「New World phase.2」

Continuing right where we left off last week, the world eyes are all on HCLI’s Hek-GG system as expected, and we get the development of multiple plot threads as a result.

And foremost amongst them? Koko’s continued gathering of the parts and people necessary for her Jormungand plan. As Bookman says himself, her plan is now at a point where secrecy no longer matters, and things are ramping up indeed—starting off with the kidnapping of Elena Baburin (from Caucasian Republic J!) and culminating with a variety of business ventures into companies involved in Quantum Optics and Photonic Nanodevices.

Granted, despite the scientific nature of my current college major, I’ll admit that I don’t have the slightest clue about either of the above. But after reading some literature and utilizing the information given this episode, it’s safe to say that Koko’s plan involves a new generation of computers known as Quantum Computers. Powered by lights (and photons) rather than the electronics (and electrons) that we currently use, the result is something immensely more capable than what we have now in virtually every sense of the word. With this system, it subsequently becomes possible to bypass virtually every security system in the world (and thus gain access to any system and virtually every piece of digital information around). Needless to say, it’d give its users (Koko and Dr. Miami) “the world at their fingertips”—something miles above the Hek-GG system in terms of ambition and capability and also something that really could lead to world peace… albeit an “artificial” one based on total domination.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that Koko ends up not going this route though… as the capabilities of a Quantum Computer allow it to be used in countless ways, and it’ll be interesting how she and Dr. Miami end up utilizing it to “create their new world.” In the meanwhile though, the NSA are busy trying to combat the Hek-GG system, and Hinoki’s back as an adviser assisting in their endeavor.

In the end however, Bookman’s still in play too, and he does what he does best: manipulate the situation to his favor. As Hinoki realizes himself in the end, it turns out that Bookman intentionally let him rise up as the valued adviser of the NSA so that he can take advantage of this by giving him “actionable intel” (or intel he must act on). Caught between advising the NSA, Koko, and Bookman, Hinoki’s at a point where he’s pretty much guaranteed to fail in some shape or form and where things are getting bigger than he ever imagined they would be. As such, with one move, Bookman tosses out Hinoki (and the NSA) from getting involved in Hek-GG by guaranteeing that they must act on the information given (and fail doing it). At least, that’s what I managed to get from the sequence of events at the end of the episode. Either that, or Hinoki and the NSA are out of the picture due to the fact that Bookman has already acted first. The result’s the same though, and it’s that Hinoki and the NSA are eliminated as potential sources of trouble involving Hek-GG, opening up the venue for him to take advantage and take the system for himself.

Looking forward, it looks like it’s most likely going to be a two horse race between Bookman and Koko (+Dr. Miami) as Koko attempts to fulfill her grand scheme and Bookman attempts to thwart her enough to be able to gain access to and take advantage of HCLI’s Hek-GG system. Admittedly though, things could become a three (or four) horse race too, as Kasper’s still in the background with his own view of how the world should be, along with their yet to be seen father, Floyd, who may attempt to interfere with the power of HCLI. But seeing as how HCLI pretty much rides on Kasper and Koko at this point, it looks like it’s unlikely he’ll play much of a part though.

In any case, there’s plenty of political power play going on behind the scenes as the respective sides start fighting amongst each other for their own respective ideals and goals, and it should be a damn nice ride… especially with Koko’s impending attempt to “kidnap” Rabbitfoot from “Camp No” and the Navy Seal team coming after her. The three pronged intrigue formed from R, Hex, and Bookman in the Dance with the Undershaft Arc was already darn awesome to watch, and this should be no different. And as I finish up, I gotta say, this series just knows how to mix its serious and funny moments. Got Jonah getting that bullet finally removed from his arse, Koko making Bookman pay for all their lunches, etc. Just funny stuff.

Author’s Note: Due to finals, I will be unable to cover Jormungand next week. Depending on Guardian Enzo’s availability, there may still be a post however. If not, coverage will resume with a double post the following week. Apologies in advance if this happens.




  1. Damn it, i was just refreshing the RC site over and over waiting for you to post the entry for this episode .. i just finished watching it and .. wow .. just wow .. best episode in the show so far IMO.

    Very important revelations, impressive dialog and character interactions .. and also sets the stage for the big final showdown .. and it’s gonna be pretty damn big indeed with all the big players involved (and Navy seals being deployed) … Koko is finally going into serious mode (turning into the Dragon the Bookman feared she would turn into).

    I have to say i felt exactly like Lutz did when the episode started .. i was just like “what the hell is Koko doing !!!?” .. despite all the action and the fact her team isn’t really your typical good-guys they really never initiated attacks against anyone let alone attempted kidnappings .. i’m glad i found a character that felt the same way among her crew .. that made the moment she told them to trust her even more impactful to me.

