「異端なる…双尾娘(ツインテール)」 (Itan Naru … Sou o Musume (Tsuinteru))
“The Twin Tails…of Heresy”

I think the thing I’m enjoying the most about Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! is the way they introduce characters and push the story forward in ways that by all rights should be too abrupt, uninspired, or even downright lazy to work…and yet here they do. Did that sound like a compliment? Because it was! Well, perhaps I’d better explain.

One really funny part was when sempai suddenly appeared next to Yuuta when he and Rikka were canvassing for members. By all rights that should have been too much of an abrupt ass pull (trope!) to work, but since sempai proved herself to be such a random, go-with-the-flow kind of character last episode, her sudden appearance became really funny. Part of this is because of good execution, of course – one thing that TV and movies do well is abrupt or unexpected jokes/events, because they control the time rather than us viewer (i.e. there are no pages to turn, and an episode is generally consumed in one sitting). Still, this would never have worked had they tried it with someone like Nibutani, since she hasn’t been established as being random like Kumin-sempai, so well done KyoAni.

Another example was the introduction of Dekomori Sanae (Uesaka Sumire). I really like how they did this. It’s only natural that Rikka would have a friend or two, right? Well, considering how she is it wouldn’t have been surprising if she didn’t, but even chuunibyou can make friends sometimes! Really, introducing a character by having them be an existing but previously unmentioned friend almost feels like another ass pull, but it works because it’s such an understandable situation – we all have friends that haven’t met some of our other friends, after all. This was a nice way to quickly work Dekomori into the story without almost any lead up, and all while having it make complete sense. For such an easy (and almost lazy) tactic, it’s practically foolproof. More shows should probably make use of this.

There are more examples of my point in this episode, but I should probably talk more about the episode in general instead of spending the whole post on another storytelling diatribe. Since I already brought up Dekomori, I’ll start there. This was my initial reaction to her: “Yay, another cute girl for Yuuta to abuse! …wait. That doesn’t sound good.” :X But my own (not-so-secret) S side aside, since I’ve been enjoying watching Rikka play the boke to Yuuta’s tsukkomi, it’s no surprise that Baka Dekomori was going to make me laugh. And I’m glad she’s got that trait, because I would have been dissatisfied had she just been another chuunibyou. I kind of preferred it when Rikka was the only one, when it was all her acting weird while Yuuta (who secretly understood) alternated between sighing and shuddering at memories of his younger self. It’s working so far though, even if the delusion battle didn’t have as much punch this time. That’s not necessarily KyoAni’s fault though. It was inevitable. I enjoyed the first one so much because I just slightly suspected that it might be a real fight, but with no chance of that happening here the scene was diminished. I hope they don’t overuse that schtick before they think up another way to make it fresh.

Rikka was no slacker this episode though, throwing out plenty of cute moments and taking plenty of cute abuse as well. (S! Stilts is an S because he likes watching Rikka get abused!) Her slide tackles were great, as was her adorable cheergirl failure (and her keeping the uniform on afterwards, ufufu~), but easily the best moment was her indirect kiss with Yuuta. Ohhhh man Yuuta, you fell right into that! You’re letting your inner feelings show. Better watch out!

The one part I don’t get is why Nibutani decided to join the “Oriental Magick Napping Society in Summer” (say that three times fast…just not in public, or people might start talking). Maybe she just wanted friends? Or she could also be a closet / former chuunibyou. Or, perhaps it’s Yuuta she’s interested in…oh ho ho!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Random napping sempai & baka chuunibyou kouhai join Rikka & Yuuta in forming a club…& also Nibutani?? I like where this is going! #chu2koi

Random thoughts:

