OP Sequence

OP: 「純情スペクトラ」 (Junjou Spectra) by Zwei

「ガンヴァレルが待ってるから」 (Ganvareru ga Matteru Kara)
“Because Gunvarrel is Waiting”

I’ve been impatiently waiting for Robotics;Notes to air, and it doesn’t help that it was one of the last fall shows to premiere. I have a lot of built up anticipation for this series to be epic (or at the least – very good) but I hate having to wait week after week for new episodes. Coming in, I also have no prior knowledge of the visual novel so you’ll be reading a lot of my predictions and such… some of which will likely be totally off side.

On to the premise of our story…
Robotics;Notes focuses on two students who make up the robotics club at school. Yashio Kaito (Kimura Ryohei) and Senomiya Akiho (Nanjou Yoshino) are the only two remaining members of a club whose goal is to create a real life robot named Gunvarrel. Their dream is to take this robot to the World Expo (in less than 6 months). Since they are the only two existing members, they have difficulties receiving their budgeted funds and finding peers to join. This all leads to the primary issue at the moment – winning the next robotics tournament to prove to the VP that the club is doing something productive. Along the side lines though, there is an interesting history behind Gunvarrel and how he became such an icon to students and appears to have revolutionalized the mecha genre. There are also bits and pieces of history behind the robotics club, including mentions of Akiho’s older sister (who started the club 8 years ago). What strikes me as critical is obviously the scene with the girl at the end. She has an entire ED devoted to her and I would keep my eye on her… the audience is just unaware of her role yet.

On the surface, the story revolves around two students who clearly have a common interest – robots. Kaito seems to be mainly absorbed in robot games and fairly antisocial (always hooked on his tablet) in my opinion. As his opposite, Akiho is a happy-go-lucky spirit (as she states herself) who loves Gunvarrel. She’s also clearly obsessed with this missing final episode as well; which I also would be going crazy over. How can you not have an ending?! We’re also joined by Hidaka Subaru (Hosoya Hoshimasa), who is visibly an important secondary character later to be recruited one way or another. The very carefree teacher Nagafukada Mitchi (Ueda Youji) seems to have beef with the store owner Irei Mizuka (Honda Takako). I’m sure there are a ton of characters yet to be introduced (you can easily tell from the OP) so we’ll see what kind of role they play.

The big “mystery” aspect of the story has to come from this girl with long purple hair. Still nameless (and I’d prefer it that way until revealed – so please no spoilers!) and she appears several times already – in the OP and ED (I love the song by the way!) so I can’t imagine that her role is small. You also see her growing up in the ED so that’s really interesting… I predict that she likely comes from the future to try and stop the robotics club from doing something (stupid?) that will destroy the world later on. There’s also a voice heard at the end… and I want to believe it was the purple-haired girl, but it sounds like a completely different seiyuu so I’m not too sure myself.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the set up for the story. The viewer isn’t bombarded with a ton of characters from the get-go and you get a true understanding of who everyone is and what they’re about. The story takes place in the near future… not too far (like Accel World) for audiences to relate, but the universe is still different enough to lose a sense of reality when you’re watching. It may be slow paced for the time being, but I see a lot of potential for our cast and especially the direction that it’s taking with the mecha and mystery aspects. I am not a mecha fan, but this show actually makes me want to see robots fighting and in tournaments so that has to mean something. I’m not entirely sure that it’ll be the hit of the season, but if all else – it’ll be better than average (or at least, I’m hoping!).

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ED Sequence

ED: 「海風のブレイブ」 (Kaifuu Brave) by fumika


      1. 1.048596 is the Steins Gate World Line (aka the true end), I think it’s to tell us it’s set in the same line some years later.
        We may end up seeing someone from the Future Gadget Lab, or it’s an half useless reference.

    1. Yo, stlka. So you thought, too, huh? Resemblance is deafening, I tell ya. And I hated that maru jersey girl and her stupid poses. Grrrr.

      Hopefully this show will overcome this glaring annoyance (but I’m sure many will fall over themselves to fall in love this girl yet again, just like that they did on that aforementioned maru jersey girl, sigh~~).

  1. This should be very interesting. 5pb and Nitro+ have had 50/50 results when it comes to the VN-to-anime adaptation, with ChäoS;HEAd having mixed reception and Stein’s;Gate easily placing as one of the greatest shows to come out in 2011, which is saying one hell of a lot. I’m eagerly awaiting how Production I.G. will handle this.

    I’m not very familiar with director Kazuya’s work, but I do know that Dennou Coil is a very well regarded classic. Plus, he also directed Sengoku Basara. If that’s any indicator, hopefully there will be some completely insane fights along the way.

