「健次郎があかね達の友情パワーを強化しようとするけどとんでもないことになる話」 (Kenjirō ga akane tachi no yūjō pawā o kyōka shiyo u to suru kedo tondemo nai koto ni naru hanashi)
“The Story of How Kenjiro Tries to Strengthen the Power of Friendship Between Akane and the Girls and How It Ends Up a Total Mess”

Summer Camp’s here and we all know what that means right!? Yup, it’s time for beach episode shenanigans. This week on Vividred Operation, we get Rei getting owned by a weasel, Shinomiya constantly pushing buttons that say “DON’T PUSH” (not good ideas by the way), armored robots that get easily owned by the almighty Aoi and her boulder throwing (and Wakaba’s sword skills), Indiana Jones-isque boulders of doom… and so much more. Definitely shenanigans if I’ve ever seen any. Of course, let’s not forget the obligatory fanservice as well.

In any case, I gotta say… most of the episode was spent wondering why the heck I never got elaborate summer camps and “part of the curriculum” trips like the ones we see this episode. It’s like, come on, it’s not like it’ll cost a few hundred thousand dollars or anything to shuttle my classmates and I to the nearest tropical island right? Wait it does? Oh, well… at least I could get a trip that doesn’t involve yellow school buses, baggie lunches, and museums right!? RIGHT!? Oh you say that it’s all in the past? Hm. Well it was quite a while ago…

Lame self-comedy skits aside, a pretty straight forward episode for the most part — filled with some nice laughs throughout. I found myself wondering a bit as to what would happen if a real Alone attacked during that time, but I suppose even the Alone know not to impede on a beach episode! Ahem*

But yeah, the episode really hammered in the fact that the series itself is like an intentional amalgamation of tropes and references from other series. I mean, the glasses were one example, various things that seem to have been borrowed from bits of Muv-Luv, the boulder scene that seemed right out of Indiana Jones, and the whole thing about Akane not realizing they’re not Alones and that the covered figure was Rei (also looks like a character from Indiana Jones) seemed right out of those harems where the MC is totally oblivious about everything around them. Of course, I’m probably off the mark on half of these, but there’s definitely some blatant use of tropes in Vividred… and I dunno, when you think about it that way and consider how entertaining in general the series has been (provided a lot suspension of disbelief), they’re doin’ a fairly decent job of messing around with those tropes.

Looking forward though, it seems like Rei’s slowly inching towards her inevitable joining of our Vivid Four, and I guess we’ll see how things go next week now that the obligatory beach episode’s done. Notably though, in honor of what seems to be the general consensus among a majority of other blogs, I’ve attached below a full length of “the best Vivid gal” in Yellow, as well as a full length stitch together of the entire ED sequence. Enjoy.

Full-length images: 09, ED5 – 01 (< -- Don't forget to view this in actual size!).


ED5 Sequence

ED5: 「Vivid Shining Sky」 by 村川梨衣 (Sakura Akane) & 佐倉綾音 (Murakawa Rie) & 大坪 由佳 (Yuka Ootsubo) & 彩 内田 (Aya Ichida) & 内田真礼 (Uchida Maaya)


  1. In terms of size: Himawari (with bounce that would make a Gainax animator proud) >>> Aoi >>> Rei >>>>>>> Akane => Wakaba

    And I like them all. <3

    I suppose even the Alone know not to impede on a beach episode! Ahem*

    The Alones are a courteous bunch, I tell ya. The one in episode 2 was even kind enough to stop attacking so that Aoi can sort out her tomato dilemma with Akane so that they may dock properly and finish it off.

  2. In terms of mindless and fun fan-service, this episode is on top this season. Other than the shades at the start of the episode, I’m unaware of any other references.

    C’mon Black Ranger, hurry up and join the Power Ran… er Vividred gang!

  3. And here I thought the other episodes were ridiculous; well I was fucking wrong wasn’t I? Just when you think this show couldn’t be the farthest thing from a ‘deep complex’ series, it becomes more looner by the minute.

    Rei still refuses to join the Harem/YuriClan/RainbowColor group, this is a tough cookie, who will bring her to justice!? Apparently it will take the entire girl cast to do it, so far nothing has made a stronger impact than Akane’s simple word of ‘friend‘. It shocked Rei’s core more than it did for the cast of Zetsuen when the word ‘boyfriend‘ came out. That reminds me, many shows this season that really revolve around that ‘friend‘ word. Beware Haganai, I’m sure the series might explode if any of the cast realizes that they have been all friends for quite sometime. -COUGH- Back to Vividred Operation.

    Oh yes, we have a huge supporter of ‘Yuri/friendship’ Gramps here, who apparently is the smartest character next to a middleschooler Himawari, makes ridiculous weak robots to say the least that can be easily sway by simple nature products. Such as rocks. Granted, utensils were in use here cleverly enough. Just as you think the episode couldn’t be more ridiculous, we have Rei go ‘undercover’ by simply hiding her face. Hmm. Who would fall for that simple dis-oh wait, Akane did. Big time. Amusingly enough all of the other girls seem to see through this and no one corrects her. Cause who the hell cares. This anime making sense at this point is well, pointless. Keep the randomness coming!

    Aimless random belt conveyer in the middle of an island, extreme expanding bikini by the push of button, Akane actually being commando, that explosion at the end, I can’t keep up naming all of these silly shenanigans! But if this episode deliver anything new to the table, is the crazy shippers of Himawari with Saegusa. Which has now become my OTP for this show! I wonder if next episode would be ‘less’ nutty, or would try to best this one. Either way I’m looking forward to the insanity it ensues.

