「ずっと、好きでした……」 (Zutto, Sukideshita……)
“I’ve always loved you”

He did it! He half-passed! Woohoo!! *coughs* ahem…sorry, I had to get that out real quick. A lot to get to, so I’m going to blaze through a lot of topics in rapid succession. I’ll try to keep them brief though, so be sure to keep up!

Jin’s Avoidance, Misaki’s Determination

Any fan of the romcom genre is undoubtedly used to male protagonists doing stupid things. If I have any problem with it in anime (I haven’t found this to be as big of a problem in other mediums), that’s certainly it. While both Jin and Sorata have spent time on the upper end of the spectrum (i.e. far above their peers), Jin is on the lower part of his trajectory right now. I understand that he doesn’t want to be distracted from his goal, and that he wants to become the best man he can be (for himself as much for Misaki). I respect that. But not even seeing her? Well, Sakurasou has been unapologetic about inflating the drama, so not surprising. Doesn’t mean Jin gets any points though.

As for Misaki, first of all: her bullfrog was as hilarious as it was unconvincing! Aside from that, it’s clear from her veritable mountain of chocolate that she has something up her sleeve for Valentine’s Day. That’s not what really struck me about her this episode, though. “I’m doing it. I want to make something for myself!” That line represented a quantum shift in Misaki’s character. She used to be aimless, only doing what she enjoyed and chasing Jin. Now she’s different. She’s always been a prodigy, but now she’s an artist as well. Misaki is growing up.

Sorata’s Presentation, and the Half-Pass

He half-passed, woo!! There were a lot of good things about Sorata’s presentation. The one I enjoyed the most was the combination of Fujisawa laughing, Chihiro-sensei’s advice (“Quit trying so hard”), and Sorata bowing into the microphone. All that, combined with all his practice, made Sorata realize something – it’s not all over if you screw up. Go ahead, make mistakes! Your preparation and passion will shine through as long as you don’t freeze. It’s better to be the palm tree that bends in the wind rather than the oak that is torn down. That’s why I always prefer to be a little silly (see: any RandomC podcast ever), so I’ll probably say something stupid early on, get it over with, and then be able to be myself. Works for me.

Secondly, I really enjoyed how Sorata thought about not just what would make the game fun and how to make money/promote it (via “viral” videos captured from gameplay), but the true reason that people would play, the reason behind the reason. It’s not about beating the monsters, but looking cool while doing so. Whether that will work depends on the implementation, but the fact that he thought so far is impressive.

Above all though, I got a little thrill when he half-passed. Even if his game doesn’t get made – probably due to the cost of producing it, I’d bet – he should be proud for having had such a good idea, and presenting it so well. He’s had some setbacks, so it’s good to see him stumble forward. I will say that the scene didn’t quite have the elated feelings I was expecting, but for a half-pass that happened in the middle of the episode, that’s fine. There was still more to come.

Bonus: I was going to comment on how Sorata’s presentation seemed really short, and perhaps it was. That said, if you can’t explain your idea in two minutes then you probably haven’t refined it enough, or you’re rambling. That’s what places like Y Combinator teach, and it seems to work pretty well for them. No foul!

Jin’s script & Nanami’s Embarrassment

I’m not sure on the advisability of Nanami using Jin’s script for her audition. What if it isn’t that good? I’d want to have the best materials for a situation like that! That said, using something the judges haven’t heard before is an advantage, and it led to some undeniably cute moments between Nanami and Sorata. I wasn’t fooled for a second by their script-reading, but first Sorata and then Nanami getting all embarrassed was great! Nanami’s big day is coming up though. Oh my.

Mashiro’s Awakening (to Valentines)

Throughout this episode, it really did seem like Sorata was giving Nanami special treatment. Yuuko’s consternation aside, the best thing about this was what it did to Mashiro. First of all: holy hell, massive nosebleed incoming!! The hair drying bit, the text message bit…there was a lot of Mashiro being jealous, and I loved it all.

But perhaps best of all was Mashiro going to talk to Ayano, and her saying that Mashiro should learn about love via shoujo manga. This can only end well! Seriously. By the looks of Mashiro looking at the chocolate in that store window, she has awoken to the power of Valentine’s Day. This can only mean good things for next week’s episode.

Like Onii-chan, Like Imouto

Yuuko is, simply put, kawaii-nuts. Her early phone call to Sorata was funny, and her gushing about Mashiro was hilarious (didn’t she used to dislike her??), but best of all was how she freaks out just like Sorata does. I guess they really are related, huh?

