「お兄ちゃんだけど愛さえあれば妹が増えても関係ないよねっ」 (Onichandakedo Aisaeareba Imouto ga Fuetemo Kankeinaiyone)
“As Long as there’s Love, It Doesn’t Matter If I Get More Sisters, Right?”

Even though I try really hard to not let it bother me, I’ll admit that it’s been fairly disheartening to hear that the writers behind the anime adaption are apparently blowing through material without a care in the world. And after this week’s episode, it became apparent just how enjoyable it is when a really good topic gets fleshed out instead of abruptly ending and jumping to the next gag.

The biggest “wow” this week was definitely Sena’s out-of-character behavior. Instead of being the air-headed princess who we’ve all come to love or hate; it was almost mind blowing to see that deep down inside her meaty head is a somewhat level headed girl. Throw in the short collage of Kodaka and Sena shopping together and you might accidentally think the two are dating! Plus, how upside-down can the world get when you hear Sena call Kodaka the weird one? Because from my point of view, the girl who plays super dirty galges, has a bad habit of taking things too literally, and pins hundreds of photos of her number one enemy on her ceiling definitely sounds like the weird one to me!

But let’s not forget Rika and Yukimura! While the former has been getting a lot more attention recently, it’s always nice to see Yukimura get some of the spotlight. And now that her real gender has finally been revealed, I don’t feel too guilty for thinking that she looked quite cute in the boyish outfit of hers! And if anything, it would seem that Yozora ended up drawing the short end of the stick this week. From getting thrown into an environment that she doesn’t fair well in to receiving the stark revelation that her perception on certain things are completely off the mark and it’s easy to say that things just weren’t going her way.

Like I stated earlier, I couldn’t believe what a difference it makes when this show decides to focus on a single topic instead of jumping all over the place. Sure, that may not hold true if the source material isn’t strong enough to get 24 minutes of material out of it. But if this week’s episode was an example of what’s to come I would love it if the remaining episodes decided to follow this more linear style. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from an episode that was going to focus on “younger sisters”. But when you have things as deep as Sena breaking free from her usual self and the budding friendship between Maria and Kobato — it’s hard to deny that there’s just some things that Haganai does well. That said, I could end up eating my own words since next week’s episode seems like it’s going to be really big. Between Kodaka figuring out just how screwed he is and flashbacks galore, I’m really hoping that the writers somehow manage to preserve the pacing they’ve created this week.

P.S. I thought Maria and Kate were supposed to stay the night. Unless I missed something or the taxi came super early in the morning, something about the timing of the scene just felt a little off.

P.P.S. It looks like asking questions seems to garner a lot of responses! This week’s question — What’s your ideal pairing in the series? Personally I’m torn between Kodaka ending up with Yozora or Rika. While it’s probably never going to happen, I can dream!



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  1. I would like a Kodaka x Sena pairing! Especially after Kodaka said something like Sena could be tricked by some shady guy and end up being the last of her family if she doesn’t find a reliable guy to marry (in the novel)

    Plus… It would fulfill Sena’s wish of being Kobato’s big sister! Ahahaha!

    P.S. in the novel Kate rode a scooter. That’s much more interesting. I wonder why they changed it to a taxi?

    1. It could be a cultural reference. It’s a bit late, but I can faintly remember some stigma about scooters and being a certain age to ride them.

      As a better example, in Ichigo Mashimaro they changed Nobue’s age in the anime adaption from 16 to 20 since she is often seen smoking and drinking.

      1. It is a bit of a cultural reference. While the minimum age for a 50-cc scooter is 16, most of main-island Japan see 16-17yo’s riding them as reckless, usually cop bait. That sort of thing is pretty relaxed the further north or south you go.

      2. on the side note, although technically you can get a scooter license at 16, you normally get it after 18 because your car license automatically can be used as 50cc engine scooter. However, you need a separate license for 100cc engine scooters. 150+cc engines (ones you ride onto highways) has completely different testing procedures and age requirement as well as minimum a year of 4 wheel automobile experience.

        lol, the reason i know it cause i just got my license last summer (was 21), which allowed me to ride a scooter around.

        rurineko (thenewhorde)
      3. what i was trying to say was, depends on the engine size of her scooter, she may not be legally riding it. thus it was safer to just rid of it in anime. plus if she’s 16, she’s unlikely to have a scooter. i know someone said you can get it at 16, and i may be wrong, but i believe it’s 18 to get your scooter license.

        well, everything’s so convenient anyway that i just used to bike around, thus why i never bothered with a license until my mother forced me to get one.

        rurineko (thenewhorde)
    2. Based on their characters I agree that Sena x Kodaka are indeed the best pairing, her naivety and optimism counterbalance his levelheaded blandness. In fact the only time Kodaka seems to have a personality is around her (today’s shopping or last season’s swim ep when he saved her). And she does get by far the most alone time with him if you add up season 1 an 2 which I would take as a good sign she will win (if we have a straight up Kodaka picks someone ending).

