Well this was interesting. And I’m not just talking about the bizarre conquest methods. It’s kind of funny that my two favourite conquests over the course of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai have been Mio and Yui (I was slightly disappointed when it turned out Mio didn’t have a goddess) and that they’ve once again made an appearance for this arc. It makes for a pretty nice twist in my view!

This isn’t the only interesting part of course. In the tradition he’s been following throughout this rather unusual arc, Wakaki brings in yet another element we’ve not seen so far in the series – a conquest based upon fantasy. Keima’s idea to earn Urara’s trust through pretending to be an alien is both insane and brilliant. What better way to captivate the curious mind of a child than with something fantastical and mysterious? I have to wonder what kind of effect it might have on Yui and Mio in the future though – perhaps in meeting them he could end up triggering yet another bad end when this world doesn’t connect to his future. Hopefully he’ll be able to make use of his new friendship with Urara to figure out how to stop her grandfather from fighting the devils though.

It’s a pity that Dokurou’s explanations were interrupted – it seemed we might finally learn a bit more about what was going on, but we only caught a few more glimmerings of the deeper mystery surrounding her identity. It always seemed likely that she would’ve been the one who created the orbs, but the latest twist is that she also ‘created herself’. Does this mean that the current Dokurou Keima is interacting with is some sort of construct with her memories created for the express purpose of guiding Keima through this process? If so, how does this tie in with the de-aging? Where is the real Dokurou? And why is this not the real Dokurou in the first place? It seems like it may yet be a while before we get any solid answers about her.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Mio and Yui appear. This is now the best arc. #TWGOK

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  1. I believe this certain past will be the reason why those girls will have goddesses…… This event would certainly be the reason on how it will become the real future of Keima. IMO.

  2. Keima’s face reaction is priceless, he really turn into an alien.

    Also, it makes sense that Mio and Yui befriended Urara back at that time since three of them have a similar family background (high class society).


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