OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「Doubt the World」 by 栗林 みな実 (Kurabayashi Minami)

「クライマックス直前SP」 (Kurai Makkusu Chokuzen)
“Before the Climax: Special”

For the most part, this recap special was a pretty standard affair. We get some quick discussions about the setting, the Argos Test Flight, the first meeting between Yui and Yuuya, their subsequent growth and change, and a glimpse into the future (OP/ED). Pretty much everything here we’ve seen before in some shape and form, so I’ll just do a quick bullet point list as to some of the more notable things:

  • Following the invasion by the BETA, the Russians were forced to move their government to Alaska, which was borrowed back from the U.S. The Yukon base (formerly American), was given by the UN to countries who lost territory to allow them to develop TSF’s.
  • Alternative III – one of the handful of anti-BETA plans. Russian-led, revolves around ESP powers. Not going to say much extra due to spoilers. Strongly recommend you don’t research this term either or you won’t be able to avoid the main story spoilers.
  • List of inserts:

  • GRANRODEO – No Place Like a Stage
  • ayami – Apocalypse of Destiny
  • Kuribayashi Minami – signs ~Sakutsuki Hitoyo~
  • Two Steps from Hell – United We Stand, Divided We Fall
  • And well, that’s pretty much it. Not sure about it making me enjoy the series 10x more like they said but… yeah. Some lyrics for the new ED below. Certainly loaded with meaning as they claim it to be.


    ED3 Sequence

    ED3: 「Revise the World」 by ayami

    The burning star falls through the sky
    From far to near
    There’s no way I could feel the heat
    but the cage around me seems to melt.
    Burn it all and show me a new place in the broken world
    When two hearts are fated to overlap
    you look at me with gentle eyes.
    The light of judgment in a heart I want to protect
    Will its smile disappear?



    1. We also got confirmation that Sharon and Yuuya are ex-lovers. I mean, it was kinda obvious but it was never actually stated.

      It explains why after they broke up Yuuya turned to his machines for comfort. You know what they say! Once you go Sharon….(guys, help me out here)

      1. Once you go Sharon, your loins will be barren.

        That’s why she’s known as the Insatiable Siren of the States. It takes A LOT to please that woman.

        For Yuuya at least, a TSF has some down time for repairs (x.x)

    2. The OP had some interesting scenes:

      • Cryska and Yifei are wearing UN pilot suits instead of the ones issued by their perspective countries. Yifei is standing next to one of Argos Flight’s Strike Eagles.
      • A F-16 and MiG-29OVT make way for a Su-47E.
      • The shadowy man with all of those screens reminds me of Mass Effect’s Illusive Man.

      Does this hint at something happening during the Blue Flag exercise? I wonder…

    3. >Alternative III – one of the handful of anti-BETA plans. Russian-led, revolves around human experiments.
      I would have put it like that for a less spoilerish description. Still, ignore my nitpicking, there was more than enough foreshadowing. The nature of Alternative III shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone by now.

      OP1 took time to get used to and ED1 was pretty good. But now we have some great-tier OP2 and ED2. Finally some MLA-worthy music.

      1. The non-VN readers most likely don’t know about the Alternative plans unless they looked it up in the wikia. I don’t think they talked about them much either in TE. Makes sense considering it’s top secret stuff and only the Russians know about Alt III.

    4. The new opening is just very…awesome. The lyrics and the scenes clicked very well, and I love the action depicting the TSFs in combat against each other as well as the BETA.

      somethings of note: (thank you Macross Fan!)

      1. Cryska and Yifei are wearing UN pilot suits instead of the ones issued by their perspective countries. Yifei is standing next to one of Argos Flight’s Strike Eagles.

      My 2 cents: Show Spoiler ▼

      2. A F-16 and MiG-29OVT make way for a Su-47E.

      My 2 cents: Who are the pilots? Are they the three new characters seen in the OP with the man in the shadows with the screens around him? And why are the three mechs attacking a human base? Show Spoiler ▼

      3. The shadowy man with all of those screens reminds me of Mass Effect’s Illusive Man.

      My 2 cents: He still lacks a cigratte or a cup of alcoholic drink though. I wonder who is he? and what plans does he have in mind for our hero yuuya and his band of friends in Argos Flight? I am not sure, but I have a chill in my veins when I saw this man.


      Inia is still piloting the terminator, dual wielding guns and motor blades…and is that Leon’s mech that defeated Yuuya’s mech near the ending of the opening. What’s with the blue aura? I am scared…

      1. Watched the new OP a few more times and went over the recap episode again. Found some interesting tidbits:

        In the OP, Yifei is standing in front of Stella’s old Strike Eagle before she transferred over to the ACTV. Such good memories of that TSF (episodes 12 & 13, would love to have Stella as a teammate), Yifei better take good care of it. Tarisa’s Shiranui Second is definitely the one being stepped on by the Su-47E.