      I like Rika the most but she has been written as the joke character (and joke characters never win), plus she seems to have been friend zoned already by Kodaka.

  2. K: Aho!
    M: Unko kyuuketsuki!

    Those two always put a grin on my face ^^

    BTW, anyone knows who are those new faceless figures in the eyecatch? I only know the one w/ horse kanji (Tenma) & double heart (Kate).

    1. The star=stella stella means star in greek or latin I think, also I think the short fang one might be the redhead we see in the opening as a guess, the other one closest to Kodaka’s pudding head I don’t have a guess unless it’s the one next to the redhead in the opening.

  3. Oh well, Rika X Bondage… I would NOT refuse her. Kodaka no baka!
    The second sleepover at Kodaka’s home makes obvious how Maria and Kobato became really childhood friends without realising. Loved the Sister Kate quick forgiveness of Kodaka’s accidental perv moment. It is rare to see a level headed female not throwing heavy items in such situation.
    The multi-date with shopping seems to really favor Sena for multiple reasons. Yozora’s plan of “boyish look” backfires wildly. Rika gets really plain outfit for her shopping (but not on a par with Yozora’s track suit, at least…), and Yukimura looks really extremely cute in the passed down boyish look outfit. But it is Sena that gets to shop with Kodaka, eat dessert with him, engage in surprisingly mature talk, and get Kobato present that made her really happy despite being “only meat”.
    I am officially calling out Kodaka on being emotion-blind, deaf and general blockhead. Sena asking questions about girlfriend, or Kate mentioning him “having Sena” really would make even me, a really bad case in RL, obvious that something is going on…

  4. Jesus, if someone pointed a gun to my head & had me choose between Sena & Yozora, I’d bite the bullet. I’d take Rika or Yukimura over those two nutcases in a heartbeat, not to say that the latter aren’t nutcases either. I just couldn’t take Yozora always bringing up the GD past or Sena fawning all over my sister.

    ***Why in the hell does Kodaka HAVE to end up with anyone?! Why in the hell WOULD he want to end up with any of them?!***

    I honestly think that none of them are ready for any kind of relationship, hell they don’t even know that they are friends – & if you told them that, they would laugh at you hysterically.

    Although this crap is full of clichés, nothing about this is by the book. I just hope the author ended that obvious brain cramp at the end of vol 8 & finish this in the typical Haganai style.

    1. At the rate Hagani is doing , the “you did’t read the LN” argument might soon be obsolete, (Unless you are referring to Hagani Connect, which firstly, does not have an English Translation and probably wouldn’t be animated, except as OVAs.)

  5. I’m just amazed how Rika has changed this season and how she changes each episode. Can’t get enough of the upgraded-Rika. (She’s so cute with her new look…sorry, I just had to say it)

  6. I don’t feel that they’re really blowing through the material but I do feel that they miss some stuff that made the light novel… UNIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERSE!

    Reading the light novel is still better than watching the anime…

    But whatever, this is still a really good adaptation of one of the best Light Novel Series ever.

  7. I’m with Takaii that this was the best ep in a while. The barrage of text messages early in the show was hilarious – especially Yukimura’s. Just perfect for her.

    Maybe just me, but I’m getting a little tired of Kodaka continuing to carry the romance idiot ball. As Sena would say, he wouldn’t know a “flag” (event) if it literally hit him. It looks like that will soon change so no big deal I guess.

    As for the pairings… How about Kodaka x Sena X Kate :P. Joking aside (well, sort of XD), I’m more in the “anyone but Yozora” camp. Too much tsun, not enough dere, and her constant joke playing on Sena (who could actually be a friend), while funny at times, is getting a bit old for me. Ironic how although she founded the club, she seems to be the one least willing to change and actually make friends.

    I’d probably go with Sena (minority view it seems). I think she has some positive qualities, definitely tries (albeit non very successfully) to change/make friends, and does truly care for Kodaka. IMO her galge gaming is no worse than Rika’s “active imagination”, to put it politely, and love of BL. Actually, maybe it’s better in terms of the BL part. The pictures in her room are a bit creepy, but I doubt they would be there if Yozora wasn’t so obsessed with tormenting her. Biggest problem I see with Kodaka x Sena is that Kobato end up emotionally scared for life.

