「贖罪の…救世主(イノセント)」 (Shokuzai no … Kyuuseishu ( Inosento ))
“The Atonement…of the Innocent”

Ahhhh, leave it to chu2koi to right the ship. After a good day that unexpectedly spiraled into a bad one, your kind and reliable Stilts-oniichan wasn’t feeling like watching any anime, but one episode of chu2koi later and I was back to laughing just like normal. This has little to do with the episode other than giving me an excuse to skip talking about most of the first third, and also to publicly mull on the power of good fiction to influence one’s mood. Pretty wonderful, isn’t it? Moving on.

On to the meat of this episode, I did not expect to get an Isshiki episode. Not that I mind, because it turned out being really funny! I’ll riff on the jokes in the Random Thoughts section below, but plot-wise I have to say that I enjoyed how KyoAni made sure to show Isshiki dropping his little blue book, but didn’t call attention to it until it was about to be important. That + how visible it was (though not obtrusively so) gave a nice little bonus to observant viewers, that “Ohh, I called that, yay!” thrill you get when you call something ahead of time. Or is that just me?

The pleasant surprise came after the book was discovered. I was sitting there yelling “Come on Isshiki, own up to it!” I mean, sure it was slimy to do, rating the girls by their looks – though an understandable one, high school boys being dumbasses like that – but now that the secrets out, the only thing to do is own up and apologize, right? An lo and behold, he did!

That said, any respect I had for him was nearly dashed when he revealed that he hadn’t planned on actually shaving his head as he had vowed. Bullshit, sir! Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s alright – it’s one of the quintessential things about being human. Yet you have to apologize, learn from it, and make amends, lest you’re doomed to repeat it. To do anything else would be cowardice…and cowards really don’t get the girls.

Fortunately, a little dose of Shinka solved that, and I quite enjoyed the melodrama it inspired. A man’s hair is serious business, people! No, but seriously, this episode just goes to show you the virtue of owning up to your mistakes. Sure, you may get laughed at. You may get laughed at a lot, even. But you know what? Screw them! ‘Cause while they’re laughing, you just might fascinate a cute sempai who asks to touch your head (hur hur hur). Wouldn’t it be the biggest coup ever if Isshiki came out of this with Kumin-sempai on his arm? If he scores Dark Dream while completely bald…well, I’m rooting for you, sir. Bald is beautiful, amirite?

Next week it looks like either Yuuta will be going to Jakarta with his family, or he’ll be going on vacation with Touka and Rikka. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course he’s going with the girls! (The ones he’s not related to, that is.) After all, they “need him,” right? And Yuuta isn’t the kind of guy who can turn that down. Though I’m not sure there are many that could. Yowza!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – A love letter turns into social suicide turns into a total shave. And, maybe a little Kumin-lovin’ for Isshiki? O: #chu2koi

Random thoughts:

  • I liked how Yuuta thought about leaving Rikka to her own devices. Yeah right. You couldn’t leave her alone if you wanted to, man.
  • Isshiki-kun was waaaay too BL with Yuuta this episode. I didn’t think they were going after the fujoushi crowd!
  • Dark Dream HNNNNGGG!! By the looks of it, Rikka and Deko-chan might be trying to turn Kumin-sempai chu2 as well. I would not be averse to this.
  • Kumin-sempai sees all, Yuuta! As does Rikka, when she starts undressing you :3
  • Throughout this episode, Shinka and Dekomori kept showing how well they really get along. Sure, they fought a lot, to the point that Shinka lurks next to doors so she can attack Dekomori the second she enters the room, but to my eyes, it looked like at least Dekomori was enjoying it. (Shinka will come around.) Then there was all that laughter at the end. They really are alike, aren’t they? *slaps on his yuri goggles* I can see the ending!
  • Speaking of, it’s always great when Dekomori breaks Shinka, especially when it gives rise to the dreaded Scary Shinka! Seriously, Scary Shinka is totally hilarious…and more than a little bit hot :X
  • Is it just me, or was Dekomori strangely feminine for a second there? I dunno, but one things for sure…that girl can dance!
  • The wind…is coming. HAH!
  • Jokes aside, that whole hand holding scene was a massive tease. Not big enough to really dwell on, not enough explanation to really stick in your brain, but just enough of a hint of something to keep you wondering nonetheless. Guh! Want more Yuuta x Rikka rabu-rabu!
  • Speaking of a giant tease, this. O.O
  • This man dared to rate girls by their looks? Off with his head!
  • “My servant-o!” XD
  • Who needs love when you have boys love, amirite? …Orz. Seriously, both my shows this week have yielded way too many yaoi jokes. Did I suddenly start covering K without realizing it?! Fukou da!
  • A wild Kumin-sempai has appeared! Her Rub attack is Super Effective! :3