  2. I’m in love with Aki already. A hot-blooded mecha-otaku high school girl is incredibly rare in anime since this archetype is usually reserved for males. It’s interesting that the roles are reversed, and the male Kaito serves as the relatively sane foil to Aki.

  3. Nothing interesting have been reveal yet. It’s still early to judge if this anime will live up to it’s hype . Considering the bar set by Stein gate , the expectation will be high. Does anyone know if this is 1 cour or 2 cour show? This kind of anime usually work better with 2 cour.

    1. I definitely don’t like it when there’s too much hype around a show… I’m trying to watch it without dismissing it too early because it’s not as exciting as *coughShinSekai*cough o_o I’m quite addicted to that one… and people know that I don’t follow too many shows at once so if I do, I like it! ^^

      Syoboi currently shows 12 episodes but (don’t quote me =X), I think it will be 2-cours.

  4. Sigh. ANGRY SIGH!!! Yet another giant robot/mecha show. These Japanese folks are really hung up on this concept, don’t they?

    One thing for sure, this is NOTHING like Stein:Gate. Not a thing.

    Well I am not yet ready to dismiss this right off just yet -even though I really want to. It’s only 1 episode, so I will give them a couple more weeks before deciding this is worth my time (pay attention to that sentence I just wrote before you neg me). I am not terribly impressed with this 1st episode, though.

    And that girl is very annoying with her silly childish shouts and poses (…yep, I forgive Stein:gate’s mad scientist and the red hair girl’s silly poses as the show was GREAT, but this girl’s antics, on the other hand, are just bugging me right now). It’s like I am seeing that annoying maru jersey girl from Rinne no Lagrange again. Ah the trope continues to live on.

    1. Wow. And people call ME negative. What were you expecting from a show called ROBOTICS;Notes? Puppies? Flowers? Microwave Phones? I mean come on. Besides, this was never billed as a sequel to Steins;Gate, just like Steins;Gate wasn’t billed as a sequel to Chaos;Head. Yes, the three are related, but they aren’t the same thing. You should know better by now.

      I don’t know if you are complaining to complain or just have a stick up your ass, but you need to calm down. It’s only been ONE episode.

      1. umm, “Robotics” does NOT HAVE TO gigantic gundam-like humanoid robots, U know? And yes, we need yet another gigantic robot shows since there are so few and far between. C’mon, man~~. It could’ve totally rocked if it was cyborgs or something more realistic instead of gigantic gundam, I mean, whatever it is here, but oh well.

        And for someone accusing another fella of having a stick up his ass, you sound so bitter and angry, man. And apparently putting a parentheses and LITERALLY telling you to pay attention to the sentence I wrote, which I CLEARLY starts with “It’s only 1 episode, so I will give them a couple more weeks…”, didn’t even register, did it?? You sound dangerously close to a butthurt fan who freaks out over even a hint of criticism. Geez.

      2. I suppose you assume “Robotics” to be like those articulated wielding robots you see in those factories?

        Robots have always been humanoid on first assumption. The early 15th century robots were humanoid and the current robots are humanoid in the mind of the public.

        Suppa Tenko
      3. I like how in the course of watching episode 1 you completely missed the Exoskeleton commercial which is, essentially, cyborg parts. Or hell, the girl with a giant electric power icon on her forehead.

        I’m starting to believe you don’t actually watch shows so much as glare at them and dare them to impart any information to you. How else could you forget so much so quickly?

        Trust me, I’m not ‘butthurt’. I have plenty else to be bothered by than some kid on a blog. I’m merely pointing out for everyone else who stumbled upon your comments that you are blissfully ignorant of many things, including the content of the actual episode.

      1. well, I’m not big on names. Heck, I can barely remember Cowboy Bebop’s character names. Lemme see, Spike, Jet, Fay something, Einstein the dog, and… computer girl. You see?!!! I can’t even remember that and you’re asking to remember Okabe?? (I should’ve remembered Chris, though… so you got me on that one). Anyway, now I sound like I’m boasting my incredible lack of name remembering skills. So I should stop now, ah ha ha!

        p.s. I couldn’t even remember the name of that annoying jersey club girl that was from this year’s show, so I simply wrote “maru jersey girl”. What did you expect from me, huh??

