While Ichigo does indeed have some Quincy abilities, the whole process turns out to be actually triggered by Kirge and his jail. The explanation of how breaking out of the seal also released his inner memories from deep inside his soul was ridiculous, and the whole chapter reads a lot like a supermarket tabloid article. Ichigo himself is completely clueless about what’s going on, so Juha gives him the whole “I know your secrets but I’m not going to tell you” attitude, teasing him with hints about his mother and more. I think some people actually speculated that Ichigo’s mother may have been a Quincy, and as crazy as it sounds, that might actually turn out to be true. Their intentional vagueness obviously pisses off Ichigo to no end, even more than he was already, but at this point he’s still pretty helpless against them.

There’s no surprise he’s getting his ass kicked, since the power difference between Ichigo and the main villain is always very large initially. The Vandenreich see him as a potential asset (as they did with Aizen) and seem to be aiming to capture and brainwash him. Luckily for him that probably won’t happen, as the Vandenreich are forced to retreat thanks to a little trolling from Aizen. Incredibly, Juha’s lieutenant Haschwald actually breaks Ichigo’s bankai before they leave, leaving him with a lot of catching up to do before he’s in any shape to face them again. The most scandalous detail is left at the very end as a cliffhanger of course, though I’m not sure how to interpret it exactly. I am truly left at a loss for words; if we take it at face value, this would be a plot twist that reaches levels of insanity we haven’t seen since Aizen revealed that everything was an illusion. Ichigo, your whole life was a lie.


    1. I completely agree! My eyes rolled back so hard into my skull, I think they did a complete 360! How many ‘races’ can Ichigo be? Human/Shinigami/Hollow/Vizard/Fullbring/Quincy!? Seriously Kubo? Get your shit together man!

      1. You people are blowing things out of proportion. Ichigo is clearly all of those things plus Super Saiyan.. Level 3. Besides, you overlooked the fact that soon enough he’ll be doing a fusion dance with Ishida. Rofl.

      2. I agree, ichigo is waaaaaaay too over powered. I know he’s the hero, and the hero must come out on top, but this is ridiculous. I really liked that his powers were removed for that period after Aizen- kubo should have given the shinigami reins to Karin, his little sister or something.
        Sometimes, it’s more meaningful if the hero isn’t strong-it would make us try to root for him.

    2. The first thing I thought when I read this was:

      Ichigo finally meets his mom
      Ichigo: Mom who’s my dad?
      Masaki: sorry honey, it was a wild night with all the men so I have no idea either, wanna do a DNA test?

      Insert here whatever facial expression you thin Ichigo would have.

      On plot related basis, is this the first time Tensa Zangetsu ever break? It wasnt even done by the boss, oh Kubo, more trolling please.

    3. Ichigo’s mom is a quincy, therefore a human and a full-bringer (as quincies are a clan not a race), his dad is a shinigami and he got his hollow powers from the Urahara training. Juha is the father of ichigo’s mom. Is it so crazy? Why else would Aizen have so much interest in Ichigo? There are others vaizard, but for Aizen he was very special, because Aizen knew his parents.
      The only thing that is stupid is how his quincy’s powers awakened.

  1. I knew Ichigo was part Quincy/hollow/shinigami/vizard/fullbringer! Next they’ll say him and ishida are cousins and their dads are related by marriage! You heard it here first!

  2. In terms of comedic value, Bleach is somehow almost where Nichijou is for me. Random shit happens, random screaming happens, and it ends with me baffled by some strange unknown that always leaves me entertained, or at least laughing at something that has no reason to be laughed at.

  3. I’m hoping it wasn’t literal. Ichigo seems more like a science experiment that everyone is trying to use to their own ends. Hopefully Juha is just claiming credit for the idea to combine quincy, hollow, and shinigami into a single potentially god-like being.

  4. Ichigo’s mother being a quincy isn’t much of a surprise. It explains Isshin’s current situation and his “friendship” with Ryuken. It would be pretty funny, though, if Ichigo and Ishida turned out to be either first or second cousins.

