「決戦アキバスター」 (Kessen Akibasutā)
“Battle for Akibastar”

Looking back toward AKB0048’s first season, one of the most notable things for me was how Kawamori managed to up the ante right at the end, forging a dramatic finish that sent chills down my spine and brought out all kinds of emotions. In the end, it just seems like Kawamori’s just gifted with the ability to end series on high notes, and as the end of AKB0048 Next Stage fast approaching, it looks like he’s still got the gift, as it looks like we’ll be in store for quite the ending. And at this point — especially after this insanely awesome episode — all I can say is: “you’re a darn magnificent bastard, Kawamori Shoji.” Because while I expected some pretty epic things to happen this week, none of those expectations didn’t hold a candle to what actually transpired this episode.

Moving right into the episode itself though, let’s just skip everything and just say it: Yuuko steals the stage in style this week. Not only does she end up protecting Akibastar from destruction, she does so after blatantly disobeying orders from Tsubasa, and becomes Center Nova in the process. To say the least, her epic rise to “Position 0” was just that: too epic for words.

I mean gosh darn, I don’t even know how it’s possible to summarize the feelings I had this episode at all. The episode was just skillfully sown together — mixing flashbacks of Yuuko, Acchan, discussions about the history of Akibastar with multiple concerts and a whole load of inserts that have been used previously in key moments to first create an atmosphere of dread and impending doom, then blowing us away with an epic battle whose scale easily eclipses any we’ve seen before hand. Gorgeous attention to detail highlights the Sci-Fi nature of the series — and the experience/skills Kawamori brings — and well, it was just eye candy all through out the episode, which was filled with enough emotional moments to fill one’s quota for the year, and topped off with some superb animation that just adds icing to the proverbial cake. And well, in the end, those are the exact reasons why I’ve made the rare exception of attaching 45 screenshots instead of the normal 36 this week — because a picture’s worth a thousand words and this episode’s undoubtedly worth well more than that.

But yeah, I guess that’s enough about how I felt about the episode, as the rise of Yuuko to Center Nova brings with it both a load of revelations, as well as questions. For one, Yuuko’s opening of “The Gate” answers the question of exactly why Mikako ended up helping Chieri’s father — as it seems as though its opening could lead to the retrieval of the previous Center Nova… including Acchan herself. Incidentally, the opening of the gate ends up being the goal of Chieri’s father as well, who seems intent using this to his advantage himself — though I’m admittedly not sure exactly as to the specifics of what that entails. Ultimately though, all of these developments lead to the same thing though, and that’s the question of “what happens now?”

I’m pretty sure at this point we haven’t seen the last of Yuuko, but at the same time, it looks like she may be out of the picture for a little bit. I’m starting to get the feeling that the ending’s starting to piece together as a result however, as it feels that it’s likely that the future will likely end up with either Chieri and/or Nagisa becoming Center Nova and retrieving not only Yuuko, but some of the past Center Nova as well. Of course, it’s more of a gut feeling more than anything, but yeah… I mean, I guess we’ll see how things work out. Gosh darn, the end of the winter anime season is sure is bringing some spectacular episodes ain’t it?

Inserts: Aitakatta, Rainbow Train. Kaze wa Fuiteiru, Heavy Rotation, Dareka no Tame Ni, Korogaru Ishi Ni Nare.


  1. I was speechless when I first saw it. I’ve seen this midway-point kind of thing happening in Kawamori’s previous productions, but once again he surprised me, like a CRACK-BOOM right on top of the coconut.


    That gate was the kirara-drive effect. That wasn’t just an explosion at the end, and Yuuko didn’t just “disappear.” She went somewhere. Somewhere real. Somewhere the others can follow her to.

    I’ve suspected ever since the very first descriptions of Acchan’s disappearance back in season 1 that the kirara were actively taking the center novae somewhere. It takes a lot of power, thus the dualium, and the fact that it only happens to those whose idol spirit is at its strongest, but the center novae aren’t dead, they aren’t just spirits, they have actually gone somewhere.

    Now what do the girls do? Akibastar is in flames, their emotions are going to be a wreck, and none of them are in any shape to try to follow Yuuko. Personally I think there is a horrifying son of a bitch of a megalomaniac who needs to be slowly eviscerated while having acid poured into the cuts, but that’s just me. I’d rather the girls not have to do something like that.

  3. I take it it that this is the S*** GOT REAL chapter of the show?

    Yuuko goes out quite literally with a bang. In hindsight, the title Center NOVA makes even more sense. I’m pretty sure that’s not the last we see her though. Why? No pineapples. Unless a character by Kawamori mentions anything about pineapples I can hold the hope that they are still alive.

    Mii-chan is SHOCKED that the EVIL Zodiac leader happens to be EVIL and razed an entire city and its civilians? Really, she should have know better.

    At this point it seems the final arc is in motion since they’ve shown everything destroyed including AKB’s dorm and concert hall. Its time for our protagonists to go emotional and then rise from the ashes for whatever finale its leading up to.

  4. Offtopic: Hey, what’s with the mass negrep on others’ comments? No offense, but this show is one tier higher than anything else in its class for this season, and if some anon’s jealous about the show being explosive, suck it up, for it’s no longer a mere marketing tool for the real-life girl group but a truly entertaining show.

    1. Yeah.
      My point of view as of now:

      >Now Cherie’s father is going to use Cherie as a Zodiac tool of mass money and destruction.

      >Only with the combine forces of a group can make a true center nova without a single person disappearing and I think Nagisa has the brightest aura for this.

  5. Possibility that this people will be the successor of:

    Cherie = Next Acchan(20%), Next Yuuko(40% chance), Mayuyu(40% chance)(if she gets destroyed)(also Cherie’s seiyuu is the real Mayuyu, lol)

    Nagisa = Next Acchan(80%), Next Yuuko(20% chance)Show Spoiler ▼

    Yuka = Mayuyu(50% chance)(betting it on the hair), Next Mii-chan (50% chance)(just guessing)

    Sonata = was betting for the next Mariko due to her situation(seer stubbornness to join) when she entered but I’m changing to the Next Mii-chan cause she uses those cute and weird languages.

    Kanata = Next Takamina(90% chance) but who knows there are still a lot of AKB48 captain position beside Takamina.

    Orine = Next Sashiko(90%) I’m betting a lot cause of the promise of the Anti but who knows. TWIST TWIST TWIST KAWAMORI

    Makoto = Next Sayaka Akimoto(50% chance) my reason is from the Makoto episode where she show guts and courage.

    Suzuko = dunno.

    Megumi = I DON’T CARE Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Another awesome episode this week. In season 1, everyone tried to help each other shine, but in season 2, everyone is trying to outshine each other.

    Also, I was just wondering about something. Seeing as how Tsubasa was in the same generation as Acchan and Yuuko was an understudy at the time, had Tsubasa and Yuuko ever performed anything together on stage?

  7. Understudies:
    Chierie = Maybe Yuuko or Yokoma Yui?
    Nagisa = Definitely Acchan.
    Yuuka = Probably Sayaka.
    Orine = Maybe Kojiharu?
    Mimori = Mariko, duh:)
    Kanata = Takmina or another member?
    Sonata = Probably another Yuuko for aiming for the top.
    Makoto = Sashiko probably.
    Suzuko = Matsui Jurina?! She’s a bit hard to read


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