「天王寺綯です。よろしく!」 (Tennouji Nae desu. Yoroshiku!)
“I’m Nae Tennouji. Nice to meet you!”

If there’s anything that I think that this anime does well (and I’ve probably said it a million times now), it’s its pacing and storytelling. I’m not going to claim that I know what it takes to be a good director or producer or even screenwriter for anime, because in all honesty, I don’t know. But I have seen a fair amount and compared to other anime which seen to have issues with pacing and telling too much/little at a given moment, Robotics;Notes is almost just perfect. To me, it reveals just enough about a rich cast of characters to keep me interested, and at the same time, it has this mystery aspect of the story which I love! It’s not too boring and not cliché and takes itself seriously at the right moments. I don’t want to speak too soon, but compared to other series which I’ve blogged, Accel World which picked up at the end and Sankarea which just went downhill midway, Robotics;Notes is very consistent and for that, I seem to be loving it more each week.

Tennouji Nae is back again for this week’s episode and she turned out to be… not so crazy! I was really scared of what kind of personality they would give her this time around, but she seems to be very similar to Aki which I like. She’s very outgoing and seems to be very passionate about this robot project as well and I’m glad to see her play a bigger role. I was surprised to see Aki’s father playing such a big role with JAXA’s involvement (I’m sure there’s more to it than that), but it goes to show his concern for his daughter. We haven’t seen too much of Aki’s father, but he seems to be a good role model of what a family should be like as opposed to Subaru’s father who is just… not very supportive at all. Surely, there’s more to Aki’s family than meets the eye (especially around Misa). I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Nae though, so I’ll keep my eye out for JAXA’s involvement.

Moving along to more exciting news… the second Kimijima Kou report! *bum bum bum* What exactly does this one reveal? Well, nearly nothing linked to the first report and we learn about another organization which plots to decrease the entire population of the planet by one sixth (or more since it’s the year 2019)… wait, what?! If the sun exploding wasn’t enough, now the entire world’s human race is basically going to be killed off. Oh! And of course, a scary lullaby has to be linked somehow. This reminds me of horror movies that play old children’s lullabies as a re-occurring notion that something wicked is coming… This is why I can’t sleep at night! But personal fears aside… I think this leaves more questions as to the linkage between Kagome-Kagome and all the 4 other organizations mentioned (JAXA, NASA, Committee of 300, Exoskeleton and I’m sure there’s more…). It’s driving me insane that I don’t see the connection!

My favorite moment of the episode had to be the character development between Aki and Kai near the end and if there wasn’t enough chemistry between them before, you have to see it now. I’m a sucker for the “the best friend” archetypes so forgive me if I’m not cheering for the underdogs this time (I usually do surprisingly). I just see too much of a lead with Aki, and I really like her. I’m also glad that Kai decided to share Airi with Aki. It appears that Kai isn’t the only person she can communicate with now and I’m sure that’ll have large consequences in the future. Airi probably has higher chances of reaching out to people whom she wants to see (or whom want to see her). We’ll have to wait to find out.

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  1. Eeeeh? The first and second Kimikou reports sure felt linked to me. Isn’t the Commitee of Sparta 300 planning to let all the solar flares happens so it kills people? They must have a countermeasure or sort of shelter to save a few and let the others die. And if the sun explodes well I’m sure it’ll help reduce the population to around 0%… In last episode when they talked about the Solar Flare hitting America Kagome Kagome was playing, and it’ a sign of the Commitee of 300 according to the 2nd report.
    Also if the Committee of 300 is a good Organization of Evil ™ with people Gendoposing everyday while scheming I assume they control NASA, JAXA, and Exoskeleton. Or at least one of the three.

    1. First Eureka 7 AO references “There are always top secret things hidden in organizations basements” … then Robotics Note does the “Gendo” pose … it’s nice to see Evangelion references still going around .. specially when the third remake movie just got released XD

  2. Nae’s so cute. I was pretty much surprised to see how she’s like but I seriously don’t think everything’s what its showing.

    Anyway… I guess Mr Braun is proud of her daughter and Committee of 300 as successor to CERN?

    Rah Ha Ha Ha! *Okarin laughter*

    Now… I’m just waiting for the SUper Hakka to make an appearance… Oh wait… Super Haka

  3. I thought Nae would reference Okarin but they didnt even show it, I mean surely those guys mustve influenced a large part of her personality especially mayuri, “tuturu”. I wonder which parallel world Robotic’s Notes occurred in reference to Stein’s?

    1. Actually, Nae tells Akiho’s Dad that she likes people who make a group of friends that build and research things. Is that not a reference to not only Okabe, but all of Future Gadget Lab?

  4. Nae is a lot cuter than I imagined. Its almost difficult realize that she is a legal adult. As it stands she comes of as an older version of Aki, but now that she’s taking a more active role, I’m hoping she gets to stand on her own.