        If anyone wants to be spoiled by what the OP is implying…

        Show Spoiler ▼

        In terms of Yuuya’s change as a character, the recap implies that Col. Latrova had a huge (if not most like I suspect) impact. So Yui shouldn’t take Yifei’s words too seriously. One thing that gets brought back up in the recap, Yuuya had an argument with Yui in episode 5 where he complained that a TSF that only a veteran could handle was just an expensive coffin and that he wouldn’t allow a machine he tested kill anyone, Japanese included. I guess he dropped that complaint going from the paragraph below from TSiA #26:

        Flying in open formation at maximum cruising speeds. These machines are equipped with High Thrust output engines, of the type previously never found any Japanese TSF. The new high thrust General electronic Fe-140 turbofan engine, combined with it aggressively contoured control surfaces and vector thrusting waist boosters, have made these units nearly impossible to pilot effectively without a skilled and experienced veteran at its controls. But in the hands of such pilots, who are able to bring out the true performance of these untamed horses, become an unmatched force of nature of nearly unstoppable proportions. Even now, these 12 TSFs continue to fly gracefully through the tight winding corners of this drift with not a single wasted movement, not slowing down in the least even when dispatching the BETA who would attempt to hinder their advance.

        An implication of this is how well the Shiranui Second stacks up to the Takemikazuchi. My guess is that Shiranui Second beats out the Takemikazuchi in terms of speed (due to its new engines), maneuverability (thanks to the shoulder and waist thrusters) and cost (it was meant as a replacement to the original Shiranui) while the Takemikazuchi is a much stronger melee fighter with better endurance (almost every part of its body is weaponized).

        1. The Takemis is still the far superior TSF in speed, maneuverability and strength. Its problem was always in logistics, it required exclusive parts made on specialized facilities. Its so difficult to make and maintain that Japan could only roll out 30 Takemis per year. Even Raptors could be rolled out easier and more efficiently. Its like a Ferrari, impressive and powerful, but really serves more for Japanese d*** waving hence why its an Imperial Royal Guard exclusive.

          The Shiranui Second however is probably the most advanced TSF so far thanks to the MSIP and input from four different companies. It boasts all the newest TSF technologies and innovations and its far more efficent to make. Incidentally its biggest competitor the Silent Eagle, boasts the same advantages but it was easier to use while the Shiranui had an edge in melee combat.

        2. My assumptions are based on the upgrade path the XFJ program took to reach the Shiranui Second. It first started with a Shiranui Type 1-C that had the same jump engines as the Type-00F/A so at least their speed was similar. Phase 1 replaced those engines with GE F-140 engines which are at least as good or more likely better than the ones used in the Type-00F/As (given the statement I quoted). The maneuverability advantage comes from lessons learned in Project Phoenix that added the shoulder thrusters and data from the Su-37UB that added the waist thrusters–data and knowledge that the Japanese didn’t have at the time when they were developing the Type-00 series three years ago.

          If you have sources directly comparing the Shiranui Second with the Takemikazuchi, I’m willing to entertain them.

    5. An animated SU-47 Berkut is sexy as all hell, and yet I have yet to see the Raptor properly animated in battle. Makes me sad. The Berkut at least implies that the anime would go beyond the LN non-ending cliffhanger, but at the same time, I don’t think there are enough episodes to go beyond TE’s final arc from the LN. I really hope that new OP isn’t jerking us around.

    6. Nice. Probably one of the best recap episodes I’ve seen. They’ve done a decent job playing up expectations which they probably should be able to meet. Then again, I’ve never watched much of these except from Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny. =3

      Anyone curious about what the ED is implying? Seems like it’s talking about Cryska here and could possibly include Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Yeah the new included OP/ED for next week’s episode is implying something. I’m not sure about your take on it, but I have a different view, which is only speculation:

        Show Spoiler ▼

        1. It has been commented multiple times, but the Shiranui Second that the Su-47E is stepping on is most likely Tarisa’s Unit 2. Both units have the same head emblem and you can see in the OP that the coloring of top of the head unit and the rest of the body is different where Yuuya’s Unit 1 is all white so they should be the same if it was his unit being stepped on.

    7. Well, for a recap special, this wasn’t too bad. It accomplished what it set out to do, summing up the entirety of Total Eclipse, from character backgrounds, the show’s setting, Yuuya, Yui, and Cryska’s development, major relationships, and the formation of Yuuya’s harem (with Sharon finally confirmed as his ex), so that those who’ve been watching the show can see how far it and the characters have progressed, and allowing for new viewers just tuning in to start watching with a basic understanding of the series.

