「この中に1人、男がいる!」 (Kono Naka ni Hitori, Otoko ga Iru!)
“One of them is a Man!”

Hagani is downright the most disgusting show I’ve ever watched. In all my years of consuming this amazing art form of girls doing girly things and men doing manly things, Haganai is probably the first I’ve seen that actually animated two pretty girls throwing up. For those of you who don’t watch this show, I’m not talking about that over exaggerated throw up that’s common place — I’m talking about straight up disgusting full of half chewed food throw up. Don’t get me wrong though, all those disgusting scenes don’t take away from the show at all! If anything it’s a welcome bit of flare that helps push the show a bit over the top.

That said, it’s a shame that this episode didn’t leave much to write home about. For most of the episode, all I can remember is that I could barely contain my laughter with joke after joke hitting just the right spot. And it all started the moment Rika lost her mind on the “Black Dragon”. Sexual innuendos aside, I was dying inside as I watched the cute Rika turn into this sex crazed rage monster. Between listening to her spew out “FUCK” and “BITCH” and laughing at all the faces she made, it was almost too much for me to handle.

But this week’s star was definitely Yukimura. All this time, I’ve had this constant battle between trying to figure out whether or not she was actually a guy. Throw in all the misdirecting hints that the show drops on us and you end up with a cluster of questions and no answers. But I suppose in return though Haganai doesn’t just explain to us that Yukimura isn’t a guy but goes to such lengths as to demonstrate that she is a girl. And while I’m a little skeptical to believe that someone could actually believe they were the wrong gender even when others tell them they aren’t, I really want to know what Rika said to change her mind.

With the ero scenes getting more intense every week, Haganai is slowly becoming my dirty little secret of the season. A show that has enough humor that I could show it to just about anyone but with so much ero that I would probably be labeled a pervert if I ever watched this show out in public. However, I can see a saving grace for this show that stand out even more than all the dirty scenes and throw up combined!

That my friends would be the hope that the relationship side of things may finally get bumped to the top of the writers’ priorities. As it stands it’s already clear how strongly Yozora and Sena feel about Kodaka and just what kind of strategy the two are taking — Sena on the offense while Yozora plays passively. But after this episode, what I want to focus on is not which girl is going to end up with Kodaka but the idea that Kodaka may have zero feelings for either of them. I honestly believe that Kodaka is perceptive enough to notice what’s going on around him. And seeing how he hasn’t reciprocated anything thus far and has had a lot scenes where it’s just him silently staring after anything related to his romantic status with either girl (for example after Yozora’s outcry near the end of the episode), I truly believe that he isn’t the dense male lead I once took him for.

P.S. That’s just my opinion though! Let me hear what you think down in the comments! And don’t forget to check out that full sized picture c:

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  1. I honestly couldn’t hear like 90% of what Rika said. Did anybody hear it? I looked at the subs to get an idea and I can’t tell if they are actual translations or just the most bizarre stuff somebody could think of.

    1. She was mostly just scared stiff-less and let out all her rage on gravity and all that’s associated in the most foul-mouthed way possible. That wasn’t even all of it, go to Baka-Tsuki for the entire tirade that included Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.


      Since we’ll never find out in the anime, let’s just say that the way Rika showed Yukimura she was a girl involved a cellphone.

      I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

    2. Apparently even native Japanese speakers could barely make out what was being said, so I believe that the subs were paraphrased from the novel. Basically, Rika is having rough, hard sex with the force of gravity, hence the references to Newton and Einstein.

  2. Wow, they just blazed through half of volume 5 in this episode. Though they did cut some corners with Kobato putting down Sena and those stage actors with her knowledge of the show.
    The roller coaster part was hilarious, though it was kinda noisy so it drowned out some of their screams. Rika was the MVP there, though no UNIVERRRRRRRRRSSSEE!! from her…

    The reveal is a big one but I know most people already expected it given the hints dropped. Plus there’s no way someone that cute is a guy. What Rika said to hi- I mean her wasn’t said in the novels. Just that Rika pulled out a cellphone there and said that she might need some shocking footage…

    That last part with Yozora kind of came out the wrong way though. Her statement was suppose to be a whisper and only implied bitterness, while here it makes it seem like she’s explicitly disappointed. The novels are good at being subtle and implying stuff but here they aren’t being subtle at all, and it kind of comes out wrong in the end, just like that part last season with Yozora leaving the pool and going home.
    Oh well, this was the case for the first season and it hasn’t changed at all.

    Great episode still even with my ranting.

  3. This episode was just a rollercoaster of epicness!
    Sena drooling over Kobato and luring her with that ticket, those faces that became more and more terrified as the climb progressed, 2 girls whose pride got the better of them, the bath scene with Maria “curiosity” and Rika confirming Yukimura’s gender… I had to watch this a few times!

    Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

    1. The best episode to date this season. I laughed my ass off the whole episode but especially as the roller coaster made the slow and steady climb to the top. The kids were all like “this is nothing to worry about” and on the way down the looks of terror on their faces were priceless.

  4. so after kodaka talk with his dad so next day sena invite everyone to theme park & once arrive let ride black dragon.

    which cue everyone FEAR FACTOR with rika said it “screwed” yea all panic & rika got broken from it so after that bring kobato to stage show during confuse sena as kobato’s mom & kodaka as the dad?

    oh after lunch more ride & etc with sena & yozora got overkill by black dragon ride & vomit so bath with reveal yukimura is a GIRL!!!

    after confirm make sure yukimura understand all fine day done all good.

  5. First of all, although there probably wont be any chance of it happening, I will forever ship Kodaka x Yukimura in a quiet corner of my heart. She is just so CUTE. With those puppy eyes, and that blank stare, how could one not feel for her a bit?

    Secondly, if you havent read the original light novels or any fan translated ones, you should seriously consider it, just for the sake of Rika’s awesome monolouge during the Black Dragon ride. A few excerpts:

    “Gravity you piggy bitch slut! Holy fucking shit what a god damn whore you are…!”

    “You’re just the crusty semen left over in that slutty apple’s pussy after that son of a bitch Isaac fucked its rotten juices!”

    “Einstein you old limp dick fuck!”

    Those are just a few sentences from what is probably the funniest foul-worded rant I have ever had. The fact that it mixes sailor talk and hentai speak with scientific ramblings is truly something only Rika could pull off. I implore you, for the sake of laughing so hard you cant breath, read the light novel or any fan translations of Haganai out there, this passage alone makes it all worthwhile. ( Btw, this part is in Volume 5 )

  6. Forgot Saki and those other soft yuri type shows…Rika has just shown how yuri should be done! Poor Yukimura being felt up in front of others like that XD

    Only joking, but damn Hanegai really does go to the extreme don’t they? If I haven’t been following this series since the first episode, I would have thought that this (https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20wa%20Tomodachi%20ga%20Sukunai/Boku%20wa%20Tomodachi%20ga%20Sukunai%20NEXT%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2022.jpg) was a scene from a hentai anime >_<

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Boku%20wa%20Tomodachi%20ga%20Sukunai/Boku%20wa%20Tomodachi%20ga%20Sukunai%20NEXT%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2022.jpg
    – Yes I checked this picture, and I’m conflicted whether to consider these two sexy, sick, disturbing, or all of the above(but leaning towards disturbing and sick). On the other hand, Yozora’s outfit for this trip did look pretty sexy.

    – At least as far as the anime goes, Yukimura’s gender is finally clear. Now you can say in this season 1 pic, Yukimura looked pretty sexy.

    – Takaii, something you can add to your reason for being disgusted is Maria’s tendency to see almost anything as poop. It was a good thing Yozora stopped Maria from describing her curry.

    – Aside from Yukimura (and maybe Maria), I gotta commend Kodaka too for braving the ride. What’s more scary than the Black Dragon is a broken cursing Rika.

    – Nice Boat meme was supposedly referenced, right after Kodaka gets a face full of Yozora and Sena’s lunches.

    – I was actually surprised the MC at the show saw Sena as a mother rather than maybe Kobato’s older sister.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Rika “thoroughly checking the gender experimentally” was hilarious!
    gotta love how the people were paired up on the Black Dragon:
    Kodaka X Rika (I love her scientific profanities!)
    Sena X Yozora (the eight more rides later just show how they can’t live without each other :P)
    —and they looked like wasted drunk-sex participants after…
    Kobato X Maria
    Yukimura (forever alone…)

    1. Yukimura might have been the one who was the most scared, despite looking calm.
      After all while everyone else was busy crying and cursing, she directly skipped to reciting sutras and praying.

  9. Damn this episode was hilarious. The fact that this show takes it so over the top and has such dysfunctional characters is one of the main draws for me – and this episode wouldn’t have looked out of place in Panty, Stocking and Garterbelt.

    Rika is really shooting up in my favourite-characters ranking in this show, that vulgarity laden screaming was glorious. The whole rollercoaster sequence was epic, for that matter.

    Also, instead of ending up with Kodaka, Sena and Yozora should just marry each other, really.

    Though I do have one point of criticism; while Kodaka isn’t completely dense, I am getting tired of his ‘I can’t do this because I don’t have any friends yet, durr’ shtick of him. I mean, really? A freaking dog would have realized at this point that these people are his friends. It’s kind of an idiot plot at this moment, gah.

  10. Credit goes to author Hirasaka Yomi for trolling the audience (those who have not been spoiled) into subconsciously treating Yukimura as a male trap simply because he says so, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    Now that this mental barrier has been removed from the audience, her popularity naturally increased (Sena puts it nicely “She’s suddenly become cuter”), though in truth, she looks just the same as she did before the revelation.

