「そしてオレたちは頂上を目指す」 (Soshite Ore-tachi wa Choujou o Mezasu)
“And So, We Aim for the Top”

I have been waiting for this arc since… I don’t even remember, but I’m super excited and I definitely think this arc will be a blast. Just look at the opening sequence – it’s a party already!

I assumed that the anime would drag things out for the sake of the manga, and while things were a bit slower, for an example, Natsu and Max testing their powers, nothing was slow enough to be boring, and this episode’s events were nowhere as slow as I expected them to be. In fact, I enjoyed every minute of the episode. Much like the previous arcs, there are some extra lines for each character to speak, but that’s perfect for someone like me who happens to love the characters more than anything in this series. I don’t intend to compare the manga and the anime in future posts. I just thought I’d point out some typical differences that we’ll come across (if you happen to read the manga as well), as this is the first canon arc I’m blogging here on Random Curiosity (I picked up FAIRY TAIL during a canon arc ending, weird timing, I know).

Today’s episode was very eventful despite having characters goofing around most of the time. We have Gildarts who returned the “master” title to Makarov through a letter he wrote before departing on a journey. Then there is Wendy whose plate is quite full now with big revelations such as Porlyusica being the Edolas counterpart of Grandeeney, but that’s not all – Wendy received some notes from Porlyusica who wrote them down during a meeting with the sky dragon.

While she is said to loathe mankind, I believe there is a loving heart beneath that cold appearance of Porlyusica. Watching her chase away everyone only to end up talking to them later made me laugh a lot, and seeing her opening up to Wendy was very heartwarming. I know I’ve said this before, but Wendy is an amazing character who has grown more than anyone in this series, and she still has a long way to go ahead of her. I really love her character. In the midst of all the strong and quite silly characters, there is one very young, kind, and rationally thinking girl. I look forward to seeing Wendy when she has mastered the new Sky Magic. And I also wish we’d see Porlyusica more often. Now that she has a link with Wendy, I hope to see the kinder side of her that is capable of smiling. Hopefully, we’ll learn why she is a human and not a dragon. For now, my guess is that dragons are magical creatures, and since Edolas is a world without magic, the dragons and all other magical beings are humans there.

The main event of this episode, and this arc, was the introduction to the Grand Magic Games – finally! I believe this is the first arc where all guilds in Fiore will be involved so I’m super excited. There will be loads of characters, tons of action – a true party! And no, these aren’t spoilers from the manga, I’m just saying what I’ve seen in the opening sequence. Makarov shows his true face – being number one in Fiore isn’t his goal. It’s all about the money! Ah, why is this show so funny? Jokes aside, to regain the reputation the guild once had, they’ll have to face a tough challenge. FAIRY TAIL is currently the weakest guild, and not just that – the team from Tenrou Island haven’t gone through any training during the last seven years. Fighting against the new Oración Seis (the villains of the filler arc, in case you didn’t watch it) didn’t improve their strength as they fought them with what they had to begin with. And let’s not forget that FAIRY TAIL was backed up by Zentopia near the arc ending. So FAIRY TAIL is what it used to be seven years ago – stuck in time.

Luckily, there are three months left until the tournament begins so hopefully, FAIRY TAIL will grow stronger. The preview for next week’s episode is a bit confusing though. It says training, but I just see swimsuits and stellar spirits. But I’m sure it will be fun because that’s what it looks like it’ll be!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. Oh so they are having the celestial party in the anime? I thought that this was going to be an OVA… Oh well pushes back FT and ST meeting which is good. That event left a foul taste in my mouth.

    But the beach means Show Spoiler ▼

  2. What I love about the Fairy Tail anime is that they do is that they do use 2 chapters as opposed to 3 like most animes. They do like One Piece and stretch the material, BUT we’re lucky that they use 2 instead of 1 like Dragonball and One Piece did. I think this is a good balance for a long running series. This is what allowed FT to not having to use filler arcs for as long as they did.

    Well the Daphne Arc was filler but it also was intended to be the last arc too back then.

  3. There are 3 thing that make Fairy Tail more interesting than another manga to me.

    1) The balanced between humor and action that doesn’t make one of the aspect seem forced. (with an exception is One Piece who share the same amout of humor and action)

    2) The fandom is peaceful unlike other fandom like Naruto or Bleach where saying one wrong thing will provoke fleme war.

    3) Romance is developed and every pair (and posible pair) will recive a healthy amount of shiptease that make it more closer to being actual pair rather than stuck with another romance sub-plot that doesn’t progress.

    Btw I’m GrayxJuvia fans and my second fav is GajeelxLevy and beach will mean Show Spoiler ▼

    And since I already read the manga I hope that they will make it clear Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I like to think that the fans of Naruto and Bleach who first engaged in the over-the-top flame wars have since matured enough from then as they came over to Fairy Tail. And truthfully, the only flame war that could have occured in regards to shipping is if Natsu was more romantically interested in Erza than he is – but then that would have been a GENUINE shipping war.

      Besides, there’s too many crack pairing possibilities not to be happy.

  4. The presence of the Stellar Spirits in the preview, if they’re following the manga, means
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Sailor Enlil
  5. I’m really looking forward to this arc, but I don’t know how long they can keep this up. Many people don’t seem to like non-canon material and the anime and manga keep closing the gap. I would hate to see this go the way of Bleach (not that I minded Bleach ending).

    Anymore, Naruto has about a 1-to-3 ratio of canon-to-filler episodes and they basically use the fillers to rehash the same 10 scenes repeatedly. But apparently it works for them because the format of the story allows for it – not so with Fairy Tail, they always move forward and aren’t stuck in the past.

    Anyway, here’s to hoping for more years of Fairy Tail anime goodness.

  6. Aww yeaaa, I’m looking forward to a lot of scenes in this arc ^_^
    Fairy Tail’s the best freaking shounen I’ve read/watched. It has a lot of female fans too. And I mean A LOT. (only shoujo or drama have a bigger girl fanbase, from what I’ve seen)
    Must be because of all the couple shippings 🙂
    Also it doesn’t have all that vibe that most anime of the same genre do. I don’t really know how to put it but it’s more carefree and has a lot of random comedy 😀
    Friendship is a BIG part in it too. I’d say bigger than all the other famous shows.


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