OP2 Sequence

OP2: 「BLOW AWAY」 by 柿原徹也 & 中村悠一 (Kakihara Tetsuya & Nakamura Yuuichi)

「妖精たちの合宿」 (Yousei-tachi no Gasshuku)
“Fairy Camp”

This OVA takes place in the middle of episode 153. It’s one of the funniest FAIRY TAIL episodes so far, and it made many of my fangirl wishes come true. First of all, it was really nice to see this story from Mavis’ perspective. In the TV show’s current ending sequence, you can see how she walks from Tenrou Island to Crocus to cheer on everyone, but this OVA extended that journey and allowed us to see Mavis’ adorable self a bit more. She certainly picked a perfect moment to visit the guild she created – had she been there a few seconds later, she would’ve missed everyone. Now she managed to visit her guild secretly, and enjoy a fun trip! And speaking of fun – this episode was hilarious, perhaps the funniest one we’ve seen from this franchise. Even if FAIRY TAIL is predictable and a very clichéd shounen, its comedy and characters are truly brilliant, and those two things make this series stand out among others.

So why was this episode not part of the TV show? Well, that question can’t be honestly answered by me, but as far as rumours say, it was done this way to avoid censoring some certain scenes. There will be no complaints for me because the fanservice in FAIRY TAIL is great. Ecchi has never been something that appeals to me, but when fanservice is used for a good purpose, such as comedy, it becomes hilarious, and that is what this show does. So thumbs up for beautiful fairies! And something quite praiseworthy of this series is that it doesn’t leave anyone out. There is fanservice for everyone regardless of gender. But it’s a shame that Gray waltzed around naked almost half of the episode while Natsu kept his pants on all the time… Oh well, that wish of mine will have to wait! Luckily, there were other things in this OVA that pleased me very much.

All the romantic vibes in this episode made me squeal of joy. While Juvia and Gray’s relationship probably will remain awkward till the end, it seems like Lucy and Natsu may actually be a possible couple. It seems like even the characters of this series support their relationship – my ship is doing well! And it seems like it’s going somewhere for Levy and Gajeel as well. Anyway, the flashback to Natsu’s home was truly adorable and sweet. Natsu is nice to everyone (maybe not Gray) in his guild, but seeing all the objects he has saved from his missions with Lucy made it seem like she is very important to her. Seeing Lucy clean Natsu’s messy house and then complain about how lonely she felt when he didn’t come home in time made me grin like Natsu. And the cuteness doesn’t end there! It was predictable that Natsu would be in Lucy’s room, but that just shows how close these two characters are. Their relationship is what started FAIRY TAIL; they will always hold a very special spot in my heart.

Aside from all the possible romance and fanservice, the comedy in the inn was fantastic. The guild members have always been silly, but when they’re drunk, they’re truly over the top, and simply brilliant! Poor guys… The drunk girls sure seemed scary, but oh, so funny. There will be nothing but praise from me for this OVA episode, and hopefully, we’ll see an announcement concerning a fifth one in the future. If you haven’t seen the FAIRY TAIL OVA series yet, you’re truly missing out on some great comedy. You don’t have to be familiar with the manga or anime to be able to enjoy these silly episodes. They’re all separate stories, and they’re all really enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Watch this!

Moete kitazou!

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Happy Tale」 by 平野綾 & 大原さやか & 佐藤聡美 (Hirano Aya & Ohara Sayaka & Satou Satomi)


  1. Let the NaLu Pudding…err NaLu Shipping begin!!! XD

    I really liked the new OP/ED especially the ED. Hearing the characters sing is always a delight.

    About the OP – I was pleasantly surprised by Natsu and Gray’s voices, those guys can sing, too bad Gajeel didn’t get to sing. XD

    About the ED – The song was really nice, the girls voices blended together nicely but Wendy sounds more like Tainaka Ritsu when she was singing, Lucy sounds like Haruhi Suzumiya on some parts, and Erza sounds like…Erza! XD

    Great OVA just wish they would continue with this whole characters singing the OP/ED themes from now on.

    Just Passing By
  2. I always get a little disturbed when you see little girls like Wendy getting drunk in anime. Japan’s not-so-healthy sexual culture + under aged drinking is a bit… much for me.

    Plus, the fact that’s it’s anime-only makes the out-of-character nature of some of it slightly annoying. I love Fairy Tail because Mashima does such a fantastic job matching certain styles of humor to each character. Filler writers are generally is less apt at doing so.

  3. I don’t know with Natsu and Lucy. While I certainly support it, he’s more in love with Lisanna that anything.

    Aside that, there’s at least four relationship potentials, one being obvious, one being unconfirmed but obvious, another being “duh”, and the other being “you two are silly, just say what you love each other already”.

      1. Gray and Juvia of course. I think Gray will start to turn since Leo is a competitor.

        Then there’s Elfman and Evergreen. Too proud both of them. They go out on “outings” together and freak out when their friends are there so they hide.

        Then Gajeel and Levy. She’s shy about it and he’s aware of her.

        And then Erza and Jellal. Another obvious one. They’ll get together no doubt. Just need to get all the crap going on together before moving forward. Seriously, he should have followed through, she was pinned under him and wanted the kiss! O.O What the hell man?!

    1. He is not in love with Lisanna…he might have been as a kid, and she was his bff at THAT time, but really, it’s all about Lucy now.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. “So what are you waiting for? Watch this!”

    I would but for reasons I can’t comprehend it still hasn’t been subbed yet! The best I can find is a “parody” fan sub. Bleh.

    I have actually watched it raw and found it hilarious, but I’m dying to read the dialogue.

  5. NatsuxLucy, stone carved already, even though natsu is an airhead when it comes to that, Erza’s pretty much taken by mystolal in a bitter sweet realationship and Gray has got to be the harem man in FT, which makes FT the sole ruler of shippings and romances in anime today.

    PS: ERZA HNGGGGG!!!! her tomboyish nature just give out all the charms!

  6. HAHA so much for training…they had lots of fun. For the gals mostly, and the guys will be boys after all. I agree with Mavis, that the Third’s Fairy Tail’s so much fun. I was pleasantly surprised that the OP/ED changed so soon and the animation quality went up a notch too. I hope the next OVA episode will have everyone else from Fairy Tail as well.

    random viewer
  7. Since Stereoman say its funny, is it funnier than OVA 2 Yosei Gakuen? Since to me OVA 2 is the funniest thing in Fairy Tail. Paralleling Phantom Lord arc to highschool setting with no magic and Carla as strict teacher trying to take over school ala Laxus.

    Neo Ankara
    1. I think all OVA episodes were hilarious, but this one was my personal favourite in terms of comedy. The drunk girls made me laugh really hard. But the main reason why I liked this was the possible romance. OVA 2 was great too! :]

  8. All I can say is: LOVED THE OPENING! Finally we get Natsu and Gray’s friendship in the spotlight again.It hasn’t happened since Galuna, when Natsu stopped Gray from doing “Iced Shell”, if you don’t count Gray remembering it on Tenroujima.I think their relationship is too cute.
    As for the relationships, I’ve been a fan of NaLu since day one, and Gruvia, Jerza (that’s the abbreviation, right?)and LevyxGajeel (the sweetest case of Stockholm syndrome in history) are sooo freakin’ obvious.
    There.My two cents. 🙂 ♥


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