「すれ違った時間の分だけ」 (Surechigatta Jikan no Bun dake)
“Just Enough Time to Pass Each Other”

I’ve been waiting for this episode for so long, and now it’s finally here! Oh, where do I start? Let’s begin with Virgo – why is she such an amazing character? I don’t know if it’s her poker face, or seriousness, but she is probably one of the funniest characters of this series. Lucy’s fights have rarely been fair. She has always had disadvantages throughout her battles despite having so many keys. One might wonder if her keys are weak, but they sure raise the comedy value of FAIRY TAIL.

Alright, so while the party from last week took up all the time our team needed for preparations, everything turned out to be okay anyway because of Jellal, Ultear, and Meldy’s return – or Crime Sorcière as they prefer to be called. Jellal is quite a complicated character. Sometimes I like him, sometimes I don’t. While I like his kind and caring heart, it’s hard to accept that he has committed crimes. But on the other hand, all the bad things he did weren’t really his deeds so it’s hard to judge the man. At least, now he is doing something good for the sake of justice. The Magic Council isn’t really dependable and I’m sure Jellal’s team can bring more justice to Fiore than the authority.

Aside from taking out dark guilds, the team also has the ability to boost magical power by unlocking the latent powers inside magi. I don’t think that is a thing to recommend though. The treatment looked painful, but I’m glad FAIRY TAIL “improved” their magic so they stand a chance in the tournament. Let’s not forget that there are other guilds in the games as well. Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus were shown early in the episode. I don’t recall seeing this in the manga but I really enjoyed watching how other guilds are feeling about the tournament. Sting seemed quite excited when he heard that Natsu was participating. Rogue however, did not appear to be so interested. I’ve always wondered what the connection between Sabertooth’s dragon slayers is. Their teamwork is great from what we’ve seen but Rogue seems to be vastly different from Sting. To be honest, I don’t care much about them yet but it’s time to do so because they’re important characters of this arc. I do admit that I love their Exceeds though, especially Frosch; she is adorable!

But my favorite Exceed will always be Happy (closely followed by Lily), I mean, how can you not love Happy? He is hilarious! The way this episode ended… I don’t even – I replayed the kick scene over and over again. I know Kugimiya Rie is best known for all the tsundere characters she has voiced, but personally, I think Happy is her best role so far. The sarcasm, the irony, the passion – she brings out Happy’s personality flawlessly!

The kick scene was funny, but the best part of the episode was obviously the passionate scene between Erza and Jellal. In the manga, the two of them were shown as silhouettes so it was hard to tell what was going on. But the anime delivered this scene perfectly. It was artistic and beautiful. Whether or not Jellal deserves Erza is a good question, but she obviously likes the man so I support this ship! I know Jellal pushed Erza away, but I know their lips touched. They kissed! I’m going to be stubborn and refuse to believe anything else because my heart won’t allow the two of them to walk away without sharing a kiss…

Alright, so now that everyone is prepared for the tournament, let’s go to Crocus, the capital of Fiore, where the Grand Magic Games will take place!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. “One might wonder if her keys are weak,” …is that a premonition? XD

    In the manga.. I thought they “almost” kissed.. I didn’t know they actually kissed! Quite a shock!

    Also, on another note, Stereoman, I think I told you last time that you were trying to summarize the anime “awkwardly” for you not to give up any spoilers, but here it seems like it isn’t awkward at all! You put your thoughts down like this is the first time you’re watching it and it’s very fun to read. I don’t think you’ve improved since I know you already have the capability to do so. Either way, good job! I salute you!

  2. Arrgghh it’s the 2nd worst pairing in FT(levyxirondragon is still the worst). I thought when jellal ended up in jail mashima did something good but no he had to reverse it somehow. All these train wrecks!

    1. I agree. His logic for being out doesn’t sit well with me. And Erza should be turning him in. Jellal’s biggest sin is that he hurts Erza. He makes her less likable. She could be a great character if she could move on.

    2. are u fucking with me?? levy and gajeel are a such awesome couple, levy’s so shy and gajeel is a airhead when comes to love.

      Erza and jellal, u gotta to be shitting me, the 2rd worst couple?? they are like the best couple in FT except natsu x lucy. brother u got ur virgin protection over 9000.

      1. Justin you’re absolutely right, unlike jingoi and rukia, judging from their comments I would say that they are jealous of a toon. Erza and Jellal are like a power couples and the thing about power couples is that despite the fact that the are soul mates and are meant for each other something always tries to tear them apart whether it is fate or the negative force of nature.

        K C M
  3. This is what make Fairy Tail stand out more than another manga to me, the romance plot is moving. You know I still waiting for more Gray and Juvia momment since it’s my OTP in Fairy Tail, my second fav is Gajeel and Levy. Shiing aside now Virgo get what she always wanted a punishment.

  4. Well I was hoping it was Mystogan, but Jellal is alright.
    Even if that wasn’t a confirmed kiss, it would be just as good. With the lovely animation and the music to set the mood, it was left to the viewers’ imagination if nothing else. I sense more AMVs for this couple. I just hope ErzaxJellal will get more screentime to be together and not be how Erza thinks their relationship is better when apart. I’ll just think they’re on a break for now.
    It was also great to see Ultear and Meldy are still together and doing well since their last screentime. They really came just in time to help out Fairy Tail. If what they say about the Magic Games Stadium? having a strange magical force, my guess is that some antagonist is holding the games at Crocus to collect all the magical energy from the assembled guilds to try to resurrect Zeref or something. Anyways, just my speculation.
    Please someone GIF Happy getting kicked by Erza. XD

    random viewer
  5. I didnt read the manga, but the spoilers were keeping me on the edge for the whole week, and when it finally got down to it. The soundtrack, those golden lights (thank-you-weird-purple-mushroom-which-so-coincidentally-has-heart-shapes-on-them), made the whole thing so intense that it was such a letdown when they didnt really ‘finish’ their kiss!!!

    I wish other shounen anime/manga had that slice of romance once in a while. Warriors need to love too!!!

  6. In response to all of this romance talk…I was always for Natsu and Lisanna. The time they had in the past was so hilariously cute I find it difficult to see him with anyone else. As for him and Lucy, I feel they work better as partners than as lovers. That’s just my opinion though.

    Oh…and I think it would be funny if Erza went with Mystogan (edolas Jellal), it would at an interesting twist to things.

  7. awesome ep. I spent the second half of the episode just going: kyaaaAAAA!!-ing like an idiot fangirl.
    To be honest I liked Jellal as a character before..but his wimpy attitude in this episode kinda pissed me off (he totally deserved that slap). Anyways, Erza is my fav. character and I would really kick mashima’s butt if she doesn’t get a happy end (I don’t really care who she ends up with..Mystogan, Jellal, Natsu, Gray..etc).


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