      The special also gave some context towards things that have been left unclear or understated in the series proper, like Cryska and Inia being a part of Alternative III, and the stirring conflict over class differences, with the two looking to become very important for Total Eclipses climax. Though being reminded of how much of a mastermind Sandek is, was not as necessary.

      If I had to say what I personally found the most interesting about the special, it was that Leon got glossed over and Sharon was mentioned as if she were a member of the harem. I mean, I’ve always considered Leon to be an unofficial member of the harem, considering how Tsundere he is towards Yuuya and how much attention he gives him compared to Sharon, so having him left out was a bit of a disappointment.

      But the real treat of this special was the 2nd Op and Ed… definitely worthy successors of Go To the Top and Signs in my opinion. One can only hope Satelight did not spend the rest of their budget on the animation for the two, and that the rest of Total Eclipse will be able to maintain this level of quality. Just a list of my own musings on the Op and Ed:

      – Looks like Yuuya’s Phase 2 is going to get a white repaint. Not sure how I feel about that. I do think it’s a bit early for the Phase 2 to get a color change, especially since it’s only been in action once. Though to be honest, I’ll really just miss the red. But the white version does look good, so maybe it’ll grow on me.

      – It seems the final Big Bad for Total Eclipse will be a group of humans, the new characters in the Op, though in a more corporeal sense then the Soviet Union was for Kamchatka. I’m guessing their motivations are related to the class differences the Special focused on, making them well-Intentioned extremists. Having someone who resembles the Illusive Man as their leader only cements it. Of course, I’m sure the BETA will work their way in somehow.

      – Going by their new Plug Suits, it looks like Cui and Cryska are going to join Argos Flight in the future. Makes sense considering it’s a perfect opportunity to get closer to Yuuya. Though I’m sure in Cryska’s case it’s all a part of Sandek’s plan. In any case, if it does happen, Argos is going to become the most racially diverse team in both the Muv-Luv universe and fiction in general. We have a Nepali pilot, an Italian pilot, a Swedish pilot, a Chinese Pilot, a Russian pilot, a Turkish pilot who acts as the commander, a Japanese pilot who leads the project, and a Japanese-American chief pilot. If ever there was an example of how the Nations should be acting in regards to the BETA, it would be Argos Flight.

      – The Berkut’s appearance is interesting… for a variety of reasons.

      – I took the lyrics of the Ed as referring to Yui and Cryska in relation to Yuuya, and how he managed to change the two by taking them out of the “cages” they had been born in and showing them a new world of love. You have subtle references to the triangle, with Yuuya being surrounded by orange petals and bubbles, representing Yui and Cryska respectively. Though I think the meaning of the lyrics and imagery of the Ed will only become apparent after the anime ends.

      All in all, the special was decent, but now I’m definitely excited to see the climax of Total Eclipse.

      1. I like the white paint job personally. Also, the red/white/black scheme was for demonstration/rollout purposes only and it was only natural that Unit 1 get a new scheme. Why they didn’t do it sooner is beyond me (or the anime was saving it for the new OP).

        Red shadow equals bad people, always. Illusive Man-esque guy is always a bad sign.

        Cryska and Yifei joining Argos Flight in a permanent manner is a bit disturbing in that it means 2 current members have to go away (aka die) because flights are a group of 3-4 TSFs. Tarisa just got Unit 2 so she is likely to live, but that would mean VG and, gasp, Stella will have to go. I am not liking that idea one bit…

        The ED hints at a possible separation between Inia and Cryska (their hands are pulled apart vs. Yuuya and Yui’s clasping together). I think the Su-47 is a single seater so if the 2 are forced apart and Inia is left on her own to go wild in a monster of a TSF, this will make for some interesting TSF fights.

    8. This entire time I’ve been under the assumption that most of the main cast were in their early 20’s (because considering their standing in the military, their character designs, and their mannerisms, it makes the most sense).

      Though I just realized that this is all supposed to be taking place in 2001, and Yui was supposedly born in 1984, which makes her 17? She was still in school three years prior to this so I suppose it’s believable.

      However that means either Yuuya’s robbing the cradle being in his early-mid 20’s or this show suddenly got really cliche. It makes so little sense for the main cast to be teenagers.

      Someone wanna clear this up for me?

      1. I’m betting Yuuya is at early 20.

        Japanese has most of his citizens killed before in the first BETA raid (they must been eliminated if they haven’t got help from U.S). Countries that has been defeated or already in the frontline already lowered their military conscription age pretty far, thus teenagers are forced to act more maturely than our current world.

        Compare it to U.S that has higher age average, since they are still pretty safe. Although, most of their frontline soldiers are refugees from another countries.


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