「絶体絶命です!」 (Zettaizetsumei Desu!)
“Driven into a Corner!”

This week on Girls und Panzer: The Musical… I don’t know how they keep managing to do it. How is it feasibly possible that every episode is more entertaining than the last? Is there no upper limit here? There’s no way it can keep following this pattern – every week I feel like it’s peaking and yet it continues to climb ever upwards. We may not have had the incredible singing we had last week, but Nonna still delivered a Cossack Lullaby and Miho’s PTSD finally kicked in causing her to start singing and doing the anglerfish dance (okay it wasn’t really her PTSD, but the abruptness of it made it seem momentarily like she’d finally snapped). And then there was the dancing. Oh Saori, earlier in the series you were so concerned about being seen performing the anglerfish dance, and yet here you are doing so in front of an audience at the tank nationals where we can practically see the shame radiating off Shiho. If Miho being disowned wasn’t set in stone before, it most certainly is now! As brilliant as that was all by itself, there was also the Cossack dancing, done to the tune of an instrumental Polyushko-polye. The only thing that could possibly have made it any better would have been some Kalinka! The song and dance doesn’t stop there either! While scouting in the snowy wilderness, Rommel and Yukari even began to sing Yuki no Singun. There’s an instrumental version of Katyusha too! Truly a musically spectacular episode!

Everything relating to the closure of Oarai is pretty much as I guessed last week – they’re being abolished due to funding problems and participating in the nationals is a last ditch attempt to save the school by becoming the champions and gaining some prestige. No-one’s going to close down the school that hosts the reigning champions after all! We also learn why their tanks are not up to the level of many of the other teams – all the good ones were sold off long ago leaving behind only the ones no-one could even be bothered to find.

Last week, many people told me that the Russians were jokingly known for always missing their first shots. By this point, I think we can safely say we’ve escalated far beyond that. Their accuracy rating seems to be very low indeed. Instead, I have drawn a different conclusion: being the good Russians these girls are, they’re all ludicrously roaring drunk. Not even Stilts can boast the heights of these continuous blood-alcohol ratios! All the vodka they likely consumed, shrugging off the cold as if it were nothing while waiting for the match’s time limit to expire, resulted in an inability to maintain sufficiently high accuracy. Oarai’s tactics were solid – choosing to try and break through the most heavily defended spot rather than taking the bait – but the volleyball team only survived as long as they did, allowing the masterfully hidden StuG to take out the enemy flag tank (that ambush was brilliant!), because of Nonna and her group’s sudden dip in accuracy.

While it didn’t seem like there was any real way Oarai could escape the predicament they’d landed themselves in last week without resorting to contrivances of plot, they somehow managed it. We all knew Anzu was a genius, though not to what extent. Until now, she’d always sat back and let the rest of her team carry her, playing the role of a lazy student council president who delegates everything to her subordinates. The moment she actually steps in and takes control herself, magic happens. Of course, they were taken out by Nonna in the end – they didn’t even see that shot coming! Pravda’s general overconfidence is really what led them to lose their flag tank – a rather ironic reversal after the events of the last episode. Katyusha saw her plans as infallible which led to Oarai’s escape and the Pravda flag tank obviously never expected to be found given how relaxed they were up until the chase began. But it’s not fair to give them all the credit for their own loss – in addition to Anzu and some clever thinking from Miho, we even got to see just how much the first year team has grown. It wasn’t all that long ago when they would flee from a battle when things got tough, and yet here they are, willingly taking a shell to protect the Oarai flag tank. The Sodoko clones took one too of course, but that wasn’t quite as dramatic a development.

In the end, everything comes down to one of the few resolutions I feel like I can actually be happy with. Pravda were a formidable foe – an outright victory would have felt wrong, an obvious contrivance of plot. But instead, we have what appears to be a draw, with both flag tanks being taken out simultaneously. I imagine Oarai is going to be declared the winner here so that they can move on to face off against Maho, but it’ll be interesting to see how the decision is made. Will it be judged that the Pravda flag tank was taken out a miniscule amount of time before Oarai? Or will they decide it’s a draw and send Oarai forwards based on the comparative firepower of each team? The latter certainly seems like a promising option in my eyes.

At the very end of the episode, the ED introduces our next new team who I imagine will make their proper debut next week. Contrary to expectations, the tank the rather mismatched literature team will be using is not the Tiger P. Their tank, I’m told, is the Type 3 Chi-Nu, another Japanese tank. Looks like it’s going to be a different team altogether – the mechanics maybe? – taking control of the Tiger P! It’ll be interesting to see where the Chi-Nu comes from in the first place – I have a feeling that they may not find it lying about like the others.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – #GaruPan the musical! With additional awesome tank battles!

Random thoughts:

  • I love the way the flag comes out of the bottom of the tank. There’s apparently a hatch there so it’s feasible, but there’s also something ridiculously silly about the idea that makes it awesome to contemplate.
  • I’m starting to warm to Maho more as time goes on – we see very little of her, but the faith she shows in Miho when Shiho expresses a desire to leave certainly raised her in my eyes.
  • The juxtaposition of Oarai gradually losing hope inside the building while Pravda revel in the blizzard outside is a nice touch.
  • This shot is so perfect for exploitation! (Thanks to Stereoman for making the awesome edit!)
  • Watching Mako evade by essentially just falling over is always hilarious.


ED1.09 Sequence

ED: 「Enter Enter MISSION !」 by 渕上舞、茅野愛衣、尾崎真実、中上育実、井口裕香 (Fuchigami Mai, Kayano Ai, Ozaki Mami, Nakagami Ikumi, Iguchi Yuka)



  1. So much to say after that episode.

    First things first, Ooarai again got lucky, but not too much so that it would feel like a full-fledged deus ex machina. Then again, this is enjoyable enough taken at face value so that I can accept it for what it is.
    The two main factors that dragged out this match were obviously the degrading visibility that hugely diminished Ooarai disadvantage in numbers, and Katyusha poor performance in commanding her troops. Had Nonna been leading them, Ooarai would likely have been toast. Also, I want the full version of Nonna singing that lullaby !

    The Student Council deserves much kudos, and not just for showing their hearts are in the right place by doing what they can to save their own school. In the fight proper they played the bait admirably (nearly surviving it too) by playing havoc in the heart of Pravda formation, going for point-blank hits and track hits, taking two enemies down with them and fixing most of Pravda attention to them while Ooarai’s main body escaped the encirclement. Good thing too they finally realized Momo was far too emotional to ever be a good gunner and switched roles.

    The StuG taking the final shot in its natural hull-down (can we say turret-down for an assault gun by the way ?) position was a very good move. Bonus points for Ooarai and the producers if they used the hole the IS-2 came from in the previous episode. Now the question remains of who exactly won this match.

    It is a good thing this show doesn’t give any grimdark vibe, otherwise I would be extremely worried for the Volleyball team. What little we saw of the hit they took (without even including potential foreshadowing beforehand) looks very very bad indeed. Incidentally, am I right in assuming that killing an Ooarai crew member would have automatically eliminated Pravda, neatly solving the problem of HOW to get Ooarai to the finals without an ass-pull of epic proportions ? Still I am mostly confident the Ahiru’s team is alright, but still I would like for the week to hurry so that I can be reassured completely.

    Last, if we do get the Schwarzwald – Ooarai final, I don’t see Ooarai winning. Maho would certainly NOT make the mistake of underestimating Miho, she would beat them fair and square. Maybe a runner-up medal would be enough to get them at least a few years reprieve… or maybe the Isuzu family (and/or the Nishizumi)(and/or Akiyama’s Barber Shop) could support the school financially. We shall see.

    1. My personal opinion (which I know is shared by at least a couple of other people) is that Oarai should not win the finals. I think it would be a pretty cool move to have them lose out to Maho’s better trained team and perhaps somehow end up with a sponsorship from elsewhere to save the school – getting to the finals on their first appearance would be quite a feat in its own right. That way, a second season (there damn well better be one!) could show us the rest of the teams who we never got to see as Oarai actually make their way through to finally win the nationals!

      1. I’m of the same opinion. And I think they can have Ooarai ultimately lose in the finals and still have a feeling of victory – just by somehow preventing the school from being closed down and their Sensha-do team getting stronger for it. If the show were to take this direction, I could see Miho being tested in finals in a similar situation as the year prior and Miho again choosing her way of Sensha-do despite the possible fate of Ooarai.

        Although, if Miho and company pull out an upset in the finals, I’m confident that it will be done in such a way that will be satisfying. This show has managed to do so many things well that either way, I’ll probably like it.

      2. If i would guess, how this “Sponsor” could be, then i guess “Tea cup”. because since the “training” Fight, the Captain is a “fan” of Oorai “Flexible on the Battlefield” Tactics

    2. “… Ooarai again got lucky, but not too much so that it would feel like a full-fledged deus ex machina. Then again, this is enjoyable enough taken at face value so that I can accept it for what it is.”

      Excellent way to sum up the battle. Agree 100%. It’s like the writers managed to ride on the fringe of credibility without ever crossing the line. An unlikely, but not impossible turn of events.

      “Had Nonna been leading them, Ooarai would likely have been toast.” LOL – completely true and qualifies as a quintessential example of “understatement.” Winning Pravda battle plan: Step 1: do NOT wake up Katyusha from her nap, Step 2: Everyone listen to Nonna, Step 3: Win. Of course I’m biased as I <3 Nonna. JMO, but the lullabye, while good, pales to the "Katyusha" song last EP. That was VERY well done.

      "It is a good thing this show doesn’t give any grimdark vibe, otherwise I would be extremely worried for the Volleyball team."

      Your not kidding there. Maybe just me, but it EP cranked the battle scenes up to 11. The shell hits are more violent than I recall with shrapnel plainly visible. Every teams shown after disablement appears ragged and beaten up. The 38(t) got hit HARD – enough to get airborne and flip. Very dramatic… until the white flag pop up. LMAO when I saw that. That bit of humor reduced a lot of the tension/grimness. Still When I saw Aya and her broken glasses, for a second I thought about her being blinded. The VB just got crushed – as expected with the Type 89.

      I think all Oarai tanks were hit by the IS-2. I suspect one reason is that since show is almost obsessive in terms of detail and accuracy (a plus IMO), an effort is made to scale on screen explosions to the tank gun. That 122mm is based on a howitzer with shell size providing more of the penetration than velocity. It's the biggest tank gun we've scene (KV-2 didn't hit) so that would explain the more dramatic explosions. Also, it make for better "TV". One think I noticed was that the T-34 hit by the StuG III point blank hardly looked damaged at all.