  5. This arc power level among the soul reaper and Quincy are everywhere jumping up and down. Either you 1 hit kill or nothing. What did Aizen do that the Vandenreich retreated? I don’t get it. I never thought Quincy were that strong, beating the soul reaper like nothing. I just hate the fact that Ichigo got there, and was beaten easily. Then he probably power up in no time to be on par with the enemy. Doesn’t seem reasonable, because the Captain commander was beaten easily…uhhhh I hate how Kenpachi got beaten like nothing too; made him look so weak. I never seen Ichigo in being stronger than some of the soul reaper other when he vs Aizen. Oh well, I want to know what happen to the other characters. Some characters are always left out for some reason, and they should just release all their bankai if they were that desperate to defeating the enemy. If they can steal bankai, then all the more reason to use it.

    1. 1) Aizen somehow messed up Juha’s perception of time. Apparently Juha has some sort of time limit for staying out of their territory. Because of that time limit Juha was forced to retreat
      2) Ichigo was exhausted – first he fought Kirge, then he had to break out of that cage, and then he went directly for the two strongest enemies. In fact, even the opponents noticed that he is not in top form. It would be really stupid if Ichigo could match them despite being weakened
      3) *sarcasm* Yeah, sure, all Captains should use Bankai so the Vandenreich can steal them and become even stronger. Right! */sarcasm*

      1. My problem with it was that the quincies were overpowered to the point were its unbelivable.. Ishida, inoue and chad were strong to a certain point but I assumed they were weak because isn’t it somewhat implied there is some sort of reiatsu limitation (Aizen said so himself) and the quincies are humans for god sake. Captain level chars cant even scratch them, shouldn’t there be some fighting at least?

        The overpoweredness that comes with the introduction of any new character are detracting from the story. Like how did ichigo even match zaraki during the rescue rukia arc when zaraki was able to kill yammi without breaking a sweat. And why cant ichigo even vapourize the cage guy in an instant when isshin was able too? Is isshin god? The power levels fluctuate to the whims of cheap drama.

        It seems to me that kubo is just churning out whatever he can as fast as possible.

  6. I laughed hard at this chapter because I didn’t think Kubo would actually go through with the “Ichigo is a Quincy too” route, but boy, was I wrong. This series won’t end until aliens come from space to take Ichigo home as one of them. But at this rate, that isn’t a far cry and is at this point, a feasible premise for the next arc.

      1. I remember reading the interview where Kubo said that Bleach still had 10 more years to go about. I’m not sure how long it’s been since then (around 2 years?) but not to sure this arc will last that long. Basing it off of Kubo solely, can foresee more of for lack of better word,this. Just this. . .

  7. “The explanation of how breaking out of the seal also released his inner memories from deep inside his soul”

    u know what, this reminds me to yuu yuu hakusho. where yusuke’s demon dna activate when yusuke die.

    the difference is yusuke is badass, while ichigo are always being mindfuck by everyone.

  8. ah glad you saw the Star Wars syndrome there as well; Juha might as well could have said something like “Yes yes! Let the darkness flow into you!” Some people have speculated that the “I’m your father” thing is either because Juha considers himself the father of all Quincies or it’s a Yusuke and Raizen type of deal and Juha is Ichigo’s ancestral parent. Whatever it is we can be sure Kubo just came up with it last week.

    1. ..and Why is only Ichigo have “Blut Vene”? He is just some Minutes a “Quincy”, and Ishida is a born Quincy, and dont have it.

      I think, Kubo tried to surprise us, but that got wrong

      1. My guess would be that Ichigo and the Vanderreich are spirits so they are turning their spirit particle blood into a hard shield. Ishida on the other hand is still alive so his blood is not made out of spirit particles and so he cannot use this technique.

        Although if I see Ishida start using blut vene then I am so taking out my “what the hell card”.

