The battle continues this week on Naruto as the clones finally finish distributing their chakra to the respective members of the main cast. To say the least, Kishimoto makes a darn good choice both in leaving Lee as one of the final recipients and also timing it with his Neji flashbacks. That tap on the back of the shoulder from Naruto was just full of unspoken words and I gotta say, I got some chills from that moment. It was just one of those times where they didn’t need to say anything for us to know what they’re thinking… which is that “I know exactly how you’re feeling, but you and I both know that Neji lives on in our hearts and memories.” Some powerful stuff.

Moving on, we get a little more detail into how the whole plan of attack was formed as well, as we see Kakashi flashing back to his discussion with Shikaku. There’s also a nice bit about how Naruto’s at a point where he’s officially become everything the Fourth Hokage imagined he would be, having mastered the ability to distribute chakra in a way that caters to each individual ninja and able to resonate with the Nine Tails chakra more than anyone else ever did (or could). Interestingly enough, that whole diagram showing this chakra distribution looked straight out of some science textbook about enzymes and how they work in a “lock and key” method… but heh, I guess I’m probably the only one who thought that.

In any case, all of this sets the foundation for the full scale attack from the Shinobi army, and it’s some pretty crazy stuff—to the point where some of the scenes had so much going on, it was hard to decipher! Overall though, despite some surprise from our overpowered Uchiha duo, they’re still standing, and it looks like the battle’s got a long way to go… Meanwhile though, Sasuke and Orochimaru finally arrive at their destination and it looks like we’ll finally get the reveal of exactly who/what it is they’re seeking in the coming chapter. Admittedly, I can’t say I really have a theory regarding this respect, so it’ll be quite interesting to see how this alternate plot line works out. Anddd there goes yet another week sadly. Time sure flies!

P.S. Gotta love how Naruto called out Obito this week as well.


      1. I thought they were in Konoha o.O? Wasn’t the last chapter depicting them looking out from the village? And the dark robes make sense to keep them “disguised” – although bunch of people in dark robes walking around during a war…. Not much disguise there -.-

      2. There’s pretty much no way Naruto’s parents can come back resurrected. Since the reaper death seal was used to seal the nine tails into Naruto, Naruto’s parents can’t be resurrected, which is why Kabuto and Orochimaru could not resurrect the fourth hokage and then later the first, second and third hokage

      1. LOL. Sarcasm noted. But it looks like Konoha has undergone a lot of construction (as seen in the manga). You did bring up a good point – Pain destroyed most of Konoha, so if they are in Konoha, where EXACTLY are they? BUT, how about we also ask, WHY are they at Konoha? Why take the trouble to go to Konoha unless what they are looking for is there? Although the manga makes it look easy, I’m sure it’s pretty difficult to enter the village undetected.

        Maybe you are right. Maybe they are not even in Konoha, but why bring up the image of Konoha? Why have an image of construction in the background when Sasuke + co first sense Naruto’s chakra? Whatever the case, I’m excited about where they are now 🙂 I wasn’t quite sure where Sasuke was when he fought Itachi, so maybe Konoha is bigger than I assumed. We’ll find out next week 🙂

      1. Well, there’s those six chapters all at once, then seven years of absolutely no focus on it, then seven chapters all at once in the middle of the final battle, with one having no dialogue and the other six a forced explanation of his motivations as a villain. So his origin story is rushed, but his backstory actually had the exact opposite problem.

  1. Lol at this point Naruto should just give up trying to be Hokage and just become like the president of the “United shadows of ninjmericah”.
    But I digress interesting chapter neji can now rest in peace!
    PS anyone else notice the weirdness with orochimaru’s body on the last page?? XD

  2. Not sure how I feel about everyone in the alliance getting a powerup, that just seems a bit too ludicrous. Giving it to certain people with unique techniques in order to enact a plan is fine and good, but does he really have enough to supercharge everyone? Seems to be heading towards a “conservation of Ninjutsu” problem. The plan was good though; separate Obito and Madara form the Juubi, then (presumably) overwhelm them. Problem is, even if they can take down the Uchihas (unlikely) they still have to deal with the Juubi… Wonder what Shikaku’s plan is for that?

    So, Sasuke’s in Konoha, at some ruin he doesn’t seem to recognize. Perhaps he’s at the old Senju compound to inject himself with some nutritious, delicious, plot-bending Senju DNA?

      1. I thought that at first too, but Sasuke knows where those places are and doesn’t need Orochimaru to find them. His panel (“is this the place?”) seems to indicate it’s somewhere he’s unfamiliar with.

    1. I wouldn’t expect less for Lee when he is charged with the super chakra of the kyuubi .. even given the fact this power-up was given to him by Naruto it doesn’t change the fact that attacking a ninja juggernaut like Madara (who can summon meteors and did beat all the hokages) head-on and slicing him in half with a single kick is FREAKING AWESOME .. let’s hear a cheer for the super-charged-with-Kyuubi-chakra-and-really-pissed-off-he-would-attack-Madara-head-on Lee XD

    1. lols, you don’t need a medical ninja to fix a dislocated shoulder … or we would be in big trouble here in the real world .. you know since medical ninja aren’t so abundant XD

  3. Kyuubi reminiscing of Naruto’s parents and thinking to himself that they would be proud of their son and generally everything’s berries and cream… but he killed Naruto’s parents. Derp.

    1. He was a different creature back then. All anger and rage at being inside of one leaf member after another to be used as a tool for war. Naruto fixed that by making them friends/partners.

    2. Good point, at best it felt really (and i mean REALLY) awkward when Kyuubi brought up Naruto’s parents .. i mean .. man ..come on … you KILLED them !!!

      But i also have to say that people (and Tailed monsters) change with time, the Kyuubi we see now it nothing like the one who killed Naruto’s parents .. kinda like Scar from FMA:Brotherhood ***minor spoiler*** when he killed Winry’s parents.

      1. Kyuubi was being controlled by Madara at the time, and Scar was in such a blind rage after losing his family he didn’t care who he killed as long as it was an Amsestrian. Neither of them were consciously killing just for the fun of it.

  4. When I saw the hand healing naruto’s shoulder I thought: “oh no, Kishi just HAD to put that annoying Sakura back in the game again”. Thank God it was Hinata’s hand. Go Hinata!

  5. so… when is sakura going to be killed again?
    The worst possible ending regarding naruto, hinata and sakura would be if hinata is killed protecting sakura and sakura marries naturo saying that hinata lives inside herself (inside sakura).

    1. Originally I liked Naruto/Sakura but as the series evolved I came to believe if there is anyone for him it will be Hinata. Naruto will most likely end up with Hinata and Sasuke will end up with Sakura (and Naruto will bring Sasuke back to the side of the leaf).

      Or if they do kill off Sasuke then Sakura will swear off men and hook up with Ino.

  6. Sakura…what happened to you? When I saw the hand on naruto’s shoulder, I was hoping her role as a medic ninja will finally shiine..but it is Hinata…It’s like Kishimoto saying now that we have Hinata, there’s no need for Sakura anymore.

  7. Sasuke and his gang are going to the uchiha hide out and to find some script to find out the truth. If any of you guys remembered what Itachi said to his brother during the fight with Kabuto, he said “whatever you do from here on, I’ll always love you”. So that is why he’s going to the uchiha hideout to find out the truth and he’ll make his decision.


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