    It looks like we’re finally getting to the vast conspiracy with the Committee. I’m still wondering how the giant robot would tie into this

    I feel bad for not noticing the Gundam references till now. (DAT not-Zeong)

    1. i actually thought she was kinda younger than Aki (i presumed she was 5-6 years in Steins;gate, and it was set in 2010, so she was born in 2004. Aki was born in 2001…)

  5. well, that episode was actually kinda weak (there weren’t a whole lot of breathtaking revelations or some cutie aki moments for example), but i gotta admit i was kinda relieved seeing Nae like that (i was kinda nervous when she showed up at the end of the previous episode, given her notoriety for evil in the other worldlines [v/n readers know what i’m talking about])….i’m still wondering about whether or not shit will hit the fan, though (like how [spoiler]Mayuri got murdered[/spoiler] in Steins;gate….since it doesn’t seem like the committee 300 has made their move yet, but we’ll see….

    On another note, is it just me? or did Kimijima Kou kinda resemble Kai (given his penchant for games and all), perhaps he entreated Kai wit the silver-haired girl because he was his kindred spirit and all….

    1. Beneath that cuteness lies darkness from other world lines…

      If the information from wikipedia is of any indication and if following the build up of Stains Gate… Happiness will go downhill from here and it’ll get dark and ominous

    2. it feels like the show’s trying to yank our chains with the Nae’s entrance to the R;C series @ ep.7. So I think we can’t guess that far ahead yet…

      Spoilers for something irrelavent to the discussion Show Spoiler ▼

    1. You started the series from episode 6? Or did you watch up till 6? Anyways, I’m pretty sure it was explained in one of the earlier episodes, that they’re not related, he does live at their home though. Their surnames are different so that would’ve clarified it anyways.

  6. My fear that Nae would be crazy in this show is now gone, and replace by a feeling of awww….. And great timing on Kai’s condition kicking in just in time which reminds me of the show i watched as a kid, Action Man if anyone remembers it “AMP IT UP!!!”

  7. The biggest question I had after watching the episode is, why does a committee that rules the whole world cares so much about a random nursery rhyme from a small island nation? Guess it’s just another case of Japanocentrism (is that even a word?) in anime.

  8. To me Nae reminded me a lot of Suzuha- I expected an OHAAA!~ enterance sometime ahahaa… oh them steins;gate feels came back but I do hope we see more of Nae, she was entertaining.
    Robotic;Notes is growing me more and more, god I love when anime shows do that to me. The anticipation each week is just right XD

      1. Suzuha was born in 2018 and it’s 2019 at the start of Robotics;Notes. Considering there’s no time machine in the Steins Gate worldline, I doubt Suzuha could have had much influence on Nae.

  9. Great Gods of Anime, Aki doing the Gendo pose… fell of the chair. And of course someone in-show commented about it immediately…
    So we have Committee of 300, NASA, JAXA and Exoskeleton on the big organizations chart. Who is siding with whom? who is controlling whom? Both Nae and the father didnt show their full cards yet, I presume… I guess the idea of giant robot being used as a weapon to vanquish “the armies of evil” might yet end up being tested in the show’s reality…

    1. I’ve this feeling that the 300 is behind all of this.

      Plus it could be the very organisation that Shining Finger was with and the one Okarin was battling…

      Well, this’s a bunch of my speculations =)

  10. I was pretty sure she acted similar to Aki to make the group feel comfortable with, and Aki more likely to accept the proposal. She does seem like a nice girl, but we need to see more of how she acts when she’s not doing a pitch. Although, I believe she said something about liking a person who attracts trustworthy people. Reference to Okabe? I like to think so

  11. I think someone pointed this out last time (and someone else probably already said this, but I’m not going to take the time to read the other comments before giving my own two cents), but this takes place on the Steins;Gate World Line. In it, Nae grows up with a father who loves her dearly, and is surrounded by a group of passionate (albeit eccentric) people who make a group of friends that build and research things… Much like out robotics club here. Point being, the divergence number is 1.048596, so no knife-wielding Yandere Nae.

    I am loving this Anime more and more. It not only references Chaos;Head (a Visual Novel that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend without hesitation) and Steins;Gate (another Visual Novel, spiritual successor to C;H, spiritual predecessor to R;N), but it does so in ways that are subtle- just little bits and pieces as treats for past VN readers or Anime watchers, without actually requiring they be read or watched to understand this particular story… Having said that, I would encourage anyone who has watched and enjoyed R;N up too this point to check out the Chaos;Head VN, and the Steins;Gate VN or Anime.

    I sincerely look forward to your further coverage of this series.

    Also, to whoever took the time to read this, I beg of you, pray to whatever Deity you claim as your own, be it God, Cthulhu, Haruhi, Madoka, et cetera. Pray that the PS3 game gets a PC port so that non-Nihongo fluent Gaijin such as ourselves will be able to enjoy R;N as we did C;H and S;G ;_;
    Pray dammit! No semicolon, No life!


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