「俺の妹たちがこんなに可愛い」 (Ore no Imoutotachi ga Konnani Kawaii)
“My Little Sisters are This Cute”

My prayers have finally been answered — a Kobato episode has finally arrived! Or in this case I guess it’d be more accurate to say that a somewhat Kobato focused episode has arrived!

After finishing this episode, I couldn’t believe that it never occurred to me that Maria and Kobato are actually friends with each other. Be it from a lack of interaction between the two or the wildly different lifestyles they lead, the connection that both of them are roughly the same age and make perfect candidates to be friends just hit me. Brushing aside Kate’s immaturity clearly shining brighter after each and every frantic phone call, the first half of the episode was a nice change of pace from the previous two. Sure some people may say that it was slow to the point of almost being boring, but it never hurts to watch characters develop their bonds in a show where the idea of “friendship” is so twisted and broken that it becomes something almost surreal.

However, being true to form Haganai comes back during its second half with one of the funniest skits I’ve seen in a while. For those who haven’t played Ousama Game or any of its variants, you’re truly missing out on one of life’s great joys. The angst of getting hit with or the mental strain of trying to think of a dare that’s just embarrassing or dirty enough is something that just can’t be recreated until you’ve experienced it yourself! And in Haganai’s case, I didn’t expect any less from our dirty minded Neighbor’s Club. While I’m still trying to figure out just where Maria’s passion for “unko” comes from, I personally was rooting for Sena to draw her original dare (licking her feet) since it’d be a nice opportunity to see the tables turn on Yozora. That said I guess I can be content with watching Yozora’s plans backfire on her, causing her to inadvertently express just how strong her emotions for Kodaka are. And for those of you who are think like me, I couldn’t help but grin after watching how the club handled Kodaka’s cop out to the final dare — not only did it improve my opinions on Rika but it’s nice to know that they all have each other’s backs.

All in all it was another good episode of Haganai. With a slight change in pacing during the first half which was completely made up for during the second, there was a nice balance of cutesy feelings and the dirty humor that makes this show worth watching. Throw in the surprise that Kodaka is apparently engaged to Sena and it looks like things are just going to keep getting crazier.

P.S. Did anyone notice how bad the fried chicken looked when Maria had it on her chopstick? Just want to make sure it just wasn’t me.



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    1. She is. Quite frankly, she’s the most level-headed, mature, perceptive and understanding person in the group. She just happens to have some weird fetishes. The LN has a lot of level-headed Rika and I’m sure some of it is going to make it into the anime as well.

    2. I agree. Last episode, when Rika talked something like “you kiss and have sex with whoever you want, because love is like this”, I was impressed with her maturity, since the others characters were “oh wow can friends kiss? why are they kissing?”, questions that are only done in anime…

    3. Rika, her little quirks aside, is extremely intelligent, and has none of Sena’s haughtiness or Yozora’s mean streak.
      On the another note, I was delighted, that official front of bickering aside, Kobato was really glad to have Maria overnight, and was definitely waiting eagerly for another go.
      Yozora getting all “STOP!” when the kissing order hit the table was definitely nice touch in showing how she is secretly crushing on Kodaka. I can’t but wonder what would be her reaction to the meddling adults proclaiming Kodaka X Sena engagement!

    4. while we’re on the subject of KodakaxRika…

      Is it just my shipping goggles or did the animators seem to ship KodakaxRika as well? judging from their interaction in the OP, and this vague memory of mine that in the first season, the first girl to make Kodaka blush is Rika?

  1. I felt like this episode was like watching two episodes! You get character development with Kobato / our female protagonists. Some hints for upcoming episodes and what’s to come in the in the finale? A confession from Yozora? I can’t wait.

  2. Thursday nights this winter anime season is a treat for Hanazawa Kana fans, as she gets to perform a diverse range of characters.

    There’s the grown-up but naive officer Akane in Psycho-Pass, then the laid-back cyborg-goddess Kagami in Sasami-san, and now the Chuunibyou loli little sister Kobato.

    In terms of bust size, Kobato is fighting a losing battle to Maria here, I’m afraid. Just look at her sister Kate, and you can guess how big Maria can grow, despite being younger than Kobato.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. “…Just look at her sister Kate, and you can guess how big Maria can grow, despite being younger than Kobato.”

      well sorry to break it to you, but you do know that siblings (except for the identical twins) don’t really share those traits, don’t you? I know most you don’t seriously believe in this thing and just having a laugh, All right then. But just in case: you can never be sure with this sort of things with people.

      Just because your sister has big boobs or is tall or pretty, that doesn’t automatically make you the same, even if you share the same parents. Need proof? Just look around. Some siblings do lookalike a little bit, most look quite different, especially body-wise, which is what was implied. So in the case of Kate and Maria, who are like 5+ years apart, there is no guarantee on boob department being the same (yes they happen to look alike, facial-feature-wise. It still doesn’t mean they will have the same height and the same body).