  9. So this is how Ishida will play his part. He’ll probably go to Ishida and his dad asking questions and he’ll convince him to teach Ichigo how to use his quincy powers. His final power up will be combining everything into a completely new power

    Zero Hour 17
  10. I think Ichigo is the incarnation of the King of Soul Society, the one being who made Soul society and even Hueco mundo I think. This would explain why him being a human has all kinds of reatsu from shinigami, hollow, full bring, and now even quincy,.

    1. You might have something there. I been saying for weeks Ichigo’s mom was a Quincy (even tho it does not make sense that a Quincy (mom) got killed by a normal hollow so easily). Maybe there will be a flashback showing how a hollow killed her. Or she put her Rieatsu into Ichigo and… oh wait that was Naruto.

      1. Look back in the first season, it was explained that the reason why both Orihime and Chad had unique special powers is because they hang around Ichigo whom was the one who awakened that power. I also heard that the King of Soul Society had guardians or something, so I’m guessing that’s Chad and Orihime

  11. The title for this post is so appropriate considering the timing coincides with Disney acquiring Star Wars. Cleverly thought out beforehand or just mere coincidence? I wonder.

  12. I’m surprised this manga hasn’t been canned yet like the anime has. Glad I gave up on it long ago because it sounds like it’s been nothing but downhill with each new chapter.

    1. Well, ok fine the reason why Bleach has been good to begin with was because it had a Princess: Soul Soceity arc- Rukia, Hueco Mundo arc- Orihime. The anime addition had that The Kasumi-Ooji arc, which was promising since it had a cute princess. But now we don’t have a princess.

      I do hope Kubo put at least a Juliet in this arc, a girl that is an enemy but will become an ally much like Ririka, that quincy girl is a good one maybe.

      I do wonder if there has been any manga with the “I am your father” theme, if there isn’t then bleach is the first.

  13. … did anyone else catch how this chapter ended how virtually every arc to date has ended? Ichigo battered after a losing battle, with a broken sword (2/3 of the time) watching as his enemy leaves through a gate because they have time constraints. Not to mention every time he’s found himself having the same power as his enemies. (Shinigami, Vizard, Hollow, Fullbring, now Quincy.)

  14. Ha ha, a little funny how we have two of the same title in Randomc bleach manga reviews.

    I always though Ichigo was an illegitimate child, he resembles nothing like Isshin aside from the Zampakto, you can imagine that is why Isshin has so many humorous assassination attempts on Ichigo. At first I thought it was Aizen, but maybe it is Juha since he resembles more of Zangetsu’s old man appearance.

  15. “though I’m not sure how to interpret it exactly”

    Well, Juha seem to be the Qincy king so of course he’ll call him “Son”.
    He could also be Masaki Father.
    Still I wonder if Ryūken was Masaki brother, it would explain a lot of building up between him and Isshin.

    BTW we forgot about the Hueco Mundo, who could have saved Urahara ? I would bet on Nell but it could be anyone.

  16. Well when i was reading the chapter it did cross my mind that Juha might say Ichigo is his son…but i wasn’t fixated on it, it was just a passing thought..but then in the end I was like–Ah!I knew it!

  17. I find it hard to believe that Ichigo’s Quincy powers haven’t shown up before now…How many times has Ichigo lost and regained his powers? Like 4? None of those times he could have awakened his Quincy powers? I think I’m done. I don’t want to keep reading this story because I can tell Kubo doesn’t care.

  18. So Ichigo is Juha’s son even though he’s like 1000 year old? Um ok.

    Also how the hell can Aizen affect your sense while all tied up? All he did was stare and smirk at Juha lol, he never used his Shikai on him.

    1. But if everything was always part of Aizen’s plan, it could mean that he hasn’t actually deactivated his Shikai, and that everyone is still under his illusion control. He did mention that he had known of Ichigo since birth, or something like that. What if everything that has happened since then has been part of his illusion?

      Remember, Aizen’s reach is that far-spreading. Kubo isn’t messing with us without an objective. In fact, YOU, the reader, might be under Aizen’s influence. You might think you’re talking about Bleach, but it’s actually Aizen influencing you to talk about Bleach, and it may have been so since you first laid eyes on him, maybe even before that. Who are you? Are you “you”? Or are you just a pawn that has stumbled upon a warped, grim truth?


