Looking back to last chapter and how Obito and Madara were still looking mighty comfortable, it turns out they sure had a darn good reason why. Because as it turns out, the Ten-Tails is just an unlimited, mobile nuke launcher—and who wouldn’t be comfortable when you have such a weapon at your disposal!? I mean, darn. We got Madara rubbing it in with the whole “I can hit any village at any distance” show, and just trashing everything just for the heck of it.

But despite things going down in a hurry and the overall situation looking quite grim, it seems like there’s still some semblance of hope—hidden in the final message of Shikaku, who devises one final plan before being blown away. Considering the insane scope of power Madara and Co. yield at the moment, it makes me wonder how exactly any plan could stop them at this point to be honest, but as Kishimoto seems to love demonstrating: never say never.

Sadly though, we don’t get the reveal of the plan yet, so we’ll just have to look forward and see how things develop. In the meanwhile however, let us have a moment of silence for Shikaku Nara… who has perhaps provided the last hope to the Ninja World and perhaps even more sadly, only one of the first of many well-known Shinobi to fall in this “final battle.”


      1. If you look closely you’ll see a little panel just below the Ten Tails’ “Perfect Form” which reads:

        “Congratulations! Your Juubey has evolved into Metal Gear Ray O’ Evil! Juubey learned Blow Sh*t Up!”

  1. We all know how is going to end, is so obvious… when all hope is lost, and despair is right at hand, our Savior Ash Ketchup, will emerge through the shadows with the masterball, and the jubei is going to be history.

    1. But, the only things Ash has done right is starting whit a hacked Pikachu, catching a Shiny Noctowl and growing a modest harem in less than 1 year (he is still 10).
      No way, only something like Missingno could solve this.

  2. Madara giving a thumbs-up to himself, more or less, while still continuing to not give a fuck.

    Anyway, may sound bad of me, but PLEASE let them ACTUALLY be dead…though, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s just a troll and they’re actually alive still…

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re dead at this point (at least Shikaku). Kishimoto’s made it pretty obvious at this point there’s going to be a whole changing of the guard so to speak, so I won’t be surprised if many of the older generation’s ninjas end up dying at this point.

      With the eventual take down of Madara and Obito that we know is coming somehow, I think it’ll end up pretty much with a scenario where some of the worst rogues in Ninja history are all gone, along with most of the older generation ninjas, which then sets the stage for a new world that this current generation will inherit and choose to make of it what they will.

  3. Madara: With this we crush the Alliance mind.

    not yet, there’s still Shikamaru right there infront of you. but in killing his father, you might actually crush Shikamaru’s heart and mind. Azuma gone. Now it’s his father. Poor Ino too.

    1. I really doubt Shikamaru will be crushed by his father’s death. I don’t think anyone will be crushed by the deaths of family or comrades right now. They’re at war and they all are raised knowing what it means to be a shinobi. It means you and/or people close to you might die on the job one day. If anyone, it fires everyone up even more because they understand the responsibility left to them to finish the job. Sooo… Nope, I think Obito and Madara just screwed themselves. Lol, Shikamaru is probably the scariest one after his dad because it’s not all the time brute strength that wins if you know have brilliant strategy.

      1. Indeed, seeing what Shikamaru did after Azuma died, I think Madara took out the wrong Nara.
        And Speaking about Madara, he’s pretending to not give a ****. Inside, he has a constant 😀 face.

      2. i just thought that for a while only
        and after that he’ll go all out (and everyone too)

        this is my first time in Naruto to see death without being spoiled earlier. it’s kinda depressing.

  4. To be honest, I am feeling suspicious in why Madara is commanding Tobi to control the 10 tails. I wonder why Madara can’t do it since he is like a “God.” Anyway, lets hope that Plan works because I have a feeling Madara would make it fail with his BIG GIANT.

    1. The way he told Obito, didn’t seem to me like, he left all command of ten-tails to Obito. It seemed more like they are coordinating their actions, as Madara has this gooey connection to ten-tails as well.

    1. predictions for kages death/live
      Tsunade: die to save all from critical condition
      Onoki: die, too late to save
      Raikage: live, too powerful
      Mei: live, too hot
      Gaara: live, cause he’s fucking Gaara

  5. I can’t believe it took this long to actually have casualties that we know as characters. Not that the sacrifice wasn’t heartwrenching, I just think it’s odd they waited this long.

    Also, I think The Clown from Soul Eater walked into the wrong manga.

  6. I some what called it last week that the form from alst week wouldn’t be Juubi only form. Now it makes me wonder if Shikamaru and Ino dad’s are going to still be alive and kicking at then end given that the Hokages could clearly help them. Because why else would they not be there. We know that Tsunade going to do something with her Slag to heal the other hokages so I wonder if it going to be either put A and the Grandpa back to their prime or they are preparing to do a multiple death god sealing thus sealing the Juubi in all 5 of them. Also if Yamato was removed from the Hashirama Tree wouldn’t the cells in all Zetsu’s, Mardara and Obito weaken thus weakening their control of the Juubi? Who will end up evolving once again to its Stage 2 form.

  7. People don’t forget about Sasuke. The person he is going to meet will probably talk to him about Madara and the juubi and defeating them. I have a feeling that sasuke will kill Madara.

    1. Unless it’s something EXTREMELY hax, involves seals to somehow undo Edo Tensei, and/or some kind of Shiki Fujin-style jutsu that doesn’t involve killing the user, then not a chance.

    2. sasuke defeating Jyuubi and Madara in hes endo tenshi form and obito? lol very unlikey unless Masashi Kishimoto is hi on drugs combine strengths of 8 and 9 tail and 1000+ ninja did squat and u think sasuke magically defeats them?

  8. Sasuke and Orochimaru, where are you? I know you’re out there somewhere, with something that will make some form of impact or whatever to the current situation to justify your existence up to this point – otherwise, you’re just gonna be cannon fodder to our protagonists compared to the invincible Madara-Obito-Juubi combination. Get in or go the f**k away already.

  9. So, Shikamaru is the new Naruto? Mentor killed by Akatsuki? Check. Parent killed by Obito/Madara? Check. Let’s transplant the 8-tails into him and have him start saying “Dattebayo” and we’ll be all set.

    Zero Hour 17
  10. I think there is a small chance that some of the people in the headquarters are still alive. Remember Raikage’s assistant, the girl with the teleportation jutsu? She might have used it to save a few. But considering the technique could only be used on things with the exemption of Ay and Tsunade, she might have teleported the room along with them. But they probably took much damage in the process.


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