      1. Well this “point Blank” Shoot was so Hard, that the Tank suddenly Stop. With out “Mass Effect”.. Stop with this Speed you must “slide” a bit. Or some “Anti-Force” force you to. So i think some “Crew” hit their Heads and the Engine broken down. Well at last the Gear

        me think, this “Point Blank” shoot penetrate the Underside of the Tank. Perhaps their Weak Spot. and “disable” the Driver

      2. @Germanguy:

        Very good point! I didn’t even think about the fact that the T-34’s momentum had stopped. It’s just that with Oarai tank parts flying about like a scattered flock of pigeons, the T-34 looks perfectly unscathed except for smoke coming out of the engine compartment ^_^.

  2. So Ooarai probably won this round! Their hidden buried down StuG III did hit Pravda`s T34/76 flag tank low in very close range. There was smoke coming from Pravda`s flag tank`s engine after that hit, but white flag did not came out in this episodes timeframe. It was even risk for T34/76 got it`s shell reserve expoloding, if it is placed low in that tank.

    I am worried about how it is with Duck Team`s crew after they was hit by JS-3`s big shot. Their little Type 89 looked as it was blown to pieces in great explosion cloud, in real battle nobody would have survived such great hit by 122mm shell.

      1. We were seeing 2 simultaneous battles taking place by them switching back and forth. As for which team shot first, we won’t know until next week. It could be that it was a simulataneous knockout on both sides and a tie will be declared or they will go into a sudden death match where the first side that eleminates the others remaining tanks wins.

        However, no matter what happens, we do know that Miho must fact off against her former team and Maho, otherwise they have too many episodes left.

  3. I remembered seeing one blogger said anime is finished after last episode. Now I wonder what will he say after seeing this episode XD

    Regardless, great episode as usual. Multitrack drifting everywhere, great chase scene, and also DAT CLIFFHANGER. I laughed very hard when the duck team is the only one left in the chase scene, their tank is just like drinking bird!

    Kevin Yamagata
  4. I don’t think any episode this week will be able to top this. It had it all, laughs, cute moments, tension, excitement and an epic cliffhanger for Ooorai’s win. (Its obvious that Oorai won, otherwise there won’t be two more episodes).

    I was wrong about Miho, she didn’t buck under the pressure at all. She was pretty much the only one who kept her head together. Seeing the enire team dance the Ankou also proves how they’re all all loyal to her. There were also some nice moments with Erwin and Yukari singing Sodoko still being tsundere on Mako.

    As I expected Miho opted to breakout of encirclement, and I believe she made the right decision on sacrificing one of the tanks as a distraction. What I didn’t expect is for Anzu to man the 38(t) gun and Yuzu to step up her driving and turn the 38(t) into a NINJA TANK. Turtle Team didn’t just distract Pravda, they tore s*** up and took down several tanks before going down. I guess no one is going to doubt that Anzu is a genius anymore.

    Katsyusha on the other hand made a few mistakes mainly sending her entire force out. She had more than enough tanks to spare the chase and defend at the same time. Guarding the flag tank with only the KV-2 was a poor decision. It has armor but its slow as hell and has a poor reloading time. It could have used a few T-34 to support it, otherwise Ooorai wouldn’t have easily entrapped the flag tank. Especially when they have a great vantage point provided by Yukari who once again starts channeling Solid Snake with her scouting. (Yukari is still my favorite girl).

  5. By the way, from the wikipedia page

    The music was by Lev Knipper, with lyrics by Viktor Gusev in 1933. The song was part of the symphony with chorus (lyrics by Gusev) “A Poem about a Komsomol Soldier” (Поэма о бойце-комсомольце) composed in 1934. The original lyrics are sung from the perspective of a Red Army recruit, who proudly leaves his home to keep watch against his homeland’s enemies.

    I’m afraid the official release in Crunchyroll will not have that song (and the instrumental Katyusha, which is also played in this episode) >.<

    Kevin Yamagata
      1. One more thing. Considering previous senshado team left (or rather, threw away) some decent tanks like Pz IV, StuG III, and even Tiger(P), I wonder what kind of tanks they used to have. I’m thinking of Pershing, Hetzer, Cromwell, or even Ratte…

        Kevin Yamagata
  6. Can’t stop watching the Pravda chase……

    That aside… Miho certainly pulled a fast one with her ragtag Kampfgruppe. I never thought they’s go straight out and leading a feint to the flank than frontal assault?! That was just so daring. The great tank generals would be pround of you Miho. I think Miho allevated herself to the level of Panzergeneral? Anyway… There were plenty of cute moments in the show but Katyusha stole them.

    Back to the battle scene. It was AWESOME to see Anzu taking to the trigger and the 38(t) going Russian style on the Pravda. Tried that in WoT and I FAILED MISERABLY! I now have new found respect for the SC. With regards to the first years… I think they’ve come a long way since St Gloriana days. They’ve matured and are more willing to put themselves on the line though more can be done. Volleyball team… They’re pretty awesome as always and they’re really REALLY tall. Nice long sexy legs. Love them! And those are SOME stunts that their tank is doing.

    On to the other aspects >

    https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2028.jpg – I’ve seen that pose before….

    https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2018.jpg – Katyusha’s cute when she’s not all Comisar-ish

    https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2030.jpg – This screams “I’m sending you to your maker”

    https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2036.jpg – And Mickey Mouse got done in by the StuG……..

    1. P.S. Read somehwere… on achtungpanzer.com… The German nickname for that T-34 variant was Mickey Mouse. You just need to look at the dancing Pravda girls to know why it was called that

  7. The main problem with Pravda is that they thought that this battle was Stalingrad, but it really was the Battle of the Bulge! Anzu showed what the 38(t) can really do, so let’s hope that she stays as the gunner. Miho’s showed that she had the resolution to keep forward, but her own personality is her weakness. That’s why she had to turn for the Ankou Dance, and it was a morale boost for all Oarai.
    So, no other school wanted the PzIV? If Black Forrest Peak shows in the final with a platoon of PzIII covering Maho’s Tiger, I’ll laugh in their snobbish faces.
    There’s a technicality that may help Oarai to win the match without having a “sudden death” kind of showdown: Nonna switched tanks. I don’t think is fair to just change crew members during a live combat, as every tank crew must stay in their own tanks.
    Where’s my broadway musical of Girls und Panzer?!

    1. There’s nothing in the officially written Senshado rules that state that crewmembers changing tanks aren’t allowed. Mako did that last episode to help the Discipline Team in getting their B1 up the hill. It is easier to just train yourself to specialize in a single tank however rather than train in the operation of multiple tanks, thus why we don’t see them changing tanks so casually… unless you’re Mako or Nonna.

  8. The juxtaposition of Oarai gradually losing hope inside the building while Pravda revel in the blizzard outside is a nice touch.

    And furthers the allusions to the Battle of Stalingrad. But one thing Miho may be glad not to have is an obstructive superior.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Anyway…Miho and her team avoiding being hit by the KV-2 and taking advantage of its slow reload rate–called it. And the Turtle Team manages to “hug the enemy” (keep the enemy close to negate their superior firepower + create havoc on the enemy)–ironically the same tactic used by Vasily Chuikov and his troops in Stalingrad.

    But wow, the IS-2 still manages to be a scary opponent. Especially if cold sniper Nonna is in it.

    Damn that cliffhanger, though… Who hit the kill shot first? This is more closer than that match with Saunders!

    Also, I can’t help but wonder what were the good tanks that Ooarai’s previous tankery club had.

    1. I was reading Manstein’s Lost Victories (if I remembered correctly)

      He that for all the tragedy at Stalingrad, it actually saved the German Army in Crimera and the Caucasus. It pretty much tied the bulk of the Soviet Army from closing the noose by moving towards the Don. It let the Germans pull out in good order, relatively

      Either way, Stalingrad and the fate of the 6th Army could very well be both a tragedy and a heroic tale. Though it was indeed an unnecessary loss. But to tie the bulk of the Red Army that would otherwise be unleased on an army group…. I’ll leave that open to discussion

      1. Remember, Manstein managed to badly maul overextended Russians not much later at Kharkhov. In the end, there is nothing that would decisively change the course of the war, as it was massed production capacity of allies that overwhelmed Germany. Less than 2000 Tigers were produced and about 6000 Panthers to over 50.000 of Sherman and T-34 each not counting other types!

      2. Sherman – easy to produce and material are easily get in America soil. No need for special materials in the making.

        Russian – Hand made production, cheap and can be mass produce within in a week. No need special materials in the making. Share equal of mass produce with Sherman. All materials need can be found in Russia soils and Ural Mountains.

        German – Tiger and Panther – very expensive, very sophisticated in technical and engines. Material also need special one. Very slow and limited time to mass produce due to bombing raids but when coming out, its’ deadly and nightmare for both Russian tank and Sherman tank.

      3. A great man once said “Quantity is quality in itself”

        Frankly speaking… If the Germans had simplified designed their Pz IV and Panther for large scale mass production… Winning the war would heavily himge on who has the larger air force and who can spam more and faster.

        Looking at MBT of today, it doesnt seem to be made for quantity

      4. Modern tank nowsday build for quality and no longer quantity. Israel do build that for quantity in modern tank for Merkava project but that soon change dramatic since after 1 Year War, Israel didn’t engage any Arabs tank beside human engage factor. So they drawback the project and making more AFV, IFV and Support craft.

      5. @c2710:

        “Frankly speaking… If the Germans had simplified designed their Pz IV and Panther for large scale mass production… Winning the war would heavily himge on who has the larger air force and who can spam more and faster.”

        Good point about Germany’s industry and design. I agree in principle, but not on specific. One problem was that the guy in charge kept making unilateral, and often unreasonable, design changes against the engineers advice. The Panther was orinally supposed to be a fast medium tank, but demands for increasing armor made it closer to a heavy tank. Great tank, but the engine was barely powerful enough.

        The Germans did need to streamline their weaponry and make more of an effort to use common parts, but that’s not a cure all. The Panther suffered from transmission issues b/c they decided to use a different type of gear which was cheaper and easier to make. Problem was that it wasn’t a strong as the original design and resulted in Panthers breaking down.

        Spamming only works if you have superior numbers. The Soviets had a huge population compared to Germany. Germany needed superior AND reliable tanks to offset numerical disadvantages. A reliable Panther would be a very tough foe for the Russians. Not so much for the Panzer IV which was roughly equal with the T-34. Late models had more armor, but mostly in front and the engine struggled to keep up with its weight (VERY common of late war German tanks).

        Even if it all came down to air-force, as the war progressed Germany, though not to the same extent as Japan, suffered from a lack of pilots. Lack of fuel was another huge problem. Even with tanks, by mid-1944, Germany couldn’t get the raw materials it needed to make the right steel for tanks. What they produced was weaker and relatively brittle.

        @SgtKurtz – Agree 100%. Modern tanks are MUCH more reliable, and there’s really no need for large quantity given the size of today’s armed forces.