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  1. I laughed out loud when Yuuta threw everyone out while he was shaving Isshiki’s head and Rikka exclaimed “its sealed” at the door right away. This 8th grade syndrome is really ingrained deep into her psyche on the level of instincts 🙂

    1. You know this just occurred to me. Touka played a replay of him babbling about the world being taken over by darkness in 2012. It’s funny enough if this show is on track gets no delays, the show will literally end at December 21 2012.

      Coincidence? I think not..

  2. AHHHHHHH cant wait for next week’s episode now!! Summer vacation, very last scene with “to be continued” showing a beach, who can turn that down? Especially with a a possibility of seeing Touka and Rikka (Preferably Touka for me) in a swim suit amirite? XP

  3. There was this one scene i laughed out loud, is where yuuta friend was patiently waiting at the tree, to see who wrote the love letter, nahh turn out to be bunch of F%$^$&up guys instead running to him

  4. For a second i think Yuuta will invite Rikka to spent summer vacation in Jakarta. I’m glad it’s reverse that instead Yuuta invite Rikka it’s Touka who invite Yuuta. Ofcourse if we look at the opening 99% sure that everyone in club will go to beach too.

    One last thing since they visit beach lets shout “UUUUMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII”

    1. Well, I’m not under the impression it will be just another beach episode.

      The message Yooka received just before the OP started, the sudden holding hands with Rikka when the train came round a second time and the ending request of Yooka to join them on holiday, all seem interrelated somehow.

      Maybe their parents try to intervene with Rikka’s condition in a way and Yooka is trying to protect her little sister from that.

      Guess we have to wait for another week

  5. Nibutani and Dekomori is quickly becoming my favorite pair of the show. Dekomori seems like she’s practically trolling Nibutani now by attacking her even during class, and Nibutani shifting personalities is always fun to watch. ^_^
    Their little water balloon fight in the lite episode was especially hilarious. lmao

  6. Yuuta finally hugged two hotties in his arms this episode lol!

    It’s hard to believe that now that he knows Nibutani’s true personality that he doesnt seem to fantasize about her anymore and doesnt really get embarassed when he’s with her. I kinda miss his fantasies lol, but Yuuta who was so dere dere for her back then now doesnt even want others like Ishiki to think that he and Nibutani is dating. Yet at the same time, you can see how he is becoming close to Rikka, heck even wearing that T-shirt despite the fact that he wants to leave his past behind. I also sense the same way for Rikka who wanted to hold his hands and came up with some excuse to do so this episode, absolutely adorable! Still it might be a bit farfetch right now, but I still want Nibutani to be a “love rival” in some way that will move Rikka to act out more or make Yuuta and Rikka’s relationship to develop forward.

  7. Stilts, what really is scary is their advisor. If you go back to her parts in the anime, she smiles but the truth she actually is a schemer.
    -Making Rikka go home with Yuuta cause shes near.
    -Making Rikka pressured by declaring her grades at the same time say “Thank god, now Rikka is going to study.”

    1. Pragmatic teaching! I like it- student discipline has been slowly decaying ever since the demise of corporal punishment in schools; now we finally have a good way to coerce rowdy kids into behaving again! (Just kidding)…XP

    1. The kanji on her shirt 黒夢 is Black Dream but I can see why they used Dark Dream instead, although technically that character would be 闇夢. Nightmare is written 悪夢 or Evil Dream.

  8. And they deliver once again. Well it’s humor and that’s one of Kigami’s forte. What really caught me here is how Ueno shifted the style from the likes of ep 2. Right now it’s really what you’d see from Yoshiji Kigami’s old works. I guess that’s a given if you are his apprentice(?).

