Not surprisingly, Zaraki is quickly overwhelmed by Unohana as she effortlessly evades his strikes and wounds him multiple times. Along with her katana, Unohana also uses some small blades for combat, possibly as a throwing weapon, and her tactics are brutally effective as she soon has Zaraki backed in a wall with a blade at his throat. Zaraki clearly respects her alot (likely the only person he ever respected and feared) due to her sheer combat prowess, to the point that he sheds tears. Of course the whole thing would be rather meaningless if he was killed right there, but at one point it does seem as if Unohana had run her sword through his throat. Zaraki notices this as well and possibly loses consciousness, but in the next moment his own sword is back in his hand, blocking Unohana’s blade. Given the consistency of the location of the blood splatters on her face, I don’t think this was just some trick of the mind. I’m guessing this is all part of the “training”, as Unohana is somehow forcing him back from death as a way to make him stronger. In her inner monologue, she cryptically mentions his oversight over her “sin”, which could be some mistake she made in the past that’s related to how he’s able to return from the dead. Without further explanation it will be hard to judge exactly what’s going on, but I am really, really praying that neither of them will actually die; it doesn’t help that Isane is grieving as if the note from Unohana was a farewell. Either way, I’m glad that their fight was not skipped over, and I hope that more of it will be shown.


    1. Dude you’re a troll of EVERY manga post of Bleach, Naruto, and Fairy Tail you comment ALWAYS on the first post, and invariably it is negative and designed to incite a flame war. That is the DEFINITION of trolling. I haven’t looked at the Naruto post yet but I’d bet you posted their too. Tomorrow or Saturday when Fairy Tail comes out I’m sure you’ll post there as well unless you read this and decide to skip.

    1. Well they haven’t killed anyone else off besides vice-captain mustache and Yamamoto so I think its safe to assume Zaraki has zero chance of dying.

      Badass Unohana sure would have been useful for say a Espada or Quincy invasion, so why wasn’t she allowed to fight then?

      1. It might be killing intent, however if we look more closely we see drops of blood land on Unohana’s face as she stabs Zaraki, which doesn’t disappear when Zaraki regains consciousness. It leads me to believe that it may have been more than just killing intent.

  1. So… Unohana, a very capable fighter, might sacrifice herself in the hopes that Kenpachi becomes an even better warrior than she is? It’s a weird tactical decision to trade one captain’s life for another’s, but it does fit with the concept of killing off everyone from Yama’s generation.

  2. I think that glimpse where Zarachi sees the sword in his throat and then realize it was a strange moment or illusion, might be zarachi’s sword ability. maybe some kind of foresight power? where when he is about to die his instinct comes to life and prevents it. That could be a crazy powerful ability for the Kenpachi to have.

    1. no its unohana’s killing intent, remember when ichigo first faced kenpachi and felt like he had been stabbed when in realilty kenpachi didnt even do anything yet? its the same thing here. unohana’s bloodlust is so strong that kenpachi feels like he had been stabbed by her

  3. My guess is that Unohana’s Bankai gives people immortality and she used it on Kempachi in the past, but Unohana considers immortality to be the worst thing you could do to someone because it’s cheating death…which they represent. Kempachi doesn’t know that he can’t die because he’s never been in that kind of situation where things were too desperate. My guess is based on how Kubo writes and wishing for a good development.

  4. To think that Unohana is strong enough to beat the crap out of Kenpachi without breaking a sweat…and she’s not only got a Shikai whose powers aren’t yet known, but a Bankai as well? It would have been easier to just unleash her upon every enemy so far, that would have saved a lot of time. Now, at least, we know that back at the beginning, Aizen didn’t run from her for no reason.

    Funnily enough, I’m more interested in this than I am in Ichigo and Renji’s story. Maybe because it feels more like Bleach used to than what it has become now. Glad we’re finally beginning to revisit and develop the characters who have missed out since the first arc (Unohana, I mean).

    1. She was likely kept out of battle because:
      1: She is the ultimate ace in the sleeve
      2: She is so “crazy” that once she is unleashed, she wont revert to normal again.
      3: The captain commander wanted to keep at least one strong fighting asset in a safe place, in case shit hits the fan. Which it did.
      4: Some other explanation.

  5. Why the hell was Unohana even ordered to sit still during the Quincy invasion? She looked like she could’ve just slaughtered them all except for Juha and the other top dogs.

  6. I think it’s about the sword she is using. It’s been shown in the past in shikai form that it can heal. The question is: Does her sword have multiple abilities or goes she have multiple swords? Being that she is the Master of All Sword Styles it could be both! I know one only thing.. Her Bankai WILL BE PURE FAN SERVICE! #NoComplaintsHere

    1. Well “heal”, is a slight stretch. We have only seen that giant flying manta ray thing, which can heal people in its mouth. But think about this, it could very well be that the flying manta ray is just keeping the healing water from the zero division, in its mouth.

  7. Well we know that they have clashed some time in the past. And that was enough of a battle to make Kenpachi idolize Unohana.

    Remember that Kenpachi said he was a man with no name and no past, just killing to pass the time, until Unohana came along. Her sin, is very likely that she is the reason Kenpachi lives for the battle.

    She was a murderous maniac in the past, and something made her stop and do a 180 and become a healer. She see’s her sin as turning Kenpachi into what he is now. Also why she critizes his fighting style, he rampages on not giving a second thought.

    That is my two cents.

  8. So, I am a little interested in how Zaraki landed a decisive blow(The only wound she has ever had ) that allow him to gain the tile of Kenpachi When this fight seemed to one sided. Further, what is it about Zaraki that lead the old man to the conclusion he could never be trained in the art of killing?

    I also would like to know how the old man would have stacked up against the zero division members

    1. it is highly likely that yamaji is/was on par with the zero squad. Maybe he is potentially a zero squad member. Because look at it like this: One of them has to stay behind to lead SS, right?

      Also, he might have given up on Kenpachi because he didnt have enough patience, or he didnt look further than his first impressions. “This brute will never be a proper fighter!”, but of course still keep him around because, well he does pack a punch.

  9. Well, is seems Zaraki has to “cross” the border of death. However, even Zaraki cant explain wtf happened – just decides to not give a damn, and move forward… this week’s should be great. I have to say with Zaraki being a fan favorite this is bound to be an interestng sub-plot. Looking back Uno’s Job isnt to kill Zaraki anyway, its to train him, and after re-reading this chapter. My assesment is she is doig exactly that. I would like to know if Zaraki has gotten comfortable and “weaker”, as Uno’ states she didnt have timt to use the “cheap tricks” last time. Honestly I am far more invested in this sub of the arc than I think I will be in Ichigo’s hertitage questsions. All I know is they both better come out of there, and Juha Bach needs to get severed by one of the Kenpachi and not Ichigo… hrmm or GrimmJaw- who wasn’t waiting for his epic return. I do however predict a DBZ style ” Only I can kill him ” intro… damn I digress, this is what a long day @ work typo code will do to an Otaku… Fortunately I can drink on the job 🙂 and now back to work

    1. Now I understand why Yamaji said Zanjustsu isn’t suitable for Zaraki Kenpachi because he doesn’t show his patience because he already conceal his real self compared to Yachiru Unohana 1st incident hurting her. After he show his real self then he’s ready for Zanjutsu learning the art to use the Zanpakuto efficiently not simply swinging swords for pleasure.

      Lim Lynn

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