「夢の理」 (Yume no Ri)
“The Reason Behind Dreams”

Definitely one of the better series of the fall season, Zetsuen finally returns after a longer than expected hiatus—with an episode that brings mixed feelings. For the most part, episode 13 brings with it a variety of flashbacks, giving us a quick refresh of everything that’s happened up until now and the reasons behind each character’s involvement. I can’t say I expected this… and am just a tad bit disappointed as a result, but for an episode filled with recaps, I have to say it was done pretty well—mixing in hints of the post episode 12 world with a look back in the past.

And what a new world it is. I’m not quite sure exactly how much we can trust from the sequence of dreams Mahiro had, but it looks like the Tree of Genesis made quite the return—bringing with it wide spread destruction and leaving two billion dead in its wake. Interestingly enough, it’s a mixture of both those that opposed the Tree of Genesis, as well as anyone and anything with even a shred of intent regarding crime or war. To top it off, the deserts have been replaced with forests and the food shortage problem a thing of the past too—wait, WHAT? Really though, at this point I don’t really know what’s real and what’s fake at the moment. I’m not quite sure if it was merely meant to show us the mindset of Mahiro… or if the world really is as the dream sequence says. There was just something quite surreal about it all… but at the same time, given the capabilities of both the Tree of Genesis and Tree of Exodus, as well as the multitude of game-changing plot twists in this series, I wouldn’t discount this possibility.

Regardless, there’s two big things I felt like were particularly worth talking about. The first involves the sequence where Mahiro and Aika discuss how “this story doesn’t end in tragedy” and the follow up with a younger Yoshino, who asks Mahiro if he wants to “really end a tragedy with a tragedy.” I know it’s probably best not to read too much into these words considering the series’ propensity to sneak things on us, but it makes me wonder if “this story doesn’t end in tragedy” might refer to the entire series itself—that should Mahiro not attempt to find Aika’s killer and continue his revenge, the world will sort itself out. On that end, it seems to insinuate that the story can indeed end in a tragedy regardless, but only if he chooses to do so.

This in turn links to the second big thing, which is the reveal of our unnamed Mage of Exodus. If the rumours are to be believed, then he could restore the world to “normal” (what exactly does this mean?). Presuming normal is a good thing (better scenario than now) and that the Mage of Exodus did indeed kill Aika though—suddenly it works out quite well with the above theory, because Mahiro’s chase for revenge would lead to the Mage of Exodus’ death and the inability to restore the world to normal –> tragedy. It’s quite intriguing how this works out theory wise… but meh, don’t mind me. Just voicing out some random things—nothing worth taking with more than a grain of salt.

Still, despite how the episode worked out and the many questions abound, the fact of the matter is that Zetsuen is finally back and all is well. If the end of this episode shows anything, it’s that there’s a lot more greatness left within the series, and there’ll be some exciting times ahead—including some Hakaze x Yoshino moments too. On that note, it looks like the series will end up 24 episodes, so there might be some slow build up before we get to the grand finale though.

P.S. Gotta laugh at the fact that the first face Mahiro sees when he wakes up is Samon’s… who sneaks in a sly comment about Yoshino being healthier AND smarter than him to boot.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「僕たちの歌」 (Bokutachi no Uta) by 佐香智久 (Tomohisa Sako)



  1. Good episode, but not the best. Obviously because of the recap. However, I think the fact that we heard Mahiro’s interpretation was a good way to execute a flashback episode.

    Next ep though. Looks really juicy. Lots of stuff is going to happen. Hopefully they don’t dwell on the romance TOO much, because that’s not the only draw of this seris.

  2. Not usually a fan of recaps but Zetsuen handled it fairly well, I think. It should be interesting to see how things pick up starting in the next episode and I’m particularly curious to see how the Hakaze x Yoshino moments affect the grand scheme of things.

  3. I don’t know about you Mahiro, but I think a lot of girls wouldn’t mind if Samon’s face was the first thing they see after waking up from their one month magic-induced sleep lol.

    On the episode, I was quite disappointed that it was mostly a recap of the first half of the show. Although they did try to frame the flashbacks in Mahiro’s point of view, it wasn’t that good a watch, especially as I’ve been rewatching all the first 12 episodes during the 2 week break. And I still can’t think of a logical reason how Mahiro can dream about the current situation of the world with shota Yoshino giving him the overview when he’s been asleep for the past one month.

    The saving grace of the episode was definitely all the setup for the various intertwining plot points that will be expounded throughout the 2nd half of the series; Samon accusing Yoshino is the Mage of Exodus to Mahiro, Hakaze falling in love with Yoshino, the Tree of Genesis and its effect on the world, and the self proclaimed Mage of Exodus. One thing’s for sure,the next 12 episodes looks to be another roller-coaster of a ride, and once again I find myself wishing for next week to come sooner.

  4. The way this story is being told it seems to me that this mysterious Mage of Exodus will most likely be someone we have already seen. Even with the clip at the end off this episode I still think it will turn out to be someone like Yoshino, Junichirou or my personal favorite Aika herself.

    Has there been any conversation about this I missed?

    1. Well I am assuming they can have more than one mage of Exodus but only 1 princess.

      In that case perhaps Yoshino being a mage and Aika being the princess would be what completes the picture the best. Unless Yoshino could be a princess and hook up with the other princess lol. I keep getting the feeling Aika will come back into the story somehow.

  5. at first they initially gave the vibe that the reason Samon wants Mahiro to kill Yoshino is because Hakaze’s head is filled with endless wonder *wink*wink*..hahas until the speculation that he may be the mage of exodus. i think that would be a rather cool twist had they not introduced construction-worker man 😛

  6. I didn’t really like having a recap episode but they really did well in keeping our interest with that preview. It was funny how after that long and slow episode it broke into breakneck speeds after the ED finished.

  7. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Hakaze’s magic pointed out the killer as someone from the Kusaribe clan and now pretty much none of the assumed Exodus mages are connected to Kusaribe clan?

    I guess they can put it down to the Tree of Genesis lying or the Exodus’ magic being illogical hence twisting the facts for the supposed mage perpetrator but I hope there will be a more satisfactory answer.

    1. If I remember correctly Hakaze’s magic revealed that the killer was a mage(or at least connected to magic) and the only known magic users come from the Kusaribe clan so they naturally thought that the perpetrator was from the Kusaribe clan(who get their magic from the Tree of Genesis), but Exodus mages are completely unrelated to the Kusaribe clan, since they get their magic from the Tree of Exodus and I’m guessing Exodus mages are kind of rare and fewer in number.

  8. Given it’s intended to be a recap ep, it definitely is not your average recap. From the mysterious dreams of Mahiro, to the Samon being rude awakener, to the mystery of Mage of Exodus, with implied at least two characters who can be him – nameless worker and Yoshino – and then there is Junichirou, too… As usual, the series keeps feeding us bits and pieces of info, but leaves answers tantalizingly unreachable! Can’t wait to next episode.

  9. Man I’m loving the show but with all this talk of the manga not being finished, I hope we get a cliff hanger and potential season 3 down the line then an anime original ending. Then again bones have remade full metal alchemist again once it’s manga was over after having a series with anime original stuff, but I just can’t wait that long (hope it will be quicker then 6 years). It’d be painful long wait since I’m immensely enjoying this show.


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