「痛恨の…闇聖典(マビノギオン)」 (Tsuukon no…Yami Seiten (Mabinogion))
“The Mabinogion…of Regrets”

There were so many good things about this episode! I could list out everything I found funny, but then we’d be here all night because I’d have to talk about out every single scene! (Though I will mention some in the Random Thoughts section below.) Let me just say that the gags in the first part of the episode, prior to the whole dynamic of the show shifting, were the same sort of ones we’ve been getting the last few episodes…but they diminished none in hilarity. The magic circle, Kumin-sempai napping, and Dekomori getting shoved into a locker were all hilarious! I think it was because, though the dynamic was the same, most of the gags were executed n rapid order, hardly ever giving the viewer time to rest before another joke came along. As is with horror, so is with comedy – it’s best to keep the frights/laughs coming quickly, so our brain don’t have time to turn back on and get in the way of the fun. This was done, and it was done well!

The key to the episode was the revelation of Nibutani’s dark past. A lot of you figured this out last week, but Mori Summer is just another way of saying the kanji that make up Nibutani’s given name, Shinka, so the reveal was not a surprise to me. Once again though, this diminished nothing! The key was expectations. Though this is primarily a comedy (so far), I was foolish enough to think that the sensible Nibutani would search Yuuta’s room in the sensible way. Thankfully, I was wrong! Seeing the class’s cutest, most “perfect” girl totally lose her shit was hilarious, and only made better by the fact that we’ve heard Yuuta say the exact same lines! Scary Nibutani, shocked Nibutani…the contrast between her normal “good girl” personality and the true (or just desperate) Nibutani was one of those surprising treats that smacks the funny bone like it’s a three-mile tall gong. I must say, I’m supremely pleased to see that we have another character to join Yuuta in being exasperated at everyone else…and that she’s not cool-headed enough to handle it!

A few quick comments on some storytelling matters. Once again KyoAni showed us some ways to move the story along without ridiculous conveniences, and in mundane and obvious ways that are only surprising insomuch that more writers don’t use them. I had wondered how Dekomori came across the Mabinogion, and worried that it would be some ridiculous contrivance, possibly involving dumpster diving. But Nibutani just having a blog which Dekomori printed out? It’s simple, it makes sense, and it’s perfectly understandable given both Dekomori and younger Nibutani’s chuunibyou-level ridiculousness. Also, I liked that the reason Nibutani joined the group has absolutely nothing to do with Yuuta. I just get tired of girls falling for the main character at the drop of a hat. If that develops, cool, but this was a great way to keep Nibutani around long enough for that to have the time to come about. Really, the only egregiously convenient thing about this show so far was Nibutani seeing Dekomori with the Mabinogion last episode, but I’ll let an occasional one slide as long as most things are justified. Chu2koi has earned that so far.

Last thoughts (okay, we all know that’s a lie). Last episode I said that the battle didn’t work as well as the one in the episode prior, and that I was worried the delusional battle mechanic would get overused. This episode illustrated why the previous one didn’t work as well, while this one did – last time, there were no stakes. Here, just like as with Rikka’s duel with Touka, there were, so even if the action was overblown and silly, at least there was a battle of some sort going on beneath KyoAni showing off their animation budget. And the result…well, a triumphant Dekomori is fine too :3

Now that Nibutani–no, Shinka is in the group to stay (make lots of backups, Dekomori!), the main cast has been assembled. KyoAni did it all smoothly, with none of the introductions feeling like a drag because we were having fun the whole time. Now it’s time to dial up the Kumin-sempai and get to work. Make us laugh more, KyoAni. I dare you!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The nicest, cutest girl in class…ends up losing her shit as her dark past is revealed. Hilarious! XD #chu2koi

Random thoughts:

  • I liked the sunglasses behind her eyepatch. Very kakkoii, Rikkachi ^^
  • Strongest. Servant. EVAR!! Bring it on, Iskander. Your match has been met!
  • Anyone who didn’t catch that Dekomori was casting the Dragon Slave has insufficient Lina Inverse in their lives. Fix it. Fix it now!
  • Do I sense a yuri coupling?? *scrambles for his goggles*
  • It keeps saying Dark Flame Master and its going to shoved in the locker again! But creepy references aside, I don’t know if Dekomori knew what she was doing, but that was more than half of the fun! XD
  • Nibutani, you can’t say things like that to a young man. It’s just too much to bear! By the way, I’m talking about me. Yuuta seemed to handle it just fine.)
  • Dat mutual blush was almost as cute as Rikka’s “awu~”. I could loop that all day!
  • This is a time for stealth, aaaaand…SURPRISE SEX!!
  • Man, Yuuta can be really mean. He really is the dreaded Dark Flame Master! >:3
  • How does Chimera stay on her head? o.O
  • In all seriousness, I liked how Yuuta was concerned about Nibutani going overboard…not for her, but for Dekomori. Even if he thinks Dekomori (and Rikka) are bothers, even if he’ll tsukkomi them at the drop of a hat, he would never want to actually hurt them. Good on you, sir!
  • An unjustifiably judgmental Shinka is fine.
  • So wait, Shinka is staying around because of Dekomori. That means if Yuuta (former chuunibyou) and Rikka (current chuunibyou) get together, then Shinka (former chuunibyou) and Dekomori (current chuunibyou)… *whips out his goggles* I SMELL A NEW YURI COUPLE!! *starts shipping furiously*
  • Ohandalso, a catty Shinka is fine too :3

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  1. I loved the emergence of Nibutani’s true character! I agree that it was also nice to see someone join the group for a reason other than liking Yuuta. Not that he isn’t likable or anything ^^ I’m just all for him dating Rikka (now that he’s finally calling her by her first name). The humor in this episode was flawless and nonstop so no complaints here. I kind of want to go around calling people Dark Flame Master because Dekomori makes it look so fun lol.

    1. Isn’t it already set that Yuuta will eventually date Rikka? I’m sorry but I dont think this is a spoiler already since Ive even read in most summaries and synopsis about this series where Yuuta decides to leave his past being Chuunibyou and tries to become a reaju and even has a girlfriend know in highschool. Problem is his girlfriend is a current chuunibyou so his life gets interesting to see how he deals with both Rikka and hiding his dark past.

      1. Yes, it IS a spoiler. Not like I expect great things from random people on the internet, but it’s amazing to find that some people believe that something isn’t a spoiler because tons of other people are spoiling it. Right, if you never stop proclaiming that something isn’t a spoiler, mathematically you will eventually become correct, my bad.

      1. hmmm that’s interesting that you bring that up Stilts, because while I love Ichicko, I’m currently hating Mori Summer. I think the difference is, we learn from the outset that Ichicko is two-faced, but also underneath it all, she has a heart of gold.

        With Mori Summer, so far we see a high school cheerleader who is actually a two-faced b-word. lol as if we’ve never seen that before =P

  2. Nibutani instantly shot up as my favorite girl. I found her to be the most boring of the girls. The reveal that she’s just a meaner version of Yuuta lends a great comedy dynamic to the group. Poor Yuuta, although at least he’s broken out of his Nibutani fantasies, it really helps that he’s the most grounded character of the cast.

    Also a magazine pr0n stash Yuuta? How amateurish, if you were half the magician you claim to be you would know an external hardrive with password protection to be superior to a magazine stash.

    1. That’s what has me wondering though: do we really need another snide and sarcastic member of this ensemble? The comedic duo of Yuuta and Rikka scream classic comedy, but the addition of Shinka is like adding a second Kyon. Do we really need a second Kyon? Rather, do we really need a second Kyon who will constantly be saying, “you’re all a bunch of losers -_-“?

      1. Except Yuuta is still the only straight man, or “Kyon” as you put it, in the group. Yuuta handles the insanity as rationally as he can, while Nibutani freaks out and reverts to her inner-chuuni and strikes a rivalry with Dekomori. Nibutani serves as a mirror for Yuuta now, only much more exaggerated.

      2. What fragb85 said. Yuuta is still the only reliable tsukkomi in the main cast, because Shinka looks like she’s going to freak out and go straight into boke territory. I think that’ll be a good addition, and will add another layer of comedy to enjoy!

  3. “I just get tired of girls falling for the main character at the drop of a hat.”

    Maybe so, but now Shinka is just an ordinary bitch, and there are millions of them already, in real life.

    1. I think she’s anything but ordinary. Besides, like Ichiko, I don’t think she’s totally bitchy. She’s just desperate to get away from her chuunibyou past. That’ll receded when she starts hanging out with the other girls (+ Yuuta) and actually enjoying it. For evidence, see: the OP sequence.

