A total of two things happened in this chapter: first, Byakuya finally expires, and second, Ichigo shows off one of his new tricks. Last week was ridiculous, but this one manages to surpass even that in terms of snail’s pacing. Unsurprisingly, Getsuga Tenshou is completely useless now, and Juha took a direct hit like it was nothing more than a breeze of wind. Literally only a few seconds of the fight are shown as Ichigo is pinned down almost immediately, and the cliffhanger is revealed right after that as he manages to land a surprise attack on Juha. I’m pretty sure that either Ishida or Ryuuken was involved in this, probably by transferring or teaching him Quincy powers. Since Ichigo was able to use one of the “new” abilities (Blut), I assume that they have not been idle after all, and have been making preparations of their own all this time while they’ve been off screen. If this is not just a temporary effect, then it would mean that our wunderkind has evolved even further to become the ultimate spiritual being in the universe – a hybrid human, shinigami, hollow, fullbring and quincy. If past experience is any clue though, just these powers will not be enough to win.

There’s not much in regards to the other parts of the chapter (which probably spanned all of half a minute), but I did think Juha’s comment about resurrecting Ichigo was interesting. Perhaps it’s related to the zombie-like abilities we saw in 12th squad barracks a few weeks ago, but it will definitely not be fun if Juha decides to pull a page from Tsukishima’s book and turn Ichigo’s own friends against him.


  1. Blut = Blue? or Blood?

    Anyway, this is probably foreshadowing that Ichigo will learn some sort of Quincy Technique because he’s part human, change his costume again with black-white/yin-yang/Reaper-Quincy thing in the final battle.

    1. Seriously, how much more ridiculous can this get.

      At this point all I want to see is Ichigo going Final Getsuga Tenshou mode, pull out his mask, activate Blut Arterie and go Vollstandig, enhance his sword with Fullbring, and just one shot everything in a 100 km radius to ashes.

    1. You may have a point. When you think about it, it may be possible. Aside from the fact she was indeed a spiritually aware being, we know zip on what Ichigo’s mother is. Aizen did said she was human, of course Quincy counts as humans as well. Perhaps the hybrid of a Shinigami and Human gives Ichigo some special abilities aside from simply a insane growth rate.

    2. Since day 1 I have always thought his mother was some sort of a spirit being. Where did Ichigo get hollow powers from? His father is a former soul reaper so why hollow? His mom might have been the soul king’s daughter or a shinigami (dad) fell in love with a hollow (mom) in a romeo and juliette kinda thing or she was a Quincy. Does NOT make sense storywise for her to have just been a normal human.

      1. btw… I also wonder if Juha’s mentioning resurecting Ichigo was a metaphor for pulling Ichigo’s latent Quincy powers out of him and bringing them to his conciousness (if his mom was a Quincy)?

    1. It’d be significantly more elegant if Quilge messed up somehow while trying to steal Ichigo’s bankai, transferring some of his own Quincy powers to our hero instead- but knowing Kubo (And observing the rule of lex parsimoniae), I bet you guys are right…

  2. Maybe his partial fullbring powers copied the technique since it supposed “remember every battle”. Either way we do know arrancar can use Quincy techniques so I’m guessing spiritually aware humans can to.

      1. Reality hax powers (Aizen) = An author’s ability to shape the world at will (Kubo)

        In other words, Aizen is Kubo’s in-world alter-ego…which is why his catchphrase is “I planned it all along”- because as the author (His real-world self), he really did- but Kubo/Aizen sucks at planning so they both fail (At both evil schemes and story, which are again pretty much one and the same, since the schemes make the story.) Starting to see the correlation?…:O

  3. Apparently I’m the only one who likes good old fashioned power up mangas where the character getting new, more awesome powers is the point. That or this minority is really vocal

    Zero Hour 17
      1. But seriously, on a personal level I do enjoy Bleach and similar shounen titles…but as a detached, impartial critic I simply can’t sit back and keep a straight face while calling dead-horse “good-old-fashioned shounen power-up” conventions quality storytelling, in most scenarios, anyways…

    1. The detached critic a sad form of existence. In this subjective world, what ammount of denial and ignorance does one need to convince himself that he formed an objective opinion?