    I also didn’t expect to see another Egyptian character in Jormungande or any anime after Abdul from Jojo’s 3rd arc OVAs (being Egyptian myself i’m pretty interested in this portrayal which seems very interesting and thoughtful so far) .. can’t wait for next episode to see what role that character will play in Koko’s plan XD

    Finally i have to say i’m glad i stuck with Jormungand to this point .. the final chapter will surely be one hell of a ride (and i really wonder how Yonah and Koko’s relation will develop amongst all the chaos that will happen due to her plan)

    1. this is just my prediction, actually…but i think Koko’s goal has something to do with the word “World Peace”…which he spouted to Jonah in the very first episode…this is just my hunch…but i think she’s intending to use the supercomputers to enforce peace upon the world..(it was clear from the three-way talk she had with bookman and Hinoki, she was actually disappointed in the world and was poised to do something about it…[which is ironic since she’s technically an instrument of war…as an arms dealer and all…])

      i wonder if Kasper really meant what he said in this episode, so basically (and presumably) he is gonna cross paths with Koko, somehow…i do hope the series is gonna provide some closure to the relationship between the two siblings….

      and Bookman was awesome in this episode…he is my favorite character as of now…(outsmarting Hinoki is one major feat)

      1. Bookman indeed is a very interesting character to watch, he seems harmless .. he doesn’t shoot stuff or blow stuff up … but once he starts talking an manipulating people you can really feel how dangerous he is, that mix of cunning, boldness and a little psychotic touch makes him one of the best character in the show so far.

  2. The navy seal team should be a much bigger threat than the other groups they’ve faced so far. While I’m sure none of the fighters would be afraid, I wonder what Koko thinks about the situation she’s getting them into.

    Also it seemed to me like Kasper was missing the actual situation because of how different he really is compared to Koko. He thinks Hek-GG is bad in it makes things harder for them while Koko seems to think it’s no where enough for the ‘world peace’ she’s aiming for.

    1. the thing is Kasper doesn’t want world peace rather he likes the status-quo and enjoys it.i think he’s going to be a major opponent for Koko, who wants to change the status-quo of the world.

  3. And now that Jormungand plan is revealed to be something about Quantum Computers. Doesn’t anyone find it has certain parallels with CoD: Black Ops II where drug trafficker turned terrorist using quantum computers tries to start the second cold war? Wait, there was the announcement of Joint Ops involving Jormungand and CoD Black Ops II cooperation in Japan a few months ago, but since that announcement no new have surfaced.

  4. Koko is nieve if she thinks the world powers will let her create a super computer that makes all world defense systems obsolete. Her and her team would get bullseyes on their backs with the very paranoid world powers like the USA, China, and Russia looking to kill them.

  5. My issue with this plot is being in the U.S military as a computer specialist, all the really cool world ending stuff is on closed networks. As in no Internet access its not even tunneled inside the Internet, making it physically impossible to hack remotely. And its really the same with things like ICBM, and nukes dropped from planes. Even if you could hack everything that really gives you very little control. All someone would have to do to destroy it is have a sub or cruiser fire a cruise missile or have a plane drop a bomb, GPS is irrelevant as these weapons were designed to fight Russia which in a war would have just blown every satellite out of the sky day one. Sorry for being a hater but if someone tries to build a believable world they should stick with it.

      1. The point is not all computer systems are hackable remotely; a closed network requires a physical link. Against a satellite which is constantly broadcasting, you don’t need to have a missile get directions from home after you’ve launched it. On-board computers can handle that with no input. If it takes no directions remotely, no amount of anti-security matters.

      2. @Rei
        think of it this way, your an expert lockpick who can pick any locked door and get into any room you want but the room that has the most valuable things has no door just the wall so it doesn’t matter how well you can lockpick.similarly a closed network is well ‘closed’ no openings for someone to hack in from.

        fair point, but you shouldn’t forget Koko’s plan hasn’t been fully revealed yet, and the whole ‘quantum supercomputer that can hack anything’ theory is something we, as viewers, made based on the vague references and hints(granted there were quite a few) given by the show.i would give this show few more eps before deciding on this matter.

  6. I love Chiquita as a character but doesn’t she always look either drunk or mildly retarded? She always has some sort of a weird goofy smirk on her like she gets the punchline of a joke the rest of us don’t.

  7. cia see some female quantum person got koko-nap by koko hmm give cia send chocolade & scarecrow keep watch & info on them.

    koko on usual meet then here sr leader & oh here bookman having big mac burgers asking wonder what koko is planning?

    with assume go after rabbitfoot female while also spy dr.miami while her karen & other female on bath time really bookman?!

    kasper seem wonder as well even lutz question koko about her plan & oh sr leader now take a order from bookman to handle koko.

  8. Looks like we are starting to glimpse the fragments of the plan Koko has constructed in her genius/mad (pick your opinion) mind… oh wait, she is loco?
    The significance of the quantum computer can be summed up with two words: secure comms. with quantum leap (lamest pun under the sun…) in cryptography, Koko would be able to deny all armed forces their primary way of issuing and receiving orderrs – radio, while herself having access to unbreakable encoding. Yes, armed forces would get by using old ways of messengers, orders written down on paper etc. (heck, USN carrier battlegroups often go EMCON – radio silence – to get lost in the vastness of ocean), but it would enormously hamper their effectiveness today stemming from networked information support.
    Whatever is going on, Koko is starting a s..tstorm of epic proportions. Her team having to go against best soldiers US can get is a teaser for us for the next episode…
    Oh and peeping on the hot springs via Global Hawk is some epic perversion of sorts…

  9. it’s be hilarious if koko’s plan turns out to be actual hightech ‘toys’ for children, just to psyche everyone out…though she could’ve had minami build an ironman suit…i’m still tossing my 2 scents that way…i don’t know if lutz’s reluctance in these kidnapping ventures count as a flag, but i felt a small chill when he scoped his sights on koko…


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