  • Notice how Dekomori was using “death” instead of “desu”? GETTING KYOUKAISEN FLASHBACKS SO HARD!! …and I like it 😀
  • I love that title, “The Twin Tails…of Heresy.” Would it be plagerism if I name my next book that? Hmmm…
  • I enjoyed how Yuuta protested so much about Rikka’s plan…and then quietly went along with her and helped anyway. Once again sir, your actions do not match your tsundere nature. You’re not fooling anyone!
  • How could anyone not want to join her club? I know I want to take a nap with Kumin-sempai, ufufu~
  • My reaction to the cheergirl scene: “Oh man, Nibutani is so kawaii…and wait, RIKKA FROM WHERE!? That girl is like a highly delusional ninja.
  • The dark side of twintails! I’d better go re-write that post
  • Dekomori…really is a baka, lol. Putting her on the same level as a cat is probably accurate, sadly. And funny! XD
  • I enjoyed how Yuuta spent the entire episode standing in the back and sighing. Life is hard, isn’t it Yuuta? Not that it’s going to get easier. Hang in there man.
  • Completely exposed! Way to go, Nanachan-sensei. She’s yet another character that has quickly gone up in my esteem, though like no one else aside from the reliable imouto, for her it’s because she’s actually smart. Le gasp!
  • I like his attitude, but keion-bu gets you girls? Sorry bud, but that only works if you’re Azu-nyan.
  • A quick note, in case you weren’t aware: KyoAni is releasing “lite” episodes of chu2koi every week. The next one usually releases about a day or so after the episode airs, so if you’re reading this then chances are the next lite episode is either already out or about to be. They’re short, ~5 minute affairs, and so far have been mostly about someone (i.e. Rikka or younger Yuuta) being super delusional. My suggestion is to save the lite episodes for about mid-week, when you’re totally hurting for some chu2koi and need a little snack to tide you over. Or, OR, you could always come back here and re-read my post / read all the comments. Up to you!
  • Sometimes I jot down quick impressions during an episode I’m going to blog, and I’ve noticed that my notes for this show have a lot of :3, <3, and XD marks in them. I feel this can only be a good sign.

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    1. Nibutani was a former Chuuni, very clear. She’s probably the one that wrote the book. Her reaction during the cheerleading tryouts when the sempai asked her what Rikka was talking about was typical of someone who knows but doesn’t admit it. Very nostalgic down cast of the eyes, quiet tone with a dragged out almost sigh like end.

      I really hope this anime breaks the typical mold and Yuuta goes after Nibutani. It’s always the prettiest hottest but most awesomest girl that gets friend zoned. Seriously.

      1. You quashed all my doubts, good sir
        It’s great to have a second opinion, thanks 😀
        Even if Shinka happens to be a former syndrome victim, I just hope to see A LOT MORE of her.

        Helvetica Standard
      2. Further support for the theory that Nibutani Shinka wrote the book that Dekomori was holding:

        The book was written by someone called Forest Summer. Rikka added “Summer” to the name of the club when Shinka joined. Furthermore, Shinka can be written with the characters for “Forest” and “Summer”.

        So yeah, Shinka’s probably joining in order to get rid of the evidence, so to speak.

        Mjolnir Hammer
  1. – Hooray for more Kumin-sempai. Her randomness is just so endearing. Her sudden appearance beside Yuuta is both funny and so cute.
    – Yuuta also has some unique ways to deal with people. I definitely did not expect him to tie Sanae’s hair to the bedpost.
    – For someone who can’t beat her older sister, Rikka sure has an effective slide kick.
    https://randomc.net/image/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2006.jpg As cruel as it sounds, Rikka does look so cute when she’s hit.
    https://randomc.net/image/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2003.jpg Kudos to KyoAni for their attention to details to even mob characters. Green haired girl in the middle caught my attention a little.
    – Don’t forget Nana-chan sensei for being able to handle Rikka. The way she dismissed Catherine was really impressive.
    – Can’t get enough of Shinka’s wink. If KyoAni has moefied head tilts, Shinka may have very started a winking trend.
    – On Shinka Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I assumed that Yuuta was the reason Nibutani joined the club. I don’t really know why she’d be interested in him at this point (maybe we’ll find out later) but she’s been throwing out flags for awhile so it made sense in my mind for her to follow Yuuta into the club.

    1. And Yuuta is ashamed of his past. It’s netting you some cute girls, man! Embrace the Dark Flame Master…or more preferably, the Wielder of the Tyrant’s Eye, the Wielder of the Mjollnir Hammer, Mori Summer, and napping random sempai :3

    2. Same here,
      Seeing that both of them ride a train at the same station, Shinka must have known about Yuuta during his time as the Dark Flame Master and thought he was cool just like Kuzuha’s friend did in Chuunibyou Lite episode 3. Shinka was unable to get close to Yuuta at the time due to him being the Dark Flame Master, but by joining the “Oriental Magick Napping Society in Summer” club, she now has a chance to do so now that Yuuta has become a normal person. Or I’m just over thinking things~

    1. Yeah, I enjoyed it too.

      Stilts-I agree that the delusion battle didn’t have the same “punch” as before however the reason the second time through works for me is because we really get a great look into the imagination of the characters. One second you have the crazy battle, the next we jump back into real life with Rikka and Dekomori rolling on the ground.