    Yukimura (now that we have her gender straightened out) has become a kind of a dark horse for me. Looking forward to seeing her interact more with Kodaka. Still, it’s hard to count out Rika who’s definitely become cuter IMO with the recent makeover. As for Kate, well occupational limits and questionable manners aside, she does try to be a good older sister for Maria – not to mention her other, err, positive qualities displayed this episode XD.

    Meh, sticking with anyone but Yuzora.

    1. In respect to Yozora and friends, she never wanted friends(plural) she wanted one friend: Kodaka. The club was just a way of getting close to Kodaka, and like most of her schemes, it blew up in her face. I think the reaction she had when the others pointed out how sexy her outfit was (her weird swimsuits too) is an indication that she is still trying to go back to the way it was when they were little and they were just buddies without her gender being known.

      All the girls, obviously, have personality flaws, but I lean towards Rika because I view hers as being something that she has created as a persona. She does it because she gets a reaction from people. If Kodaka and she actually dated I think most of that raunchiness would fade away. But maybe that’s just my fantasy. To me the others have flaws that are deep seated in their personalities. The one that surprised me was Kate. I actually found her to be much more than the crude person she appeared to be when she was first introduced. Too bad she’s wearing the habit.

      1. In retrospect, I think you are right about Yozora. That would explain her cruel (not sure how else to put it) treatment of Sena who easily could be a friend if Yozora wanted. However, if she desires Kodaka and Kodaka alone as a friend, IMO that doesn’t say much for her personality. Kind of stalker like (not in terms of actions but rather singular, hyper focus). To me she’s the character who’s progressed the least. There’s some difference from season one (more than just the hair style), but as you point out, any changes are directed solely towards Kodaka. She’s still got a long way to go as far as I’m concerned.

        I have to disagree on Rika. She was “uber-ecchi/BL addict” from the start. The reason I don’t agree with your “create a persona to get a reaction from people” theory is because in her “pre-club life” – there were no other people. She was isolated more than anyone else. The others attended normal classes while Rika spent schooldays literally alone in a secret lab. By far the biggest change I see with her is in appearance. I doubt she thinks she has any personality “flaws” to correct. In a sense, I find her similar to Yozora in her sole focus on Kodaka (the reason she joined after all). Unlike Yozora, I think Rika is ambivalent to having other friends. If it happens fine – as long as that doesn’t disrupt her relation with Kodaka. If not, that’s fine too. I like Rika and could be wrong. Still, I don’t find her the most “normal” girl or the one most likely to change “for the better.”

        For Sena, I think her only “deep rooted flaw” (in terms of length of time) is her incredible level of naivety. She’s the very definition of gullible (frustratingly so). Unintentionally always playing the fool is far from ideal, but not something I find damning. Her other flaws are “post-club”, and thus I feel are not so indelibly ingrained. Furthermore, more than any other female member, Sena not only wants other friends (female friends from S1 ep 01/02) along with Kodaka, she realizes she needs to make some changes, and tries hard. Often too hard IMO. That attitude is more important than anything else in curing a person’s “flaws”. Too long to go into more detail, but I think if you remove the underlying reason for galge gaming (substitute for real female friends) and revenge obsession (Yozora’s incessant torment), they go away to a large extent if not completely. Not sure about her & Kobato, but Rome wasn’t built in a day as the saying goes.

        I actually agree with you on Kate. So far I find her by far the most “normal” and least “flawed” of the group. Her mannerisms actually remind me of a girl I knew in HS (though not quite to that extreme LOL). Easy enough to fix if she wants. The occupational hazard as you mention is quite the barrier, but at her age, I doubt she (certainly not Maria) has taken any formal vows. However, given her side-character status, I can’t see her in the running as the one Kodaka might end up dating.

      2. Uh daikama, Rika will make herself perfectly clear that she created that persona. But for now, she has been dropping several hints by changing her hair/personality many times over to try to get Kodaka’s attention. But her BL ecchi crap is a part of her outside of that persona.

        However, it’s obviously true that she has NO persona. She’s just spilling some bull to try to get some equal footing with the hellish persona the Kodaka created for himself.

      3. @Megas – I take it you have read the LN which I have not so I may be wrong at times. Frankly that’s true even if I did read the LN. That being said, the hyper ecchi/BL aspect IS the only “persona” I see with Rika – unless not seeming to care about making friends is considered a type of persona. Maybe I’m wrong and she does want to make friends outside of Kodaka.

        If anything I agree with you. Compared to the rest, Rika has “NO persona”. Rather than adopting a persona by changing her appearance, all I see her doing is trying to make herself more appealing physically to Kodaka. Frankly, I haven’t noticed any marked change in her personality. Perhaps I missed it or didn’t pay close enough attention.