      If you enjoy something you enjoy something. People are so insecure about their opinions nowadays…

      1. True objectivity is a rare virtue. It is the ability to make a conscious effort to set aside one’s passions and biases and evaluate something based solely on its tangible, physical characteristics; where stories are concerned, these are things like originality, logical plot progression, accessibility and strong character development.

        In Eastern religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism, the denial of self and the suppression of one’s own hedonistic, self-centered ego is one of the most important steps to attaining enlightenment. So in a way, I suppose you could say that true objectivity is a higher form of existence rather than a sad one.

        But enough with all the smoke-and-mirrors philosophy; true objectivity is also the basis of all modern science. Physicists didn’t arbitrarily declare the existence of the Higgs Boson on a whim simply because it is necessary for the confirmation of the generally reliable and popular Standard Model; they have yet to do so even after numerous consistent and encouraging experiments; even after the discovery of a particle that “is consistent” with the theoretical Higgs Boson – and even after CERN’s paper on the aforementioned particle passed rigorous peer review – nothing short of true, observational confirmation that the new particle’s behavior is consistent with that of the theoretical Higgs Boson (Within a certain minute margin of error) will satisfy them.

        In any case, think about the chaos that would ensue if we had “subjective” engineers and architects who designed buildings and bridges completely at whim while neglecting, or (god forbid) outright ignoring the objective physical rules of stability. Remember the collapse of the Hagia Sophia’s first dome? That’s a textbook example of what happens when engineers emphasize (subjective) form over (objective) function. Now imagine what would happen if the engineers of the Burj Khalifa did the same – yeah…not a pretty picture.

        I re-emphasize the fact that true objectivity – (Not perfect objectivity, but a conscious effort made to minimize subjectivity; an earnest attempt to set aside one’s own subjective views born of the recognition that bias is an inherent human flaw.) is the basis of all modern science, which in turn forms the basis of all modern technologies that are the foundation of human civilization- without true objectivity, the world as we know it would crumble and collapse- much like the first dome of the Hagia Sophia…

  4. Bleach died for me when Byakuya did. It won’t be the same when I watch the anime again. Anyways, if Ichigo didn’t have another trick up his sleeves by now I don’t think anyone would have commented here.

    random viewer
    1. Kubo’s probably going for some kind of “new generation” ending. He keeps talking about how Ichigo’s arrival “changed Soul Society” which had been static in its customs and traditions for far too long. So I bet he’s “killing off the old blood to make way for the new.” Characters like Yama-jii (Founder and leader of the old Shinigami order) and Byakuya (Old nobility) represent the obsolete, old guard that must “die” (Literally and/or metaphorically) to make way for the establishment of the new order led by Ichigo…though I have a faint (Okay, more than faint) suspicion that this whole theory is wishful thinking on my part, born of my (probably irrational) hope for a good ending to this mess…XP

      1. Okay but my point is that I started watching Bleach because I saw Ichigo versus Byakuya and to end Bleach without Byakuya just feels wrong for me. If the ending is going to be turning out how you mentioned how Kubo wants it to be, then it sounds like he’s trying to restart Bleach from zero.

        random viewer
  5. Actualy, it’s a bit weird that Byukuya dies. Remember his fight with Ichigo that he tells him that Ichigo is the second person to his Senkei, Senbonsakura Kageyoshi? Who’s this first person?! Aaaargh!

  6. well as far as I can tell Ishida has nothing to do with Ichigo learning Blut given that until this point Ishida never showed any signs of knowing the technique and his dad hasn’t even been around lately. I’m going with some of the other comments on the page saying that Kubo will have another asspull by explaining that Ichigo’s mom was a quincy or something.

  7. Maybe this Blut isn’t the Blut that is acquired by being an Quincy but Ichigo using his Fullbringer power on his blood. This would also validate why the Fullbringer arc was made , as there wouldn’t be a point (at the moment ) for Ichigo to learn Fullbringer powers when he is essentially not going to use them. On the other hand he could just of learnt it or it have been past on from his mother being a Quincy or something like that.

    1. In order to fullbring you need to use your physical body to manipulate another physical object. In other words you can only fullbring when a soul is inside of a physical object (floor, neckless, Chad’s human cells, ect). A Quincy on the other hand manipulates spirit particles that are not inside of an object (spirit particles and living souls like hollows). Since Ichigo is in his soul form then it (blut) cannot be called fullbring since he is clearly not in his human body (physical body).