      1. This is the world of anime, not Discovery Channel.

        You know very well rules of real life physics do not apply, if a character’s sibling happens to sport a certain physical trend when other attributes are already similar (silver hair, nun, cute), chances are the missing attribute will also be imitated.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. Well, Kinny Riddle, you and I both know that you’re just having a laugh with the boob thing. I am merely pointing things about, just in case, not necessarily trying to ruin the fun, per se.

        Yes this is a fiction, not a scientific lecture. But you can never trust the general intelligence these days -why else, 18% of Americans STILL think the sun revolve around the earth? Don’t get me start with these dumb-dumb screaming about how evolution is a hoax (arguing about natural selection is one thing, but evolution? Most of these people don’t even know it’s not exactly the same). I don’t think it’s always good thing to curtly dismiss basic scientific knowledge, especially these increasing dumber populace as a group. A better way would be to make sure of knowing the basics, then to watch the fiction. Nothing against you, my man. I just happend to pick this, face it, fairly popular urban myth you wrote. If it stays in fiction domain, no problem; the thing is some undoubtably bring bad science into the real world.

      3. deathtogenericshows I have to correct you slightly. Breast size and shape are the product of genetics and diet, but primarily genetics. You are right in saying that just because Kate has big ones doesn’t guarantee Maria will as well. You said, “even if you share the same parents” but if large breasts are a common in their family then it’s more likely than not that Maria will get large ones as well when she’s older. The fact that they share the same parents is a big indicator of how they’ll be when older.

  3. Uh, anyone could tell that Kate was a siscon from how she talked about Maria in the last episode – but I guess they had to confirm it.

    OK seriously, the fried chicken looked like a cut n’ paste.

    1. You must not have siblings or sisters. You can be concerned over your sibling and not be a siscon.

      Kate before ep 3 was a normal big sister. Kate here, somewhat siscon.

      There are other anime and manga with bigger, more genuine siscons.

  4. I love how Rika who despite claiming herself to be a dirty perverted girl was blushing like crazy and looking away when Kodaka showed his chest to everyone. I expected this from Yozora but to see Rika react this cute was unexpectedly a good surprise! Too bad Kodaka was too embarassed to notice Rika’s reaction or else he might get attracted to her. Afterall she is in the middle of his strike zone. Rika without glasses is really growing on me, she’s not only cuter this was, but she even acts lady like sometimes, which is a nice side to her.

    1. Interesting observation there.

      In fact, this reminds me of that notorious sis-con ecchi anime Kiss x Sis, when Riko, the sister who is supposed to be openly perverted, is actually more shy when it comes to performing the real stuff; whereas Ako, the supposed serious sister, is actually the more perverted.

      As Kodaka said last episode, never judge a book by its cover indeed.

      Kinny Riddle
    2. I seem to remember reading somewhere that fujoshi like Rika are drawn to it because it allows them to be sexually/romantically titillated without it being too close to their own sexuality. So reading about two boys doing it is exciting, but having a boy undressing next to them is embarrassing. I think Rika is mostly talk when she makes innuendo with Kodaka anyway. She knows he won’t respond so she can tease him. I also think she is definitely in his “strike zone” physically and personality wise.

  5. And so ends volume 4. Both parts were good, especially the second half. I like that slipup with Kodaka’s relationship with Yozora. And of course the tension with that final order of the game was great. Hard to say whose ship I’m in especially when both have their merits but let’s see.
    And now we add Konishi Katsuyuki to the awesome seiyuu cast in here. Too bad he’s only in the phone. But he(the father) did drop a big bomb there in the end.

    Next up is volume 5 with the amusement park segment. These chapters were a riot in the novels and seeing Rika in the roller coaster, it should be good. And there’s gonna be an important event next episode but it’s not much of a reveal as I know most people would have already guessed it. Let’s see the people’s reactions though.

  6. I love episode part A, loli is playing around like playing game or fighting in order to eat more… haha these lovely lolis is gleaning… ah awesome… and what a lamentable situation that Meat(Sena) can kiss with Kodaka in verge….Cheer up Niku

  7. My jaw dropped when Maria was reading out those dodgy lines without actually knowing what they meant. If someone did that in real life it could be instant jail time for those involved XD

    1. Btw, I can’t imagine Yozora’s reaction if she found out : Kodaka gave swimming lesson to Sena, sleep over in Sena’s house twice (cmiiw), and had official acknowledgement from Pegasus san as son in law….osananajimi who got mistaken gender identity versus blonde babe….

  8. so maria spend night in kodaka’s house & yet maria vs kobato whole night with kate keep calling like is a siscon?

    club meet so do a party to play king game which from kobato in a “outfit”, maria saying some “yikes”, meat calling to ask for LUPIN, & etc to final game a kiss with meat & kodaka?

    give yozora bit no on it so alternate drink meat’s cup like a kiss all good til kodaka’s dad call about his son getting married?

  9. This show brings up an interesting dilemma. Yozora is clearly the main female protagonist (don’t argue this with me! As much as I like Sena, she’s, unfortunately, the 2nd fiddle to Yozora. It’s true, it really is). If this show follows what 99% shows in this kind does, then Kodaka+Yozora in the end. (sure it can always end with the innocent friends forever PG ending while merrily laughing all together, but for the sake of the argument, let’s ignore that for now, however likely that ending is).