  19. Ahh…finally the first part of this arc is coming to a close. Soul Society has been pretty much wiped out, the head captain, Byakuya, possibly Kenpachi and maybe some of the other captains are dead. Now that Juha has left Ichigo standing there, we finally get some closure to the mess of the past few weeks. Still, I can’t help but feel that we’re forgetting something…

    Oh yeah…WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING WITH URAHARA? Seriously, things have ended here yet he’s still chilling in Hueco Mundo with a sword in his face while Orihime and Chad have been blasted full of holes! Get back to the point at hand Kubo.

    1. But he’s always on point! The point for him was always (well, not always, but more recently) to lead readers in circles and make them go “what is this i dont even”.

  20. Moving past beyond the revelations:

    I really wish that Ichigo would have more coherent and proper replies every time something is revealed to him. Kubo can easily develop his character by giving him new reactions and allowing Ichigo to change his perceptions upon such realization. Like yeah, being surprised is okay every now and then, but every time there’s a revelation he’s either shocked as hell or he just brushes it aside as if there wasn’t even a point for bringing up the revelation. He just never develops as a character in that regard, and I think that’s what frustrates me about him the most.

    The best developments we got were his fight against Grand Fisher where he moved on about his mother. Aside from that, I don’t think I ever recall any other major character development from him.

    The idea that his mother was a Quincy isn’t so bad but again, what annoys me all the time is how Kubo handles Ichigo’s characterisation every time a new revelation hits in, which mainly consists of “Okay…. I’m still cool and unfazed so whatever…” or even worse, “WHAT?! WHAT AREE YEW TALKING ABOUTARRRGHHHHKDCUHIHNIADKUHWIAHJEDA!!!???”

  21. I don’t think Juha is his father. But more like his Grandfather. I knew Juha looked like Old Man Zangetsu. Look at Ichigo’s Bankai hilt. Many have said the Ichigo’s mother was Quincy which is why his Father left Soul Society. The question remains who knew what when. If everyone is so fed up with Bleach why does everyone keep reading? You might as well stop. But you can’t. And when it’s all said & done you be sad cause you won’t have Kubo to kick around anymore.

  22. This is crap, so being stuck in a quincey jail and desperately trying to escape, releases reiatsu memories from deep within. But having a quincey funnel reiatsu from him (ch. 50) does nothing?

  23. Since Kubo is taking all the notes from the comments section here, here’s some inspiration for you Kubo: Ichigo was the Soul Society King all along and Aizen let him be imprisoned back then in order to have Juha destroy Soul Society to awaken the latent powers of Ichigo who would then fight against Aizen again at which point Aizen will finally use Bankai and turn Ichigo into the key he needs… and Ichigo is a celestial spirit by the way.. oh wait.. wrong manga 🙂

  24. i think it makes more sense for Ichigo to hav a link to Quincy, after all his father was a Shinigami if his mother was Quincy(rather than human) it would make sense to hav known each other.
    Wonder if Aizen will return as an ally to Soul Society(at least temporarily, since Quincy are trying to eliminate all Shinigami), now that would be one hell of asset to Soul Society.

  25. So Ichigo is an abomination child. His parents were of different beliefs, torn by war, and their love was never ment to be…But they did it anyway. Aizen found out and then The Central 46 found out and banished them or they ran away so they could be together. I’m guessing of course, but apparently Soul Society knew that if they had a child it would…do something…and then the head vampires try to kill Edward and Bella and- wait no that’s Twilight.

  26. My guess is Ichigo’s mom is actually a half Quincy like Uryu. That could explain where Ichigo’s and his sisters humanity came from because Isshin is a pure soul reaper. Their strong spiritual awareness after a certain age could also be a result of this. Ichigo’s insanely strong spiritual pressure that overcomes all odds could be the reason he has both Soul Reper and Quincy blood in him. That new villian said you don’t know anything about your self or even your own mother which is indirectly hinting his mother is a Quincy.

