Exactly three good things came out of this chapter. The first was the cameo by Tenri – hopefully she’ll start playing more of an active role sometime soon. After all, she was central to this period in Keima’s past which makes it rather strange she hasn’t really had much to do with him yet. Secondly comes the brilliant reaction by the teacher who walked in on what had to be a rather disturbing scene. I don’t even want to know what Urara was planning to do with that pipette, but it probably wasn’t particularly wholesome. Last, but certainly not least, was how Keima managed to turn the entire situation to his advantage. Mental scarring aside – I doubt even Keima could fake eyes that dead – he actually managed to draw some good from what was otherwise a terrible situation. Next chapter things should finally start advancing again now that Keima has secured an audience with Urara’s grandfather – the culprit behind the construction which is standing in the way of the events he remembers.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Only Keima could turn this situation around. #TWGOK


  1. I am shocked to no end by that boy’s brain. Personally I find him more of a likable main character when he is this young, to be reverted back into his 16 old self would be BLEAH.

    Anyway, that scene was interesting, for Urara to look like she was about to #$@$@ Keima was something kids shouldn’t see.

  2. I was laughing so hard over this chapter. Awesome stuff Keima.

    Also, he managed to make sure that Urura was the aggressor, so that the person who came in response would know that her tears are fake and that they couldn’t say it wasn’t a set up of some sort. They don’t know Keima, so his tears could be real type of thing.

    Nice stuff Keima!

    …though, I pity Keima. Cause when he meets Urura back in real life, she’s probably going to be highly aggressive with him and this will likely make her get an edge over the Goddesses and Chihiro.

  3. When I read the first couple of chapters, I was laughing so hard I had to go back and laugh again.

    Then when I read on, I thought Keima was really upset so I felt like a jerk.

    Then when I realized what really happened, I felt like I was trolled.

  4. Man I was fool! again I though Keima was going to be something, but when I saw… that everything was part of an elaborated plan to meet there grandfather…..brilliant I love this manga all the way!!!!!!!!!!!


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