    This episode was loads of fun. Dekomori and Nibutani is really growing on me. They’re really so similar except that Nibutani won’t embrace her chuunibyou side. Aside from that Ishiki’s circumstance really made me burst out in laughter. I can’t stop laughing during the hair cutting part. They went and slapped an out of place melodramatic tune and changed the damn color palette. That was really golden. And to top it off. BROMANCE END!

    Don’t worry Ishiki, the girl might’ve not showed up but at least you snagged yourself a Kumin! (I actually think they’d make a pretty cute couple)

    Setting aside the hilarious parts. I really like that touch with Rikka. That train was a eerily beautiful. I’m really curious to see where her story goes. It’s really laudable that they were able to fit that into this episode considering how rampant the humor is.

    Anyway a very good episode. Considering this show is only based on 1 volume of an LN and probably 80% of the material here is original content, you gotta give props to Jukki Hanada for coming up with interesting scenarios and how KyoAni’s directors realized them.

    Can’t wait for next week!

    PS: The BD/DVD short episodes(not the lite episodes) titled Depth of Field: Love and Hate Theater are looking to have some interesting scenes. Looks like we’ll be getting some full blown Chuunibyou battles.

    1. Random Fact:
      The fact why the train move slowly when they were holding their hands is that their(maybe just one of them) heart were beating fast making our head able to capture more frame speed than the normal.
      A.K.A romance flag activated.

  9. I never really cared much for Isshiki, but after this episode I’d like to see more of him. Too bad he’s not part of the official cast, he makes a hilarious male foil for Yuuta, since the cast is already loaded with girls.

    Also, with Shinka and Deko’s constantly at each other throats it keeps the laughs up on their side. Something tells me that when the serious stuff happens, they are going to miss each making fools out of each other.

  10. The Nibutani-Dekomori fights never fail to impress. That possible Kumin-Isshiki pair up came outta nowhere too so props to Isshiki. Touka’s request at the end of the episode is also intriguing. Show Spoiler ▼

  11. Stilts: The wind…is coming. HAH!

    I knew I wasn’t only the one who was reminded of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou.
    Somehow I immediately thought of Hidenori and the Literature Girl being together~ HNNNGG

    Beach episode next, but I’m looking forward to more Yuuta x Rikka moments than the fanservice. I want them to kiss so badly. Forget the swimsuits, give me more HNG~ moments~

    1. It’s a bit slimy, yes 😛 Girls are more than their physical appearance, ya know. What you do in the privacy of yer own head is one thing, but grading them like pieces of meat…yeah, no, not real cool.

    1. For me, three ways Chu2Koi will probably kill me by episode 12:
      1. Death by moe (moe levels are increasing each episode)
      2. Death by quality (KyoAni continues to pull out all the stops)
      3. Death by laughter (asphyxiation from ROFL)

  12. the takanashi family sure has some rope climbing skills.
    nibuntani milk RAPE time!! and her rolling on the floor while isshiki hops to avoid her.
    for some reason she seems to make it a habit to return to the club-room.
    rikka giving chunnibyou reasons just to hold DFM’s hands was hnng.
    and thus, isshiki wins the bromance award. /slow claps
    he might have lost the girls’ respect, but he has won the hearts of the guys. /manly tears

    i guess dekommori is a mecha fan.
    mjolnir lunatic crusher = gaogaigar’s goldion crusher
    blood type blue/2nd children 3rd children/humming = evangelion
    3.88 speed = probably a variation of char’s 3X speed
    gel dorva = from the original gundam, the first giant laser beam
    her “gel-dorva” VS nibutani’s “genesis” = gundam SEED’s genesis beam
    DS drive = GN DRIVE

    Obligatory beach episode soon?

  13. The best fuckin’ episode of the season..Isshiki was such a bro for taking the blame for all the boys in the class’ misdeed (i know the case was brought up because he dropped the book but surely sooner or later the boys’ little program’ would have been found out anyway, so kudos to him) and the sliding by Dekomori of Nibutani really surprised me since it came outta nowhere (though i should have known wherever Dekomori was there would always be pandemonium..)

    that little moment between Yuuta and Rikka by the train was sweet…i wonder if now Yutta has gotten over his feelings for Nibutani upon unhooding her true colors and tried to consider Rikka more seriously romantically (maybe as of now, not, but i hope he will in the end)

    Isshiki is one of my favorite characters in the series now…i hope the girl that sent him the letter truly showed up…Kumin is awesome and all, but they don’t suit each other, doncha think?

