「夏ブレイク」 (Natsu Bureiku)
“Summer Break”

After an accelerated start, Tonari is finally settling into a fast, yet comfortable pace. The story, though reluctant to stop, has made great strides in developing Haru whilst not ignoring the troubles that Mitty is dealing with. While we are now left with more questions than answers, we do get to see a great deal of setup for events that will reveal those answers to us. Why does Sasayan owe Haru? Is Yuuzan really as bad as he comes off to be? What exactly happened to Haru during his past? Whilst Haru’s story is one filled with questions of the past, the questions we can pose towards Mitty become speculative of the future. What will happen on Mitty’s first date ever? What is Yuuzan’s interest in Mitty supposed to mean? Why am I asking so many questions? All the while these questions float around, the story still doesn’t lose sight of the comedic elements and sweet moments that have defined Tonari from the start.

Although the drawing quality for Natsume’s face was a little off in the first half of the episode, it sure is obvious where the rest of the drawing efforts went. It was enjoyable to see the show balance out fanservice for both guys and girls, all in comedic jest. Somehow, there’s just that funny charm seeing Haru and Natsume hold fish and pans respectively, whilst also admiring their drawn features at the same time. At the same time, the tried and true drawings of close-up faces continue to be excellent and finely drawn. However, what’s come as an improvement aesthetically this episode is the music. Whether it’s cheerfully simple tunes or the more traditional moody instrumentals, Nakayama Misato definitely can enhance each scene with his music. The happier tunes have a refreshing tone to them that reflects the mind of Haru, while the sadder tunes are more in line with Mitty’s uncanny ability to empathize and level her head with almost any situation. Having listened to Kimi to Boku’s OST, Nakayama definitely has a knack for creating music to suit the Romantic Comedy genre.

But of course, what’s aesthetics without great characters and their stories to enhance?

To start things off, I’d like to mention how Haru once again shows his gender-blindness when it comes to defending his ideals. Although my initial gut shivered when he grabbed his classmate in that way, after looking past that, it’s an admirable trait that he has, that lack of a double standard. Now of course Haru could be more gentler in defending others, but like Mitty said–Haru, you have a kind heart, and everyone will realize that soon. Behind that fist lies a great capacity for listening and protecting others…something Haru has demonstrated several times. Even though Haru defaults to his own actions, whenever Mitty or someone else he trusts suggests something is wrong, he will change that attitude in the same episode–I wish that other protagonists would be that dynamic in their development! Although today’s change was mostly comedic, it shows Haru’s struggle to not alienate others, yet also find success in that struggle.

That kindness, however, is hiding behind more than violent tendencies. Even Mitty couldn’t fully get to Haru about his past with Yuuzan, to the point where we see his coldest reaction towards Mitty since the series started. Although Yuuzan seems to be a nice guy initially, and it may be entirely possible that Haru has been interpreting Yuuzan’s actions in the wrong way or is overreacting, it’s a dying curiosity of mine (and I hope yours) to know why Haru has this complete resentment towards his past and his brother. There have been hints that Haru’s intelligence and personality ostracized him as a kid, and that Yuuzan is an even more intelligent and charismatic individual than Haru (a feat in itself), that’s all my own speculation that should be clarified hopefully soon. Although Haru and Mitty are going on a date next episode (Kyaaaaaaa! :D), that date will most likely act as a catalyst for Mitty to crack into Haru’s shell and heal his past scars.

But I want Mitty to enjoy herself too. Feeling jealousy both in the social sphere and academic sphere, Mitty also has her own struggles on how to deal with such feelings, especially socially. As Natsume points out however, the embarrassingly cool trait that allows Mitty to deal with these problems more effectively is her blunt attitude and speech. If Mitty has something on her mind, 95% of the time she’ll blurt it out if she wants it to be known. Whether it’s being mad at Haru, whether it’s being choked by Haru, or whether it’s taking Natsume’s words with an open mind, Mizutani definitely is a direct girl. She does slip up and struggle with getting the most embarrassing of words out, but in the end, she prevails. Her patience with Haru is amazing and actually touches my heart a little–rather than suck it up for the sake of avoiding conflict, Mitty doesn’t explode in Haru’s face because she understands that no matter what he does…it’s out of good will. I called it out before, but it’s worth mentioning again: Mitty and Haru’s understanding and listening to one another is what keeps me watching the episode with a smile, as it exemplifies what makes true relationships (both friendship and above) great.

I truly look forward to these two and their happiness. I hope that both Haru and Mitty continue to expand their world through individual growth, but also to continue creating a world of their own through each other. Of course I’ll start rooting for the other side characters as well, but as for now, the star couple has my endorsed “GO GO GO!”.

Another excellent Monja Monday! Thanks to bear and mac65 for leaving great commentary, I really do enjoy seeing your guys’ and girls’ comments!