  4. Give me thumb-down if you must, but…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I do hope that the next one will make me love VrO again. I really do. But I’ll just pretend that episode six never exist. I’m sorry, I need to let this out or I’ll become all grumpy this weekend. Thank you.

    1. I’m with RTBH. I look at this series as a guilty pleasure and enjoy it for what it is but I also really hated this episode. It was so bad I would be ashamed to show it to any of my anime friends.

    2. You’re right. I didn’t even manage to finish the episode even if there’s only 1 minute left. And I certainly know that I need to turn off my brain while watching this show (heck, I’m even enjoying it for the past few episodes!). But this episode is just plain annoying.

      I’m officially dropping the show now.

  5. Wait wasn’t Aoi supposed to be the one with the weak constitution and poor health that made her have to stay in doors until recently? Why is she the one suddenly throwing large rocks at robots of all the girls. Granted it’s a “comedy” episode but still any one of the others would have made a more plausible choice.

    1. Well, her Vivid form is the one with the giant hammer, and she caught a falling plane on her first appearance. I’m guess it’s supposed to show development on her character, she is trying her best to overcome her limits.

      1. well, a interesting story would be better without ecchi, even if it is a harem love comedy (for example clannad after story)
        that’s what i’m saying about take it seriously (it’s not like: “anime is serious business!!” or something like that, but this is just ridiculous xD)
        anyways, i’m just saying that moe stuff ruin a lot of good animes, and, this one will not be that different :/

  6. Loved the timing of them going into the ‘tent’ Akane’s mizugi creates… their non-reactions say it all.

    Kenjiro inadvertently determining the couples to ship. Wakaba x Himawari is winning me over.

    Surprised there aren’t more full-length images here as they did several pans throughout the episode. Have at it!

  7. It’s a good thing her grandpa is a rat now, because otherwise I would’ve looked a smidge wrong for him to go around tasering and kidnapping scantily clothed young girls.

    Anyway, typical beach episode, really. Full of yuri bonding too, which you can never have enough of. No Alones either; guess they were so saddened by their lack of screentime last episode that they’re crying together in some cave right now. Hell, maybe they’re all just children and they’ve been dragged into this by Koyemshi. That would make for a nice plottwist, har har har.

  8. First I’d like to thank the producers for their unflinching honesty. After all how many anime can claim that that this episode is “The Story of How Kenjiro Tries to Strengthen the Power of Friendship Between Akane and the Girls and How It Ends Up a Total Mess” and deliver exactly that?

    This was indeed a strange episode but since its a highly entertaining one I don’t really mind. As usual I enjoy the mecha references that this show keep sprinkling, like the Evangelion vertical catapult that Kenjiro uses for his robot.

    Also Hiwamari’s Himawaris! Its a crime for middle-schooler to have that. At least the fanservice department remembered that PLOT has their own appeal.

  9. akane & friends going to beach for fun & etc while weasel grandpa going kamina’s shades is plans to make so beach in all clean & etc with grandpa catch rei.

    while on beach himewari going dee dee’s button press on akane’s suit to reveal big balloon swimsuit then after cue “alan alone” got rei so rescue time.

    arrive at beach so giant robots, boulders, treadmill, etc wacky training til “masked black” spoil in weasel grandpa plans cue big grandpa big button robot.

    til akane swimsuit button cue boom all fine give wacky training project all good & fine til coulson-watcher/teacher give weasel grandpa the bill.

    1. TheMoondoggie
  10. Zepher pretty much summed everything up so just a few random thoughts.

    – I don’t recall any girl in middle school (or high school freshman year) that looked like this let alone this. Why is the setting “middle-school” again?

    – As far as I can remember, blue has always been my favorite color. Now I think it might be a very close second to yellow for the reasons above. 😛

    – If there was any doubt about this show having a serious element, EP 06 not only put the final nail in that coffin, but buried it 100m down. Oh well, my brain can use a rest from time to time anyway.

    – EP 06 = Worst. Vividred Episode. Ever. Despite only six episodes aired, this episode was… uhh… the fan-service was good, right? Let’s just say I think it’s uphill from this point. At least I hope so. Plus, I like that meme ;).

    – The more I watch this show, the more I think that with just a few, albeit marked, changes, it could have been a lot better. Sadly, that potential will not be reached.

    – Ferret Grandpa has issues… and I mean other than being a stuffed toy ferret. “Hmm… Akane needs a new swimsuit. What sort of random feature should I build into it? Whatever it is, it MUST be activated by pressing a conspicuous button on my granddaughter’s ass.” I suppose that’s better than a couple alternative locations. Still, Pedobear Pedoferret?

    – Seriously, I think that ferret’s lost some stuffing in its head. “Should I spend hour after hour creating a bunch of questionable items at no expense in a vain attempt to improve the Vividred Team’s battle prowess, or figure out a way to return to my normal body? Tough call.

    – Never EVER let Himawari near any sort of self destruct sequence or end of world device operated solely by a push button switch labeled “Do not press”… regardless of where the button is located. If unavoidable, immediately relabel button as “press here for strenuous exercise.”

    – I still find this show entertaining, yet I can’t definitely say why.

  11. This ep is kind of a filler.

    Wonder if theres any significance to the title “Vividred Operation”.
    Don’t see how Akane can dock with herself or maybe not yet?

    From last ep, Kuroki really have some similarity with Homura.
    Time/dimension traveller, seemingly weak girl to super fighter.

    Wonder if there are other agents of Alone?
    The Alone NEED these agents to powerup.

    Is Vividred only 12 episodes?
    Or is it only the first half?

  12. Himawari: (thinking)Hm…that ass looks too big. If only the writers would make me lampshade it by saying it out loud, but it can only happen with breasts. Japan needs more ass jokes. Wonder if pushing it makes it smaller?


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