Who is evil?


Gajeel has gone through a fusion. Therefore he has two types of magic at the moment. The “new” Gajeel is overpowering Rogue by hiding in the shadows and suddenly attacking using his iron. Rogue hides too and suddenly, it’s a game of shadows. Rogue’s plan doesn’t work when Gajeel suddenly pulls him out of the shadows. Gajeel throws around Rogue on the field until he uses his Dragon’s Roar. With that attack, Gajeel wins and that results with FAIRY TAIL earning one point.

The shadow that possessed Rogue, Raios, is seen escaping from the scene. Suddenly Frosch is seen protecting Rogue. Gajeel tells the crying Exceed that the match is over. Frosch wakes Rogue up who doesn’t seem to recall what happened after he was taken over.

Moving on, we find ourselves with Natsu’s team. They’re all busy fighting the guards. It seems like there is no end to the amount of opponents the team has to face. Future Lucy says that they took the wrong path. Suddenly the Garou Knights appears again to stand in Natsu’s team’s way.

In another side of the castle, Arcadios is seen wearing his battle armour. He asks the guards in an intimidating way about the princess’ whereabouts. He does not think that the Future Lucy is lying because her tears seemed too real. Arcadios thinks that the princess is deceiving everyone.

Well, that didn’t last long. I think everyone expected Gajeel to win, but wow, talk about showing off! I imagined this battle would be longer, and that Gajeel would do more than this. I’m not disappointed, just a bit surprised. I’m very glad that I watch the anime because the flow of the story is so much better there. The manga is certainly rushing through all the events of this arc. Perhaps that’s necessary because there is so much going on, but I don’t see any harm in slowing things down just a little bit. And I’m totally not saying that so I can write shorter summaries. Anyway, the battle ended as I thought it would and I’m very pleased with it. I’m also really happy to see that Gajeel was given some time to shine. Of course, this isn’t enough to outrank Natsu who took down both Rogue and Sting, but still, Gajeel truly impressed me today. But there is one character who impressed me even more than he did. And that is Frosch!

Perhaps Frosch isn’t the most relevant and important character in this arc, but I still can’t bring myself to stop loving her. She’s not just adorable, but she has an amazing heart. Obviously she is a helpless Exceed who wouldn’t be able to do anything for Rogue, physically that is. Yet she stood up for him to protect her beloved friend (is that even allowed in this tournament?). I was really touched by that panel and I really felt my love for her grow.

And speaking of love – why aren’t Gajeel and Levy going out yet? All these small hints… Did anyone notice the chapter cover image? Mashima will be the end of me! I am absolutely certain that these two will be a true couple sometime. They must be! They’re too adorable together.

So now that Gajeel’s battle is over, there are many questions that weren’t answered. I honestly thought that Gajeel had become a different person by swallowing the shadows but it turns out that he only got himself another type of magic. But aside from that, I’m still curious about what relationship Raios shares with Gajeel. I assume this wasn’t the last time we saw that shadow, and considering that it’s part of a Dragon Slayer, I imagine a dragon must be involved soon. So many villains show up and just leave randomly. First Raven Tail, and now this. I’m sure we’ll see both of them returning in the future, or perhaps in this arc itself.

As for the other half of the manga – to be honest, I don’t find Natsu’s team’s battles quite that interesting compared to the ones in the arena. It feels quite strange for me to say that because Natsu is my all time favourite character, but I think his team is a bit too all over the place at the moment. I do wish to know what happened to Mirajane though; she was seen running off alone somewhere last week. The only character in that team, aside from Natsu himself, that I find interesting right now is Future Lucy. Her plans seem to go wrong. Jellal thinks that she is fake but Arcadios says that Hisui may be the culprit here. It’s hard to figure out who is evil or what could possibly cause the dragons to appear. I don’t know what to expect from the future chapters, which is quite a new feeling to me. Shounen tends to have quite a lot of clichés and predictable moments, but this arc has constantly been surprising me with its many plot twists. I am definitely looking forward to Arcadios theory, and at the same time, I really want to see more epic battles in the arena!

Moete kitazou!

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  1. Hmm, based on the internal thoughts, it seems less and less likely that Arcadios is a bad guy, despite his initial evil appearance.

    But then again, the same can be said about Princess Hisui. She seemed genuinely concerned about the future and about Arcadios’s well-being. Perhaps she is not lying either, but just withholding parts of the truth, just like Future Lucy.

  2. I can’t wait to see these chapters animated! I just hope we don’t get a filler ARC in between again le sigh. I love Gajeel and Levy, next to Natsu and Lucy they are my favorite couples for this series! I usually can’t stand the romance in animes, but those two I simply adore! Great Summary, thanks!

  3. Man Gajeel surely rocks, now that Rogue is down and out I wonder how Gajeel will defeat Sting. I hope He also kicks Sting’s ass as well I know that Sting may have powered up a bit but I still think that He(Sting) will lose to Fairy Tail even if He’s fighting for Lector. It’s true that some of the characters get stronger by fighting for the sake of their friends but Sting maybe fighting for Lector’s sake but his fight for Lector is also based on fear and Fairy Tail will never lose to fear, just like how the royal army took Lucy hostage, Fairy Tail didn’t give into their threats instead they trusted their instincts and split the group into two to participate in the games and sneak into the prison to rescue Lucy. That’s what I call fighting for your loved ones. Sting on the other hand sobbed like a little girl and gave into Minerva’s threats basically because He didn’t know what to do in this situation. Too bad for him it’s not going to work him and his guild.