  3. Hey, Stilts, cover “Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!”. It’s a funny show; personally it’s much funnier than “To LOVE-Ru – Trouble Darkness”. It seems like you don’t plan to cover either, though.

    1. My apologies, but I do not. I’ve got some RL junk to deal with, so I’m limiting myself to two shows (plus an occasional Stilts Out Loud) until then. Plus, OniAi would be pretty hard to write about…as a nearly pure comedy, I mostly just have to say “this was funny” or “this was not,” and where’s the, ironically, fun in that?

  4. My Mondays are always the best with this show around. Never thought Mondays could be so great.

    I can’t wait to see a comicon with someone who totally acts like they have the syndrome.

    Nibutani just got hotter.

    I fell in love with Uesaka, Sumire’s voice. I think it was this scene.

    1. I think comic cons are already full of people who act like chuunibyou 😀

      Also, yeah, Uesaka Sumire…I liked her since I heard her play Sora in Papakiki, but this is a whole new performance. Shows some good range, so hopefully it’ll help her keep getting more roles!

  5. I find the irony to be pretty interesting since Yuuta wanted to fit in and make friends, which was why he abandoned his delusions, but upon meeting Rikka, he has made friends just by being “apart” of her delusional lifestyle. If I were him I wouldn’t regret pretending to be Dark Flame Master!

  6. OMG ! This ep really make me LOL . It’s been awhile since an anime that i really lol to it. The part where they show rikka and the twin tail girl rolling in the floor is pure comedy.

  7. Based on the end scene where Rikka changed the name to “of Summer” and Nibutani’s reaction upon seeing Dekomori’s book, I’m pretty sure Nibutani’s the Mage of Summer which is why she decided to join the club.

    Suppa Tenko
  8. And thus God has assembled the human, alien, time traveller and the ESPer. Now the circle’s complete. Throw K-On into the fray for some awesome light music and magic girl battles with chu2byou post production filters. Great combi. Oh and lets not forget Lulu

  9. Glad to see that the group has been assembled. It seems Yuuta will have more work to do with multiple girls to tsukkomi, and unlike Rikka I doubt he’ll be able to do anything to Senpai or Nibutani so I wonder how much they will be corrupted. I loved seeing the club basically evolve to meet the needs of the members. Can anyone explain to me what the difference is between a club and a hobby club?

    1. Mainly the amount of funding and resources they would be entitled to receive from the school.

      Different Japanese schools would have different names for each category.

      In general, a formal club would receive full school recognition, funding and all that sort, but would have to adhere to very strict regulations and standards as these are the clubs that would be representing the school in prefectural and national tournaments. The school would claim credit for any achievements they meet, but in turn, the school’s reputation would be in deep shit if their members get caught in any sort of trouble.

      A hobby club would have less funding but as they’re less formal would be less regulated and members are free to organize whatever they want as long as they’re within the boundaries of the school rules.

      Kinny Riddle
  10. J-Luke
  11. How is it possible that Dekomori’s tome happens to make mentions to both the “Tyrant’s Eye” and “Dark Flame” users?

    I’d say not only is Nibutani a closet Chuunibyou, but she is most likely THE “Mori Summer” (as noted by posters above, a word play on her name “Shinka”) that wrote that tome, thus making her the progenitor of Yuuta and Rikka’s delusions, sorry, I mean source of their dark powers.

    The adults in this series are also quite cool. Besides Yuuta’s carefree mom and the awesomely hawt and badass Tooka, we also have Nana-sensei who knows how to deal with the likes of Rikka. Her speaking English to Rikka’s “English” alter-ego was just gold. XD

    For the LITE episode that’s out today, we have Rikka trying to impress Yuuta’s little sister Yumeha in her attempt to buy ingredients for a Meat and Potato Stew.


    Nibutani is voiced by Akasaki Chinatsu, who had previously played the air-headed Yasuna in Kill Me Baby, perhaps a taste of what she sounds like if she is confirmed as a closet Chuunibyou and reveals it.

