「その名はジュダル」 (Sono Na wa Judaru)
“His name is Judal”

Epic fights aside, the key developments this episode were superb. Judal and Banker finally rear their ugly heads towards Aladdin, bringing out rage and panic unseen before in our “chibi” character. Oh Judal, you have such a nasty heart, which made it all the more satisfying for me to see you crushed by Ugo. It’s not often that I smile at a beaten up body, but this time, I have to bow to my darker side and say…I smiled a wry smile by the end of the episode. It’s wrong, but sometimes you just have to bask in the emotions the show intends you to feel without regard to logic.

As many of you expressed last episode, Ahbmad is a despicable character. His terrible treatment and disrespect of anyone not a “true” noble is sickening, but even if he wanted to change…the influence of Judal and Banker would prevent such change. Although Sinbad has done his best to try and resolve the issue diplomatically, whether through dialogue or uplifting the poor, such methods are past everyone at this point. As soon as Judal showed his dark self and confronted Aladdin, any hope of peaceful resolution was gone. I can appreciate that the protagonists this episode didn’t immediately resort to force, but alas, the energy and conflict we’ve been waiting to see has finally erupted, with all of the emotions bursting out in this first major fight between significant world powers. Let’s get out the popcorn, because destruction and fighting is now abound!

Judal, complete opposite of Aladdin, sure likes to pick a fight. If Banker was here to try and increase his influence subtly, that too is out the window. As a cocky man who also has skill, Judal represents an archtype of character that I both despise yet have respect towards. Unlike the other antagonists we’ve seen thus far, Judal has capabilities to back his smack talk and provocation. As a far more experienced Magi who’s more aware of his potential than Aladdin, he is aware of what exactly he can do with his powers. Instead of seeking out a worthy king to rule the land, Judal seems far more interested in betraying his seemingly god-given role to create chaos. Whether it’s eliminating the other Magi or helping pull the strings of the Kou Empire, he exudes confidence–one fitting for a ruler of the world.

Thus, midway through the battle, I honestly thought that he would succeed. Aladdin has never demonstrated any sort of fighting for an extended period of time until now–the only other times being brief moments in the first dungeon. It was Ugo that handled most of the pair’s conflicts, and even then, it was merely an expression of force rather than any refined fighting. For the majority of the battle, Aladdin showed his inexperience. Although he could throw a fireball and raise his shields, Aladdin lacked any real desire to conquer his enemy, or any tactics to suggest such. Aladdin merely wanted the conflict to stop, rather than eliminate an opposing Magi.

However, enter Ugo, and he is PISSED. So pissed that logic and words no longer work–only the wrath generated from a desire of retribution remained. Ugo’s friendship, the only wish Aladdin desired from the genie, definitely activates into its highest gear, with Ugo possibly sacrificing his life to save Aladdin. Although it made me chuckle that Aladdin blew into the flute to pop out the shards from Ugo’s body, it was also a saddening scene, seeing Aladdin’s first friend be treated this cruelly. However, those wounds meant nothing to this badass genie–and you don’t mess with a genie with an agenda. Judal, severely underestimating the power of the Djinn, gets his ass handed to him in an epic combo of rage. At this point, I was intensely despising Judal for his smack talk and his reckless use of power, but all that emotion paid for itself in the end when his body lay powerless on the ground. It’s a weird thing to admit, but I couldn’t help thinking, “he was asking for it” as his shield started to falter under all the pressure. When it finally broke though, I was shocked, but at the same time strangely happy that Judal got the whooping he deserved. Damn Judal, don’t die yet though…you’re meant to return and cause havok!

But I doubt that Judal will be defeated this easily this early on in the story. Someone’s going to save him (even himself), and Ugo’s going to have a bad time next episode with all those injuries. Although the manga readers may know exactly what’s going to happen next, I can’t wait to see how they can follow up this exciting battle.




  1. This sure is a badass fight between Judal and Aladdin. I love the accompanying background music. It adds more to the epicness. I was just slightly disappointed that Sinbad does not join in, but I understand why.

    1. “You already stopped giving him magoi, right?! That’s gotta mean he’s using someone else’s magoi!”
      Hmmmm…………….I shall not spoil. ^_^

      Also, it is good we get to see Ugo’s face, like Aladdin said, Ugo is kinda handsome.

      1. When Judal go SMASHED I started to laugh. Ugo probably knows what Judal is “made of” sort to speak so him wanting to purge the treat. I don’t think that would kill Judal either he seems older then he looks. o_O Got to love the eyeshadow though. 😉

        I’m also wondering if Ugo wasn’t always a Djinn… I don’t think anyone is feeding him Magoi so….

  2. This without a doubt is going to be one of the best Shounen Manga/Anime series as it progresses and develops but since it is new we cannot put it in the same line as Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball series, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter etc It has to reach more than 100 episodes going on 200 episodes before we can officially welcome it into our world of Shounen Manga/Anime series. That is to say while we are still enjoying the Shounen action from Ninjas, Shinigamis, Mages, Pirates etc we will keep an eye on our little Magi friend here and enjoy him gradually.

    K C M
  3. Wow, what an amazing episode. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time during the battle.

    I guess I kept expecting Aladdin to play a hidden ace, it never happened. Ugo responded to Judal’s threat to kill Aladdin,
    that sealed Judal’s fate as Ugo will protect Aladdin — and did not stop until Judal was squashed between his hands.

    Couple of things I gleamed – if Judal is to be believed —

    That’s gotta mean he’s using someone else’s magoi!
    So he’s not even your [Aladdin’s] djinn!