      4. @daikama: You’re right. Rika really haven’t changed her personality, she’s just acting up – for the sake of saying that she has some kind of persona. Needless to say, Kodaka sees through all of that too, hence the indifference unless she actually says something about it. It’s also pretty clear that she doesn’t want friends at all, just Kodaka.

        Although the LN made no qualms about what Rika is doing, the anime presents the matter much more directly since it’s terribly obvious that her actions are a cry for attention. Unfortunately, this episode actually marks the first true instance that Rika knows he’s faking the denseness (2nd if you count the little comment in the last episode). The problem comes about when we know that Kodaka has no interest in that at all, outside the small talk. They seem to be WAY too preoccupied with their own feelings to notice the reason for his indifference. It’s easily feasible if they keep on pushing on him like that, they’ll just push him away – this is what I thought when I got to this point in the LN.

    1. Here’s the ranking list in my opinion.

      3.Kate/Yukimura (Seriously kate really jumped into the spotlight this ep)
      4.Yozora (Dead last but i put here at #4 out of pity since even Maria probably has a better chance of ending up with Kodaka)
      5.Maria(should have been a spot higher)
      6.Kobato (we can all dream can’t we)

  8. Well, the obvious is now openly being expressed by the girls: They all want to date Kodaka or at least have him appreciate them as girls. They’re all frustrated by Kodaka being dense or blatantly ignoring the fact. His comment that he needs friends before he has a girlfriend pretty much states his feelings on the situation though I don’t think the former is absolutely required for the latter.

    Damn, Yozora you can’t go back to the way it was ten years ago. Dressing like a boy isn’t going to rekindle the friendship you had then and I don’t think you actually want that in your heart. And a track suit? You really do have a self image problem.

    Sena, you were a much more reasonable person when talking to Kodaka than you’ve been in the past. Now if you could just back off scaring Kobato. At least you didn’t wear a meat dress.

    Rika!!! You looked fabulous in that outfit! Either Kodaka is gay or he’s got a permanent bakaball.

    Kate, too bad you’re wearing a habit. You and Kodaka could really hit it off I think. You’ve pulled into second on my list just after Rika.

  9. I’d probably go with Kodaka and Sena. Can go a bit nuts at times, but hardly unique in this series when it comes to that. Think there is good balance there Probably helps that I like Sena the most overall anyways.

    As to other options, I do find Rika hilarious. Though I’m not sure that Kodaka could keep up with her fantasies :). Still it’d be rather hilarious if I wasn’t pulling more for Sena in that case.

    Almost fall into a camp of “if it’s not Yozora I’ll be happy.” Honestly that girl alone almost made me drop the series. Her attitude and actions have been constantly frustrating. Went too far too often especially in the first season.

  10. Kodaka likes Yozora more than the other girls. I’m not talking about romance.

    Pay attention to the little things. He complimented her on her short hair. He asked her if she still had issues with drinking soda. He smiled a little bit last episode when Yozora smiled after Kobato made Sena feel better. The little things are pretty clear. Kodaka cares about Yozora a bit more than he cares about the other girls.

  11. As for the question of this week: I’m on the Kodaka x Kate ship. It makes sense to me since she’s the only normal girl among a ton of crazies and isn’t coming up with crazy ideas that turn his life into a mess. Of course the Maria and Kobato thing would probably lead to amusing situations of the two do start dating.

    As a second one: Kodaka x Sena might work too since she does care a lot for him and stuff. Yozora purely annoys me because she makes to much effort to pick on Sena and doesn’t care for making friends as long as she can be near Kodaka. safe to say that her idea of why the club was started blew up in her face.

    1. The problem is Kate wears the nun’s habit. Given that this is the strange world of anime Catholicism, anything might be possible though. Hell, they have a 10 year old nun. I really liked Kate in this episode though.

      Sena does deserve some of what she gets with her haughty attitude. If she didn’t mouth off Yozora would probably ignore her. How much of her liking of Kodaka (besides wanting to get close to his sister) is tied up in his appearing indifferent to her? She could twitch her finger and probably have any other boy in the school doing sit up and roll over for her. She seems to want what she can’t have. Besides, who wants Pegasus for a father-in-law?