    Dekomori’s VA is Uesaka Sumire, another newcomer whose recent major role was as Takanashi Sora in PapaKiki.

    Man, we now have two VAs (Fukuyama Jun in Working) before and two present voicing characters called Takanashi in this series. Must be a Takanashi Clan ploy to secretly use the anime industry to promote their clan’s name? OK, I think I’ll shut up before I let my “Chuunibyou” delusions run wild. 🙂

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Interesting information there. This anime season there’s been lots of shows with relatively unknown or newcomer seiyuus. It’s nice they’re being given opportunities to shine. I definitely didn’t expect Shinka to be voiced by Yasuna’s seiyuu.

  12. I think Nibutani was a former Chuunibyou but I also think she’s interested in Yuuta for sure. Everyone has to have a little interest in a harem right, lol? But I’m still favoring Rikka cause she still cracks me up like no one else. I loved the scene where she “expertly” attempted to grab the note and it hit her square in the eye! I’ve been there ^^;;; And Yuuta’s responses (either sighing or striking) are still hilarious to watch. However I’m definitely ready for some DARK FLAME MASTER or at least some more kindness towards Rikka (even if it is just finally calling her by her name). Anyway, seems like the gang’s all here now! Can’t wait for next week 🙂

    1. I honestly think that Yuuta is being really kind to Rikka already. He just can’t truly express it well because of his Tsundere-ish nature/his desperate attempt to distance himself from his embarrassing past. He’s had several chances to ditch her and otherwise ignore her existence, yet he can’t quite quit her. From helping her move the luggage, keeping the sword, keeping the cat…(though that may be due to some blackmail), keeping her company at lunch, meeting her after school, helping her recruit for her club, sticking with her through her (hilarious) improv session, cleaning up that club room, and even joining the club. Those are all the various acts of kindness and friendship that I can recall off the top of my head. If he was anything more than mortified and mildly annoyed by the behaviors he witnesses, I doubt he would have stuck around, because I think he’s past any point of social obligation by now. Maybe the key things you’re looking for is for him to actually call her ‘Rikka’, and a definite commitment to her romance route? To me it looks like its going to play out as a Kyon/Haruhi vs Kyon/Mikuru sort of deal. Time will tell.

      1. You’re completely right, he is being quite kind to her so far. What we’re waiting for is to move from him being tsundere to him being openly kind to her. That’ll be glorious…though as with any good tsundere, the longer we wait, the better it will be when the dere comes!

  13. I love every aspect of the series so far except one – I wish he wouldn’t hit her.

    I mean, I understand why he does – he said it himself that he wishes he could hit himself when he
    was doing the same back then. So in a way, he’s treating her the same way he believes he should
    have been treated, IHHO. It does seem a pointless slapstick that takes something away from the
    characters and I hope it’ll move away from that. Considering he touting himself as more mature…

    I thought the way the teacher challenged her was point-on and very funny (but you know, I’m
    absolutely sure I can rote a Japanese phrase way better than they seem to be able to say an English
    phrase – makes me cringe). So funny – your other personality speaks English, so she can simply
    answer me in English to join the club. This is the way I hope Yuuta will begin to challenge Rikka.
    I think there truly are better comedic opportunities using that instead of slapstick. In a way,
    it’s a better challenge for Rikka’s mind games she plays in her imagination.

    Everything else about the story and new characters is great and funny.

    1. I’m guessing you’ve never spent any time in a Japanese school because the kind of playful hitting Yuuta does is par for the course between friends. He hasn’t done anything on the show that I don’t see dozens of times a day while I work.

    2. Gunna have to disagree, ’cause I find the light slapstick to be hilarious. I wouldn’t be opposed to Yuuta tsukkomiing in other ways too, but c’mon…sometimes Rikka (and now Dekomori) really just deserve a smack upside the head, lol

    3. In life your friends just want to be hit sometimes. Its just a call for attention. I had absolutely no problem dishing out my fair share of it. Too bad I was hardly effected by such idiocies, but I did end up with headaches at the end of more days than I would like to remember. Being surrounded by idiots is tough.