  9. so after student council explain how need win the tournament to save the school give some wonder & worry well miho pull in fish dance to cheer everyone to get all do it.

    & what next cue WOLVERINES shout no surrender cue all or nothing with student council bring down two russian tanks in blaze of glory give russian call in big gun tank.

    with all shooting & target for flag let shot to shots with so tight like went to a photo finish to be continued!!!

  10. Alright, all the music and dancing aside, the episode was excellent – almost every tank in the Ooarai team was eventually picked off by superior Pravda tanks, and especially by Nonna who seems to be equivalent of Saunders ace gunner…

    And when 122mmm connects with lighter tank, results are spectacular, to say the least…

    In the end it was a karmic strike with both flag tanks being knocked out simultaneously. I guess some kind of equivalent of of football penalty shots might follow as a tie-breaker – maybe a 1-on-1 duel of tanks? (I’d like to see Nonna vs Miho!)

    1. A one-on-one tank duel? Man, and I just re-watched Patton today, too! XD

      “You know, Dick, if I had my way, I’d meet Rommel face to face; him in his tank and me in mine. We’d meet out there somewhere… salute each other, maybe drink a toast, then we’d button up and do battle. The winner would decide the outcome of the entire war.”

  11. I still cant fathom how the Council team could survive being hit and then OVERTURNING, with just bruises. Still, kudos for their guts. No guts, no glory.
    The usage of machine-guns, too doesnt seem to concern anyone (does tracer rounds kill? idk).
    And lastly, the Stug III is not just in a hull-down position. Its practically buried in snow. How did they manage to pile the snow up in such a short amount of time?

    1. I’ve mentioned it elsewhere, but all rounds used on the tanks (including I assume the machinegun bullets) are specially made by the Senshado Foundation, which is to say that they’re likely made with lethality not in mind.

    2. everything was great.tank movement,gun cannon sound,machine gun sound,explosion,light,snow,dance,and a lot more.the view make me actual feel like it was so beautiful.Awesome aww man i feel like i am actual see tank war with my own eye how awesome the tank battle style.and the camera angle oh wow awesome indeed.
      i knew student council team will sacrifice they tank in order for other team to escape.and 38(t)tank are the prefect tank for confusion among enemy tank because that tank was design to operate like blizt but i never even expected that stug III tank track can be fixed.how in the hell they i mean girl can manage to drag that tank Stug III track and then assembly to stug III tank track and fix that track.that thing freaking heavy wow.oh no it not make sense anymore.in my personal word manga or anime everything not logic but it was fun to wacth.
      i am disappoint about ending it was desperate to wait 1 week to see result who win.
      and why each time every episode end with flag tank chase?enemy chase oorai flag tank and orrai tank chase enemy flag tank? i am notice the same patten happen with saunder tank team.last shoot decide everything.if the producer follow same road again i can see how final last battle ending between maho and miho already inside my mind.i hope i mistake.
      i love see how enemy play with oorai team moral.and how miho break enemy moral with dance spirit that she and her team do not like it but it really work.it give oorai team moral up.
      but the truth is i am really freaking scare imagine old building,in the dark,in snow,they way they line up and far distant.

    3. And lastly, the Stug III is not just in a hull-down position. Its practically buried in snow. How did they manage to pile the snow up in such a short amount of time?

      They did a tank drift. There was a very quick scene of that.

  12. In addition to the great idea of having the little surrender flag pop out of the bottom of the upturned tank, I think they’ve done a great job with the sound effect of that flag in that it’s so distinctive that everyone watching knows it means the tank’s out. So now they don’t even have to wait until the smoke clears to show the flag pop out, they can just play the sound effect and move on in the battle, with Anzu and Yuzuko rampaging around.

    And even though you know inside you that Oarai has plot armor and will be moving on somehow, the impact of that tie cliffhanger ending was just huge while watching it. Really a great moment of drama. I’m also thinking that ‘Tiebreaker based on comparative strength’ is a good way to decide the match, still a humiliating defeat for Katyusha and Pravda, but not an implausible condition. I also have to hand it to Pravda for the sportsmanship shown as the time ran out on the surrender window. They could have just rolled tanks up and blasted them inside the building, but instead let Oarai run out and make their move. Sure, some was because Katyusha wanted to further humiliate them, but it still shows the difference between “war” and Sensha-do.

    I got the sense that Maho was a supporter of Miho last episode when she was seeming to start to speak up on Miho’s behalf (after defending her own dedication to Nishizumi Style) only to be interrupted by Shiho.

  13. My impressions:


    Here were my thoughts back in episode eight:
    –I imagine that they might go for a breakout and scatter with the Panzer IV on flag defense, StuG III with the B1 bis and M3 Lee as diversion. Pz 38(t) as the other flank for the Type 89. The B1 bis still has it’s howitzer intact, so they can blast out. Careful observation of enemy movements to find the weak spots, and break out either there, or even more ballsy, towards their Flag or the JS-2 and KV-2. An inviting target as we’ve seen with Pravda is just a new encirclement. Miho’ll earn her place as Field Marshall Rommel’s protege’ if she does this. If not, a descendant of Paulus.–

    How much of that was applicable. Clearly careful observation of enemy movements and going for the heavily defended bits. Katyusha, like all others before, underestimated Ooarai. Clearly the only one that isn’t is Maho. If anything, elder sis was younger sis’ mentor, and taught her EVERYTHING she knew, so she knows what Miho is capable of.

    Frankly I knew they would break out, and the fact they would do so when knowing the enemy positions and avoiding the obvious. What I didn’t expect is HOW. Also it seems the Tiger (P) is still a wildcard in terms of it’s crew, but I honestly applaud Ooarai for showing their newfound training and professionalism. I mean, take for example Team Rabbit. Remember St. Gloriana vs Oorai? Now look at where they are.

    Attention to detail is amazing as usual, especially with the view of the Pz 38(t), T-34-85, and JS-2’s gunner’s reticule.

    Anyways, my lunch break is almost over, I’ll be back sometime tonight.

  14. Well from the last scene where both flag tanks were shot… there are gonna be 2 probabilities…

    1st =

    It is a draw… postponed to another date and they got to fight again in another battle in a different place I suppose. and by then probably they have a new team the Chi-nu or the Tiger(P) and then win showing a quick winning scene as when they fought with “Anzio”

    (I am just guessing, I just dont read the manga… Cause I dont want spoilers. Sorry if I’m wrong)

    2nd =

    They actually win because the Pravda’s Flag tank was shot head on and that for me is a kill… For the Oorai’s flag tank… from what I see… it just got hit in the tracks… blown to pieces the tracks did… but I dont think that would be disqualified… because the Stug was shot in the tracks… although it could not move… it is still not disqualified and could be fixed…

    Hmmm~ let us see next week… what it would bring… Seriously, this episode gave me the adrenaline rush…

    1. Um the Main Cannon of the IS-2 put the 89 “Light Infantry Support Tank” into Pieces. I hope the Crew “survived” that somehow without injuries. A Bug Shell hit Paper and Explode (They used HE Ammo it seems)

  15. This Episode was “Awesome”

    Give me the “Address” of the Mechanic Team. They must have Modified the Engines in Horse Power 🙂
    Even the “Duck” Team can handle the Speed. Perhaps they Build in a “Planed” Turbo-booster Engine from the “Build-in Future Papers”

    Nice fight. I re-watched it 3 Times

  16. I know that a kitten will suffer for this, but I have to say it.

    When the temperature gets really cold, you can’t perform maintainence on metal military equipement with your bare hands, else you may loose some skin when it sticks. This was an issue in both WWII and Korea. So given that Miho was concerned enough over the cold to warn them about touching the metal tanks with their bare hands, how come no one is concerned about them climbing all over their tanks in bare legs? Never mind them hanging around outside in those mini-skirts with no concern over hypothermia or frost bite. Realistically, at least put some tights or heavy stockings on the poor girls.

    The Tiger is not going to be manned by the mechanics. From the opening, and the new closing episode, we get to see the 3 cosplay girls who are the tanks new team. Which brings up another point. With the addition of the 2 gun Renault B1, why would they only put 3 crew members in it. They should have swapped the volleyball team since the 89 doesn’t really need 4 crew members if they ignore the radio or taken a member from the 6 member Rabbit team in the M3 Lee. And with the new Tiger, does it really make sense to have 6 in the M3 Lee and 5 in the Panzer IV when the tiger’s shells are as big and heavy as they are? They are seriously only going to use 3 girls in that tank? The initial allocation of crews made sense with the original 5, but the crew of the 2 new tanks makes no sense if they want to efficiently opperate them. And given that the new Tiger is now their best tank, it really makes no sense to underman it.

    1. Just noticed that the new tank, formerly assumed to be a Tiger, is now rumored to be the smaller Japanese Type-3. A tank that never saw combat and was only developed as a stop gap when the Japnese answer to the M4 Sherman, the Type-4 ran into developement issues. At least its got a better gun then many of the other Oarai tanks, but it only compares with the worse tanks in the Top Tier Competitions’ arsenals. It still probably would be better to run a 4 man crew in it instead of the useless type-89 since it can actually kill another tank.

      1. “Useless”? No, Type 89 Crew is a very Good Scout team.. But your right, when it comes to “Firepower” it is to weak. But thats not his Function. Even 39(t) could “bind” 4 Tanks, so that they could Escape

        No Tank is Useless. It is about the Crew, if it is “Crap” or “Tank Ace”

      2. “Just noticed that the new tank, formerly assumed to be a Tiger, is now rumored to be the smaller Japanese Type-3.”

        I’m not sure if I understand you correctly, but the Type 3 is the 8th tank. The Tiger(P) is still there (probably having a H*** of a time getting out of the ships bowels).

      3. Perhaps they need to Dismantle the Tiger P Tank to get it out of these Storage, and Rebuild it in the Tank Garage

        With this “trick” you can even move a “Car” into 2 or Higher Floor. Just a hell of a Work to Dismantle and Build together 🙂

  17. Isuzu Hana – Gunner of Panzer IV and I did mention about her in episode 6 against the Sander Sherman Flag tank. Precise timing, cool head and steady hand made the firing from impossible to possible. Great asset to Anko Team. However now we have a similar possibilities for Nonna of Pravda.

    This is my comment for Isuzu Hana;
    (All I can says, PzIV using a normal armor-piercing shell. Although its’ normal, all depend on gunner firing skill. Good thing for Hana when she took her time to concentrate and focus. I still amaze the ways she says before firing…” Its’ like how to balance proper arrangement of the flower “. I nominated her as PzIV sharpshooter Gunner.)