    HOWEVER! The writer made Yozora so unlikable, mean bully b!tch that it’s kinda hard for that traditional, generic ending. I don’t think many will stomach Yozora getting the man guy in the end (although RC commenters, by large, seem to like Yozora just fine. You bunch of masochists, you. I am going to ignore this fact as well for the sake of my argument). Now then, she is so downright mean-spirited that even some of her rare sincere moments and all the blushing can’t save her arse from the public backlash. No wonder Sena is vastly more popular than her. Why is the writer making the main female protagonist so despicable? Asides from inducing some laughs early on, this streak of her is really damaging her character. Could it be that he is trying to set up Kodaka+Sena ending? Certainly that seems to be the popular choice. But despite all this obvious logic, the truth is that I am still not convinced that the 2nd fiddle (Sena) can win. Among other things, the way story has progressed and Yozora’s childhood history thing with Kodaka are just way too strong for the 2nd fiddle to overcome.

    1. I’ll copy one of the comments I found on this page that I found most agreeable.
      “There are many complaints people can make about Yozora, but unrealistic would definitely not be one of them.
      Who’s to decide if she has a positive or negative future?
      I think that when you are talking about social suicide and ideal situations, you’re fundamentally wrong in thinking that not being social means that you lose any race.
      Personally no matter what Yozora does, I consider personalities like Sena as far worse.
      Pretentious and pushy, without sympathizing with anyone below her.”

      If you like to see other such discussions of Yozora/Sena hate, you should really see the comments on there.

      1. Even if her family and her own natural ability to be academically and physically superior to the rest have turn her into a snob, that doesn’t mean that she can’t learn to be humble. As a matter of fact, Sena is strangely naive for many things that she don’t know or understand. That can be used to fix her own personality, by making her see that even she can’t be perfect (even though her natural attributes can be considered that)
        In the other side, Yozora is a self-destructive (person?) that will clearly bully anyone just to have her own way. Her constant harrass over Sena clearly prove that. Her own ego made her totally unlikable, without showing any remorse of her actions. That’s the kind of person that even a shrink can’t fix at all.

        As for the rest of the ep, the first half annoyingly remind me of Sailor Moon Super S antics (Chibi-Usa’s childish galore at max), and even with the link that both Kobato and Maria have as fiends/friends, until her egos are fixed (Kobato abandoning her hikki mode and Maria understanding that she’s not the center of the universe), from time to time, I had the urge to choke the friggin nun. Kate doesn’t help at all either. No wonder they’re sisters. The King’s Game only fueled more of the N’sC antics, but nothing new we already say in S1. I dare to say that Next has made the whole party more idiotic than S1, which at this point is clearly stupid.

      2. oh c’mon now. Sure, in your world, a bully is a better personality than a “Pretentious and pushy” one. Let me get one thing straight: these two are not exactly winning any peace medal with their personalities. Nonetheless, a bully is a bully and that’s worse than whatever these other fictional characters bring on. I recommend you to watch things like “Bully (2001)”, if you can’t gasp what a nasty little thing this bullying is. It’s not a laughing matter, at least not to these children. And I’d say Yozora’s bullying has stopped being a funny ha-ha bullying a long ago. It’s actually quite nasty at times. I don’t particularly mind her attitude per se, to be honest, if it weren’t for her bullying.

        “Who’s to decide if she has a positive or negative future?”
        I decide -well, hope, more accurately- in my mind, on this fictional character’s future on a fictional show, as a viewer! it’s my mind and my brain, so back off, whoever wrote that comment you copied, LOL! Geez, now I can’t even judge a fictional character! Oh, this pseudo-political correctness and sanctimonious attitude has no boundaries~~. Now censoring me how to think on silly little things like these :P.

      3. Actually, from looking at this chapter here, she actually was looking forward to being friends with Maria until she was insulted, then while grabbing some candy for her, accidentally ended up hitting Maria since she came way too close, so she decided to just go along with it and play the villain. Later, she felt bad and decided to provide Maria with more snacks in the meantime
        Also, look at that smile!

      4. There’s an over-representation of ‘bully’ in these comments. I rationalise this as anime fandom has a higher proportion of personalities particularly susceptible to bullying (or bluntly, a victim mentality). What Yozora does to Sena is not civil, but not uncommon amongst friends when one get carried away. It is also quite apart from the psychological attacks Sena gets from her female classmates, which is real bullying.

    2. Why does the main lead have to end up with the main female protagonist?
      Most animes do that but that is boring sometimes. Some animes do the unexpected ending and the main guy chooses another girl. I like Yozora the least so I would prefer Sena or Rika or any other girl to end up with Kodaka. Yozora was the best only in season 1 episode 1 with long hair and before she showed she was from the dark side of the force.

  10. I never got the memo why there is even 1 girl with glasses in anime. There are so many. And I have yet to see 1 girl in anime or in real life that looks better with glasses than without them. Why put the work and the effort to make someone look less attractive? I guess only time will tell….


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