  14. well now i say get more hmm to see give yuuta tried rikka’s food everyone goes wow.

    rikka want to start a club then tried both cheer & drama but nope call in long twin hair tails servant.

    yea that hair is so WHAT so now then club still not yet clean room/spare battle of rikka vs sanae.

    next day now club is official cause shinka join in the rikka’s club.

  15. I cannot help but just point at that indirect kiss scene. I just had to have a silly grin on plastered on my face. Well this is really a staple face for watching this show. Laughing then going back. Facepalming to cringing while grinning is a given.

    Anyway I really can’t help but love the voice work for Rikka. She does the most adorable sounds ever. From that hilarious note pass receiving to Catherine speaking engrish she really gets the show rolling. On top of all of that, Dekomori’s voice work is also welcoming. I love how she’s a servant and her using that voice just reminds me of prinnies from Disgaea. Anyway she currently holds the spotlight for gif of the week.

    Also a quick note about the lite episode there’s going to be only 6 of them. So… With this being the 4th, we got 2 more left. I’m going to miss it.

  16. @Stilts, I think Nibutani wrote the book. Playing with her name gave me the idea. That makes her the most Chuu2 of them all.
    Nibutani Shinka(丹生谷 森夏)
    Mori(森) Natsu(夏) Forest Summer
    I think the reason why she joined is either she wanted real friend(just like you said) or she want to stop spreading the book’s existence from becoming famous which will lead to her ruining her school no. 1 image.

  17. Electric Ocean. Yet another cool metaphor for internet. Also, I’ll be waiting for a chance in conversation where I can answer an argument with “There is actually a ghost beside me who also wants to join.”

  18. This is to cute, to moe, to much XD. I’m completely fascinated with this anime, the concept, the characters, the dynamic, so perfectly played. so f’ing hilarious and the op is perfect jajajajaja. I just hope this keeps up til the end 😀

  19. I’m still loving this show. I wondered what kind of character our twin tailed blonde would be and I’m not disappointed. I figured the had some kind of weights in her hair to let her do that. Sooooo hilarious!!!

    One thing about this show though is that it doesn’t match any of the summeries I’ve read about it. And the english version of the title is apparently: Show Spoiler ▼

    This doesn’t surprise me if you look at Rikka’s behaviour. Since episode 1 she’s like Yuuta. Think about it: much of what she’s done has been in an attempt to get his attention or to keep him close to her.

    I still don’t know the significance of the “balcony encounter” so I’m leaving that out for now. But when they met again at the station and she opened the door the way she did(best part of the ep for me)was clearly intened to impress him. When they met again at school and she “confessed” to him by complaining about her eye. In the nurses office she called him by his first name already. So many of the things she does are about grabbing his attention or displaying her affection. The way she physically clings to him, the way she wants him to call her by her first name. In this current episode it seemed like she tried out for the cheerleeding squad to challenge Nibutani for Yuuta’s attention. It all adds up.

    1. Damn right. Rikka’s affection is as transparent as Yuuta’s tsundereness…and just as adorable. Hate to say it, but Nibutani better step up if she wants to challenge Rikka. I’m already going all OTP with Rikka x Yuuta!

  20. I think Rikka be trolling. She’s having fun, she can make friends, and she enjoys having her imagination. It doesn’t look like it hurts her studies, and as far as her relationship with her sister, we’ve only seen the one (very awesome) side to it. Nor does it look like she is getting to carried away, other than being weird she doesn’t act like a true delusional person (who are often….not very hygenic looking….being a moeblob….hygeine is part of the trait).

    Nope this is her testing the world with her imagination and stubborn teenage ways.

  21. The one thing about Yuuta that stands out for me is the fact that he continues to interact with Rikka even though it’s dangerous to his high school reputation. He could have just ignored her at lunch or when she called him out, but he didn’t. He feels sorry for her and tries to keep her out of trouble caused by her outrageous antics, but I think he actually is attracted to her.

    After reading the comments, it looks like the speculation about Nibutani having been or is a Chuunibyou has a lot going for it. I think she’s also got the hots for Yuuta, or is it the Dark Flame Master?

  22. I think Nibutani being a former chuunibyou would be kinda boring. It dilutes the chuunibyou thing by having so many, whether former or current.

    Besides, while it might explain her joining the club I don’t see how it explains everything else. I mean, she clearly heard him state that he wasn’t going to join the club yet the next day she explicitly comes over to him to state that she joined HIS club while winking at him.