    Nonna of Pravda – Gunner of T-34/85 (maybe) and switch to JS-2 (monster tank with an awesome of D25-T 122 mm gun (28 rds.). Her appearance has blow a death strike on me, the way she handle as a Gunner. I really don’t personal about Nonna real life but since she share same or even better abilities of Isuzu Hana. I became more and more respect on Nonna.

    My comment for Nonna;

    (I’m totally speechless and seriously I dunno how to describe her. Nonna character really blown me away).

    Cool head and calm moods

    Eyes of the kill, she deserves same respect with Isuzu Hana, maybe even better despite Hana has warms and gently eyes but the seriousness of Nonna are more stronger than Hana despite her look like.

    Even in condition of pursuing the Oorai Flag Tank, in IS-2 with unable to determine of firing, she still in readiness in firing without hesitation.

    Pravda team deserve to be dangerous opponents.

  18. I watched the Raws and then the sub and it was as even more fun the second time while knowing what was going to happen!

    I wish they’d shown them getting the track back on. Seems like magic otherwise.

    How come Pravda didn’t watch the back of the building? There were a lot of guesses that they would break out the back by punching a hole. Against the rules?

    Katysuka is an idiot (and an egotist). All she had to do was zero her guns on the door and volley fire. Even if she missed the first tank she would have taken out some of them. Is Noona the only one of them that can shoot straight?

    The shot by the StuG at the end was beyond point blank. Another couple of seconds and they would have been run over. Could have been messy with the barrel of their gun jammed into the T34.

    Watching Noona’s eye as she lined up the shot was nerve racking. Maybe the Volleyball team didn’t get knocked out? They already survived a near hit that knocked them from stern to bow (that must have smarted) and we didn’t actually see the flag pop.

    1. 3outcomes I see in this:
      A) a draw. Which causes a rematch with the Tiger (P) and yet another tank (Chi-Ha) to join the fray. Pravda is outsmarted.
      B) Ooarai’s win. Pravda hits that thing sticking out on the back of the Type 89 but not the hull (remember Type 89 hitting Matilda II gas tank, the irony lol)
      C.) Least likely, but a loss. A sponsor (Izumi’s mom?) intervenes and sponsor’s Ooarai. Pravda unable to continue match with Black Forest due to unforeseen circumstance.

      Arashi Yamato
      1. Well, logic (or what would Spock say) there is 3 Episodes Left. I dont think they will fill these with “Tears of Losing the School” Girls. So i heavy assume, that the “Tournament” is going on for Oorai. Even Mr. Spock would agree

      2. I doubt that a single Person/Family can sponsor a whole aircraftcarrier… school.
        About outcomes, I think Ooarai wins with the Type89 quite badly damaged.
        The sled-thingy, which gives the short tank the ability to drive over trenches, was bend a bit earlier and should now cover a bigger rear area of that tank.
        If Nonna struck that, the shell could explode early or be diverted enough to “just” kill the tracks without completely disabling the tank. The same which happened to the Stug3 and one of those T34 earlier.
        I think the Type89 slightly veered to the left just before it gets shot and a part of their right track flies into the camera.

        Tiger(P) Crew:
        Either the Mechanics, which makes sense if it brakes down as much as in Ferdinands reputation or perhaps the volleyball team gets an upgrade. I doubt we see Miho switch from the shows signature tank. But since the official homepage says something about a movie, perhaps we’ll not get to see it at all for now.

        About Pravda having bad accuracy:
        I heard about ww2 russian tanks having inferior optics compared to most german ones. The small triangles (Strich, see earlier episodes) you see enabled german tank crews to hit with their first shot and skip the “range finding shot” most allied tankcrews had to perform. Without it, you need an experienced/well-trained gunner who developed a good sense of range to hit with the first.

        While writing this and researching stuff, I noticed a small blunder within this Episode:
        How did Nonna suddenly change her optics? First shot: Russian reticule (at 19:12), but the tank that hits the Type89 suddenly uses the german Pz4 (at 22:18) reticule. 😉

        On a different topic:
        Most Sensha-dō teams seem to have one commander (Kei, Katyusha) for tactics/smallscale and a different second-in-command (Arisa, Nonna) for planning the overall strategy/bigscale.
        I guess Ooarai currently uses Miho for both, or am I’m missing something?

    2. Bear: LOL – met too! I watched the raws as well since I couldn’t wait.

      “Katysuka is an idiot (and an egotist). All she had to do was zero her guns on the door and volley fire.”

      Yep, agree 1000%. One thing that surprised me was how far back Pravda’s tanks were positioned – especially if visibility was poor due to the snow storm. I was sure the 38(t) would get nailed as soon as it passed through the door. I kept waiting and waiting as each tank made it out of the building and built up speed.

      FWIW, I killed some time by using my limited photoshop skills to edit a screen shot of the battle layout.

      This is Katyusha’s plan with my myriad of comments. (http://www.imagebam.com/image/3f0409225319002) FYI – green lines are a couple of alternate routes (one possibly for the win) I thought about when doing this. Purple line, “actual Oarai route”, isn’t 100% accurate. Oarai headed closer to the “trap” before veering off towards the middle.

      My plan. (http://www.imagebam.com/image/6e49c2225319587) Pretty obvious – just hammer as they exit. Of course I would mandate all guns loaded and sighted before the start. Trick is allowing all of Oarai’s tanks to exit the building, but not let them travel so far that they get too close to Pravda’s tanks. If by some miracle (or crappy shooting) Oarai tanks do escape, certainly disappointing, but no big deal. It shouldn’t be more than a one or two with Pravda having an even greater numerical advantage than before

      No doubt improvements could be made (you or anyone else feel free to comment), but it’s got to be better than what Katyusha used.

      1. Katyusha was playing around and wanted the other tanks to go down before flag tank. Plus, as Caster from Fate/Zero would say: “Nothing like showing your prey a bit of hope before crushing them.”

        As for Katyusha’s plan, it’s not exactly as flawed as you think. You didn’t consider the tank’s range into your analysis (for both sides). As for your plan, assuming its against Senshado to use building debris as a way to win (I.e.: demolish a building), they could easily stay in building and shoot the front with StuG and Pz IV. Then break for it (with sacrifice of two tanks).

        Arashi Yamato
      2. “As for Katyusha’s plan, it’s not exactly as flawed as you think. You didn’t consider the tank’s range into your analysis (for both sides). As for your plan, assuming its against Senshado to use building debris as a way to win (I.e.: demolish a building), they could easily stay in building and shoot the front with StuG and Pz IV. Then break for it (with sacrifice of two tanks).” Valid points. It’s hard to tell since I didn’t go into detail, but I did consider these issues.

        RE: Range. I understand that Pravda’s guns have superior range – much better than Oarai’s overall. However, given Pravda’s lack of accuracy, now exacerbated by poor visibility conditions, IMO much better to “risk” Oarai’s mostly underpowered canons in exchange for actually HITTING THE TARGET! Anzu’s heroics aside, only the StuG III and Panzer IV are true threats. With 120mm of front hull armor and 100mm of mantlet armor, the IS-2 is almost impervious to frontal assault from even those two. Moomba’s dead on about Pravda’s “drunken shooting”. Taking a tip from Erich Hartmann, if Pravda can’t hit ONE tank from the original distance, then I’d move the tanks close enough “to fill the sights.”

        RE: The Building: Sanctuary is one thing, an unfair shield is another. Same goes for accidental building hits (i.e. bad aim) versus purposefully targeting the building (completely unnecessary IMO). I cannot understand why Pravda would not be allowed to return fire on any Oarai tank attacking from inside the building. JMO, but the “building = safe zone” theory is a bit overplayed. In EP 08, nobody on Oarai’s team made a comment about it being “unfair” or “against the rules” in contrast to Saunder’s radio intercept. Sodoko did say, however, that the 122mm was “against school regulations” (LOL).

        FWIW, outnumbered 2:1, “sacrificing two tanks” before trying to break out is a big deal IMO – devastating if one let along both are the StuG III and/or Panzer IV. A very likely result IMO with Nonna <3 as the IS-2 gunner. A very lucky Pravda shot might even hit the tinfoil Type 89 flag tank trapped inside. Also, breaking out won't be so easy with a couple of tanks blocking the door.

        I'm still unclear as to why my criticism of Katyusha's plan is excessive. My understanding of "modern" (i.e. late WWII) tank strategy is that tanks are best utilized by concentrating firepower. Katyusha failed to sufficiently do that. She also placed her flag tank in a potentially vulnerable position, and maybe worst of all, had her tanks so far back that the gunners couldn't hit the proverbial broad side of a barn. Anyway, all JMO – EP 08 & 09 fired up the "armchair general" in me XD. What's important is that Katyusha's plan was flawed enough to provide a credible reason for Oarai's escape. My #1 concern for this episode.

        *sigh* It's only Wed. Another five days to go until EP 10.

      3. Oh, that gave me a lot to think about. One thing that irks me is that Pravda has no security on the back of the building. The “back door” option seemed like the most viable one. There are only four things that I could see that would negate that way out:

        1. Blasting their way out would bring the roof down on them.
        2. Walls are too thick
        3. It’s against the rules
        4. The rounds they are using just aren’t powerful enough.

        So given that the “front door” is the only option and it’s got to be single file, then what? I can’t make out the ranges, but it seems like they’re really close on your image of Pravda’s distribution. 100 meters maybe? What are the odds of getting in more than one shot per tank? The rear echelon also looks like a bad idea. As you pointed out, the “trap” is nothing of the kind. For one thing, they don’t give them enough room to make it enticing. But if they did take the bait, all they have to do is turn right once they’re there and they’re on the flank of the rear echelon with most of the Pravda tanks blocked by the one next to it. Then they’re in Pravda’s rear. I agree with your assessment of the Pravda tanks on the flanks and the location of the flag tank. I also don’t see the location of the KV-2 as being very optimal. With it’s low rate of fire, protecting the flag tank if they’re rushed would be tough.

        Your scenario looks good to my eyes, but putting the Pravda line so close to the building seems like it’s only going to give you one shot before they’re on you. I’d keep them somewhat farther back and since you’ve ranged your guns you shouldn’t have a problem with creating a killing field. I’d move the KV-2 to the line instead of the IS-2 and move the IS-2 to one of the flanking positions (about where Pravda had them only with a straight line of fire) with Noona as the gunner (the only decent one they seem to have). Her orders would be to shoot a tank if it came towards her, else wait for the flag tank to come out and blast it. It’s a shot that requires her to lead it, but she seems good enough to manage it.

      4. @Bear: Thanks for the comment and some very good points.

