As many people predicted from the way Kyouraku handled the aftermath of the first Vandenreich invasion, he has indeed been appointed to the first squad as the new Captain Commander. And I have to say, with this development things are getting quite exciting. He appoints Nanao to be his vice-captain under the 1st dvision along with the former 3rd seat, and in doing so defying the Central 46 (which I’m rather disappointed still exists). His second action also runs in the face of the Central 46 when he decides to have Kenpachi taught in the real art of killing. Kenpachi wasn’t taken to the Spirit Palace like the others, so it’s possible he isn’t in bad shape. I’m not sure if they intend to teach him the art of sword fighting or make him learn the name of his zanpakutou, but I don’t think anyone doubts that doing either will make him ridiculously powerful. If holding his blade with two hands allowed him to cut Nnoitra in half with one blow, then one can only imagine how much this would power him up.

To top everything off, Kyouraku reveals that it will be Unohana teaching Zaraki, as she was the first “Kenpachi”, implying that she was also the first captain of the 11th division. Many readers have suspected that she hid monster killing power under that sweet smile of hers, and if this wasn’t enough to confirm it, then there’s also the fact that she was formerly known as Unohana Yachiru. This means that she was the only person Zaraki ever admired, and so much so that he used it as the namesake for everyone’s favorite pink-haired lieutenant. It says a lot about the only two female members known to have been in the 11th division, and definitely seems quite the shame to have Unohana assigned to healing and being ordered to sit out of the battles. With the way things are progressing though, that will change soon. I have high hopes that the next round of battles will not be the disaster it was last time.


  1. Finally, the focus on Unohana we’ve all waited for! In interviews and such its been hinted she is not only a amazing healer but a powerful fighter also. I never expected her to have this much connection with Zaraki but these 2 are amazing together and cannot wait to see what will happen with them next.

    Also guess it’s an amazing thing how Ichigo, Rukia, Renji and Byakuya survived the hot spring while they were all naked. Heck, 3 of them were unconscious yet they still didn’t get damaged by the hot spring. Just shows they aren’t the “weak” character in Bleach and that they all have an amazing spiritual ability to fight and survive.

    1. To be honest, I didn’t see that coming…but when I did I was like “@#%& YES! Badass Unohana is going to town on you! Not only will she beat you to almost death but heal you up all good and then beat you down again! Damn it I love her!”

    2. To be honest, I find the fact that the “Hot Spring Demon” as her teacher to be more of a shock. It would make sense since that guy, who’s hairdo is exactly the same as a certain Shaman named Ryu, would only pick a demonicalky strong person to be his disciple.

      What is more shocking is how Squad 4 is always looked down upon by Squad 11. The First Kenpachi must have been top secret.

      1. Considering how the 11th division all fears Unohana getting mad, I think they know.

        I get the impression they’re more hostile to the 4th for a reason. The fact that the 4th took their original Captain and turned her into a glorified nurse probably breeds more hostility amongst the 11th. They probably take a look at the 4th Division members and go “Kenpachi left us for these shits?!”

      1. to be honest, that’s exactly how I thought about it. I really want the enemy to WIPE OUT central 46 and the one who would later make the decisions is the lazy captain we all know and love.

      2. Im sure that the Central 46 Devision is composed of bureaucrat shinigami that never made it well in combat although did great with paper work. Also retired shinigami maybe? same as any other military organization.

      3. Why would the Quincy want the Central 46 dead? Those bastards are more trouble for the Shinigami than a help, I´m surprise Kyoraku manage to mantain composture in front of those jerks.

    1. The new 46 are probably all sons/daughters of the previous 46. Soul society has a aristocratic/royalty that rules and the shinigami are more in enforcers than rulers.

      If you recall Yoruichi is a part of this aristocrosy

  2. Mind=Blown

    We all knew Unohana was hiding something, but she was the first Kenpachi? Did not see that coming.

    And the spirit king “fell for” Ichigo? Really hope that’s a mistake with the fan translation

    Zero Hour 17
    1. Mangapanda’s translations are usually awful. Mangastream hasn’t been much better lately either. They can translate properly but they use way too many nonsensical idioms in the translations. Thank god Shonen Jump Alpha is gonna be releasing new chapters simultaneously with Japan.

    2. Most likely it is a translation for “horeru” (I stopped reading Bleach a long time ago so I’m not sure and I’m too lazy to make sure…)

      Usually this means to fall in love with, but it can also be used to refer to somebody you’ve come to admire outside of romantic interests. It’s perfectly reasonable for a straight man to “fall for” another man if this is the word being used.

  3. I am shocked to some extent, to think Kenpachi’s fighting style was 98 percent made by simply pure talent, the rest of the two percent was simply a Kendo swing. To the point where Central 64 had banned Kenpachi from learning martial arts, or let someone to teach him. If Kenpachi was taught Watojutsu the he would likely reach Aizen’s level.