      At the moment I will be sticking to Ichigo’s mom is a Quincy.

      1. Isn’t it possible that he could still be in his Human body as far as I can remember seeing his soul coming out of his body / seeing his body as a ‘blank’ when he was given his powers at the end of the fullbringer arc. However saying that it could of been off panel . I could be wrong about that as I could of just forgot about seeing it . Either way in my opinion it would be better than Ichigo being basically every being in the Bleach universe at once.

  8. It’s most unlikely, but could Ichigo’s zanpakuto resemble Aaroneiro’s release form? He kills enemies and takes part of their power. Maybe he gained his hollow ability from killing several lesser ones and absorbing their power, growing secretly more powerful just as he did. Killing the Quincy could have allowed him to take a portion of his power and then spontaneously release whatever could have been analyzed for the time. Also, having an enormous zanpakuto at the very beginning might not only mean great spiritual pressure, but also a large weapon to store the power that he could take from his opponents.

    Yeah, again, it’s MOST unlikely that this is a reason. But I don’t really want to believe that Ichigo’s part Quincy either, cause it be kind of weird. 1/4 human, 1/4 shinigami, 1/4 hollow, 1/4 Quincy. They might as well give him the powers of a bount as well and let him use a doll.

  9. I just want to point out that however unlikely, this could not be some crazy absurd plot device and could make at least some sense.

    In it’s most basic form it seems like the blut veine or w/e is really just putting spiritual energy into your veins almost, which theoretically shouldn’t be the most absurd thing for someone else with immense spiritual energy and power to be able to replicate.

    As far as being part shinigami/hollow/quincy/fullbring…It seems like at least fullbring was completely removed when ginju absorbed his powers since that couldn’t simply be replaced by the shinigami and I’m also curious if he no longer has hollow powers due to the same thing, partly due to the fact we haven’t seen them since.

    Another possibility that I wouldn’t totally rule out is that when collecting power to put into the sword to restore ichigo’s powers they might have taken some from uryuu or his father which could be how ichigo might have gained quincy powers now.

    That said I’m really hoping it’s some way Ichigo is just replicating the quincy power and doesn’t have full-on quincy powers as that’s kind of crazy. I doesn’t seem too crazy for him to be duplicating this one however either figuring it out on his own, or having Urahara figure it out or possibly Uryuu or his father being the one that we saw at Urahara and could have helped explain it.

  10. I’m liking this Ichigo mum is a Quincy thing, it would explain why Isshin and Ryuken (Ury’s dad) know each other, however I reckon it’s probably simply that Ichigo saw Kirge use the technique and has somehow learned to copy it Similar to how he learned tetanus from Urahara, or (for you DBZ lovers out there) how Goku learned Kamehameha from Roshi during their fight.

  11. Man totally agree with you Prooof, that most likely the Ishidas maybe involved in teaching Ichigo about those powers since he’s a spiritual being already. And I really think just Ichigo’s many types of powers would make him win anyone already, provided the opponent needs to have wide knowledge of his powers first? Looking forward to next of a snail-paced manga~

  12. This will be the last development before Bleach ends.:

    Ichigo IS the Spirit/Soul King. The King was injured in a battle and somehow lost his memory. For some reason his soul was reincarnated into Ichigo. So he has had these powers all along, but only on the brink of death does he unlock another one.

    …..and we’re done. Nothing to see here.

  13. That looked kind of a magic circuit of FSN but he is not Shiro and it isn’t strange for Ichigo to learn abilities of another class (shinigami, hollow, fullbringer and now quincy ;D). He probably knows the new technique by intuition or because quincy’s powers are just a kind of fullbring specialization I guess.

    Shall we discover know his mother was a quincy?

  14. Technically Ichigo’s mom does not have to be a Quincy for him to use Quincy powers.
    From my understanding Shinigami, Hollows, Fullbringers and Quincies are all human with the only differences between each is how you use spirit power/energy and if your “alive” or not.

    Now Ichigo has more or less mastered his control of internal spirit energy (Shinigami/Hollow) because that’s what he started “training” first and with the fullbring arc has taken the first steps in learning how to control external spirit energy (Quincy/Fullbring). Obviously the Quincy powers he’s suddenly started using can be considered an extension of what he learned from using Fullbring abilities.

    TL;DR Everyone is human and Ichigo has the best understanding of spirit energy.


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