    1. I don’t think he was ever truly in love with her or anything. He admired the cute, seemingly perfect girl that she was acting like she was, yeah, but that was just infatuation because she was cute and nice. Once the nice rubbed off, she pretty much slid into his friend-zone…though it’s not like either of them cares. It’s always been Rikka that Yuuta can’t leave alone!

  14. Has anyone mentioned how sexy Tooka sounded when she more or less begged desperately for Yuuta to spend the summer with her and Rikka?

    I still wonder if Isshiki’s mystery girl is someone from the main cast instead of some random girl who got scared away after the events this episode? So far Nibutani and Kumin-sempai sound like the prime suspects for now, yet I can think of even more reasons why it’s not them.

    Apart from that, the main romance between Yuuta and Rikka takes a back seat, but it’s still quite visible with Rikka’s cute way of holding hands with Yuuta.

    BTW welcome to the Nibutani x Dekomori Yuri Shipping Company, Stilts.

    Kinny Riddle
  15. BTW, wonder what T-shirt would Rikka have for Nibutani? Since all her other T-shirts are all in kanji, so it wouldn’t be consistent to print “Mori Summer” in English, and that “geekish” feeling would be lost if it were printed in kanji, since “Mori Summer” is pretty much a rendition of Nibutani’s first name Shinka in English. Then again, Nibutani probably would have no excuse to refuse Rikka for precisely that reason, since it’s her name.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. oh my indeed yea sure show club’s black shirt is one thing.

    then everything to focus on isshiki aka tomoki sakurai jr/kira yamato from oh got a love letter, seeing real side of nibutani, & oh little girls rank book is found.

    so yea tomoki jr took big shot confess it all manly way to off with his hair with cause yuuta to cry to forgive me for doing it.

    now shaved isshiki/tomoki jr & letter oh girl did not show at least all men are proud of him with seem kumin like shiny baldy now we go summer time.

    yea either go with rikka with sister or Jakarta (if to meet kasper & Chiquita).

  17. I for one am disappointed with Isshiki. He should have just stayed silent. They couldn’t have proven it was him anyway and who cares about the other boys? He’s a fool.

    Besides, I don’t see the big deal with ranking classmates by looks. Both boys and girls do it all the time.

  18. Dark Dream HNNNNGGG!! By the looks of it, Rikka and Deko-chan might be trying to turn Kumin-sempai chu2 as well. I would not be averse to this.

    I have to admit, that’s be pretty entertaining to see, but I think I prefer Kumin the way she is; there’s just something inherently awesome about having a character who doesn’t give a sh*t. [Kumin don’t care! She just sleeps through it all.] Hmm, what if she turns for a couple episodes and then turns back- sounds legit…XP

      1. It seemed funny to me at the time [Crazy Chuunis everywhere but Kumin don’t care, she just naps through it all/BADA*SS!]. A few hours later, I came to a realization about how attenuated this connection actually was- and how lame it made my joke. So now…err…I guess a dark dream and a honey badger are both…black???…XP

  19. We should have know something was up when Kumin-sempai wasn’t sleepy at all in this episode.
    I actually think she wrote the confession, but the thing that puzzles me is how did all of the
    boys know about the meeting place and time (or did I miss that)?

    Backing up a bit…

    Rikka’s hand-holding was sweet. A girl is a girl. No matter how nutty she may be, when it comes
    to romance, they have an innate understanding of how to appeal to the opposite sex. In Rikka’s
    case, she wants to begin building tender memories of her and Yuuta in his mind. I know I though they
    would continue to hold hands after the train passed, but she knew her limit at this point. You
    see, if Yuuta had understood the gesture, it’d be closed. The fact that she left him wondering, but
    not puzzled, about her action is the romantic seed she’s hoping to grow and nurture with Yuuta.

    She definitely wants Yuuta to begin seeing her as a girl – she already has his (negative) attention, but
    she wants it to become more positve. To keep him interested in her but for a different reason, not as a
    reminder of his chuunibyou past. I predict that we’re going to see Rikka change over the next few episodes,
    but not too much. I hope that Yuuta will begin to return those feelings, but given the series’ concept,
    who knows…

    Isshiki took an unexpectedly brave and bold step by taking the entire responsibility for the rating book.
    I mean, who cares what the other guys think about you, but having all of the girls in your class think
    you’re a pervert – huge price to pay. But in the end, it doesn’t matter as the only girl that matters doesn’t
    seem to care and is sympathetic towards you – Kumin-sempai.