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  1. too bad we didn’t get to see Shizuku’s bikini… xD
    this series just keep giving out more questions while maintaining the comedic form, awesome! It almost makes me want to read the manga for it…
    funny how we are supposed to see a date episode next, yet the title suggest it will reveal the traumatic past of Haru… can these two mutually exist?
    and thank you for the fast post, zanibas xD I really enjoy reading them so far!

    1. In the manga, they actually did go to the beach. Mitty wore a swimsuit similar to what they wore in the 50s, complete with long sleeves and shorts. She even had a little tube around her waist because she couldn’t swim. It was hilarious. I’m disappointed that they didn’t include that arc because the arc did have some romantic stuff going on.

      1. Lol yeah I noticed that but it wasn’t the animation studio. In the episode the arm is normal, but it was just the stitching of the full length screenshot itself. At times if you look on some of the caps on RC some of them will looked alittle disfigured because the stitching isn’t always exact

  2. I’m quite pleased and surprised at how none of the supporting characters annoy me. I’m not too much a fan of the ditzy/busty female friend character type, but Natsume is surprisingly likeable.

    The character interactions are excellent, and none of the serious moments feels cheesy or forced.

  3. This series is what makes Mondays one of the better days of the week. So good.

    The way how Shizu and Haru feed off each other actions so addictive and adorable. Watching Shizu analyzing her jealousy was great this episode. Their flawed but earnest personalities make for such an interesting dynamic (and couple). It’s masterful how the anime transitions from silly and fun to serious mode but doesn’t linger long enough to drag down the pacing at all. I absolutely love this anime! Would it be safe to call this the most smile inducing anime of the season? The damn omake made me snort.

  4. more hmm on he said & she said going on yea wonder to happen next?

    give shizuka telling haru be nice well sorta make him a chick magnet for a while til whole bullying a girl haru had to beat up the bully.

    so then fishing trip & haru run away cause of his brother with still ??? going now haru ask shizuka on date?

  5. It’s so cute how both Haru and Shizuku blush when they say/do cute/embarrassing things to each other! And I have a feeling that Haru probably rescued Sasayan from bullies or something? But I’m so curious about everyone’s pasts and stuff! Ack! The excitement! I’m glad I picked up a shojo series after a long time of none!

  6. Haha, watch out Paranormal Activity 4! Looks like Shizuku’s brother is out to win creepy kid of the year XD I might lose a little sleep over that image but it’s well worth it. This show continues to crack me up while tackling more serious issues at the same time. The fact that I’ve read the manga doesn’t take anything away from watching this story unfold as an anime. LOVE IT. As always, I can’t wait for the next episode ^^

  7. Poor Shizuku, while trying to improve Haru’s social standing by telling him to smile often, little did she realize how it would backfire on her as it resulted in the massive increase of female rivals vying for his attention. D:

    But in the end, the heroine saves the day when Haru nearly loses control once again. You go girl!

    Kinny Riddle
  8. Monja! We tend to focus on Haru, but Mitty is also one with a lack of social expertise. Her bluntness and logical approach to other peoples problems works to solve their issues but she doesn’t know how to deal with her own issues. It’s not clear to me if she really loves him romantically, or if it’s really a friendship sort of love. She has zero experience in that realm so she may not know the difference herself. This episode also shows that Haru has a great deal of animal magnetism (once he started smiling) so is Mitty just reacting to that? Haru, on the other hand, will do whatever it takes to keep Mitty close to him, so he may confess even though the doesn’t mean it, or reject her even if he loves her. She broke his isolation and that is the most important thing to him right now.

    How Sasayan fits into this, as you pointed out, is a real question. He’s sort of the odd man out and doesn’t seem to have the social problems of the others, but he still hangs around with them.

    1. That is why I think that Mitty as a character has more dept than Haru, she has changed her personality, and she is trying her best to understand her feelings and emotions while caring for Haru. I believe this is genuine love, meanwhile Haru did break the ice initially,but he did so solely for himself, he wanted to be saved from isolation hence he choose to claim friendship when there was no foundation.

      When Haru reacted rudely towards Mitty, this enforced his character as a less genuine person. He was aware that his previous group of friends were using him, yet he choose to hang with them rather than being truly alone.

      I think he confessed to her solely to grab attention, while I do think he has some sort of feeling for her, I do not see it as fully genuine.

      I think that’s why he claimed that their love wasn’t the same, since she grew into liking him while he simple decided to infatuate himself with her.

      Mitty has dealt with jealousy, and instead of forcing herself on him, she quietly suffered in her little corner, yet the moment Haru got in trouble she rushed to save the day!

      I hope as this show continues, Haru become somewhat more conscious of his actions and attempt to help Haru, instead of just trolling around her, he should help her study, or help her get more active, anything really!