Then she went somewhere I did not expect. She gave Sorata homemade chocolate (I will never get homemade chocolate from a girl with Ogura Yui’s voice. FML!)…and then asked him who he was going to pick between Mashiro and Nanami. Wait, what? Me thinks she isn’t as much of a brocon as we suspected. She’s still a pretty big one though, heh.

Looking Ahead

Next week will be the Valentine’s Day episode, which is contractually obligated by anime romance law to be a doozie. Combined with Nanami’s audition, it should be the whammy I thought this week would be. Don’t be indifferent, Sorata.

Also, is that some Rita in the preview? The dialogue didn’t sound encouraging, but I hope we see more of her next time. Go get yourself a Dragon, Rita!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Sorata’s presentation is a huge success, woo! Meanwhile, Nanami & Mashiro are keyed into love while Yuuko stirs things up #sakurasou

Random thoughts:

  • Awww, Hauhau and Souichirou-kun are finally going out! Such an adorable couple.
  • Everyone, do not freak out. Yes, when Nanami came home, she and Sorata totally sounded like husband and wife…with Sorata in the “stereotypical” wife’s role. That’s totally fine! It’s 2013 people. Men who can cook and clean are hot. Or so I hope. Otherwise Stilts-oniichan is totally screwed, Orz
  • Using a dryer to “dry her”? Go die, Sorata. That pun was terrible…and I loved it!
  • This wasn’t the whammy episode that every fourth episode has traditionally been, but it was enjoyable, and it’s definitely building to something for next time. That does lead me back to my old concern – time. There’s no way there will be enough time to adapt all the current novels (eight), much less the forthcoming ones (two more, for a total of ten). How are they going to give us closure? I think soon, we’ll start seeing the anime take a different path – if we aren’t seeing it already. J.C. Staff has exceeded expectations so far, so I’ll keep my faith…and yet I remember Toradora’s ending, so I’ll worry as well. Don’t let me down now, guys. Finish strong!

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  1. Finally, the time has come for the most awaited scene of the series……!!!!!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Ken Sanders
  2. Gahh! Mashiro’s wet hair + towel!! My mind is overloaded!!!

    Seriously, I love this anime so much. I didn’t hate any of the character which is something that really rare to happen. Usually I will hate the love rival in this kind of anime since they wil act like an annoying and inconsiderate ppl. But thank god Nanami isn’t like that. hell I even had the hard time to cheer either her or mashiro since I like both of them so much (although I’m more for Mashiro since she’s the main heroine).

    Anyway, I just hope in the end Kanda WILL pick someone. I had it with most romance anime these days that usually never goes anywhere.

      1. Aww man, if that is the case, I really hope they wait for the LN to be completed… I usually prefer true ending based on the original material than original anime ending… oh well, I just hope if they are going to make an original end, they are going to make a satisfying one…

      2. @gladus

        Erm no, if you read the synopsis for the 9th volume, it’s definitely not a ‘side story’.

        Besides, all the side stories are labelled with a decimal eg vol 5.5 and vol 7.5

      3. Based on the series’ Japanese wikipedia entry, the novels have so far been released on a frequency of every 3-4 months. The previous one, volume 8, was out on October 10th, meaning volume 9 may be out by next month soonest.

        But it still means it is unlikely that volume 10 will be out in time for the end of the TV series.

        So the following possibilities are:

        1. An original ending, with or without author Kamoshida’s input. Hopefully with his input, as he has contributed to the screenplay for one of the episodes.

        2. Anime finds a suitable point to go into intermission, allowing the final novel to catchup, and then quickly releasing a second series to tie up all the loose ends.

        Kinny Riddle
  3. Mashiro is rapidly turning into a jealous c-blocker lol

    She has to win because Nanami is the sort of girl who will bounce back but Mashiro will probably go yandere and kill them both.

    *Still Team Nanami*

    1. Still on board this ship. No matter which side ‘wins’, there will be screaming. I did the same at the end of Akane Iro, when the MC chose a different girl than the manga. If the volumes aren’t complete, I’d say anything can happen, whether or not Nanami’s interview goes well. You don’t just keep her in the hunt this late in a two cour series then she’s out for good. Plus, my view through the prism sees Ayano telling Mashiro not to understand her feelings for what they are, but as motivation for her manga. And Nanami providing Mashiro with love anime again points to Mashiro trying to understand love not though interaction with other people, but by understanding an art form. There’s nothing directing Mashiro to focus on being ‘in’ a relationship, only understanding the concept of relationships as fodder for her work. Rose is such a beautiful color…

  4. I’m beginning to like Fail-sensei, sorry, Chihiro-sensei more now. The past few episodes has shown that she CAN be an adult and kind mentor to the kids in the house when the occasion calls for it.