        Frankly, with the way Pravda set up their tanks, I’d go out the back as well. Use the B1 Bis 75mm howitzer (should be enough) to punch a hole in the wall & ram through. Probably have time a 2nd round if needed. Roof caving in might be a real risk but it’s a strong stone building. Real reason I suspect is that a charge out the front makes for much better TV 😉 Certainly was exciting the way it was done 😀

        As for my positioning. Agree 100% with that screen shot view, but when you look at this view (http://www.imagebam.com/image/22ae31225463643), there’s a lot more space that the other screen shot depicts. Have zero idea which is right, but positioned assuming this one’s correct. Placement was more for illustration than precise depiction anyway.

        “I’d move the KV-2 to the line instead of the IS-2 and move the IS-2 to one of the flanking positions (about where Pravda had them only with a straight line of fire) with Noona as the gunner…”

        You make a convincing argument about swapping the KV-2 for the IS-2, leaving Nonna to snipe the flag tank. The flag tank should be the focus. Main reason I put the IS-2 up front and center was to use it to draw Oarai fire against its heavy armor. Would like to know which KV-2 model this is. If it’s the B model with an extra 35mm of front & turret armor I’m all for the change. Probably a good idea even if its the KV-2A. Frankly, I wasn’t sure the best place for that thing. LOL Big gun, but slow-loading, low velocity howitzer on a slow, bulky tank. Now against infantry or pillboxes…

        Anyway, agree – swap KV-2 with IS-2. Would like to know more about topography – is the back part elevated? If so, put the IS-2 & Nonna back center between the two T34s. If equal or lower elevation, the I’d probably put Nonna on one side next to or replacing a T-34 closest (but not too close) to the door for an unrestricted view/line of fire. Orders are to hit the flag tank immediately as it exits.

        Love this show! Definitely going to play a round of HOI III after the seasons over.

  19. Overall, I really enjoyed the battle this episode and how it turned into a double knockout of both teams’ flags. Winner to be declared next week.

    But here are my toughts on the battle and what I thought would have been a more reasonable result:

    When the break out started there were 12 enemy tanks. The flag and KV stayed in the town. The student council took on 4 tanks (delaying them) and knocked 2 out, but they also seemed to damage the tracks of a 3rd. When the IS moved out after the battle, you could see the 3rd tank trying to follow but only throwing snow up without moving. Its not officially knocked out as they can repair it, but isn’t a factor in the battle; assuming they quickly repaired it, it would still show up during the chase sometime after the IS arrived. And then there was the 6 T-34s (4 88s and 2 76s) chasing the 5 Oari tanks.

    When I saw the Panzer IV and STuG III hidding off to the side as the Pravda tank column went past them, I was screaming, take the shot! They could have easily taken out the rear 2 tanks of the column and possibly 1 or 2 more before Pravda could have properly responded to the ambush. They could have then turned the other tanks around and sandwiched the remaining 2 to 4 Pravda tanks in between the 5 Oarai tanks. At the time, Pravda only had 6 tanks chasing vs the 5 Oarai tanks, as the 7th one didn’t catch up until Katyusha swapped tanks latter. So they had a good chance to finish off a large portion of Pravda’s remaining tanks before the IS and possibly the damaged track T-34 could show up. Leaving just the 2 in town to deal with.

    1. While they could’ve gone with what you’re suggesting, that would’ve killed their stealth and element of surprise causing those 6 Pravda tanks to turn against Ooarai’s 2 strongest guns. Remember, they are not following annihilation rules. They just need to take out the flag tank. Personally, I would’ve sent the StuG to chase the Pravda column in the rear while Pz IV hunts for the flag tank. If the 38(t) wasn’t taken out, they could’ve supported Pz. IV.

      Arashi Yamato
    2. I dunno, if they can Repair it. She hit the “Power Wheel” Section and broke of the Tank. They normally have only these “Spare” Parts in-between “Power Wheel” and “Front Wheel”. So, it is Stuck, but not out of Game

    3. @Justsaying: Disagree here. Miho made the correct choice and focused on the way to win – kill the flag tank. Engaging Pravda’s tanks at that moment would only benefit Pravda. Maybe you take out two tanks, but you won’t catch up with the rest who are over taking Oarai’s flag tank. Katyusha told Nonna “who cares about the missing two tanks – run down the flag tank.” Pravda wouldn’t have stopped and Oarai would have lost.

      As for sandwiching the Pravda tanks – not possible with Oarai’s tanks low power canons unless they perform a repeat of the 38(t) heroic charge. That would be too unrealistic – especially for slower tanks like the B1 Bis and M3 Lee.

      @Arashi Yamato: The Panzer IV alone could not take down the Pravda flag tank as we saw. The T-34 is too fast for the Panzer IV to catch up and get a good shot. It would be very hard for the StuG III to chase and kill the Pravda’s tanks with it’s lack of a turret and slower speed.

  20. That was intense. Definitely the most exciting episode thus far for me. And the way it ended…I groaned out in frustration at the cliffhanger. I swear this show is like anime crack. I’ve never felt this much anticipation for each and every episode of a show like this one. Very much in agreement with Moomba that every episode turns out more entertaining than the last.

    I loved the singing and dancing featured this week – I lol’d when Miho broke out the Anglerfish dance. Actually, I lol’d plenty of times at the antics of Katyusha and Nonna, Yukari and Erwin, Mako and Sodoko. Man, all of the characters in this show are just such a delight to watch.

    I admit that I was a little worried from the last episode that they backed themselves into such a corner (this episode so very aptly titled), that an Ooarai win result could not be done well. However, with the worsening weather conditions, Katyusha’s underestimating Ooarai (and supposed Soviet penchant to miss the first shots), Miho’s bold and daring strategy, and some brilliant maneuvering by the turtle team, we ended up with a quite an awesome battle sequence and plausible draw. Each team racing to hit the opposing team’s flag tank was great!

    Ooarai’s success in the two shown matches (Saunders and Pravda) have really hit home that saying – Better lucky than good. Not that Ooarai hasn’t shown skill. In fact, they have really come a long way since the beginning (especially the rabbit team as others have pointed out). It’s just that they definitely have had luck on their side – especially for this battle against Pravda. Plot armor aside, it works to even things out a bit for our protagonists. At least for me it does.

    I just love to see Miho considering the situation and formulating plans on the fly. Getting Yukari to scout and subsequently locate the flag tank was nicely done by both. Miho realizing that Pravda’s flag tank was going in circles and having the StuG break off for a fixed position and then herding the flag tank in that direction was awesome.

    Also, I think Katyusha is adorable in her little tank hat thing and Nonna is the epitome of the term “cool beauty”.

    BTW, does anyone know if the director(s) of GuP has worked on any other shows. I find the pacing and directing really fits with what I enjoy most in anime and would like to check out other shows they may have worked on.

    I cannot wait for the next episode. Though the thought there are only 3 more episodes left of this show makes me a little sad. GuP has got to have a second season or more!

    1. Well, IF there would be a 2nd Season. Then the Red Line would be around “World championship”. But first they need the “Funds” to run the School or keep it alive. And for “World Championship” they need “better” Tanks. Where to taken the Money for that? 🙂

      1. With they Saying they sold the better Tanks, they digged the “Grave”… for an 2nd Season they could “find” more Old Tanks. But we know now, they Sold them out. To keep the School alive

        So, until a “Miracle” of an Sponsor cam to the Playground, the 2nd Season is still in Darkness

      2. They probably won’t use the tanks from only one school to represent their country, same with tank crews. That also means, like in “Attack No.1”, Maho will be forced to team up with former enemys. I’ll be expecting “Dream Team” posts in the future 😉

        Since the world championship is supposed to happen in a few years, most of the girls probably graduated already and are now college/university. If Mako got those pardons for coming late, that is.

        And I don’t think they’ll be using old tanks, I’m guessing Ooarais Instructor could be part of the current National Team.

    2. 2nd season? World tankery/Senshado/Panzerfahren/Tankwondo competition (not just schools representing a country stereotype, but the actual country…unless they ARE represented by the actual countries)

      Arashi Yamato
    3. The director behind Girls und Panzer is Mizushima Tsutomu who’s generally known for doing some pretty crazy and over the top series. He’s certainly done a great job here!

      I’m also fervently hoping for a second season! I imagine there will be one given how many preorder points it’s been racking up!

    4. ” …we ended up with a quite an awesome battle sequence and plausible draw.”

      Interesting as I’m assuming that “instant replay” will show Oarai taking out Pravda’s flag tank a second (or fraction of a second) before Oarai’s flag tank is killed. The presentation order was just a “troll” so it wouldn’t look obvious. If it was a draw, I wonder what the tie breaker would be?

      @Moomba: If GuP doesn’t get a second season, I’m a loss for what a show needs to do to get one. Moomba – curious as general RC staff impressions of the show, who else watches it, and if anyone’s disappointed they didn’t decide to review it before you. Of course maybe the staff sees having you review GuP as compensation for reviewing that “other show.” ^^

      1. I really should have written “seemingly plausible draw” as I’m expecting the same as you with the instant replay showing a split second victory for Ooarai. But I would not completely discount the possibility of an actual draw and some sort of creative tie breaker.

        Frankly speaking, I would be absolutely shocked if this does not get a second season given how well the BD sales have been going from what I’ve heard. But there is always a chance it may not and that would really be a shame.

    5. @Germanguy:

      If the second season were to cover the World Championships and Ooarai happened to be able to participate, then hopefully they would be able to get their hands on some better tanks. Perhaps winning the nationals would be able to get them more funding than they realize and able to purchase some? On the other hand, I kind of like the thought of beefing up their numbers with unique less popular tanks and win with guts…and lots of kick ass tactics!.

      Although, the TV interview with Maho in episode 2 indicated that she was last year’s MVP and was chosen to represent the nation…so how would they incorporate Ooarai or at the very least Miho into the World Championships? Is it perhaps just Maho’s tank team chosen and there are other spots to fill on the national team? If so, then this would open up the possibility of Miho getting on the national team – along with Darjeeling, Kei, Katyusha and Nonna =) .

      @ Moomba:

      Thanks for answering (along with the link). There are quite a few shows Mizushima’s worked on that I’ve been intending to watch. And thank you as well for covering this show. Reading your comments after watching an episode has definitely made the watching experience more enjoyable.

    6. @daikama
      As far as I’m aware quite a few of the other bloggers watch it and thoroughly enjoy it. I’m sure they’re all secretly jealous they weren’t the ones to pick it up!

      You’re very welcome! Glad you enjoy my posts!

  21. Wow… just a great episode. Probably the best so far as EP 09 showcases everything we’ve come to expect from the show : authentic WWII vehicles (R-8), vintage music (Yuki no Shingun), exciting tank battle with attention to detail (parts flying off from hits) and cool gun scope views, character development, and even humor. But more than anything, the second half battle stole the show. If Kei thought the Saunder’s battle was “exciting”, I’d love to see how she’d react to this.