      1. I have the uncomfortable feeling (not having read the manga) that Haru did try to make an impression because he was curious, that he’s found out smiling changes people’s attitudes and makes them less angry at him, and being around Mitty is ‘interesting’. This may lead him to do something so bad that he’ll all but lose Mitty before he realizes this isn’t a game, and that actions have consequences other than being ‘interesting’. You could spend six or seven episodes just on that as you develop the other characters and how they impact both Haru and Mitty as they rebuild their relationship. End of my own ‘arc’…

  9. So I wouldn’t be wrong if I said that I’m not the only one who gets kinda turned on when Natsume says “Mitty”?

    And another dating tip for the desperately single male, brought to you by Haru: Want the girls? It’s not just the smile. It’s the chicken that you’re cradling in your arms. Get the chicken, get the girls.

  10. Haru really reminds me of Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle. Both characters tread the line of being deadly serious and yet light hearted at the same time. Both have an affinity for running away, as we see with Haru and his reaction to Yuuzan. Haru doesn’t like Yuuzan, obviously, but his flight reaction reveals his cowardice of whatever Yuuzan represents more than his hatred of him. It’ll be interesting to see if/when Haru abandons that cowardice in defense of Mizutani, like Howl eventually does with Sophie.
    Anyway, I’m really enjoying this show.

  11. I like to call this the nervous part of the relationship. It reminds me somewhat of the point in Ano Natsu de Matteru
    after their mutual confession, where they’re sitting nervously next to each other trying to figure out how to take
    the next step. Except, here the nervousness is played out differently by Haru and particularly Mitty.

    Mitty thinks she was rejected by Haru; she’s going to wait for a sign before confessing (to Haru) again; she wonders
    what it is about herself that he rejected; she doesn’t know why she feels toward the way she does.

    Yup, Mitty is all girl through and through in her thoughts.

    Haru does care about her and is doing exactly (as best as he can) what is needed. He’s faithfully waiting. I think he
    senses her vulnerability at this point, and he’s not going to exploit it to his advantage (you know what I’m talking about,
    except for sleeping over (mostly) unannounced, scaring the heck out of her dad, having her make his eggs, etc.).
    Funny thing I get from Haru is that this is not a totally conscience decision on his part. Haru fights as the result of a
    knee-jerk reaction to a core belief that something is wrong, this is how I know to fix it. He doesn’t seem to spend a lot of
    time analysing, he acts with his gut heart; this is what Mitty admires when she says that “I know that you’re a kind person”.
    So, Haru’s treatment towards Mitty at this point is from his heart, not so much a deliberate action.

    IMHO, people can’t feel anything. The long version of that shock statement is that a person can’t make themselves feel
    an emotion. Emotion happens. Mitty is being faithful to her promise to help Haru make friends and she (subconsciously)
    reveals one of the things that won her – his smile. Intuition told her his glare was because of his fear of others.
    Haru heeds her gently stated advice because she said she likes his smile. Her jealous reaction to the sudden harem
    attention by the other girls was not something she planned for or completely understood until her friend pointed it out to her.
    It made for excellent story telling and endeared Mitty to her Anime audience.

    Attention to detail is what I respect in this (Anime) series, and if you’ll notice (I thought there was a screen cap from #1
    when he grabbed her by the throat and threatened to rape her) this time, he’s holding her firmly, but nowhere near her neck.
    She quietly tells him he hurting her, but I don’t believe the pain was physical; she doesn’t understand him enough and
    that is the source of her anxiety. Her statement wasn’t of the moment, but the pain she feels in their friendship.

    I’m really liking this series and I understand the chicken returns to roost next week! Can’t wait!

    1. One great detail that caught my eye was seeing the human-sized mark on the school building wall in the scene where Mitty has gotten Haru away from his scrap with the bully boy – a reminder of a previous time he got into a fight!

  12. Mitty is such an interesting character to be a main for Shoujo. For once we have someone who is logical, open-minded, and honest. Comparing her to the typical shy female lead, I think Robico is very daring to use a girl that would refer to herself as “Ore” (instead of “boku”). In terms of the characters, I would say this is the best I have come across among the limited number of Shoujo manga I have read.

  13. “Whilst Haru’s story is one filled with questions of the past, the questions we can pose towards Mitty become speculative of the future” was such a great transition when you were asking questions, Zanibas! I squeeze my fist with pride in being a frequent reader of your posts now!

    On another note, “Mitty and Haru’s understanding and listening to one another is what keeps me watching the episode with a smile, as it exemplifies what makes true relationships (both friendship and above) great” expresses my just thoughts. This was one of those moments when I cannot think of what to say in order to express my personal opinion. Thank you, Zanibas, for unintentionally taking the words (more like thoughts) out of my mouth.

  14. O.o A DATE Next Episode !!!!

    I can’t Wait to SEE THESE amazing SCENES Being CAPPED Full Size on RC XD
    The Opportunity for amazing Screen CAPS awaits …. 🙂
    There should be more than enough cute + Funny Pictures to Go around next ep. !!

    @ Zanibas

    Thanks ZANIBAS for even Taking the time to mention that. It was Well Appreciated 😛

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