  27. Maybe Kubo will go for something like :
    Ichigo is not a normal human, he is neither quincy/shinigami/hollow/arrancar/full bringer ect

    He is Juha’s/Isshin’s/Zero Squad’s/Aizen’s/Urahara’s experiment on artificial humans , and he is a hogyoku all by himself, copying powers from each and every enemy he faces.
    He wants power, he gets power, in what form? the one he is close to.

    He could be something of a “doppelganger” for the lack of a better word, copying (or absorbing maybe) power from others.

    met shinigami -> became shinigami
    fought hollows -> became hollow
    urahara experiments -> became vizard
    fought arrancars -> became arrancar
    fought hogyouku -> became sort of zanpakuto spirit
    fought full-bringers -> became fullbringer
    now he fought an overpowered quincy -> became a quincy

    (ah , of course and giving power too…he might have done with inoue and chad….. )

    ridiculous still, but…its the only explanation i’m ready to accept ,

    else the Mother/father/uncle/godfather being a salad of races and he the lucky receiver gets on my nerves….

  28. I see everyone complaining about Ichigo being a bunch of different things which were all explained. He’s a Shinigami because of his father. He’s a quincy apparently because of his Mother. He’s a hollow because Urahara used hollowfication to restore Ichigo’s shinigami powers. He can fullbring because he is a human with a fairly substantial rietsu(even after losing his shinigami powers) and he had the required type of item to fullbring. I don’t understand the issue people are having with this.

    Remember, it was probably one of the few times in history a Shinigami and a quincy had a baby (remember they are mortal enemies) and it’s a good chance that this is why the Shinigami wiped out the Quincy, because they feared this. Maybe Juha himself had a Shinigami lover and a kid who Yamamoto killed and then began the purge of the Quincy hence starting all of this. Or maybe Juha himself is a hybrid.

    Honestly, I feel like the poeple who say the plot makes no sense don’t actually read or even attempt to understand the material

    Zero Hour 17
    1. I think the problem most people are having is that Kubo has made Ichigo a hodge-podge of opposites. There was a level of fairness with each, granted, but they are still opposites and a standard rule of writing is that you don’t cop the reader out by taking the easy exit to a problem. I think a lot of readers feel like Tite did this by making Ichigo into a “nigh-unique golden child” unfairly. I’ll try to explain where Tite went wrong, if I can.

      Initially, Ichigo was a (substitute) Soul Reaper who was bested by more skilled Soul Reapers. In the aftermath, Ichigo’s powers were rejuvenated in a manner that caused him to take on aspects of a Hollow. Now, this isn’t a problem per se, until we get to the battle with Byakuya on Sogokyou Hill. When Ichigo’s on the verge of defeat again, suddenly this whole Hollow thing pops back up again without really being referenced before. So without any real idea of context, Ichigo just outclasses a captain because of magical Hollow powers?

      So fast forward a bit, and Ichigo’s back in the real world when these Arrancar started makin’ trouble in the neighborhood. Well, again, we see Ichigo in a scenario where his best isn’t good enough. Well suddenly, there’s this whole group of people who are like Ichigo, even though there’s no context or previous reference to them (again). So they train Ichigo up (like Uruhara) and he goes on to defeat the Arrancar. So now Ichigo not only has Hollow powers, he’s also got this weird separate set of half-Hollow, half-Soul Reaper powers.

      Now comes Aizen. Same thing; Ichigo fights him, can’t beat him, and goes on to train up with Tensa Zangetsu. So now, he fights Aizen and has some weird “End of Soul Reaper” powers that, again, are never really referenced beforehand but function like a deus ex machina that allow him to just willy-nilly beat out the bad guy. Sure. Okay. So that’s Hollow, Arrancar & Pure Zangetsu powers. At least he supposedly lost his powers now.