    BTW, it’s kind of obvious Kazuki and Chihiro have some sort history by their banter when watching the Nyaboron play and him mentioning how he used to live in Sakurasou before.

    With talented people residing in it (insanely gifted animator, genius programmer, manga artist with godlike drawing skills, talented scriptwriter, budding voice actress, and now potential game creator), as well as producing a proven talent in Fujisawa Kazuki, Sakurasou ought to be regarded as a Googleplex/Infinite Loop-like place where creativity is nurtured, rather than its unfair label of an “asylum for crazy students” simply because each of them carries a flaw deemed “abnormal” by “ordinary” folk. (Misaki – simply batshit insane alien, Ryuunosuke – shut-in, Mashiro – no common sense, Jin – womanizing playboy, Sorata – obsessive cat-lover. Only Nanami could be considered “normal”, unless you count “poor” as “abnormal”. )

    “Ordinary” people will never understand, sadly.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. Sorry for disrupting this series weekly. Just a humble little question… Stilts! Can you put the posts views back? It seems nice just being there…staring at it increasing every hour 🙂

    1. Ahaha, sorry, we’re fiddling around with some of the site settings again. I can’t promise they’ll go back (though it’ll be a little while even if they do), but we’ll definitely take your opinion into consideration 🙂

      1. Can you do something about comment votes(like/dislike buttons)? you know like removing them altogether?
        It’s fairly aggravating to see how several people spam the dislike button or downvote/voteup
        comments for no apparent reason. That’s my opinion of course…

        Helvetica Standard
  6. That slow cracking noise you here is the slow shattering of my heart into millions of bite sized pieces in anticipation for next week. The bass turds aren’t content with crushing one of the girls. No. Crushing someone’s hopes and dreams? Trivial! LET’S DO IT ON VALENTINE’S DAY! So someone’s dreams are going to get crushed on the self proclaimed lovers’ day. I hate it and I love it. It’s almost as if the last two episodes Nanami’s chances have taken a 180, and it’s her that is the legitimate guarantee for Konda, while Shiina is doing all the weird little quirks she sees boyfriend/girlfriends doing to try and make Konda love her, but will ultimately come up far short. Shiina is starting to get annoying in that regard. It’s hilarious and facepalming at the same time.

    I hate the writers. Not because this is bad, but when all is said and done my heart is going to be ripped right out of me.

  7. @Stilts
    “There’s no way there will be enough time to adapt all the current novels (eight), much less the forthcoming ones (two more, for a total of ten).”

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Stilts, the 9th volume would be out on 10th of March so there’s a chance they might get to that as well…

    P.S – Coincidentally, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for us as well…

    1. There’s also the fact that the original author has cooperated on at least one episode (and I think more), so there’s a chance he could slip them the ending, or at least advise them on how a more abbreviated one would go. That’s far more likely than them actually getting to the 9th novel…and still not having time to wrap things up since it ends at vol 10!

  8. Of all the heart ripping red flags, why does the audition of Nanami happen on Valentines Day? I’m dreading the next episode, and at the same time anticipating it. Oh how I loathe thee oh bard of Sakurasou!

  9. It was indeed not a whammy like you’d expect from a fourth episode, but this was still the best episode of Sakurasou’s second half for me.

    Seeing Sorata’s efforts get rewarded was certainly something that made me feel like cheering, even if he didn’t get his game made. He was able to clearly tell his idea, impress the people he was presenting to and even get a contact inside the industry out of it (and the fact he has ties to Sakurasou makes it no doubt easier to converse naturally with said contact). Certainly not a bad start, and as Ryuunosuke mentioned, he made it a lot further than most people. Not to mention it feels rather realistic (unlike the stunt Oreimo pulled, for example).

    As for Misaki; her working for herself and growing as an artist was nice to see, and it’s possibly what Jin was after all along. He’s still kind of an ass though, but hey, maybe we’ll get some nice resolutions between them next episode.