      1. I got it, Stilts! What Shinka needs is a Momiji to her Ichiko. We need a character designed specifically to troll Shinka at every turn, forcing out her inner-chuunibyou with hilarious comedic return. It’s the comedy of Twos, I say!

  4. Introduce cute girl to main character – check
    Hint at cute girl’s embarrassing past – check
    Have cute girl’s embarrassing past exposed hilariously to delight of audience at expense of cute girl’s decency – check

    Ever since K-ON, Kyo-Ani does seem to be getting good at gauging exactly what its audience (or at least its intended target audience) wants.

    I do find it ironic that had Nibutani not get so paranoid and decided to snoop around for her dark secrets, nobody would have guessed that she’s Mori Summer. But it wouldn’t be fun if she hadn’t done that.

    Kumin-sempai doesn’t get much screentime this episode, but makes up for it in this week’s LITE episode.

    One thing Kumin-sempai gets right in her observations: Despite Dekomori’s constant trolling of Nibutani, they really DO “get along quite well”, as is typical with the dynamics of a great bickering anime friendship.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. Is this High School some sort of gathering place for Chuunis? I mean we already known 2 current and 2 ex-chuuni infected victims all from different middle school. Assuming that each school has one or two at most I do say four is quite a lot. Wouldn’t be surprise at all if it turns out this whole school is filled with chuuni/ex-chuuni.

    1. I think is is because the school is actually very far from the residential areas where the middle schools of Nibutani and Yuuta were. This would have made it a good place to go for “people with a past” like them. Apart from that, usually birds of a feather flock together.

    2. Like I said, while convenient plot elements and “coincidences” are generally annoying, some are allowable. This one is kinda necessary for the story to work, and it’s one of very few ones, so it’s fine with me. I don’t expect to find tooooo many more chuunibyou…though probably a few. Hopefully!

  6. Same reaction as I did the last couple of episodes, what I do want to pull towards Nibutani, while she did show us a 180 degree turn in personality, I can’t help but say she will probably have one of the biggest character development. In fact, I can see it, just simply because unlike the other two chuunibyous, she dislikes Yuuta at first, despite both of them wanting to break the mold. Nibutani is slowly going to accept Yuuta for who he is, and see him in a better light. In fact, Nibutani is the classic set up for that girl who dislike the main character only to appreciate him/fall in love with him later kind of act. Not to mention that I already would have probably smacked her head for messing with the room in the first place. I don’t even think anyone would have known that she was Mori Summers in the first place unless they were really trying to pay attention to detail, hence she dug her own hole, especially when Yuuta read out her book.

    Meanwhile, I see Dekomori as more hilarious, and the fact that she’s even more over the top then Rikka, makes her that much harder to deal with. Especially for Nibutani. Now that we have Chuunibyou, I’ll only wondering if senpai is also a past Chunnibyou, and just hasn’t told anyone yet. That would truly make the club complete.

    Lastly… RIKA!!! WHY THE BAG OF FLOURS, I LITERALLY FLIPPED WHEN SHE DID IT NOT ONLY ONCE, BUT TWICE!!!! These girls… I feel so emotionally attached and invested in them @_@.

    Sora no Kaze
  7. I feel like Kyoani doing Chunnibyou instead of Little Busters is symbollic of something. Of what I’m not entirely sure. But the two shows make for good thematic juxtaposition.

    1. If I were Yuuta I wouldn’t suggest Shinka to play along with Deko’s chuuni. Instead, I would say, “Hay, Nibutani, I you really want Dekomori to hand over all her copies you must first destory her illusion, Touma style.”

