If you thought the first two members of the Royal Squad were over the top, then Nimaiya Oetsu will blow you out of your chair with his puff jacket, half-afro half-bald head, bling shades and intense attitude. Besides the get-up from another decade and a few loose screws in his head, he’s even got his own private harem. I found the antics and dialogue in this chapter quite funny, especially when Ichigo suspected that all the girls were actually rocking nuts and sausages (you know what he means). This guy is definitely playing on his own channel though, and things quickly become much less light-hearted. He reveals that everyone in the palace are zanpakutou – no surprise since he is the God of Swords, creator of the zanpakutou. Nimaiya states that unloved zanpakutou break easily… and he proves it by snapping Renji’s sword effortlessly. Now they just have to survive against the “rage of the zanpakutou” to get the blades back; it’s the classic fight-for-your-life training mode, and they’ll probably come out all the stronger. In the process, I also look forward to learning more about the true nature of these spirits, as it seems they are actually more independent from the shinigami than we thought. Perhaps at the end of it all, Zangetsu and Zabimaru will actually manifest in their spiritual forms outside of their inner worlds, which seems to be what Nimaiya has done already with his zanpakutou. And perhaps, finally, Renji will become more useful in a fight than just calling his bankai and getting soundly defeated right away. And perhaps (fingers crossed), their zanpakutou will all turn into beautiful women as well. Little wonder Nimaiya finds it so easy to love his zanpakutou.


      1. wait for the next 38,800 years. Aizen’s sentence will end then.

        I am more shocked in how all of these girls are Zampuktos. Is Kubo implying that Ichigo would get a new girl within these group of women, a two sword style would suit Ichigo in a way.

        I am also shocked in how Bleach manga category has only 20 comments while the Naruto manga category has 80 some comments. Naruto is getting in a good pace.

  1. These latest chapters of bleach have to me anyways seemed to reclaim some of the magic of the earlier arcs of bleach. It has a good blend of humor with the promise of action down the road. I just wish the last few hundred chapters were as good as these have been perhaps that way the Bleach anime wouldn’t have become the second Inuyasha…

  2. The comedy is really in full with this chapter. Even more so with Kon around so it’s rather entertaining to say the least. And the idea that an unloved Zanpakutou breaks easily is actually kind of interesting and even somewhat passable. It’s often seemed as though each Shinigami has merely treated their Zanpakutou like mere weapons and nothing else but maybe we’ll finally see something more like the bonds between Shinigami and their Zanpakuto spirits expanding beyond just a mere convenient plot point and weapon for their duties.

    Also did anyone get vibes of Urahara at the end when Nimaiya left Renji and Ichigo to their fate? It sort of reminded me of when Ichigo trained in the shattered shaft … Brief moment but yeah, the feeling was definitely there.

  3. I wonder if Kubo is gona take the filler arc of the Zanpakuto Rebellion from the anime and use them in the manga now. Can we expect other Shinigami’s swords to reveal their spirit form too? That’d be interesting.

  4. The only thing that made this chapter tolerable was Ichigo and Renji’s Reactions. There reations were the same ones I had when I read the Amazing Spider-Man # 700 If You know what I mean. sigh Kubo you really are a trolling pervert. I think you should do more comedy. I’ll be glad when Bleach ends. Bleach can’t decide if it’s a comedy or action. Does this want to be taken seriously. I miss the Ol School Bleach so badly.

  5. Building on what I said last week, this chapter had so much going on and it all got so tightly packed together that I finished reading having felt that I’d read nothing at all. I think times like this Kubo should slow down, spend some time working on the characters instead of rushing through like he did. I doubt this ‘training’ will last beyond two weeks MAX, which is good for those of us who like a speedy story (myself included) but I feel should be a bit longer so that we have a chance to enjoy some character/plot development. Maybe he could have even waited to throw Ichigo and Renji into the thick of it until next week? As always, just my thoughts.

  6. I’m not sure Kubo knows what fan service is…

    Hey look a Beautiful woman!
    Ok good-bye!

    Hey look! A lot of beautiful women!
    Ok good-bye!

    I’ll admit the reactions have been funny, but Soul Society just got destroyed…alot…I’m just not feeling this change in tone to comedy.

    1. A few chapters ago some Shinigami reported that the damage done by Quincy weren’t as bad as they first seemed (Prooof actually wrote about it too). Tho’ I kinda hate the fact that none of the big stars were killed in the action (Byakuya etc) as it would of had a lot more stronger emotional impact than just reviving everybody.

  7. I feel that the Team 0 is being introduced too quickly. A chronic problem with Bleach is that new characters keep on popping out and then are fogotten before they can be developed. Team 0 has been kept a mystery for so long. Why not take the time to properly introduce them in more intense and more justified situations? Having Ichigo and Renji hopping places seems to be a bit rushed.


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