcery is this?!?!?! Lol well I guess we can finally see what’s happening with Urahura and Ichigo. My guess is they are playing cheap cellphone games.

  9. Highly disappointed at the results. Yamamoto’s Bankai stolen, awesome, how can anyone beat him now. Somehow they’ll just further multiply Ichigo’s power level to retarded heights, again. Really tired of Ichigo always getting all the glory in every arc.

    You know what I really want at this point, Aizen gets freed and fight the quincies! Yeah you heard him. I want him as a good guy, for his own amusement, or whatever! It takes a S class troll like Aizen to win!

  10. The King will die and Ichigo will replace him. /END BLEACH.

    All the recent deaths makes me think Kubo wanted to actually emotionally connect with his audience, but instead just made them angry for killing off such great characters (Byakuya, Kira), then only give attention to the one that no one really knew a thing about (the 1st Squad’s Vice; I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIS NAME).

    I don’t know why I still read this. I start to rage at the beginning of every chapter.

    1. To be honest, Byakuya’s death was rather emotional, for me at least. Just the feeling that I had from all that despair and hopelessness that the Soul Society was in, gave Byakuya’s death a meaning, he didn’t give up and fought til his last breath.
      Byakuya’s “death chapter” was actually one of those chapters that I’ve re-read several times.

  11. It’s Aizen again. Even if he didn’t actually do anything, Yamamoto got trolled because Juha went to see Aizen. Therefore, Yamamoto got trolled because of Aizen. Even strapped to a chair, he still manages to screw everyone up.

  12. Yamamoto can’t even use his handicap of one arm as an excuse for his defeat there.
    Seeing Aizen again was like seeing a flashback – quick~
    I don’t want to go through another Aizen-related arc to be honest.

    random viewer
  13. This chapter was really disappointing. I was well aware that Yamamoto wouldn’t finish the war himself, having all the awesome moves basically be meaningless was really a poor choice. I feel like it would of been far cooler if he beat the fake with the first power of his bankai, then use the other 3 on the real baddy then get beat. Not, “Oh you used all your powers on a fake” Bankai swipe, “I’m soo powerful, I can take your Bankai with no problems at all. Oh by the way, I’m also powerful enough to control Aizen and his just as planned no jutsu. Trololol”

    Zero Hour 17
  14. Hey wait a moment!!!!!
    The Quincy are dangerous because they can steal bankais.
    The Quincy fear Ichigo because they can’t steal his bankai.
    The Quincy can’t steal Ichigo’s bankai because he’s part hollow.


  15. No worries. When Ichigo comes out of his prison, he finds out that all of the communications he received is from the past. And now soul society and everyone are prepared for the battle. Or unohana bankai = everyone is alive. This is Bleach. No worries.


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