    Great episode! We’re past the half way point – wonder how they’ll wrap everything up!

    1. I think she may even exaggerate her persona because she may see that as a way of keeping him around. When he said she needed to interact with others she pointed out he didn’t either. She may be afraid that if she changes he won’t pay attention to her anymore and she can get away with a lot now (such as the hand holding and roping into his room) because she’s eccentric.

      1. Yeah, I definitely get that impression, too. That’s why I think she’s trying to
        slowly slip in conventional (romantic) things hoping he’ll begin to pat attention
        to and respond to her romantic needs rather than her Chuu2/eccentric neediness.

    2. No wai Kumin-sempai sent that letter. There’s just no reason for that. A random girl off-screen developing feelings for Isshiki off-screen is fine, but a main character doing it with no hints? That’d be terrible storytelling. KyoAni is better than that.

      Also on Rikka, I think you give her too much credit. I think she held Yuuta’s hand because she wanted to hold his hand and thought she just might be able to get away with it. Once she did, she let go when her reason passed to avoid making it awkward…she’s not that brave yet. She’s just testing the waters; she doesn’t really have a clue how to appeal to Yuuta, as is the case with all young boys and girls with their first loves.

      As for her chu2-ness, that’s just who she is right now. That’s the only way she really knows how to act (or wants to, of course), so she does. Nothing less, nothing more.

      Pro tip: the storytellers have to have good reasons for why all the characters act like they do and things happen as they happen, but the characters don’t. People do things IRL for frankly trivial reasons – because that’s how they always have, because that’s all they know, because they want to. It’s okay for the characters to act that way as well; in fact, it’s only natural that they do.

      1. Also on Rikka, I think you give her too much credit.

        …(girls) have an innate understanding of how to appeal to the opposite sex.

        I didn’t think I gave her too much credit. It’s a very, very beautiful thing to
        watch a girl (and be on the receiving end) do something on impulse to
        strengthen a relationship and make herself vulnerable.

        If you like “blush”, asking her about her reason is the best way to see it.
        If there’s the slightest hesitation in her answer, or her answer is a reversal
        (she might say “what a silly question”), then you’re a witness to this natural event.
        Rikka, in the instant Yuuta stepped beside her, acted on the impulse (I can’t think
        of a gentler word to use – hopefully you’ll get my meaning) – she didn’t plan it,
        but she would’ve regretted had she not acted upon that Providential moment.

        When it is initiated in this way by the girl, it is a brief encounter; too long and
        it would have felt awkward for Yuuta. If Yuuta was ready to respond on this level,
        it would have been up to him to reciprocate/continue the contact with her.
        In Yuuta’s case, he’s not ready to respond to her in this manner.

        If you’re a people watcher, look for these tiny details, and see this happen
        in real life. These lead-in events only last a few seconds.

        A gentle girl will not create a situation where she corners a boy she’s
        interested in, but will not let the opportunity of a naturally captive situation
        go to waste (in this case their path was blocked by the train).

        That’s the situation I thought the scene represented. It really gave a snapshot
        of the relationship between Rikka and Yuuta, i.e., Yuuta did not pull away (giving
        her hope), but did not advance it either (continue to hold her hand).

        IMHO, this works in Anime because someone (writers, etc.) thought about this;
        it’s not an accident — this is one of the great appeals of Anime and why
        (the good ones) are not just cartoons.

    3. Oh, one other thing…

      Negative attention. Your mentioning that made me realize that Rikka is (unknowingly!) following one of the Capturing God’s stratagems! At first it doesn’t matter what kind of attention you get, even if it’s negative, because once you’re in their mind…you can flip that to positive with just a few pushes : ) Of course, Kami-niisama does that through sheer badassedness, whereas Rikka is stumbling into it by accident, lol. Hey, it’s still working!