    – LOL. So much for the debate as to whether Pravda would prevent Oarai from gathering the StuG III track let alone make repairs. Everything fixed but the M3 75mm and Panzer IV turret’s power!? Does Oarai even need a maintenance team with that level of repair skills!? I suspected that Pravda might be relaxed in terms of security, but this goes well beyond my expectations.

    – The only “plausible” way for Oarai to win was horrible leadership and poor execution (plenty of WWII examples to back that up) by Pravda. Katyushka and her near-sighted gunners didn’t disappoint. Even so, I needed a little proverbial salt for the initial escape, but given poor visibility combined with a very carefree, overconfident Pravda attitude (except Nonna – she’s good :D), the escape scene turned out better than I feared. Maybe Moomba’s right – they were just drunk (LOL). Pravda certainly lived up to the “miss on the first (& 2nd & 3rd…) shot” stereotype, but damn do they make up for it in rate of fire.

    – Team Turtle? Bah! I say Team “Lion” as the SC fearlessly charges forth in a senshado rendition of “Charge of the Light Brigade.” Anzu makes the most brilliant and obvious decision so far by replacing Momo as gunner. With “ice-cold under fire” Anzu, top-notch driver Yuzu and Momo finding her niche as loader, the 38(t) takes out three more tanks – four overall! Perhaps not 100% realistic, but the 38(t) was known for excellent maneuverability. Very much liked how the 38(t)’s shots were all point blank with most kill shots on the tracks. Only way a 37mm can do it. The gunner’s eye view was perfect for adding to the overall thrill & excitement. The SC finally proved its worth by stepping up BIG when it mattered most, and gets my MVP award.

    – Hard to ignore the fact that the T-34 is twice as fast as the Type 89. I’ll just assume Team Turtle held up Pravda long enough for the Type 89, BI Bis and M3 Lee to build up a big lead. Mako’s driving tips pay off handsomely as a very brave VB flag tank crew desperately attempt to avoid Nonna and her kill-o-matic 122mm canon. With that gun, there is no “armor” on a Type 89. The more I see the VB team in the Type 89, the more frustrated I get. The volleyball club might be disbanded, but these girls have found a new home in senshado. They truly deserve a much, much better tank.

    – Perhaps my favorite thing about the battle was that Team Anglerfish wasn’t the star. While the Turtle and Duck (VB) teams stood out, literally everyone played a vital role. IMO that made it much more satisfying to watch than the “A Team” come to save the day. Truly a team victory, and an excellent job by the writers.

    – Miho more than made up for EP 08’s errors. She must have felt tremendous pressure learning that the school where she can finally enjoy senshado with true comrades as teammates will be closed if they don’t win the championship. Yet, thanks to the consistent support of her friends, we see a now confident, optimistic and determined Miho refuse to quit. Not only did she rally her troops twice, but critically adjusted her battle plan as the battle evolved. She focused on the objective (flag tank) and wasted no time in deciding to use the terrain to hide from the sortieing Pravda tanks before doubling back to the town. Perhaps unorthodox, but using Yukari as a spotter for the Pravda flag tank saved precious time. Finally, she uses the StuG III to set a trap worthy of Zhukov. Very well done, Miho. A+

    – I’m starting to like Maho. She gives tacit acknowledgement to Miho’s skills when convincing her mother not to leave early. I wonder if she’d still do that knowing the Anko dance was yet to come :D. I wish Maho had more lines. I am fan of her seiyu, Tanaka Rei, who has a great singing voice (she sang “Lili Marleen” as Minna in Strike Witches). Looking forward to her singing a Black Forest song.

    – Oh… dear… God… The Anko Dance v2 rears its ugly head. LMAO at that scene – the looks of utter disbelief and “Miho’s finally cracked under the pressure” were hysterical. Nice that audience reaction was shown as well. I actually felt embarrassed not only for Hana’s mom, but even Miho’s. No matter what, you have to give Miho credit any method, no matter how embarrassing, to boost morale. Once again Yuikari is right there to support Miho – she’s the first one to join Miho dancing.

    – From, the ED, looks like the last tank for Oarai is a Type 3 Chi-Nu with the “Anteater”(?) Team from the OP set to take stage next week. Not the best tank, but could be worse. At least now we know why Oarai tanks are mostly sub-par.

    1. I think Maho respects Miho’s abilities a great deal. The mother’s problem is that Miho does not follow the teachings of her school to the letter rather than her lack of ability. The Anko dance is a great example. She brought her team back together by doing an embarrassing dance instead of yells and threats. Maybe if they lose they can go on American Idol. 😉

      I’ve seen that sled that Katysuka was sleeping in somewhere before I think. Anyone know what it is?

      1. Bear: LOL – “American Idol” That might be extra incentive to win the championship.

        “I think Maho respects Miho’s abilities a great deal. The mother’s problem is that Miho does not follow the teachings of her school to the letter rather than her lack of ability.”

        I agree with what you say, but I don’t think “ability” and strictly following the Nishizumi style are entirely separate issues. Her “lack of ability” from Shiho’s (I think that’s her mother’s name) stems from her failure to follow the style. For Shiho, to win at senshado one must adhere to the N. style as everything else is inferior. Remember, cutting through all the jargon of “steel hearts” and “always moving forward”, the entire focus is on winning.

        I viewed Shiho wanting to leave primarily, “Why watch any more of this farce when it’s clear Miho will lose.” It would be very interesting to see how Shiho reacts to an Oarai championship. Will “winning” overcome the fact it wasn’t done in the N. style? The Nishizumi family relationships are quite complex.

        As for the vehicle, typo in my post – forgot the “F”, it should have been “RF-8” for the sled see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RF-8

      2. Ah, even though you had a typo, I didn’t connect the “R-8” with the sled for some reason. I agree that to Shiho style is as important as winning. The disinheritance is more about the lack of her following the Nishizumi style as it is anything else. Her winning is an affront to the school by making a mockery of their beliefs. By their beliefs she shouldn’t be able to win.

        I tend to agree with Bruce Lee: To hell with style. Do what ever it takes to win. Even if it’s the Anko dance. LOL.

      3. My aikido instructor sings a similar tune as well.

        No matter how many techniques you learn, in a real fight, you will fall back on the one that lets you win hands down.

        So style is one thing. Getting the win is another

  22. So at last the wait is over and again the bar has been raised, and again it ends with a nail biting cliff hanger. Grrrrrrr.

    Anyway it’s good that the Student council came clean and told everyone and props to Miho in rallying the troops. I new from the beginnng that the character development would be handled through their performance in battle and it’s nice to be proven right. Turns out I was right about Maho too. Still not liking her mother though.

    Again the soundtrack needs another mention (as if everyone else hasn’t done enough of that already)The feeling I had as the IS-2 appeared and Katyusha started playing amazing as I shivered with excitement at what I knew was the climax.

    Onto the battle itself we all predicted that the weather would turn and give a boost to Ooarai’s chances and it did so quite well. I think this might be one of their more realistic battles.

    It starts off with them running and Pravda missing despite having three hours to set their sights and ranges (their overconfidence was their weakness) Heading strait into the jaws of the enemy was bold and risky but it contradicted Katyusha’s original plan so Pavda was unprepared to deal with it. Add to that the darkness of night and the dense snowfall just seeing their targets would be difficult. Just before This they showed a perspective from the 38(t)’s point of view and although the muzzle flashes were obvious they couldn’t see the actual tanks themselves. The same we can assume for Pavda aswell. Although they were able to see fairly well through the binoculars(Pravda has buildings to contrast the tanks against) they still had trouble seeing their targets.

    As a result of Miho’s bold charge they got passed the initial guard, forcing the Pravda tanks to turn around before persuing buying Ooarai ctiical time to get some distance and escape.

    Finally we see Anzu actually making herself usefull instead of pigging out on dry potatoes. She’s a decent shot(nobody but Momo could miss from that range)

    The first tank they hit (Katyusha’s own tank I believe) they hit the lower turret and definately made a mark but the tank was still operational.

    Afterwards the 38(t) is sacrificed to allow the other tanks the oportunity to escape. A necessary move and the turtle team definatley made it count. WoT players know how annoying and effective a light tank can be when played properly and this tank was most certainly player properly. This is what a light tank should do. Besides scouting they are to wreack havoc as a destraction to allow the bigger guns to do the damage. The light tanks have to aim for the weak spots on the tanks, i.e. the tracks.

    The Turtle team managed to not only hold down six tanks(if you count Nonna’s) but they immobilized 2 tracked another and eliminated 2 by shooting the unarmored turret ring. They nearly got away but after their narrow tracks got them bogged down in deeper snow they slowed down and made an easy target for Nonna’s expert marksmanship, flipping them upside down.

    Ever since the IS-2 and KV-2 were revealed last episode and people started talking about what would happen to Ooarai’s light tanks if they got hit by them (well we found out today didn’t we) I’ve wondered what would happen if a tank flipped and the flag couldn’t come out. What they did makes sense (I bet it happens to Anzio a lot) they put the flag on the bottom as well. Otherwise maybe Pravda might have kept shooting.

    Now before all the WoT player cry fowl over the 38 (t) doing so well and avoiding getting shot, need I remind you that in WoT we have an available 3rd person perspective and an electronic minimap. For Pravda it’s like looking through your zoomed in view all the time with no minimap or prompt to tell you an enemy has been spotted.

    Moving on now we have the pursuit of Ooarai by Pravda. Now I know people have and will be saying how there’s no way a Char B1 and the Type 89 could out run Pravda’s T-34s. Well that’s probably true, both tanks were only capable of a bout 20-26kph off road (the Char is a bit faster on the road) but the KV-2 was observed last week going pretty quick so it’s not just the hero’s tanks. At least the show is consistent in that regard(remember St Gloriana’s Matildas and Churchill?).

    You also have to consider the head start that Ooarai had, it was quite considerable in tank terms and they had to stop briefly to let Nonna into the IS-2(which has a terrible rate of fire)

    That reminds me: why was the 38 (t) still upside down on the back of the trailer?

    Then we have Yukari leaving the Panzer IV to scout out the flag tank. I have mixed feelings about it but on the whole Miho didn’t really have much choice. Yes her tanks would loose effectiveness in loosing its dedicated loader but time wasn’t on their side, they needed to find that flag tank now.

    Then of course they come across the dreaded KV-2. If that shell had landed in between the Stug and the IV they would have both been taken out. Fortunately the KV-2 gunner is a bad shot and it passed over them(the gun is inaccurate to begin with). So they take advantage of the long reload to take the time to get a good shot to its weak spot. Hana’s shot bounces appropriately but the Stug gets a great shot into the turret ring.

    While this is happening the axe is coming down is on the rest of the team and the executioner is Nonna and her superb accuracy, on the move no less. Karina (the Bunny team driver) might be another of my favorite characters. She’s so passionate X). Anyway they do the right thing and put themselves up as a shield for their flag followed by the Goose team in the Char before the tiny Type 89 is left alone, a small difficult target for the Pravda team.