    And hnng, so much Nanami ánd Mashiro moments. There’s going to be some seriously painful heartbreak coming out of that one. It was pretty funny that Sorata was actually pretty crappy at the whole voice actor thing (look at how stilted he sounded) and the two of them getting embarassed at the stuff they were reading was hilarious. Not to mention the whole husband-and-wife vibe they were having (in reverse, even), as I do get the feeling that he isn’t completely immune to her affections (even though the ship has no chance). As for Mashiro, she’s understanding her position more and more, and seems to get more aggressive as well. Loved the way she’s actually kind of getting flirty, or at least acknowledging that she’s getting embarassed (“Sorata, how long are you going to stare?”), as it shows that their relationship has progressed since the start of the show.

    And hopefully more Rita next week! Let’s hope she bothers the crap out of Ryuunosuke.

    As an aside, I’m also hoping they manage to adapt it all well. A rushed ending after all this would kind of leave us with a sour note, and what would be regrettable.

    1. I’m not sure that Mashiro was actually embarrassed about being seen in a towel. I think she wanted to be seen like that, and used the embarrassed line because that’s what she’s “supposed” to say. She probably cribbed the line from one of those shoujo manga Ayano gave her, heh

      1. That is certainly a possibility. The lines certainly were. She is using them as guidance, for better or for worse, heh.

        However, I can’t help but notice that she ís blushing in that scene. It’s subtle, but it’s there. She never used to do that before.

        Well, either that, or I’m overthinking things and it’s because she came out of the bath.

  10. Yuuko didn’t like anyone who could steal her onii-chan from her. She changed her tune on Mashiro when she realized Mashiro wrote her favorite manga. She may be a brocon, but she also is being very realistic about things.

    Interesting that they brought out the financial questions (can we make money on this game?), since that had been pointed out to Sorata in the previous episode. They still liked his idea thought and just felt they needed to make it financially possible to develop it. They just need to hire Mashiro and Misaki to do the development. 😉

    I couldn’t watch all of the interaction between Sorata and Nanami. Just too painful.

    Maybe they can “finish up” the story without rushing to a complete ending. That would leave them open to doing the final volumes in another cour. I always hated the way Ai Yori Aoshi screwed up that ending when there was more in the manga that they could have done.

    1. True, but I’m not sure how many DVD/BDs Sakurasou is selling (there’s that money angle again!). I know it was only selling okay early on, so unless it picks up, it’d be hard to justify another season. I think it’s more likely that they’ll try to wrap it up here, even if I too would prefer to see the true ending animated in full.

      1. I’ve watched it again and Im still amazed of how sorata can pull a very terrible/fabulous pun and after yuuko ignored it and accused them of flirting…
        sorata: • • • (‘Orz)

        and about that rhythm battler… “o2jam” + “the legend of zelda” + “appleseed”?!

  11. This episode certainly was quite good. Although Misaki was just too crazy in the first few minutes. I found her shouting quite annoying at times.

    I liked the re-introduction of Fujisawa, this time as a mentor role to Sorata in making his game. Really hope that he could succeed in making his game.

    The appearance of Yuuko also was a great bonus. This time, it further emphasized that she most likely won’t make it, but her unwavering support towards her brother (minus her ridiculous antics) and her telling him to choose, suggests that she probably got over her brocon complex and instead is thinking for him. Very subtle development for her.

    With Valentine coming up, Nanami and Mashiro both have work to do. Seeing that this show still has some way to go, the fight ain’t over yet, but Valentine’s Day will probably give them the initiative to make the first move.

    Also, next episode for Rita x Ryuunosuke again anyone?

    1. I don’t think Yuuko was ever a full brocon. She loves her onii-chan very much, but I don’t think she was ever after an OniAi ending. She seems like the type who will just end up marrying someone a lot like Sorata, rather than going for the real deal, lol

      Still a little strange on her part, but it’s not like that doesn’t happen plenty in real life.

  12. For the purposes of Sorata and his future as a game developer, a ‘half-pass’ on his presentation might have been the absolute best thing that can happen for him. He doesn’t really need the money right now, he gets validation that his game idea is interesting and compelling, he gets the practice and experience that the whole process allows, and the important thing…

    He gets to be basically tutored by Fujisawa to further develop the game idea!

    There’s likely nothing more valuable to him at this stage of his career than this kind of real-world development experience with a veteran who seems in-tune to the idea of helping a newcomer get better, except maybe the networking that he’s getting out of it. Plus, his additional bonding with Fujisawa based on their background commonality.