    2. I think everyone is entitled to their own opinions… but you shouldn’t be comparing S;G to R;N when they’re different stories AND I also think that you shouldn’t be dismissing it too early just because it’s not what you expected. Keep watching? =)

      As Tarage stated, this is a show about robots and mecha for a reason… the title CLEARLY states so. But even though I’M not a fan of it, I still think it’s a worthwhile show. The theme is robots but there’s more that goes on besides building a giant ass robot to win tournaments. There’s history and other characters and I think that’s what I’m waiting to see. If that’s not your cup of tea or if you’re expecting it to grip you immediately, than I’m sorry that it didn’t exceed your expectations…

      1. ^Ghosty, I’m pretty tarage was just summarizing death’s behavior, seeing as he’s gone on every single new show post and said nearly all of them sucked in a pretty over the top manner.

      2. Da5id,

        well if people take trolling seriously, then it’s their faults. The dead give away should’ve been your line of “every single new show post and said nearly all of them sucked in a pretty over the top manner“. May I need to remind everyone what “the rule of internet 14” is again (hint: it has to do with arguing with trolls)???

      3. Yeah, but that’s the thing. If people are going to take trolling at face value, you don’t contribute much to the discussion by saying they’re idiots for doing so. I’d like to ignore this guy as much as possible, but all I’m saying is chastising those who won’t doesn’t help things. This’ll all burn out eventually, so best just let it get to that.

  5. I’m enjoying this anime every single minute.

    And, Akiho has become my next favorite female lead these past two seasons since Madoka of Rinne no Lagrange Her personality defies typical female archetypes I’ve seen in so many anime shows lately. She likes mechs and leads a club that builds it (or hopes to build one to completion). This is really cool.

    PS- I want that mobile app that can turn any girl into an instant nekokomimmi. 😛

  6. “As for science, it may be negative. However, do not forget the thing that there is a scientific side in all the one. The important one is true. Of me the ruler my fate, and me also the commander of my soul”
    Just loved reading this, it really speaks to me!

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      and… :3

      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. “Suspense Fiction Adventure”
      As I pray, the god answers. Obediently, Foolishly, the world faces death again and again.
      It’s not god’s fault. It’s not his fault. No one has responsibility.
      I wished, wrote a story, and made a wrong choice.
      Therefore, my wish never be granted.
      -What a terrible story.

      Its from Dunamis 15. Its not “;” series but feel like posting this. Those subtitles are always interesting to read.

  7. Loving this show already. Akiho is an incredibly optimistic female protagonist, and she’s a mecha otaku? Man, These guys really know how to write appealing female characters… I mean, Makise is like one of the best female protagonists out there. (Granted, I have a “slight” tsundere obsession)

  8. Damn… I was hoping that the first ep was just average for me so that I don’t have to put this one on my watchlist since there’s WAY too many on my watchlist this season. Too bad though, I think I’m gonna to add this one ‘cos I’m already love how the anime starts.

  9. This episode was a pretty good start. While I’m not really sure how this will continue since what looks like the plot of this series was only hinted at the end with the rest being slice of life with robots, it does look like it can be interesting and the timeline numbers at the start and the whose eyes definitely makes me wonder what this show has to do with the previous ones in the series. All in all I can’t say anything about how it’ll be but I’m definitely looking forward to the next episode.

  10. Weird, my comment tht I posted previously still haven’t reappear…. (Not the one on top) Well worse case scenario: Retyping it now.

    Woohoo!! The next “;” series animated adaptation is here!! Been waiting for this!! Reportedly R;N is taking a realistic approach so tht why I’m curious abt the giant mecha…

    I am terribly sorry, guys. But I think Akiho is annoying… When she she in genki and being idiotic only. (She expects the VP to just give it to them??) The rest of the time she fine. She has the ambition, but she seems like forgetting the preparation and logical part…
    (Tht doesn’t mean I am another deathtogeneric-san though. At the very least I am polite with my wording.) She didn’t irked me as much as the manga which is OK 4 me.

    Welp….Yashio is a far cry frm Okabe…. He an antisocial otaku who is obsess with Kill Balad but not as bad as Takumi though. At least he have some common sense for a lazy guy.

    Subaru though….he’s shaping up to be a dick right away…. (I can’t blame him though. Imagine Akiho keeps asking you to join her club when he clearly rejected her 20 TIMES.) But he appear on the OP…. HOW??

    Didn’t notice Mitchie is as dark skinned in the anime compare to the VN/manga lol. Its obvious he has a crush on the store owner…

    Plotwise, there not much going on but I prefer them to slowly set it up + 1st episode so its fine. But the girl in the end is wht intrigues me…. C;H ref = she at least knows a bit on the Shibuya Meltdown incidence.. And then there the ED….

    Looking forward for the next episode!! Oh, the manga ver chp 1 is recently scanlated too.

  11. You mention that the purple-haired girl is shown in both OP and ED, yet somehow fail to notice that she has gray hair in both of them. Wha?