    Then there’s the heart pumping chase in town for the Pravda flag and some awesome driving by both teams. Again the Stugs low profile comes in handy allowing them to get the jump on the Pravda flag but no sooner than Nonna’s axe came down upon Duck team. Then we have the cliff hanger with both flag tans smoking but white flags not yet unfurled. I’m overloading with anticipation for what next week will bring. any way that’s my thoughts, sorry if the post is a bit long.

    1. Yeah, not ranging their guns was unbelievably stupid. They could have even paced off the distance when they sent the surrender team in, although at that range I would think that just boresighting would be enough.

  23. Regarding the final’s battle, it’s been suggested by moomba and others that a close loss rather than win would be the best ending. Never thought of that, but it very well may be true. However it’s far more likely that Oarai will end up winning the championship.

    I really hope we see a straight forward battle for the finals. A battle in which Oarai wins simply because they “outplay” an equal or similarly sized team rather than face overwhelming odds only to find victory partially due to an opponent’s gracious concession (Kei using half her tanks) or stupidity (see EP 09 discussion). IMO, that would not only be the best battle of the season, but the only satisfying ending. The “Oarai team is a joke” theme has been played out. It’s time to move on.

    Shino is cetainly not going to reconsider her stance if Oarai wins because the Black Forest vice commander makes a critical error in judgement due to disdain for her opponents skill or similar. I do not want to make this a “Miho” only event, but the fact remains that the finals will be Miho vs. the Nishiaumi style as well Oarai vs. Black Forest with Oarai’s survival on the line. Still, a strong theme of the show is reliance upon your friends, team effort, and not giving up. That theme must be maintained as well.

    That’s why I believe it’s important to drop the “against all odds” scenario. Instead of “how will they get out of this”, let the entire focus be on Oarai’s strong team work, support and collective spirit which enable Miho to display her true potential as a commander and strategist. A “clean” win or “true” victory provides a credible reason for Shiho to reconsider her stance, gives Miho redemption for last year’s debacle, and shows why the entire Oarai team deserves much respect.

    I think moomba’s & others suggestion that Oarai losing in a close battle with the school surviving due to “sponsorship” bears considerable merit. My main problem is with the word “sponsorship” At least in the US, that term is associated with corporations, and if meant in that context, I strongly disagree. The entire point of the “school carriers” was to create an environment for students free from undue influence. Corporate sponsorship destroys that.

    However, if “sponsorship” is meant as typical school fund raising such as alumni contributions, then I agree almost entirely. In the US, literally hundreds of millions of US$ are raised annually by high schools and universities nationwide. The concept fits very well for Oarai. There is ZERO credibility issue if Oarai is saved because a group of successful Oarai senshado alumni see the schools remarkable comeback and are motivated to contribute. I can easily imagine such alumni declaring “We would have won if Oarai had decent tanks!”

    The publicity alone could be used as another reason. I’m sure applications and even transfers to Oarai will increase. Plus, people love to see an underdog win. Closing Oarai after a spectacular performance (even if they lose) may not sit well with the public at large. The premise sets up Season 2 very well with Oarai getting a 1 year reprieve on the condition that they show this year wasn’t a fluke by winning the championship.

    The only reservation I have with Oarai finishing second is that Anzu, Momo and Yuzuko are all third year students (AFAIK). Certainly saving the school is paramount for them, but finishing 2nd doesn’t quite have the same “feel good ending” for them as winning it all. I wish they were all 2nd year students because the are great characters IMO. With them them graduating, Season 2 has a BIG hole to fill.

    1. Considering what we’ve seen of Maho over the last few episodes pointing towards the notion that she fully recognizes Miho, I can definitely see a Black Forest/Ooarai final being much more on equal terms (at least in the number of tanks) due to Maho’s wishes. I agree that this type of battle would be preferable to the improbably odds that Oarai has faced against. I also agree on your point about the themes presented which is why I was trying to suggest that should Ooarai lose, I think that the experiences that Miho has gained in Ooarai would appropriately factor in and result in a satisfying closure to most if not all the plot threads. However, I like your take on having a “clean” or “true” win for Ooarai be vindication for Miho and her way of Sensha-do resulting in Shiho’s acceptance of her youngest daughter. I think this is very plausible and like I said, win or lose for Ooarai, I have faith it will be done well.

      Regarding the survival of the school in the event of a loss, corporate involvement was furthest from my mind. I was thinking more along the lines of fund raising amongst the actual town of Ooarai (not the ship – but the businesses and families on the ship could help too) or alumni as you suggested. Given that an unranked school went all the way to the finals is still a very respectable position, I think there would be ways that the closure of the school could at the very least be postponed (the reprieve you suggested would work).

      I think Anzu, Momo, and Yuzu are third years (at least on those information data sheets found on danboruu). In a second season, if the premise was the World Championships, then it would certainly be an issue of how to incorporate all of the Ooarai teams if my speculation regarding the format is accurate. At any rate, the prospect of not having Anzu, Momo, and Yuzu (or any of the other girls for that matter) around is a little saddening.

      1. I agree completely that Maho’s viewpoint of Mino has improved over the last few episodes – I even commented about that indirectly. It’s a bit hard to articulate. Maybe it would be better to say “Miho vs. Maho representing Shiho and the Nishizumi Style.”

        “… should Ooarai lose, I think that the experiences that Miho has gained in Ooarai would appropriately factor in and result in a satisfying closure to most if not all the plot threads.”

        Not sure if I agree there. Given Shiho’s fixation on winning, Miho most likely would find herself “cast out” of the family upon losing. There would have to be some “deux ex dollar” for the school, but that’s been discussed. As long as both sides do their best and it’s close, then I do agree that the “theme” I mentioned would be fulfilled. Actually some plot lines are already done. The other Oarai teams are happy. Miho’s happy for the most part (except family issues). I bet we see Shiho giver the news about being kick out just prior to the finals. Yuikari’s parents are ecstatic she has friends. Hana’s mom is hard to tell, but the fact she came to watch in crappy weather is a good sign. She’s probably OK with a close final’s loss. As for Mako’s cranky grandma – who knows?

        The corporate part may very well be just me. If someone says “sponsorship” my experience has been in that context the vast majority of the time. I thought about the town, but it didn’t seem all that wealthy to support the school. Plus it’s kind of an endless loop since the school supports the town economically only to have the town fund the school.

        I’ve really grown to like Anzu and Momo’s a great source of comic relief. Yuzu’s quite capable, but not as entertaining. I’d miss Anzu the most, but having her repeat a grade wouldn’t be a good plot line.

      2. Forgot to add that I really should give the writers more credit, but I’ve been burned before by shows that were good or even great and then just tanked on the last 1-2 episodes. I’m 99.99% sure that won’t happen here, but given that the odd’s keep getting worse each battle, the trends a bit disconcerting. For me it’s more whether we see a good, but not great finale, or an outstanding one.

      3. “Not sure if I agree there. Given Shiho’s fixation on winning, Miho most likely would find herself “cast out” of the family upon losing.”

        Hmm…perhaps you’re right. I just can’t help but think that the very cause of what drove Miho away will be mirrored in someway when she faces her sister. I think bear put it quite nicely in the comment below.

        And I see that you just commented on it as well. Anyway, I was also going point out that should Maho end up losing, how will that affect Shiho? Since she is portrayed to be so strict and single minded about winning, it would be interesting to how her reaction is handled if Miho wins the day. You propose that if Ooarai were to win the finals, then it would not be possible to resolve the conflict between Miho and her mother. However, imagine the shame and embarrassment Shiho would feel if the the good daughter were to lose against the disinherited child that does not conform to the Nishizumi-Ryu.

        It would have to be done in such a way that allows Shiho to accept that perhaps Nishizumi-Ryu is not the only path of Sensha-do. Which further reenforces what you said about wanting to see Maho do the saving. If there is (hopefully) anything that will get a stubbornly strict parent to soften, it’s when one’s child is in danger. Having the favored daughter sacrifice the win to save the disinherited daughter would definitely put things into perspective. I only hope that Shiho isn’t truly as cold as we’ve seen thus far.

    2. I keep thinking that there will be some sort of replay of the situation that cost Black Forest the last championship, but the onus will be on Maho, either being saved by or having to save Miho. One way or the other one will sacrifice the win to save their sister. That would set up a second season. Even losing, a good enough fight by Ooarai could be considered a “Rocky” ending leading to a rematch.

      1. Interesting idea. Had not considered that. Shiho would have a fit if Maho “loses” the match because she saves Miho. Certainly would put Maho in a good light. I see Maho more than Miho doing the saving because it would be too much like last year and it’s kind of unfair to make Miho choose between the school and Maho.

  24. https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2016.jpg
    – This is certainly a big contrast to the first time Miho and company did that dance, where it looked like only Anzu was enjoying it. It’s nice seeing them looking so proud now since it’s an Oarai tradition…OR Miho must have just done it to break the tension.

    – Just like a few episodes back, here’s another moment that reminds me how tall some of Duck Team members are, being Volleyball players.

    – If that really happened, Pravda won’t get away with just broken tanks and bruises.

    – We’re not doing a photoshoot here, Yukari. But seriously, gotta give props to her for finding that flag.

  25. The computer graphics are getting quite amazing; the computational fluid dynamics needed to simulate the smoke coming off of the student council’s tank as it flipped over must have taken a while. As well as the smoking barrel of the tank that took it out.

    It’s a far cry from the un-motion-blurred, jerky mess that was the first episode. Hopefully they’ll re-render everything in high resolution for the Blu-rays.

  26. You know its kind of sad, but the Rabbit Team’s sole purpose, in the Oarai Order of Battle, has become to be a sacrifical shield for the Flag Tank, doomed to take one up the rear.

    I rather like their team symbol, the demonic red eyed rabit holding 2 knives. Its much cooler and scarier then the other teams. If you want to know how dangerous a rabbit can really be, watch this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcxKIJTb3Hg.

    1. Agreed. Rabbit team so far hasn’t done any noitable thing other than being a sacrifical shield. I hope director will make them do something amazing in the match with Black forest.

      By the way, they are very cute team. I like Ayumi,Saki and Karina.

    2. Agree 100% regarding the Rabbit mascot – by far the best one.

      They haven’t appeared to do much but they played a critical role in this battle. If they don’t block for the flag tank, Pravda wins. Same could be said of Saunder’s battle. The freshman team has come a long way overcoming their fears. It’s not easy to put yourself in the line of fire of a 122mm gun at the hands of expert gunner.

  27. Week after week viditing the GUP page I’m amazed there are so many Tank Otaku’s here discussing the pros and cons of the episode and all the military buffs showing their knowledge. I never knew there were so many Tank Otakus.