    I figure there some be some kind huge misunderstanding somewhere but I have no idea what it could be.

    1. “I think Nibutani being a former chuunibyou would be kinda boring. It dilutes the chuunibyou thing by having so many, whether former or current.”

      I both agree and disagree with that, if it is possible, or rather I can see why you would think that. The way I interpret this is that this behavior is pretty common, whether we want to acknowledge it or no . (I know I had some….interesting phases from my Jr. high- High school days….) Like personalities tend to gather around each other and although Kumin’s past Chuunibyou status has neither been denied nor confirmed, she is definitely a quirky enough type of gal to fit in. Nibutani could have her own quirks that are persistent enough in her personality that she feels a slight tug toward this group of social misfits, or as the alternate theories that is floating around the boards would suggest, she could be joining in hopes of gaining some friends (I don’t actually recall her hanging around with a clique, though I could be wrong) or she could be trying to get close to a boy she met that sparked her interest. In a roundabout way I’m saying this: She could be attempting to act on a small crush, or she could be as off kilter as the rest of them, which wouldn’t be so out of place in the context of the story, but it would have to be handled as carefully as everything else this show is balancing.

  23. >>> Notice how Dekomori was using “death” instead of “desu”? GETTING KYOUKAISEN FLASHBACKS SO HARD!! …and I like it 😀

    Same Stilts, so much.

    Well I was a bit surprised to see Rikka have a servant under her. That’s pretty awesome really.
    I kind of want to see a rematch against Touka now, Master + servant vs. the high priestess.
    Though it’d be best if the Dark Flame Master was to come in and assist in such an intense fight too…

    1. “Have a happy death!” XD

      And in that scenario, I think Yuuta is about as likely to help Touka. I can’t imagine him standing by when someone is getting ganged up on…though that’s likely to get him a ladle upside the head all the same, lol

  24. -Chuunibyou Lite 3-
    No wonder Yuuta is ashamed of DFM… He as worse as Rikka lol. But at least he knows when to cut it out XD

    -Chuunibyou 3-

    Kumin = One of the best sempai ever. How many sempai can join two chuuni and fooling around with them?

    A new contender appears!! Sanae is as entertaining as Rikka. She reminds me of Yui from AB! (tying herself up lol) Also dat twintail lasso.

    KyoAni…. stop showing off with tht imaginary fight XD It like they pull a reality marble lol.

    Yuuta really is one badass when he serious…. Dat gun trick.

    Also, wht the name of his friend again?? Tht guy is trying hard to be Satoshi ligther ver XD

  25. I swear, every time I watch each episode for the first time, I have a similar reaction to Yuuta. These characters are absolutely ridiculous and always get to me for some reason. And yet, it’s hard not to have fun with it. All my neighbors probably hear me say what the hell all the time. But because of these, I feel so invested in the damn show. And I know why too, despite the fact that I probably the most down to earth other then my mechs fanaticism going out of hand, I truely do love the craziest and most out right ridiculous people. This show just puts me right at home, just cause of the characters.

    Sora no Kaze
  26. Well, I was pretty slow with that Nibutani thing.

    She’s called Nibutani Shinka (丹生谷森夏). Her name is written with the Kanji for Forest (Mori) and Summer (Natsu). So the book, written by Mori Summer was probably written by her.

    I just noticed some people already saw that. Man, I’m really slow sometimes, I bet that was easier to realize in the novel…

  27. yey! they heard my wish! they’ve started to focus on them as a group. and im also glad that dekomori was not the annoying airhead that i thought she was gonna be (that hair twirling in the op gave me that impression for some reason). i want catherine to come back. lol.

    1. Wait, Dekomori isn’t an airhead? Or the impression that she would be annoying? I rarely find those types of characters in any KyoAni works. I had the impression that she was going to be a serious character, which is why her intro took me by surprise.

  28. I love it how KyoAni pulls out all the stops for each successive show they animate and I always fall for them hook-line-and-sinker. What makes me sad is that I read Chuunibyou is only 1-cour? I guess it makes sense since there’s only two volumes out for the novel.

    The other thing I must compliment is the pacing of the episode. Despite all the stuff that happens, it never felt too fast or too slow. Though I’m always sad when the ending credits start because I know I must wait another week…

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