      So here come the Fullbring, which seem to be a weird, pseudo-Soul Reaper thing that allow normal humans to use supernatural powers. And apparently, not only is Chad one of them but so is Orihime and presumably the rest of the cast that has as-of-yet undefined spiritual pressure? And of course, Ichigo challenges the Big Bad, loses, gets trained up, fights the real Big Bad using his new Fullbring/Soul Reaper powers that have elements of his Arrancar doings AND straight-up Hollow stylings? Getting a little convoluted, you see?

      And now, here we are, set up so that Ichigo can be given powers that really make no sense in the context of the story for the sake of Tite sticking to a standard trope: Ichigo fights big bad, loses, discovers new power, uses said power to beat Big Bad at their own game and haxwin the day.

      The problem isn’t that Ichigo is so many things at once, it’s that Tite has refused to put Ichigo in a scenario where he can actually lose and has to really get better at the skills he has. That stopped at the Rescue Rukia portion of the ride. Instead, whenever someone stronger comes along Ichigo just gets forcefed some other magical power without any real context or explanation because fuck it, his Super Saiyan can go A LITTLE bit further now?

      It’s offputting as a reader because it’s a false movement that’s leaned on instead of actual character progression. What makes it worse is that Tite is so reliant on the trope that he forces other characters into uncharacteristic situations. Think about the characters we see now compared to how they were before. Genryuusai was never so cold and callous, he was dignified with a position to uphold. Byakuya was never so pathetic, he was clever and observant. But the supporting cast is portrayed as weaker than they were before, all so Ichigo can play the singular hero.

      I guess that sort of sums up the issue a lot of people have with this new Quincy turn; No context was ever given for Ichigo’s mother to have any sort of Quincy powers. Moreso, even if there had been, it’s been established that Quincy principles run contrary to Ichigo’s nature and thus it’s a cop-out for him to reap the benefits without more interaction with them, i.e.: training.

      1. When Ichigo is injured before fighting Byakuya, his hollow mask shows up again within his shinigami robe, so theres your context.

        The previous refrence to the Vizard is that Urahara somehow knew how to use hollowfication, obviously from running tests on the Vizards. Also what half hollow, half shinigami powers? All he learned how to do was keep his hollowside at bay from them, he didn’t gain any new powers.

        Why would all powers be refrensed beforehand? If in chapter 1 of Naruto or DBZ we saw Rikudou mode and Super Saiyan it would of completely ruined it for everyone. I was glad that the Final Getsuga Tenshou was a mystery. That made it bad ass and all the more shocking when he revealed that he would lose his powers.

        The fullbring arc was just poorly introduced and paced, felt like filler in the manga. However, those powers were based off all his previous ones. The initial form looked like the hilt of his bankai, then he took a form similar to the Final Getsuga Tenshou and finally a form that looked like an Arrancar’s Ressureccion. He also beat the “big bad” by getting his old powers back.

        Again why must everything be revealed throughout the whole manga for it to come up? We knew nothing of Ichigo’s mom other than she died at the hands of a hollow. Ichigo didn’t even know about his dad until he fought Aizen. Why couldn’t she be a quincy?

        We also see that just gaining the quincy powers were no where near enough to beat even juha’s second in command, let alone Juha himself so he’s going to have to train, as I said in a previous post, probably with Ishida and his father.

        Also the characters act different to reflect that Ichigo had an effect on them. Yamato was shown to be cold and callous when he was first put in charge of Soul Society, not now. He acted as a human would lashing out because of anger at the deaths of his friends and subordinates. How was Byakuya pathetic? He stood up to the Quincy as best he could, completely dominating his own fear to do so. What he’s pathetic because he lost against an obviously stacked deck and asked Ichigo to do what he couldn’t, which the Byakuya who was willing to kill his sister because of some arbitrary law would never have done? We should all be so “Pathetic”

        anything else?