    I’m also almost sure that there will be no time travels involved, since that was the theme of S;G, they can explore it further in all its spin-offs.

  12. It saddens me that I find the 2 main characters kinda uninteresting and bland comparing it to the first appearance of Okabe and the gang. I guess that’s the main problem I will have when watching this show, it’s me comparing it to S; G. And I admit it will be bad for my overall enjoyment, same creators so yeah it can’t be helped.
    The good thing is this will be a long series, a lot of things can happen. I just hope that this will have the same witty and funny group banters as S;G. Comparing (again). ><

    1. Yeah I totally feel you there. S;G has more interesting character interactions if we look just at the first episode. But consider that good shows usually start off slowly, let’s just keep an eye on it 😛

  13. I fell in love with the character design and animation. Clean (like idolm@ster), realistic near future atmosphere and almost normal (the girl at the end almost ruin the “normal” part).

    I always root this style of animation production.

    I hope this will be as good as S;G in terms of production.

  14. I like the show’s (so far) main heroine for insanely positive attitude! Her male counterpart looks a bit bland in comparison but has his moments (that cosplay app!)…
    Of course there will be more to the show than running a highschool club in a competition, as is showed by mysterious person – time traveller? alien? ESP-er? filling her report in while corona borealis makes radio noise…

  15. hmm…. surprisingly no one talked about the background setting .
    both 5cm per sec (second part, cosmonaut) and robotics note are featuring the same high school in tanegashima (kagoshima prefecture) for the background

  16. Mecha moe action time! Finally! After reading chapter 1 of the manga I’m so excited to see this show up and running.

    Compared to the time traveling shenanigans of the last .5pb show, the plot is very interesting here. None of that “friends with robots” trash we saw with Rockman.exe or in Medabots, this is a “what if we really build a mecha?” situation show. Also the tiny mecha battles we are going to see from now on? I wonder how it will be significant to the story.

    First impression on the art, this show’s lovely. P.I.G. really upped their game when they took Lagrange on, so much so that the same quality shows here.

    A must-watch, no doubt.

    The Moondoggie
  17. There’s one thing that’s bugged me about this first episode: the way they presented the characters and setting; first of all, the fact that even if his device asked just for random words, the main characters just had to go and tell everything we need to know about himself in a minute. Then the setting: although Yashio should of course know many things about the world he lives in, Aki just tells him all over again like he came from another dimension, with the all-too-old “Since you’re so stubborn, I’ll just tell you things you should know already like if you were a total stranger” excuse.
    Come on, can it get even cheaper and more convenient?

    I know, i’ts kind of a pet peeve, it’s not the first anime at all to do things like that, and actually the premiere was fairly intriguing overall, but I expected much more from the writers of Steins;Gate. I’m intrigued by the references to 5pd previous works, and I hope this will develop as a fairly true sequel, but I’m also a little worried to be let down after last years’ masterpiece.

  18. well, that was surprisingly light-hearted felt too much like a slice-of-lif in terms of presentation…i mean, i thought there would some flags that would be thrown around concerning the plot points of future episodes…like how in the first episode of steins;gate Show Spoiler ▼

    but then again, perhaps to be able to enjoy this series, i shouldn’t expect this to be the exact same anime as Steins;gate…

    still, it was a perfectly fine episode…Aika grew on me fast, her resolve to complete the robot was endearing, that Kaito guy was kinda annoying, though..but i still do hope he’s gonna care more about his surroundings and perhaps try to be a little bit more boisterous…

  19. I’m completely sold on this anime.

    + Anyone caught the timeline divergence at the opening of the episode? Won’t be surprised if somewhere along the line it diverges to another time line.

    Now all that Aki needs is a lab coat, a lab, lab members #3 – 5 and the microwave time machine to make banana jelly

  20. Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper are easy to buy. But this “Skal”? *sigh*

    Setting that aside, I loved this episode, and will love this Anime. I knew I’d love it, from the moment I saw the Divergence of their World Line, to that all to familiar phrase at the end. Whose eyes indeed.

    I really, REALLY hope that the original PS3 game is made into a PC game, so it can be translated by a group of kind souls- I’ve read Chaos;Head, and Steins;Gate. I ain’t about to miss this, or any other SSA (Semicolon Science Adventure).

    Mon Cherrie, I sincerely look forward to your coverage of this fine series. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some wacky Japanese beverage to find.

    El. Psy. Congroo.

  21. Akiho is fun and spirited, and I really like watching her. She’s the light of the show so far.
    Kaito is an annoying piece of shit. I really hope they fix his prick attitude or drop him altogether.


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