    As or Unohana, I get the feeling that Central 46 must have put some sort of seal on her. If she is the first “Kenpachi” then she would indeed have the power to easily put down all 10 espada, but those idiots of Central 46 likely feared her power to a great extent to the point where they had placed a seal on her if they wanted to trust her.

    As for the Soul King, I am curios in how long has the guy been watching Ichigo. I wonder if he ever laughed when he saw Ichigo pulled stunts like this.

    1. He flinched forward into the punch, effectively head-butting the hand?
      I feel like I need to read 2-3 separate translations to really get the nuances. As that sounds like work, I just guess instead.

  4. The Unohana being the first Kenpachi is an interesting twist but it doesn’t really effect the story…at all, really.

    And I think Kenpachi has the “art of killing” covered, Kyouraku.

      1. How to control his power? Rather than letting it radiate off? I dunno. Do you see an assassin wave his blade around in front of the target face, laughing at the thought of his target’s imminent demise?

      2. @^ And if his power up move is using the most basic strike in kendo, imagine if he’s actually taught something. Kenpachi is nigh unstoppable in a completely raw, unrefined form. Taking that and refining it would create a real monster.

      1. I’m pretty sure that Kubo in some of his art books stated that Kenpachi’s Shikai is permanently released (tho’ he doesn’t know it’s name) and that it’s power is to become equal with it’s opponent + his own strength which sorta makes sense how he’s able to wipe out 99% of everything.

        But I might also mistaken but it’s something I’ve read.

  5. Hmm, somehow i am not believing it that she is the first kenpachi.

    To get that title of being the kenpachi, one would have to kill the previous kenpachi to get it.
    So how did she survive the passing of the title kenpachi if it could only be transferred through killing the previous kenpachi?

    1. She doesn’t seem like someone who would want such a title bestowed upon her. I mean she seems to find fulfillment in being the captain of a squad that is in charge of the welfare of Soul Society. One may have power, but it doesn’t mean that one enjoys using it.

      I get the feeling that she wanted to have nothing to do with being the Kenpachi, and that she had never intended for such a tradition to exist.

    2. To me the most likely thing would be that she was part of Captain Commander squad before it became the gotei 13. Plus given how they where fighting the Quincy war and all the other wars that we don’t know about could have well given her the title of Kenpachi by Captain Commander. So after that war she probably like what she saw and so gave up her killing ways and became a healer and thus the title was given to someone else who she thought was strong enough to be given the title of kenpachi.

    3. I think you’re making a mistake here. The title Kenpachi is giving to the strongest Shinigami. You have three ways to become a captain; 1. Do a test with showing of your bankai, the general and two other captains must witness this. 2. Get a reccomendation of six captains. 3. Kill a captain.

      Kenpachi did the third method. That he also is the strongest is just a nice feat so the speak.

      A second thing I’m pretty sure Kenpachi does not have his sword released even though his swords looks weird. Because if it’s so, what is the ability of his sword?

      1. His Sword dont speak with him, And this weired shape is just an “Worn out” Blade. He never took “Care” of his Sword, the Sword itself just dont broke himself. Only a small glimpse when read after he was Defended.. “Why are you struggle, This World is done for”. I think that was the first time the Sword spoke

        But then again, is a “Sword” not a part of the Owners Soul? Why, then this Sword still exist? And the “Hilt” from old Captain commander… Has the Sword the “power” to Resurrect their old Owner, through “Soul Link”?

  6. while it was a very nice twist to find out who the ‘real’ Yachiru actually was which may later on result in Kenpachi being shipped with Unohana (now that’s a crack pairing…) what took me really off was when the Yakuza dude said Spirit King might fall for Ichigo which made me immediately think; so the king of all spirits and supreme ruler of Soul Society is…gay?

  7. I always had a feeling that Unohana was secretly an uber-powerful captain, but I did not expect her to be the first Kenpachi. Now THATs something. I really wanna see her fight now.

  8. The first few pages with Kyouraku speaking to Nanao were shockingly poignant, as if I could feel the weight of Kyouraku’s sadness as he spoke of them parting ways.

    Thinking back, the relationship between the two seemed casual, and the captain liked being a little mischievous around the vice-capt, who in turn made sure he wasn’t let off without reprimanding. It was subtle, but you could see that they enjoyed each others’ company, and that they cared for each other a little more than most. It didn’t occur to me then, but with this chapter, I find myself imagining (if not being reminded) of an image where Nanao is serving Kyouraku tea. I wouldn’t call it love just yet, but the two are definitely bound to each other more than just squad positions or even camaraderie.

