「星降ル夜ニ」 (Hoshi Furu Yoru ni)
“On a Night of Falling Stars”

I wonder if Mashima Hiro has tried the multiplayer mode in the latest three Assassin’s Creed games. Hidden sure reminded me of that concept. We have players who hide while trying to locate their opponents in a sea with clones. The difference between Hidden and the Assassin’s Creed multiplayer mode is that you don’t have a certain target in the former. So everyone is your enemy.

To make the gap between the manga and the anime bigger, some scenes were dragged out or added, and I must say that the added content has been really good. I hardly notice that there still is filler content in the anime because of how well everything fits in. I also think that the added content makes the anime even better. The extended conversations between characters do not only give this show a great comedic value, they also improve the flow of the story. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the flow in the manga is bad because I think it’s great. But when you watch something animated, a certain common thread is essential for the story to feel good, while a manga can be straightforward because it’s easier for us to fill in blanks there.

Hidden was fun to watch, even if Gray was being constantly attacked by an unfair opponent. I said last week that Raven Tail is a suspicious guild, and today’s episode just made my statement stronger. Nalpudding ignoring everyone else but Gray was certainly frustrating to watch, but at the same time, it gives me a chance to yell “In your face!” to everyone who says that FAIRY TAIL is boring because the main characters never lose.

Aside from Gray’s devastating loss, the match allowed us to see some great action from all guilds. Beth’s magic was quite interesting, but why carrots? Eve’s magic was very impressive. Perhaps the music in the background during Eve’s attack made it seem more amazing than it actually is – which reminds me that the fourth FAIRY TAIL soundtrack needs a release date. From what I’ve heard so far, it is going to be amazing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, FAIRY TAIL’s soundtrack is my favourite one, and it’s not because I like the franchise – it’s because of how good the music is. Celtic folk music and rock, can it be any better?

My favourite parts from this episode were all the ones that involved Juvia. While I do feel sorry for her team because they could’ve done so much better if someone else would’ve entered this match, I couldn’t help myself but laugh at Juvia’s ridiculous actions. Lyon was quite funny too. He sure is a lucky man to be knocked out by a flying Juvia who is flashing her underwear.

While the episode had a lot of comedy and a great amount of unfair action, the most impressive fighter today was hands down Rufus. Even if Sabertooth is a bunch of arrogant people, I do admit that I thought Rufus was cool. He definitely earned his top spot, which was to be expected because of his guild’s current rank. But it’s upsetting to see FAIRY TAIL at the bottom, however, there are many games ahead of us so there is no need to feel down yet. Next week we’ll see Lucy fight the crazy looking Flare from Raven Tail. That can’t be good now that we know that Raven Tail is targeting FAIRY TAIL

Moete kitazou!

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  1. I’ve waited a long time for this part to be in the anime series and I can’t wait for next week’s arc and fairy Tail’s comeback in the upcoming episodes.

    PS I love to be the first guy to post.

    K C M
  2. I still believe Hiro intentionally left all the fights in the manga to be finished in one or two chapters, but he secretly wrote more, which is used for the anime. And if that isn’t the case, then the studio does a great job on extending.

  3. This was one of the most frustrating, yet quite nice to watch, FT episode ever.

    I have always been a fan of competition/tournament animes and tournaments in battle mangas is one of the arcs I’ve been looking forward to. I love how the anime dragged out things without seeming;y draggy.

    Er, I can say that one thing that the anime did right was giving all the other guilds much focus. I really wanted to know more about Mermaid Heel and Quatro Pu… Cerberus’s other members and even though it isn’t much, it’s nice that the anime is giving them some spot light.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I agree, not only losing, but being humiliated and being at the mercy of dirty tricks. But no problem, Fairy tail is still standing and is overcome their defeats to never lose again.

  4. I loved this episode for not only for studio’s excellent job at extending the episode, but to explain Rufus’s ability well.
    That’s what is so good about Fairy Tail. The good guys don’t always win, but they apply the knowledge of the loss to come back later.
    As above said, it gives that the feeling of rubbing in the face later.

  5. I forget which comicon exactly, but Mashima has stated that one of his favorite video games is Assassin’s Creed. So I guess it’s nothing special that he took the Abstergo Muliplayer concept :/.

  6. I would have liked it if the copies were moving instead of seemingly just standing around but oh well.
    And I think I read somewhere in his musings on the sides of the pages of a chapter that he likes Assassin’s Creed so that’s probably why this Hidden is similar. I just stick to Story Mode though in AC. Haven’t even finished Revelations yet ^^’/s>

    And not sure how to feel for next episode. On one hand, this chapter really frustrated me because of the happenings. On the other hand, glorious Itou Shizuka’s voice.

  7. Lucy will fight? while i love Lucy fights, because most of them are pretty hilarious, dang it why not Erza Or better Natsu? i mean Lucy chances of winning must be pretty slim :|….

    oh kudos to Mavis explaining the game

  8. Things just got more interesting for the games with whichever Fairy Tail team wins and the other one has to follow their orders. I thought making Laxus and Gajeel be like Happy was funny – Aye. Mirajane and Laxus have a similiar idea. Does Gajeel have a thing for Lucy? But Juvia takes her imagination to another level – lol. Battle next week!

    random viewer

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