  8. – Looks like Rikka got some payback from last week by hitting Yuuta with a bigger message, with an improvised slingshot even.
    https://randomc.net/image/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai/Chuunibyou%20Demo%20Koi%20ga%20Shitai%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2002.jpg LOL at the Men in Black impersonation you two.
    – Slayers reference FTW! Bless you Sanae.
    – Kumin-sempai sure knows how to steal the show despite not having the most lines in this episode, just by being her usual napping self.
    – Thanks to Yuuta for clearly spelling out the word play on Shinka’s Mori Summer alter ego. While Shinka is now at more than simply just the class’s cutest and all-around good girl, ransacking Yuuta’s room was too much. Can’t believe she was willing to do that so somebody else’s room just to get rid of evidence.
    – Traces of Yasuna were coming out of Shinka when she freaks out.
    – Man Shinka was pounding so hard the ground(and screen) was shaking. First thing that came to mind was (she)HULK SMASH when I saw this http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcfmbrrEAi1rgz8h3o1_1280.gif. Then I remembered her rage is towards a Mjolnir wielding blonde. Seeing that calling her tiny ticks Sanae off, which Shinka will maybe capitalize on a lot, gonna expect more “Hulk vs Thor” moments from these two. Shinka will probably lose a lot though, with Shinka’s weakness being her own blog entries said out loud.
    – I guess we don’t need to worry about Sanae getting hurt by Shinka Stilts, with her hard head and all. Shinka found out quite painfully with her headbutt.
    – In addition to how Chimaera can stay on top of her head Stilts, I’m wondering more how much neck strength Rikka has to keep the cat on her head.

    1. Good work observing the Hulk vs Thor link.

      And yes, that’s totally Akasaki Chinatsu in her Yasuna-mode when Nibutana lost it completely. Her “Yasuna-mode” reminds me a lot of Toyosaki Aki whenever she’s doing her “Yui” type characters.

      Kinny Riddle
  9. 2: Storyboards: Ishihara, Director: Kigami, Animation Director: Chiyoko Ueno
    3: Storyboards/Director: Noriyuki Kitanohara, Animation Director: Nobuaki Maruki
    *4: Storyboards/Director: Eisaku Kawanami, Animation Director: Kayo Hikiyama (same as episode 1)
    *5: Storyboards/Director: Hiroko Utsumi, Animation Director: Miku Kadowaki
    *6: Storyboards/Director: Hiroko Utsumi, Animation Director: Miku Kadowaki

    * – Animation Do


    So apparently this was done by the same staff who did ep 1. Wow.. Animation Do is really handling this well. Next episodes will be done by the same staff who did Hyouka ep 21(which sadly wasn’t covered). It strikes me odd that the same Episode/Animation Director are used consecutively. Not to mention 3 episodes in a row coming from Animation Do. Could it be that the main studio studio is currently busy doing something big?

    Oh well, aside from that false alarm on FMP news who knows what’s gonna happen next.

  10. Lol LMAO all the while Chuunibyou is playing. Best comedy of the season IMO. Now I am truly convinced tht those Chuunies own a reality marble invisible to those mugggles lol..

    Shinka = Mori Summer was a SHOCKING PLOT TWIST but its still interesting nevertheless. Yuuta has open up the Shinka route XD Congrats. (Dem, now I ship Rikka/Shinka x Yuuta.) Its nice seeing Yuuta have some1 to relate to lol. (Also gimme back the non-bitchy Shinka!!! But I admit she fun to watch though.)
    Nice tidbit on the hair clip to differentiate Chuuni-Shinka and Reform-Shinka.

    Hmm…Its seems like Nibutani blog is a place where chuuni gather and/or influence a lot of ppl into chuuni… And chuuni Nibutani sure is channelling some1 here…. (I forgot >.<)

    Lol fate/ servant summoning. (Kumin-sempai!!) I wonder wht heroic servant is the closest to chuuni lol.

    Why does this reminds me of Keroro Gunsou / Sgt Frog??


  11. well look like more cat out of the bags on it.

    so yuuta trying to figure why nibutani join in so get both rikka & sanae on some travel book of his give rikka saw his “milk stash”.

    yep nibutani jon cause tried find book of mori summer that yuuta got of summer magic cause she wrote & tired keep it her past life hidden.

    but sanke got copies if all give calling her a FAKE so cue “battle” keep mention mori summer nibutani keep WHY?!

    yea another day “same as usual”.

  12. We finally get some character from Nibutani…. and I got to say… it’s not good. She comes off as bitchy once we discover that, yes, she’s humiliated over her own eight-grade syndrome just like Yuuta, which is itself the most predictable paths the mangaka could’ve taken it, and I admit I hate her character more this way.

  13. I’m a little disappointed Shinka turned out to have a dark side that was so mean, but I know I’ll grow to love it all the same.
    Yuuta’s expressions again were absolutely priceless. I burst out laughing no matter how many times I watch it!

