Episode 07:


This week on K, we get an action packed episode to the least… as well as one filled with revelations and key developments.

First up, we have the fight between Kuroh and Munakata, the latter of which makes a personal appearance to dispel Neko’s sensory manipulation. And while the fight ends up being quite important in that it was meant to allow Yashiro to escape, it’s notably even more important terms of the dialogue within and the result that occurs following it. For one, we find out that despite the fact the Colorless King was the seventh and weakest of Kings, he and the heir to that power have the ability to tip the balance of power. In addition, we get confirmation that Yashiro is indeed the heir of that title, as he reveals his own Sword of Damocles in order to assist in their successful escape. and Neko pulling out quite the illusion playing on that fact.

Admittedly, it’s a surprising development… not only because of the suddenness of this revelation, but because of Yashiro’s apology for “lying this entire time.” Considering the fact he still obviously doesn’t know much about his past… it’s interesting that he still at least was able to use his powers and that he was able to keep the other Kings from knowing this for such a long period of time. Part of me does notably go a bit HMMMM… as a result, but I suppose that if you have Neko by your side, it’s not that farfetched in terms of at least being able to prevent the other Kings from finding you. Ah ha. Seems like the cat pulled a quick one on me too.

Either way, this goes into the next major development of the episode, which involves the other reveal that Neko also possess the ability to alter one’s memory. With this, we finally find out how exactly Neko and Yashiro met in the first place, as well as the answers to some of the previous episodes’ mysteries (such as why no one at school remembers him anymore). Notably however, what we don’t get is the explanation of what caused the entire situation in the first place, as we still don’t know for sure the events that happened prior to Neko and Yashiro’s first meeting. Of course, theoretically he isn’t actually Yashiro and that’s just a made up name… but hey, for simplicity’s sake, we’ll continue to call him that.

Moving forward, what we do know at least is that there’s a white-haired man involved in all of this somewhere. We don’t know exactly who he is or why he’s flying around in a fancy airship without anyone really caring about it, but I reckon we’ll find out soon enough eh?

Author’s Note: Due to some unforeseen personal circumstances, I will be subbing in for BakaMochi for both episode 7 and 8. She should resume coverage in the coming weeks however.

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Episode 08:


Phew. Out of all the episodes to sub in for… I somehow ended up with arguably the best episodes of K to date. Up until now, it’s been one mystery after another, but we’re finally at a point where the pieces start coming together. With his memories in tow, Yashiro manages not only to evade the grips of Scepter 4, but also point an accusatory finger at the newly revealed Silver King (Adolf K. Weissmann… that “K” is intriguing) to boot. The result? Oh, I don’t know. Only the mobilization of half of Scepter 4. Not bad for a guy just hanging out… if I do say so myself. Granted, most of the reason for the deployment was research done on Munakata’s part, but at the very least, Yashiro was the trigger that started everything.

Either way, it looks like the Silver King’s involved in some shape or form—though we’re still not sure how exactly. Still, it’s quite interesting to finally get a glimpse of the supposed mastermind behind everything, as there’s nothing like finally knowing what’s behind the shadows so to speak. If anything, this rings twice as true when person in question ends up being as insane as the Silver King turns out to be. Because in the end, how else can you describe someone who dances with dolls (corpse?), lives alone, just floats around in his airship all day, then suddenly blows himself up!?

Looking forward, I have to say, it’s going to be a pretty interesting ride. K’s been rocky from time to time through its first eight episodes, but the future seems to hold quite a bit of potential as pieces of the puzzle fall into place. Granted, there’s quite a few pieces left, but there are (thankfully!) still 5 episodes left to sort everything out. In the end, it seems like The Gold King is involved in some way too… and it doesn’t look like the other Kings’ll be sitting by idly either, as we seem to have Mikoto Suoh getting back into the groove of things next episode as well.

Author’s Note: Quick thanks to Moomba for assisting in the screencaps for this episode! 😀

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    1. Pfft agreed. I generally find Neko’s antics to be quite adorable, but I can’t help but feel a pang of annoyance when she started to mess with helicopter controls(no way that could go wrong…)

  1. Actually in episode 7 Shiro didn’t use his powers, all of that (the sword, the power wave, Shiro apologizing) was Neko’s illusions, which is why Reise says he “fell for it”. That line wouldn’t make sense if the attack had been real, plus you can hear him make a surprised noise just before Kuroh kicked him and ran off.

      1. well neko have the power create illusion and distort dimension space (episode 3) so she might use 2 powers at once during ‘disappearing ‘Shiro -after shiro reveal the sword , neko create illusion of the flower petal and ‘transport shiro’ using dimensional distort space. furthermore where neko got sheer power force wave to against blue king’s power wave. only king’s wave able to cancel each other (see episode 1, where the power wave clashes between blue and red king).and lastly the title of the episode 7 is key is referring to shiro’ sword and his confirmation of the 7th king

  2. Erm, there are quite a few hints in the episode that not everything was Neko’s illusion. 1) Fushimi was out of range of Neko’s first illusion, yet was shown gaping at Shiro’s sword of damocles. 2) Munakata dispelled Neko’s illusions effortlessly, yet the power blast that Shiro released lasted more than a few seconds even when ramming directly against a king’s power and 3) Shiro conspicuously failed to praise Neko for the sword illusion(only mentioning the Shibuya illusion) after their escape despite how magnificent it would’ve been…

    I suggest you consider both sides of the argument. 🙂 It’s the most fun part of K for me.

  3. So can’t they let Shiro and company off the hook after that? I also want to know exactly what the silver king was dancing with. I might have missed something, but where exactly did all these dudes come from anyways?

    I was wondering about the rankings as well.

    1. Silver
    2. Gold
    3. Green?
    4. Blue
    5. Red?

      1. If I heard correctly in the episode, the number is based on when the king ’emerged/appeared’. The Silver King appeared first and is therefore the ‘1st’. I don’t think it has anything to do with luster or power.

  4. the reason why blue king stated that the 7th king is weakest and able to shake the balance because Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. The only thing I’m worried about is that they’ll spend so much time wrapping up Shiro/Kuroh’s arc that it won’t have time to deal with anything else.

    I mean, yes, I know that this whole project is more than just this anime, but I’d like to see a bit more of the universe and how the kings affect it.

  6. I’m eternally thankful this series still has (seemingly) enough time left with its episodes to tell all that it wants to say, because it’s been an absolutely incredible ride for me so far as a viewer.

    Sorry to hear about BakaMochi having to pull out. I wish her a speedy return to normalcy in her life. <3

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