    Beyond being Aladdin’s precious friend, who/what is Ugo really? Even Aladdin is surprised that Ugo continues to move
    without his power.

    The pacing and developments in this story seem like it could end up being a good long series. Does anyone know an
    official episode count?

    But the preview hinted that the princess of the Kou Empire knows Judal – I’ll have to wait until next week to see if
    Judal is dead or alive…

  4. On one hand my saner self is telling me to hate Judal for the despicable things he did; on the other I can’t help but give in to my human weakness which is telling me to drool over that delicious bishie with chiseled abs. Gahhhh… this is giving me a headache >.<

    Frau Kojiro
  5. I was expecting a brief confrontation between Judal and Aladdin, so I was pleasantly surprised when the fight continued on for the rest of the episode, and I’m reminded that this is a shounen series. Great fight with excellent animation to match. Watching Ugo-kun beat down on Judal is immensely satisfying.

  6. I too was very satisfied to see Judal crushed by Ugo. He seems to be a fairly popular character (esp w/ the ladies) but dude went straight to my blacklist the instant he punched Aladdin in the face(not my baby! D:<)

    But anyway I'm really loving this show! It's been a while since I came across an anime that I'm compelled to watch on a weekly basis (I usually let episodes of anime I watch to build up a bit then marathon later) *____*

  7. Although Judal is a prick, but man he is cool, I like him( the first prick I ever like since I started watching anime). Aladdin not cool anymore.

    Ugo the boss, no one can beat him. So his head is left at the library and the body is in the flute with Aladdin?

  8. Offtopic and the manga readers prolly know about this already…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway Judal’s here, so it’s prolly time for some cluster-fuck events for our heroes to resolve. Anything with Judal in it isn’t a pretty sight.

  9. I just kept thinking “Ugo is having none of your shit!” the whole time he was curb-stomping Judal. Then when he impaled Ugo and said he was finished, I just thought “Bitch, did Ugo say he was finished?” Ah, karma. It usually takes longer for a smug villian to get such a well-deserved ass-kicking, but I enjoyed getting one this early in the series!

  10. I am a huge fan of Alibaba and I have stated this before, I like looking at the experienced Sinbad versus the still growing Alibaba. Sinbad gives me the ‘handsome grownup’ aura, and definately this episode sparked my interest in knowing his past with ‘Judal’ and why ‘Judal’ doesn’t just force Sinbad, he looks more powerful.

    I am someone who likes dealing with one issue at the time, so I would normally frown upon anime episodes that puts another conflict in my head, but this blew me away. Here was I looking at Alibaba’s weakness, and now I’m looking at Alaadin’s. Ugo-kun! The number of times that name was said had me yelling it back. We got to see his face too! I was almost starting to feel Alibaba’s weakness compared to Sinbad, when I saw him defend Aladin, by jumping into it, and even scrating ‘Judal’s’ face, that made me want to see more action.

    Great episode, great review. Judal is not yet defeated, by far. The evil guy in the story won’t just be swiped easily. As Sinbad said, they both have equal powers. So let’s see and Judal must have some ‘Ugo-kun’ with him. Oh gosh, if I was dying to see this week’s episode, I’m now so curious for next week’s! I love this anime so far. I never saw an anime that can compete with Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood yet, (my own personal opinion), and this anime has potential, I wanna see it grow.

    Thanks! Love this website and the reviews!


  11. Very nice episode, liked the fight a lot, specially how Ugo went berserk at the end, although i was surprised by few things:-

    -So Ugo is still back there in that library when he isn’t summoned (maybe is it inside the flute !!!), and when Aladdin summons him his head is left behind lying on the floor, that’ just weird, specially since we don’t know yet why he can’t fully summon him !!?

    -How could Ugo not be Aladdin’s Djinn if he can summon him, it would be weird if he is someone else’s djinn (and gets his energy from someone other than Aladdin) yet Aladdin can still summon and control him !!!!

    -Why does Judal need to have any allies (or rather why is looking for them), powerful as he is he can do all the conquering he wants on his own, is he just looking for human company/attention !!?

    -What did those three thieves do with Sindbad’s items, they don’t seem to have them anymore, did the sell them or something !!?


    Just to make one thing clear, no spoilers please .. i just want to discuss/speculate about these questions with someone who doesn’t read the managa .. that’s all.

    1. -maybe the flute acts as a portal to the library? and Ugo isn’t allowed to leave the library(at least not completely), like Aladdin wasn’t at the beginning?

      -well Aladdin asked him to be his friend as his one wish, so maybe rather than being controlled he’s just helping out Aladdin as a friend(after all a Djinn has to fulfill the wish).

      -he just wants entertainment, because he’s bored with his life.if i had to speculate i would say it’s because everything is too easy for him, be it casting spells(note, from what Sinbad said about being able cast two spells at once, i would assume he’s kind of a genius),battling other Magi,pulling strings for the Kou Empire.so he doesn’t actually want to conquer the world, just to enjoy overcoming a good,difficult challenge(and world conquering is as difficult as it gets) but he doesn’t want to do it by himself because it’s more fun when doing it with others on your side, than alone(to use a analogy, it’s like playing a multiplayer/co-op version of a game is more fun than just playing it in singleplayer).so i would say your speculation is half right(at least according to my theory)

      -glad to know someone else noticed it too, but i have no answers for you.

      i haven’t read the manga this purely speculation from my part.

    2. Ugo does belong to Aladdin in some form, remember in the earlier episodes Aladdin became exhausted from summoning Ugo too much. It seems the Ugo has other “reserves” of magoi he can draw from.


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