    I really want to know what Rika said to change her mind.

    Now I know where all this talk of Rika x Yukimura yuri shipping came from.

    BTW I’m amazed AIC Build managed to leave Rika’s entire ramblings on the Black Dragon ride intact as most of it was just downright hilariously obscene.

    Kinny Riddle
  11. I couldn’t even handle myself this episode, between the Black Dragon and Kobato’s classic fear of Sena.
    I never for once believed Yukimura was actually a guy. I convinced myself from the start she was a girl and never gave up on it, so that worked out nicely
    As for the romance, as much as I’m a sucker for the childhood friends and as much as I supported Yozora in season 1, I can’t help but root for Sena now, too. She’s going straight for what she wants while Yozora is hanging back more. At this point, I’m pretty much stuck.

  12. First half of this was truly epic. The roller coaster scene is one of the few of this series that made me fall laughing, and things were good…
    … until the author made possibly the most idiotic retcon possible in history with Yukimura. The raison d’tre of Yukimura till now was to be manliner, and as an androgynous (and cute)character, that was epic. Now, because the self-inserted author is such an indecisive loser (even worst than Maison Ikkoku’s Kodai or Love Hina’s Keitaro Urashima), he now adds another girl to his “harem?”, and ruins the character of Yukimura with the most BS phrase I’ve heard ever (“my parents told me I’m a woman, so I belived them”) Don’t you have a brain for your own?! C’MON MAN!! For the ones that critizised SAO for the self-insert deus ex-machina, here’s something that tops your own expectations.
    And don’t have any hopes on Kodaka, as the idiot is even more denser than Kämpfer’s MC, a black hole, and a space singularity JOINED TOGHETHER!

    1. Sena is the most gullible character here…or better say pitiful? but, imho, she is not stereotipical “dumb blonde”, because in the story she is a top student. Always loves when she can easily fall into traps made by Yozora (and collaboration of the girls) for many times.

  13. At the rate they’re teasing the Sena x Kodaka idea I’m afraid by the end it WON’T be a Sena x Kodaka pairing. I bet Media Factory is gonna default the winner to Yozora just because she’s technically the main heroine >_>

  14. Wait, Takaii, you think he genuinely doesn’t have feelings for either Sena or Sora? That would be morbidly amusing. Horrible, but interesting. If he decisively turns down both in the final episode, I will respect the show tremendously (and of course slightly pity Kodaka himself).

  15. My guess on the pairings – I don’t think Kodaka will choose neither (Choosing a heroine will just get you negative feedback for those who dont agree with it) He’s too set in his ways and is using the ‘I dont have friends’ excuse and also the fact that everyone treats him like a chav (our way of sayin it :P)

  16. Let’s see…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Well someone had to do it. :\
    I might have mixed-up the lines with all the cross-talk shouting tho.

  17. LMAO I’ve been waiting for this episode ever since I read this chapter in the LN.

    Mostly I was waiting for the big reveal of Yukimura being a girl. Although I don’t remember it being so explicit. NOt complaining though.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Never thought I’d have to sue spoiler tags.

  18. I knew Yukimura is a girl since this show still at season 1 although I never read the LN, I knew from wikipedia.
    I always told to my friends that Yukimura is a girl,
    but no one believe me

  19. Maybe if yozora spend less time fighting with sena and more time paying attention to kodaka she would have a chance with him

    you know there is something called cell phone and a free day called sunday you stupid yozora.

    Even rika has a lot more chances that yozora.

  20. I feel like an idiot for just noticing this but the episode titles are parodies of other LN’s/anime.

    This episode is Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru, 3rd episode was OreImo and 1st episode was Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru. Not too sure about the second one though.

  21. I’m more of the opinion that Kodaka is in denial. He *might* be perceptive enough to notice the feelings being thrown left and right by Sena and Yozora, but he doesn’t want to believe it. All he wants are friends, after all. He doesn’t want love to come along and screw things up.

  22. Love this episode!!!
    But with all the ero scenes no wonder they air this MIDNIGHT at like 2AM.lol

    Was cute when Maria’s like “Im a little girl so Ill stay”

    laughed soo hard at the rollercoaster scene XD

  23. Revealing Yukimura’s gender feels… wrong. Like opening the box with Schrodinger’s Cat inside, or explaining a magic trick. Some things are meant to stay secret, even if all the evidence in the world points you to the answer.

    Was I the only one who cringed at the whole Iron Necromancer event? Feels like its target audience is much, much younger than you might expect from a show about black magic, living dead, demons and all that stuff. Constantly getting in and out of character is not something you should do, either. But hey, it was played for laughs, so it’s all good.

  24. Nope, just a dumb protagonist for the purpose of continuing development. The strain leading up to a relationship wouldn’t last past the first episode if these were real people with the things that happen.

  25. So after getting beat brutality by college work for 7 days nonstop, I return to this?



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