  14. I guess many have said this already, but I am disappointed at how Nibutani turns out… I guess I am not supposed to look for a “normal girl” to counter balance all the chuunibyou or ex-chuunibyou patients (Yuuta doesn’t count)… so I guess I will jump ship to that strongest servant… sleepy senpai, you are the hope now xD

      1. Normal ? Really ?

        Napping as a hobby is something I can relate to, and quite mundane by itself. But our Kumin-sempai here set out to form a club dedicated to that activity (!). Let that sink for a minute: she was seeking official recognition for sleeping at school (granted that’s not the same as sleeping during lessons, but still). It’s like, I don’t know, an anarchist political party getting public fundings. It is not only insane, it is AWESOME !

        Also, dat ED of the Lite episodes. Can’t get it out of my head now…

  15. Good ep. imo, this show is needs more Touka-nee-san still! XD

    Seriously though…when I saw Rikka with Sunglasses and her eyepatch, OH MAN MY SIDES. I can’t believe that was only in the first few minutes too. Rikka + Dekomori are great together.

    Still can’t believe it though…who would refuse a pillow of friendship…? Oh wait Chunnis would, probably believe it to be some power sucking device or something. >_>

    Oh and Stilts…tsk tsk, you should always keep your yuri goggles on your head or something, I am slightly disappointed you left them somewhere time consuming to retrieve.

  16. Dekomori refusing to acknowledge Nibutani as the author of the magick tome which she has been idolising and worshipping may be a satire on how fans of fictional stories can be so engrossed in their fantasies, that any perceived change in story direction or just lost/shifting of interest from the author (perhaps hoping to work on some other story) would be seen as a betrayal, and any subsequent “Word of God” justifying said changes would be ignored as they would be condemned as false gods.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. How does it feel covering the one of the most hilarious/best animes in history Stilts? Lulz per minute (LPM) of this series is insane. Funniest KyoAni anime ever. Even better than Fumoffu and that’s saying a lot.

  18. Yuuta, word of advice man.

    Put Nibutani in the dog house and leave her there. Ignore the sad, puppy dog eyes that she’ll shoot your way from time to time and remember her true nature. You’ll never know if the whimpers will turn to a biting of the hand. Hopefully, you won’t fall back onto the delusions of her being interested in you since she stated she wasn’t with her true personality. Once someone shows they are two-faced, you’ll never be able to trust what is being shown to you.

    Stick with Rikka, she won’t hurt you.

    1. I agree that he should stick with Rikka, but in my experience most people are two-faced. Besides, Yuuta himself freaked out on Rikka pretty bad back in Episode 1, so it’s not like he’s immune to it himself.

      Still, Rikka is the superior choice for Yuuta for sure :3

  19. Leaving aside the ridiculously hilarious episode & the bitchy Shinka, I think Rikka will have to wake up from this disease by the end of this – that’s the only way this series can move on to the point where Yuuta can see Rikka as a love interest, instead of a puppy on a leash which runs off every now & then. It’ll be fine even if she doesn’t recover but those antics might get a bit boring near the end.

  20. Oh man… Rikka’s sling-shot gun is exactly similar to the one I confiscated from my student.

    But that aside, the show left me in stitches and fake Forest Summer had her cute levels went up by a few notches

  21. Everyone involved in the making of this anime is clearly having a lot of fun. Love you forever, guys.

    By the way, it feels like there is something different watching this after watched Sucker Punch. I can’t stop imagining these girls fighting mecha with their respective delusional phantasms. Hey, is that a good idea for a fanfiction?

  22. with that said Tsuyuri is the only ‘normal’ member of the group; she’s there for the lols and some nap while she’s at it. Ah it would be hilarious if Touka gets her hands on some of Shinka’s ‘Forest Summer’ voice.

  23. I Dunno, i can not “read” the Red Line so far. Sure it is Funny to Watch (and i still stick to it). But from the “Story”, i dont get a grip until now…. And i only need 2-3 Episodes to figured it out…

    Thia Anime outsmarted me 🙂

    Perhaps i should just enjoy this Funny Parts and Imagine Fights ot the Girls 🙂

    What would they say? “it is a No Brainier, just enjoy the Show!”. They are right 🙂

  24. come to think of it, Rikka’s seiyuu also starred in another delusional series, akibarangers.

    at least this show isn’t going thru the usual harem route. the only noticeable flag triggered so far is Rikka’s. the rest will most likely end up as Dark Flame Master’s allies.

    can’t wait for the delusional battle for DFM. BURN EVERYTHING WITH THE FLAMES OF DARKNESS.