    Which is why I’m here, sharing these strange thoughts with you guys, hoping that someone else saw the emotions contained within those 3 simple pages. I never did care about romance in Bleach (well, maybe a little with that orange-haired dude and the petite girl who mooned us in the previous chapter), but I now find myself a little interested in this relationship, and I’m hoping that we’ll get to see a little more interaction between Kyouraku and Nanao. I’m glad Kyouraku made sure that she was to be his vice-captain again, and also a little excited to know that he found her company to be that important, that he would risk going against authority for it.

    Oh boy, yeesh, I sound like a girl. I’M A MAN! GIMME MORE ACTION! GARRR!


    I choose to believe that Unohana decides to sit out of fighting of her own will. It’s the other way around for me: As much as I’d like to see Unohara going berserk and unleashing power beyond our imaginations to smite puny Quincies, it’s a shame to see that she has to use her powers to do harm once more.

    It would be crushing to know that the captain of a squad that is trained to care for people actually enjoys wielding such power that brings her the title of the first Kenpachi.

    1. Also, while I’m as doubtful about the ability of the Central 46 to govern, it’s easy to understand why it cannot be abolished. They hold the authority to give authority. Without them, Kyouraku couldn’t be officially sworn in as Captain Commander. Sure, they could and probably would have picked him as the Commander even without the decision of the Central 46, but I can imagine that it would have been a lot messier that way.

      Having Soul Society go without the Central 46 would be akin to allowing a country that has recently pulled through a war run without a government. They may not make the best decisions, but the decisions will nonetheless give direction for Soul Society, and opportunities to reunite and recover. That aside, I think the decision to make Kyouraku Commander immediately after all this was, while a pretty easy and obvious decision, also a good one. It’s a start.

      1. I really enjoyed reading the way you analysed the interaction between Kyouraku Shunsui and Ise Nanao. It was a really detailed insight into the emotions being played out on the 3 pages. Thanks.

  9. Unohana…I mean wow, I had always hoped this would happen. To think as well, if she is stronger than Kenpachi (or as strong) and has these incredible healing powers, she’s like the ultimate fighting force! This is bound to be good.

    Also, glad that there is some focus on Renji as well, seeing as how he technically moved up to the main cast during the end of the ss arc and the hm arc, plus since he seemed to have gotten so much stronger during the fullbring arc it was a shame to see him defeated so easily during the quincy invasion.

    Bleach finally seems to be getting interesting again, maybe all it needed was some serious story-work and less back to back battles, which is what it has favored in the past. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

      1. Although her shikia is a healing manta ray so in theory her bankia should be a stronger healing type of zanpakuto. But then again who said that a bankia should be a stronger version of a shikia.

      2. Well, Imagine. A Healer heals his “Prey” and in the same time “Inflict Critical Life force Damage”…

        So while Healing she is killing… But i bet the Pain is real… and so the Loop continue

        Dont Anger the Healer 🙂

  10. Kyoraku and Unohana should be the main characters. I really enjoy any chapter that doesn’t involve Ichigo (too much…)

    I also like how you haven’t mentioned him in your post at all xD

  11. I hope he plans to make everyone stronger and not just Kenpachi. Some of them have stolen Bankai’s, so they should probably start learning as much kido as they can. If they can all preform level 90’s kido it’ll help, and some characters still haven’t achieved Bankai yet.

  12. I loved this week’s release. First we have Kyouraku as the new head captain and then we finally get to see Uhnohana’s past opened up a bit, and holy crap…look at those eyes! On top of all that, they are gonna teach Zaraki the “art of killing” as if he doesn’t know anything about it! I’m really liking the way things are heading. It was worth the wading through weeks of trollish suprises.

  13. I really like that both Renji and Rukia have leveled up with their powerlevels as it seems, by the words of a Zero Squad member, they are actually powerful. Huge potential hidden there.

    1. It’s not just you. That said, you’re part of a minority. Apparently, a lot of people don’t find it ridiculous, myself included.

      Need we all remind you that the capable Kenpachi was taken out in the recent attacks by the Vandenreich.

    2. i think that was a mistranslation i read somewhere else that Shunsui meant to teach the Art of the Sword wich mean Zanjutsu, basically how to control his sword, heck maybe shikai or Bankai, and thats why central 46 and old man were against it, as it is Kenpachi can hold his own, with Bankai he may be reaching Mugetsu Levels.

      main problem would be what kind of abilities will his sword will obtain, if he is more like Ichigo a Getsuga of kenpachi can obliterate the entire sereitei

      1. Yeah you are right… but it just…hard for me to picture it. it is like a school girl try to teach a gangster about killing tech with butter knife. @_@. Although it does sounds cool… kinda

    1. First, they need to find this “Vandereich”. They access it trough their own “Shadow Gate Step thing”. Let first get the “Heroes” their Power up. In the meanwhile they surly find a Way to “Knock on the Vandereichs Door”


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