      1. Good point c2710.

        The fact that the show generates so much discussion, POSITIVE discussion for 99% of it, says a lot about how good it is IMO. If the tanks & battles sucked, analytical comments would still be made, but by a lot less of us. I view the military discuss as a tribute to the shows quality. SAO may have more comments, but after looking at Ep. 22 (23?) comments, I’m glad I dropped it last season. Staying far away from that train wreck.

        The other thing is that at least for myself who doesn’t play WoT, it’s a chance to discuss these things in the context of GuP when there isn’t a similar venue.

      2. In this season, alongside GuP, another show that can generate much DEEP discussion would be Psycho-Pass. Though I don’t comment much on it cos I’m not good at such philosophilical things. Just the sci-fi aspect of it

        GuP on the other hand…. Bangs on my other pet topic =)

      1. The fact her tactics are flexible and not overly reliant on Blitzkreig and superior technology.

        Think of it this way, you got older tank models and teammates who have only seen tanks on pictures. You are now giving the previous year’s champion a hard time.

        In World of Tanks, it’s like taking a team of tier 3 to tier 5 tanks against tier 5 to tier 8 and WINNING.

        She is making every school she meets pay for their victories and for their mistakes. Maho’s biggest ahcievement is the Blitzkreig. The Nishizumi school clearly shows they hold that close to their heart, but Miho sees a bigger picture.

        That and she’s friggin Rommel or Patton incarnate. Or Abrams, Creighton Abrams can be called one of the least known but best tank commanders. He was Patton’s go-to guy iirc.

      2. To me… she is more like Rommel than the others… not sure about Patton… Patton has a certain need for pride… yet Rommel is humble and a plain commander that cares for his troops and even tried to bring his troops back to mainland Europe when he knows that they are gonna lose at Africa but eventually he fails doing so… So I think that Miho is more like Rommel to me…

      3. @MyOwnStyle: Agree 100% if you consider personality as well as tactics

        Tactics/Strategy: Really Miho shows elements from a number of top tank commanders. She’s aggressive like Patton when charging straight ahead. Shows Rommel-like traits in adaptation and use of subterfuge, and has Guidarian’s “seeing the big picture” and willingness to use non-traditional tactics.


        Good Lord NO for Patton. Patton would never consider for a micro-second taking any Pravda offer of surrender. I shudder at the thought of what a Patton-like Miho would do to the freshman team after they abandoned their tank and ran away during the St.Gloriana’s match. Patton cared for his troops overall, holding wounded soldiers in high regard. But he had little tolerance for those who were not constantly aggressive, and had no hesitation sending troops into situations in which heavy casualties were likely. Now that I think about it, in many respects, Patton represents the Nishizumi Style.

        Rommel – Good choice as he was surprisingly (to me) humble for his rank. Rommel cared about his troops and viewed himself simply as a “soldier” I know nothing about Guidarian’s personality but get a vague sense he’s more like Rommel that Patton.

        Non-Tank General: I see Miho a lot like US Brig. Gen. Teddy Roosevelt, Jr. Roosevelt got along very well with soldiers of all ranks. He cared deeply for his men and was frequently on the front line. At age 56 with a heart condition and arthritis severe enough to require a cane, he finally got permission to land with the FIRST wave at Utah beach after being denied twice previously. Miho ignoring her own safety and rushing to her teammates rescue last year shows similar level of devotion IMO.

    1. I’m split between Rommel and Guderian.

      But I’m more inclined to say she’s more towards Rommel. Her craftiness and the way she uses her ranks. Not forgetting her care and concern for those under her.

  28. epic episode as usual
    I hope Ooarai wins by Nonna hits only a track of duck team
    mayby if the new tank is not from the basement of the ship
    it could be the property of some new teammate’s family (may be girl with patch-eye)after seen
    ooarai perform great in tournament, and decide to bring her own tank to join the team

  29. Girls und Panzer: The Musical w/ Tanks!

    Anzu: Hey! Who turn the world upside down??

    Yukari: Mr Photographer, I’m ready for my gravure pose… Where did he go?

    Let’s do the Caramell…I mean the Anglerfish dance!

    Them girls would make a good idol group.

    Riding high sensha style

    Maho: I think I’ll try that dance at home, without Mom looking.

    Shiho: I think I’ll try at dance at home, without Maho looking.

  30. excuse me, but I think the lullaby sung is not the Cossack Lullaby shown in the link below the caps but is “Bayushki Bayu” which is a different lullaby (also known as the Lulluby of the Cossack Mother)

    the link i found was this one with some random hetalia pictures (i dont know anything about that series, but the song is, i believe, the same one)


    1. It’s the same song: from 0:00 to 0:06 – “Cossack Lullaby”. By russian poet Lermontov, original title “Cossack Lullaby”. To my shame I never heard this song before, despite I live in Russia. Great song, made me shed a tear (I think I’m getting older). 🙁 Thanks to “Random Curiosity” for this link. 🙂 And thanks for noting song (I have no ear for music, sadly) “Polyushko-polye”, because of that I was lost for half an hour watching these videos 🙂

      {“Polyushko-polye”, if you expect to find there some kawai girls – you will find them, but they are a little bit old 😉 }

      {From Past…} 🙂

      {…to Present} 😉

      1. Oh, and yes, GuP is unstoppable among other anime, just like girls from Ooarai school. 😉 Some ongoing anime deliver decent amount of fun, but last two episodes of GuP – kicked some asses for sure. If there will be “Best of the season” poll, I’ll vote for some girls on/in tanks. 😉
        There is one more reason to wait for next Monday to come. ;))

  31. Finally got to watch this yesterday and seeing Miho doing awesome stuff like this:

    Or this:

    While being this:

    Just shows a bit how good a commander she is: able to raise morale to her troops, assess the situation and act upon it with the right response.

    1. We at least will see episode 10 next week, but it will be a damn long time. I surely hope due to the success of the series they were given the green light to push towards a second season, I honestly believe there is a whole host of characters that definitely need their time in the sun. Maho and Erika for instance, and Shiho of course.

      1. Little Army gives quite a bit more screentime for Maho, and shows that there’s more to her relationship with Miho than there seems at first. She first appears in two flashbacks giving Miho advice about tankery, then when she gets home, Miho is overjoyed to see her again. Maho is pleased to hear that Miho has made friends through tankery, but it turns out that Emi, one of Miho’s friends, hates Maho.

        After an argument with Emi, Miho challenges Maho to a practice match, for the purpose of helping Emi learn more about her. Miho loses, but Emi warms up to Maho somewhat. She does, however, confess her real reason for disliking Maho- Maho shot the flag tank from Emi’s older sister’s team when it went to save a tank from Maho’s team. Emi asks why Maho would do such a thing when victory was in her hands, and Maho is about to say something when Shiho arrives. Maho’s mood shifts, as she thanks her mother for her praise, then walks off without saying anything to Miho or the others. At home, when Miho approaches Maho after she is done talking with Shiho, asking her whether what Emi said was true, Maho coldly says that it was and walks off.

        Miho considers quitting tankery until Emi forces her to admit what is bothering her. Miho’s friends point out how Maho’s behavior dramatically changed when Shiho arrived, and Chihiro suggests that Maho acts the way she does because she can’t oppose her mother, much like Chihiro cannot oppose her own mother. Miho’s three friends accompany her when she asks her mother whether Maho had to fire on the enemy flag tank. Shiho calls Miho’s question “foolish” and says yes. As the girls leave and Emi is upset with Shiho’s attitude and Maho’s silence, Kikuyo, one of the family maids, begs the girls not to blame Maho, saying that her position as heiress leaves her quite burdened.

        After Miho’s friends go home, Maho goes up to Miho to talk to her. She notes how unlike Miho it was to confront her mother like that, and seeing it as proof of how upset she was, apologizes for her aloof behavior. She then tells Miho to find a way of tankery that she can call her own. Maho returns to school soon afterward, and says that “As long as I’m the inheritor of the Nishizumi School, Miho will be free.”

        The prequel does quite a bit in making Maho a more interesting and likeable character by fleshing out her personality and motivations. In so doing, it also serves to contrast her with Teru from Saki, (the character with whom Maho is most commonly compared), in that whereas Teru publicly disavows Saki’s existence, Maho cares for Miho.

      1. Based on the title of episode 10.5 (‘I’ll Introduce 2!’) I would imagine it’s going to be pretty much the same thing as episode 5.5 except with new info. If we’re lucky, it could well be about the new trio and perhaps some of the other girls from other schools. The news entry doesn’t appear to have any other solid information on the contents of the episode.

    2. And there goes my vote to GuP in Reader’s Choice Poll 2012 (if there’s any)…

      Anyway, personal note from the director can be seen here. In that note, he believes that episode 12 is not the end of the story. That could be read as possibility of Season 2, but that’s quite a wild guess…

      Kevin Yamagata
  32. @Riful & Bear: Umm, thanks… I guess (jk – not shooting the messenger ;)).
    Wow… not expecting that – especially since there already was a delay. EP 10 TV broadcast seems to be a “beta” version as well. Not good. A week or two is one thing, but two months or so!? I remember how Bakemonogatari sufferred delay after delay for EP 13-15. As much as I liked the show, my enthusiasm took a hit after a while.

    It sucks to wait, but I can deal with it. I just hope that the delay doesn’t have a significant impact on the shows popularity, and thus, chances for Season 2. Popularity in entertainment is fleeting enough these days, and it’s important for a “surprise hit” show like this to keep up momentum. At the very least, there should be more than enough time to finish everything and avoid further delay.

    On a positive note, the director’s apology seems quite genuine and heart-felt. He apologizes several times and expressly guarantees that the attention to detail and quality execution which have become a trademark of the show will remain. Also, the last statement reads: “Personally, I do not think that the ending of episode 12 will mark the end of this story. Sometime, somewhere, I would certainly like to present a little something to repay the fans for their support.” Not quite the “don’t worry, this won’t happen in Season 2” statement I want, but it does give some room for hope..

    Lastly, FYI for those who like the show’s music. GuP OST Soundtrack is out 12/26. No tracks listed, but it does say “2 discs” so “Katyusha” along with all the other favorites should be included.



  33. @Kevin Yamagata:

    True, I thought about that as well. The most important thing is that there are no more delays. The Bakemonogatari’s delays were ridiculous. It got to the point that I stopped caring and missed the last episode release by a month or two.

    I really do hope it’s sooner – like last two weeks of Jan. or early Feb. at the latest. The director’s comments seemed very sincere. I think he will try to minimize delay as much as possible.

    FWIW, I do think it’s a smart move to delay both EP 11 & 12 rather than just push EP 11 forward and have EP 12 air sometime later. Much more cohesive that way.


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