        Zero Hour 17
      2. also about the hollow mask. After he gained his powers back through hollowfication and getting the mask the first time, had it not appeared again people would of just complained about what the point of it was. Just like they are doing with the fullbring power(despite it being incorporated into his new bankai form)

        So its a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation apparently

        Zero Hour 17
  29. well, that was some cheap trolling or perhaps twist by Kubo

    did u guys remember Kubo once promised to make an arc specifically dedicated to Isshin? perhaps it’s about time Kubo presents it so we can look at the ntr history between Isshin, Juuha, and ichigo’s mother (set against the backdrop of the quincy vs shinigami war)…

    and fuck, i hope Kubo reveals who came to him and Urahara a few chapters ago…

  30. Aizen will be released so ichigo can question him about Juha Bach since these resurrected quinces were apparently in Hueco Mundo and Aizen ruled that entire realm for a while. I smell a Goku/Vegeta relationship brewing.

    1. Aizen can be interrogated just fine without being unsealed. No reason to release him after they spent hundreds of chapters trying to capture him. Not to mention the sacrifices involved with sealing Aizen in the first place. Letting him out would be….would be….just the sort of illogical thing Kubo might do…

  31. Is it me or on page 2 does it look like Juha’s left arm is cut off just below the elbow, then the very next page it’s back? Ichigo should just go SS3hollow, since it’s never actually a form that has been tested against something that could even slow it down, much more interesting then him just losing flat out again…

  32. I like how Juha and Commander were having a battle of epic proportions (summon flaming army of the undead & giant cross pillars) and then Ichigo (presumably the strongest because he is the main character of the series) shows up and they go back to regular hack and slash. If I learned anything from Gurren Lagann, scale the battles upward until you can’t anymore and go out with a bang during the climax that will leave your readers satisfied, not bitter from ridiculous plot twists…

  33. I like the twist. I was expecting the mother to be a hollow or quincy. Now there is just the problem of how Hichigo is explained.

    And for the entire quincy/shinigami/etc. All of them are human. Shinigami are merely human souls that learnt how to harness their reiatsu though training. Hollows were also explained to be twisted humans. Fullbringers are obviously human though whether their powers are inborn or can be learnt by anyone is up for grabs. The first Quincy has to be human though again whether their power to manipulate energy is inborn or learnt is fuzzy.

    Zaku Fan
    1. I thought that Hichigo was explain during the training with Urahara were Ichigo’s chain of fate was cut and Ichigo had to get hiz zanpakuto powers before the hollow gas turned him completely Hollow.

  34. Lemme clear this up for you guys. ICHIGO’S MUM HAD SOME SEXY TIME WITH JUHA AND ISSHIN!! oh well it just turns out to be a dirty hentai. Thus, explaining his Vizard/Shinigami/Fullbring/Quincy powers. 😉 You’re welcome.

  35. why do i feel like iv seen this scene before…… OH wait looks like star wars -_- all of a sudden. being used by the good side just to be shocked by the enemy like (Luke im Am your father crap) -_- long live the empire and lets screw with the shinigamie’s society. Dam i dont know if im socked or desipointed

    some one shocked
  36. Enough with this horseshitery. Vaccuum up whats left of the captains and get them back in the story. We still need to see Shunsei’s bankai as well as Captain Mom’s. I am of the impression that her bankai is some gamebreaker OP allyourbasearebelongtous thing and I want to see it!e

  37. The more likely conclusion from this extremely stupid chapter that I can infer: Juha is Ichigo’s grand-dad. Anything else would contradict with irrefutable facts already established by Bleach canon.

  38. lol i wasnt a surprise to me.. i expected shit like this. Ichigo the Chimera..
    Bleach is shit now, it went slowly downhill since Soul Society arc was over, i dont expect the plot to get any better… i only read it cuz im curious of how all this will end.., and because the awesome art and the fights.. thats all.. but i read it knowing the plot is/will be shit..

  39. I am with the group that thinks that Ichigo is the Soul King or the next vessel for him. All of these arcs are part of testing his worthiness.

    And then Kubo will troll us when Ichigo rejects this because becoming King means either destroying everything. And then he dies.

    Because that’s the way to really troll hard. xD


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