  13. Gotta love how Sorata is now (mostly) desensitized to Mashiro showing up in his room in nothing but a towel unless someone brings it up like he’s being ecchi/a hentai, lol.

    Also, need more jelly Mashiro!!!!

    1. I love it when people delude themself…It will be pretty amusing to see them how the wonder why it din’t happen. Perhaps they will even claim that it is absurd and be butthurt about it? Can’t wait to see it.

      1. There a difference between sounding funny and sounding like a butthole. Anonymous makes fun of shippers but has a strange knack for making it funny. You… You need to put some pants on your head.

      2. I didn’t want to be funny. I was merely stating what I’m seeing and what I expect will happen. It’s nothing new and being deluded is only the first step of it.
        That i get amused by that nonsense is just a welcome side effect.

      3. I was simply making a point, just as you made your own. You seemed to want to defend your point, so I questioned your intentions. Where did you pull out the concept of butthurt from? Now, cover up that butthole of yours. It’s indecent.

      4. You do realize that people create such romantic pairings to make a series that much more entertaining, right? Go ahead and “educate” those who don’t already know what the outcome will be at the end of Sakurasou, but please, don’t assume that all those who support pairings other than the original pairing are fools. That will be all from me.

      5. My girlfriend supports a SorataXJin pairing even when it’s clear that it won’t happen because Sorata has no feelings for him.

        A good friend of mine supported a AmiXRyuuji(Toradora) pairing even when it was clear that it won’t happen because he just has no romantic feelings for her.

        I have always found it a little disrespectful when people support baseless parings and ignore the feelings of the people involved. Do Sorata’s feeling not matter at all?
        Nanami has feelings for Sorata but they are onsided and he loves someone else who also loves him back. So I see no reason to ship for Nanami when It is clear that he doesn’t feel the same for her. It’s too bad for her but she has to move on, he is not the only guy in the world.
        But unlike the thing with Nanami that has no chance at all, we have Sorata and Shiina who love each other. I respect their feelings and wish that they don’t take too long to get together.
        Just my humble opinion about baseless/hopeless shipping.

  14. Using shoujo manga to teach Mashiro about love, isn’t that asking for trouble? I’ve read some of ‘those’ mangas and Sorata is in trouble if any of them were in the pile. Though I doubt Ayano would do that to her star. Still Mashiro can pick up a lot from the manga, maybe some of it would even be useful.

    A jealous Mashiro is too cute, I thought I was going to die from some of her antics. I wish more female characters were done like her in the jealously department. Instead of hitting or bad-mouthing the boy who she likes when said boy is giving more attention to another girl she goes out of her way to get his attention. The bath towel and wet hair is definitely the ultimate attack to get Sorata’s attention, even if he has seen her naked before. But this is the first time he actually stared at her instead of turning away, which speaks volumes.

    Poor Nanami, I really don’t want to watch the next episode but I will. She has been a character I have grown to like a lot and seeing what will happen will be hard. Still have to hate her parents, fail twice in getting to your dreams and you have to give up on them and come home. What kind of parents would set that kind of stipulation on their child? Or is it Nanami’s decision to leave after failing twice, but given her determination I doubt that.

    Yuuko is a fun, cuddlily, little airhead. She can’t make up her mind on who her enemy is. In episode 7 it was Nanami, in 15 Mashiro, in 16 it was back to Nanami until the end when it became both Mashiro and Nanami. Then again, at the end I don’t think she saw either of them as enemies but possibly friends. Too bad she probably won’t pass the exams, but think of the possibilities if she did. And the pervert in me likes Yuuko’s school uniform compared to Sui High’s uniform.

    Who am I kidding, it likes both of them.

    And can’t wait for more Rita!!!

  15. I was going crazy this episode, I really can’t decide Nanami or Mashiro, I’m totally in love with both of them in different ways. I was so excited this entire episode and I ended up blushing so many times watching this that I thought the ending theme was playing at the perfect moment. I ended up downloading and replaying the ending theme on repeat for about 200 times while preparing for natsucomi. This has officially become my drawing music.