  25. Again, the art is top notch in this episode!

    I don’t know if I feel happy for him or sad for him… Yeah, he’s off to a good
    start with a harem, but is this the kind of harem a guy would want???

    Nibutani is the kind of a girl to be avoided at all costs – and I hope she becomes the
    butt of many a joke. I suspect we’ll see her do “battle” again before the series is done.
    Such a marked antagonist – a clear dissenter in the circle, but I suspect already,
    someone not to be taken too seriously (mainly because of her gullibility –
    did Yuuta tell her to battle as a form of revenge for betraying his trust?) I mean,
    after all, her revelation that she’s not in the least interested in him, a little mischief
    making in him, perhaps….

    Anyway, she ain’t getting my (autographed) copy of the Mabinogion!

  26. Aniki Stilts, I worry that you see yuri couples without rason some, worse and think of yaoi, incest or … wait … o_o … you said it saw “Oniichan Dakedo”?, oh no, the perversion of Aniki-Stilts grew!
    No, enough of jokes (really bad). Thank you very much for posting, really fun anime and his blog, good job Stilts. I look forward to the next episode

  27. Good gravy. I was quite afraid that they would reveal Shinka as a “reformed” chu2; but the way they played into expectations in making her not just that, but the Raging Chu2 Queen was just masterful. And shooting down any relationship between her and Yuuta at the same damn time was just puddi after the meal.

    I predict an all out battle royale between all four by the end of it. And the Napping Princess will be the one to tell the tale.


  28. “Doing what, Dark Flame Masterrrrrrrrr…..r?” o.o?
    “Dark Flame Master!” ^_^
    *gets shut in locker*

    Oh Yuuta XD It would be hilarious if Dekomori made a copy of his “Yami Note” after he handed it over to her and Rikka >:]

  29. I don’t get some of the negativity towards Shinka’s hidden character—I thought she was hilarious and her actions quite understandable. She wants to escape her chuunbyou past (which is arguably a little worse of than Yuuta’s since she took hers online which as many of us know never forgets anything) and is willing to do go as far as she needs to do that–she’s not being mean for its sake alone; when Sanae started “crying” she looked like she felt pretty bad about it. Most of the “bitchiness” is, I think, coming more from her embarrassment over the kind of person she was before than any mean-spiritedness and Sanae’s lulzy character isn’t helping her situation. She’s not trying to fool everyone for the sake of some advantage or out of some sense of superiority–she just wants to forget her past.

    1. That would make Kumin-sempai the odd one out though, though she’s quite eccentric herself, she’s still grounded in reality instead of actually believing she’s living in some Quixotic Chuunibyou delusion from her mind.

      Kinny Riddle
    1. The one way I can think of is not to convince her that she’s Mori Summer but to get on line as Mori Summer in her blog and convince Dekomori to destroy all the copies because that is the only way to save the world. She was on the right track with the battle, but she couldn’t keep it up. Dekomori should believe her online persona.

  30. An incredible number of comments on this. Great!!!! What I’d like to see is an argument between Yuuta and Nibutani that devolves into a Chuunibyou battle every bit as heroic as that of Rikka and her sister, with Rikka and Dekomori looking on. THAT is something I’d pay to watch! It would be cathartic and maybe a step toward making peace with themselves. Nana-chan sensei is the balance level Yuuta is looking for, not trying to violently suppress the fantasies, yet accepting that they exist. I guess the word I’m looking for is ‘maturity’, and it doesn’t come easily to a teenager. Light! Dark! Coil upon me! Bring Truth, Bring Right, Bring…er, where was I? Hummmph. Never mind….

  31. Something that I would like to see that probably won’t happen:

    A Haganai, or more specifically, a Kobato Hasegawa cameo. Wouldn’t you like to see Reisis VI Felicity Sumeragi face off against the Dark Flame Master and friends?

    1. croos, thanks for posting that vid here… it is quite funny xD
      in case anyone want to watch it and is distracted or annoyed by all the floating comments, just click on that talk bubble looking icon on the time bar once to turn off the comments 🙂

  32. I remember one poster here wishing she too had an 8th grade syndrome. Looks like his/her wish got heard! have a cookie, mysterious-poster-I-can’t-remember! 🙂

    Anyway so she’s like what? A White Mage in her imagination? Forest Summer, was it?(how do you translate “Mori”?)

    The Moondoggie

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