    K C M
  4. This is an interesting revelation. Its as Arcadios said, someone who’s lying or a con-artist cant shed such tears. I guess from his perspective, future Lucy is the one being played with or lied to. So who could be responsible? Only the princess. I wonder what she’s hiding.

    It is weird though, since the princess WAS responsible for saving Arcadios from the prison, unless her real intention was really to have Fairy Tail and him perish down there and saving Arcadios was just assumption on the minister’s part. It would make sense since she had already used the stellar keys to open the gate of Eclipse, therefore theres no need for the Stellar mages anymore. It seems some truth is starting to piece together.

  5. Gajeel won, as expected. Frosch is soooooo cuuuute 😛 I wonder who’s behind the shadow.

    Anyway, the whole Eclipse is not as boring as it was before. The plot twists are making it more interesting. Also lol, the Garou Knights are back.. that’s surprising.

    The next chapter is named ‘Fierce Lightning’. More Laxus? ;D

    Thanks once again for an awesome post :3

  6. Here’s my prediction for the grand magic games. I still think that Lamia Scale will take first place because of Jura and Fairy Tail will take second(as much as I want them to take first place I have to be unbiased here) and Sabertooth will be third,Mermaid Heel fourth, Blue Pegasus fifth and Quatro Cerberus sixth.

    Here is my speculation for the outcomes of the battle.
    1. The triple threat match between Laxus, Jura and Orga will take forever and ever unless Laxus and Orga settle the beef between their guilds first and the winner( Laxus ) will move on to take on Jura to fight another long fight.

    2. Erza is overexerted and She is injured in her left leg She can’t possibly take on Minerva less than 100% although her anger might motivate her a little but I don’t see that as a guaranteed fight to victory but I still think that with Kagura’s unsheated sword She still has a chance or maybe Kagura or Milliana will use their last strenght to attack Minerva so that She doesn’t get a win from Erza before they pass out giving Erza an opening to defeat Minerva and snatch a five point victory for Fairy Tail.

    3. Gajeel has defeated Rogue and now He has to find Sting the other half of the twin Dragons from Sabertooth and finish Him but before that I’m thinking that Sting will make a move on the others before meeting Gajeel, moved by his anguish from losing Lector, he will used his new found power boost to create havoc and that’s how he will take out Leon, Gray, Juvia and Cherry and He might even take on Erza(weakened again from her fight from Minerva thus giving him the advantage) before He catches up to Gajeel and have a final Dragon Slayer battle. Gajeel will win but not before taking some serious injuries from Sting, and then passing out.

    4. Jura and Laxus will take a long and overwhelming fight but in the end Jura will win.

    That’s my prediction and speculation, I could be wrong but my guess is as good as yours. Does anyone have a better prediction.

    K C M
    1. Great predictions! I’ve toyed with several ideas over the past few weeks myself:

      1. Sting could possibly be planning to turn against Minerva and sabotage the tournament. Unlikely because of Lector status, but he doesn’t seem to be willing to play the game any longer and with Erza potentially being unable to win…someone has to take that woman down.
      2. Somehow the tournament will not conclude. I’ve posted this before. I feel that it would make more sense for future Lucy to predict something bizzare like that, rather than just which guild will win.
      3. Something will happen to get Natsu and co. to the tournament. I’m unsure about this, but I just feel, as the main character, Natsu should be involved in the climax of events somehow. The main events/focus being the tournament here.
      4. I also think that Zeref will tie in somewhere here. It could be that he was what possessed Rogue? Not sure, but I feel he needs to make an appearance, possibly to declare the war with the dragons?

      Like you said, just my predictions. Let’s wait and see what happens.

      1. 2. Somehow the tournament will not conclude.

        Yeah I thought about that too. If possible we may never get any winner at all but according to what the princess says(ie if She’s telling the truth) what will happen to the last day will depend on a particular guild winning. But then again the games may or may not conclude.

        K C M
  7. Wow, I think Gajeel may just have exceeded (excuse the pun) Dragon Force here. It was an epic fight, however short. I can’t wait to see how things shape up at the castle but hope that it switches to either Erza or Laxus’s fight soon, that’s what I think most people would like to see, given how they were left off. If nothing else though, my love for Gajeel as a character as returned after this to as it was when he fought Natsu and when they battled Laxus.

    Meanwhile, I agree with stereoman about the pacing, but then again, if the manga wasn’t fast then the anime really would catch up quickly, even with padding things out. I think the manga runs at a good enough pace to stay ahead and not skip over important things or move too quickly though…still, I do believe that extending the fight here would have been good (though the anime probably will anyway) and possibly that this entire chapter should have been devoted to the settling of this fight.

  8. Guys, is it me or is that possesing shadow somehow a part of what Jellal is investigating. I have a feeling that the shadow(the source of the mysterious magic Jellal was talikng about) was what He saw after watching Wendy and Charlotte’s fight before getting caught by Doranbolt.

    K C M
  9. So Gajeel wasn’t possessed after all huh? That’s a relief I guess. I have a hunch that shadow that took over Rouge may have something to do with Obra from Raven Tail or his little pet that escaped. Guess we’ll know soon enough.

    Man, this series has me so confused at the moment. I mean, first Arcadios is shown as the main antagonist until his big heroic moment saving Lucy and Yukino, then recently we find out that maybe Future Lucy is lying, and now we know that she possibly wasn’t lying and that it was actually Princess Hisui. I can’t tell the different between who’s good and who’s evil anymore, but whoever is the mastermind behind the events to come, I can tell nothing good will come from it. I believe we might be reaching the climax soon.



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