    Honestly, Nanami’s personality is my favorite type of girl and her appearance is my type too. Mashiro goes over the chart with her elegance and beauty while her personality is cute to the extreme. Ahhhh~~~ I can’t decide who I love more. Sorata, you lucky man~

    瑠璃猫 (formerly thenewhorde)
    1. Indeed. That is why this is a good story.
      I remember in earlier episodes the majority of the opinion seems to be “I love them both, whoever wins, I’ll feel bad for the other and hope they’ll get some happy ending too”… And yet now in some circles the ship to ship combat had become more volatile… where did it go wrong… ;_;

    1. Maybe because opposites attract?
      Nanami and Sorata are somewhat alike (in that they both tend to overreact with NoIndoorVoice and LargeHam tendencies) while Mashiro is more of a stoic (NotSoStoic though)

      1. Yeah, maybe you’re right..
        Then again there’s also this tendency to make the underdog “brighter” than the main heroine in most respects; making viewers like us root for her even though we know it’s hopeless; which of course is downright cruel.. poor Nanami XD

        Helvetica Standard
  16. expected happy successful end for Sorata… I think Yuuko is the focal point of the anime. how adorable and cute she is. At first, I suspected this since I have no confidence that this is likely to have concrete storyline. However this showed appropriate ratio among gags and serious episode. I am so relieved the plot that didn’t flow into obscure happening.


    absolute perfect…

    1. Well, this guy only wants one girl and that girl has not a thing for polygamy either. And the third wheel seems to not be someone who would like to share a guy and play the role of the second wife.
      In short: Polygamy is out of question and I’m content with that.

      And I can’t see the appeal in a pseudo harem where the guy clearly prefers only girl and has no romantic feeling for the other girl. There is just no point in such nonsense.

    2. Sorry, but harem is the easy way out. That has to be something set up from the get-go, ala Campione. This is a show for the love and the drama, so only one will stand at the end. Such is how it must be.

  17. No mention of Fujisawa-sensei’s reaction when asked about Fail/Chihiro-sensei? I could totally smell the arrival of a new ship…

    And YES, men who can cook and clean are hot (and so are you, Stilts *wink*)! It could’ve been funnier if Sorata outrightly said the “dinner,bath or me” line. Team Nanami fight-o!

  18. Agan the show is being awesome!
    Sorata: learning how to get relaxed presentation, and being rewarded with his project sent into “refining”.
    Mashiro: starting to learn about love, jealousy and such things. From shoujo manga? Hell, there are much worse ways to be educated about this side of life…
    Nanami: getting the courage to confess, step by step. She is too constrained by her ideals of being “good girl” and needs to accept that love, at least romantic one, is going to be selfish…
    Misaki-senpai: getting to act herself again, with loads of chocolate involved. Oh and the bullfrog act = priceless!
    Imouto with (not-so-huge) bro-con, gets a special reward, for getting him some chocolate of sisterly love, and calling him out on being indecisive. Sorata has to realise now that he was indirectly shown up a level of care for Nanami that goes well beyond dorm friendship.

  19. It’s sad for Nanami that Sorata doesn’t feel the same for her. But that is not a big deal because there are other guys in the world.

    Can’t wait to see how Shiina and Sorata hock up.

  20. This was a great episode, but I wish Nanami hadn’t gone with a script that suited her current situation so well. It’s good to have things to draw on when emoting, but with the lines hitting so close to home I’m a little worried she’ll forget to act out a character and end up just being herself instead. That’s certainly what I was feeling during her practice with Kanda :/

  21. Satoshi Hino still comes out lucky with women in a J.C. Staff show… even when he’s not the male lead! Though in comparison to all his other love interests, Saori is probably the least tsundere out of all them. Hope to see more from them in the future.

    I think this episode marks the first time Mashiro and Nanami have seriously competed for Sorata’s attention, at least specifically against each other, subtly acknowledging that their love rivals. There hasn’t been a declaration of war yet, but I imagine valentines day will be a major and serious turning point for the love triangle as both girls plan something for Sorata and Nanami teeters ever closer to finally outright confessing to him.

    I wonder what kind of history Fujisawa has with Sakurasou and Chihiro-Sensei. He doesn’t seem to want to talk about it, so I assume he regards it as an embarrassing chapter in his life. He may have been the Sorata of his generation at the dorm, with a crazy love story between himself and Chihiro-Sensei thrown in for good measure. I hope we get to learn about the specifics soon as he works more with Sorata.

    I actually liked Toradora’s ending… but that’s just me. I would imagine having the novel writer in the writing staff gives J.C. Staff an advantage they didn’t have with Toradora, especially in writing an ending, so I’m not worried.


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