    4. This triggered a memory of the first episode. I had to rethink that scene. When we first see Rikka she’s descending the rope in the frilly petticoats and Yuuta helps her place her feet on the balcony. He looks at her mesmerized. She looks at him and says “Did you see?” He said “No” and she responds “Do you want to?”. She had him in her sights from the first instant and regardless of what he may have thought later he was hooked.

    1. I understand you just fine. Keep posting. I think Yuuta’s feelings about Shinka have certainly changed, but that change is from distant awe of a cute girl to a comfort level of near-equality. She’s going through the same discomfort he is, and they’ve both been able to drop back into ‘the syndrome’ without too much embarassment and found it to be both frustrating and fun at the same time. The fact that he popped her on the head without hesitation, and she didn’t get into her black mood about it, says they’re both playing along with the situation.

    1. OT: I loved this episode!

      I got a Keima feel when Isshiki said he’d run though every possible scenario w/ every girl in the class. I was hoping to see a, “I see the ending!” pose ultimately ending with him being completely wrong, but this ending was good too.

      Also… why no show Yuuta’s picture of Rikka? 🙁

  20. Sorry to be a little bit grumpy here, but there’s some issues with Chuu2 that came way too annoying this episode.
    Yuuta’s aim (as well as Shinka’s) is to burry his Chuu2 past, but he’s so beta that he let Rikka to mess his life. And by all account, he can’t left here just because he (and by extension all of us as viewers) feels sorry for her? C’mon, there are better reasons for doing so, but this is borderline stupidity.
    Talking about stupidity, Sanae is detestable. She’s what we all hate about anime fans: everything to the damn excess and no self-concious of what others explain to her (Shinka’s former Chuu2 identity) Worst of all, she’s a genius in school? Maybe a genious at trolling Shinka, but I can’t see the appeal for her.
    I like Shinka, as she’s the most concerned about letting go her Chuu2 past, but her own personality at times got the best of her. That’s belivable. Kumin is another character I like because of her “I’m here just for lol” chara. Another belivable one.

    As for the episode itself, this was laugh after laugh, well played KyoAni. But still, a better character work would do wonders in this way too limited cast.

    1. Realistically, it’s hard to change your identity, hobby, lifestyle, speaking tone, small habits, etc in just a short time of transfer from middle school to high school. Deep down there, I know that Yuuta and Shinka enjoy having fun with people that could be themselves without worrying what society think, and still had some chuunibyou desire deep inside their heart. Come on, who the heck doesn’t enjoy having fun?

      Of course you can’t turn into an alpha male out of sudden, and being stupid sometimes are fine, actually. Well, didn’t some random old man told ya that the happiest people in this planet is usually the stupidest one? :3

      I believe, the actual “grown up” is not the one who toss their past self away. It’s the one who can cope with them and live together with their past.

      1. Pffft, 16? I live by the philosophy that – and I cribbed this from some comedian a while back – 10 years ago, I was a dumbass. Doesn’t matter what my age is now or was then, without fail, 10 years ago I was a dumbass. To be otherwise I would have to go 10 years without getting wiser, or even worse, get less so over that time! That would be horrifying.

        But yeah, 16 is always a rough one. And I guess that’s around 10 years ago for me now, sooooo…yeah, total dumbass, lol

      2. I am 23 and i still act like an idiot most of the time. I don’t think i am that much different from the bunch in this series. I don’t know if i should be sad or happy about that

  21. The line about the wind… All I could think of was Nichibros.

    This episode was golden. Note to self: watching Chuu2koi in the school library is the worst idea ever because I have to conceal my laughter and try not to cry from it.

    1. That’s why I watch anime in my office at work. Or, ya know, at home. With all the lights off. And no shirt on.

      …that last part isn’t necessary, it’s just how it usually ends up. Who knows why.

  22. I thought this the first time and thought it again this ep; the part where he guides her foot is super Kawaii, i mean come on her feet are the size of his hands, it so much cute i could die.

    1. Think about the consequences if she did go easy on him. Wouldn’t there be a large chance that the other girls, also having seen the list and knowing that she was on top consider her to be a stuck up b*tch and not want to be friends with her? And her whole reason for going to a far-away high school was to make lots of normal friends (her chuuni brethren don’t count)…

  23. My uncle used to always encourage me to shave my head. He said it was the last step to shedding our reliance on the views of a judgmental society. But he himself always sported a very healthy head of hair.

    Yeah, my family was weird like that.


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