      1. @Bear, IIRC, in Season 1, Sena did have a number of boys at her disposal at the start of the show, but didn’t like it because they were not true friends [their friendship based on an ulterior (and obvious) motive]. She joined the club because she wanted real female friends (all the girls hated her out of jealousy). Sorry, but IMO, if some part of Sena liking Kodaka is due to his “indifference”, it’s not because “she can’t have him”. If that was the case, then she would have “liked” him much almost from the start. Instead, the first time I recall Sena considering Kodaka in a more positive manner was after he defended her from some boys during S1’s swimming lesson episode. I think Sena sees Kodaka’s “indifference” more than anything as proof that he’s a true friend who honestly cares about her in sharp contrast to the other boys who were just after her body.

        Sena does at the part of an ojou-sama at times. Even with her top grades, athletics, beauty and wealth, there is no reason for her to act “haughty” or superior towards the others as she does on occasion. Frankly, I suspect of lot of that attitude is really nothing more than a facade to hide her insecurities. Still, not a valid excuse to do so. However, neither does it IMO provide a valid reason for Yozora to respond to the extreme she does. Sorry, but I disagree that Sena deserves what she gets.

        From the very beginning, Yozora fired the first (& 2nd & 3rd) shot starting with the moment she shut the door in Sena’s face immediately after Sena asked to join the club. From that point on, Yozora has barely taken time to reload let alone cease fire. Yozora ALWAYS calling Sena “meat” goes well beyond “teasing” and is derogatory at best. Yet Sena still refers to Yozora by her name. Whatever “pranks” Sena may TRY to pull on Yozora, IMO they are retaliatory in nature and nowhere near as numerous or humiliating as the ones Yozora pulls on Sena. I haven’t read the LN (unusual for me!), but at least in terms of the anime, IMO there’s no question that Sena is little more than Yozora’s punching bag. Where Sena IS at fault is that she’s so ridiculously gullible, she buys into Yozora’s BS no matter how ludicrous time and time again. How she can continue to trust Yozora to any extent is beyond me.

        Sorry, Yozora fans, but the more I think about it, the less I like her. I rate her only above Pegasus, Kobato and Maria (at least for the next few years + job change) as Kodaka’s partner. Yep, (almost) anyone but Yozora.

      2. Yes, but Sena has made it very clear that she wants something closer to Kodaka that simple friendship. She wants him as a boyfriend (fiance). With her actions towards Yozora it’s obvious that if Yozora responded to her in a positive manner that Sena would fall all over herself to be friends with her. Her problem is that I don’t think she can stop acting the ojou-sama even if she tried. From Yozora’s POV Sena is the major impediment to her reviving her friendship with Kodaka. She keeps hoping that she can drive Sena away. Don’t like it but that’s what seems to be driving Yozora. I’ve come to the conclusion that she just doesn’t like people in general (except for Kodaka). Her terror when she was complemented on looking “cute” in her outfit really says a lot about her mental problems. At the rate she’s going she’s liable to wind up a hikikomori. Yeah, unless and until there is a major change in her thinking, I don’t see her and Kodaka together.

      3. Man Bear, that’s some major foreshadowing. Yozora is definitely screaming hikikomori. That “air friend” nonsense also speaks a lot for her mental state right off the bat. As for 1st impressions, her’s was the worst & she kept on shooting herself in the foot. Sena just makes her too unstable, not that she had any stability to begin with.

  12. Kodaka’s got the wrong attitude here. Last season he saw Sena completely naked and now he gets an eyeful of Kate. Bastard is lucky as hell and should be praying to the various Shinto gods it happens again

  13. Kate takes the cake this week for being the first girl character to go: “Hey I understand the bathroom incident was an accident so it’s fine!” Despite her bad habits I have newfound respect for this girl!

  14. My preferred pairing is Kodaka and Sena, I think people just say Rika or Yozora because they have really strange and funny personalities but I don’t think they react or get along as well with Kodaka as Sena does. Rika normally says something to him that works as anti-viagra unless your the biggest freak in freaksville and Yozora uses the childhood friend card but beyond friendship there isn’t much there. When it comes to Sena she’s shown that she and Kodaka have a more romantic and comfortable air when they’re alone together plus Sena has made more progress with Kodaka, he’s seen her naked, they’ve been on what can be considered a couple dates, he’s been to her house and even her room, he’s met her father and finally if it wasn’t for that meddling Yozora she would have been his first kiss. Hands down whether you find her annoying or not she and Kodaka do make a great couple plus she’s making loads of relationship points and putting in half the effort Yozora does. If not her then Yukimura, hopefully Kodaka can find a way to make her accept her feminine side.

  15. For some reason, always liked the cute, perverted (meganekko) girl; Haruna from Negima!, Matsu from Sekirei, and so on. Maybe it’s because it’s such a rare type of girl (from my experience anyway) compared to other types (ojou-sama, tsundere, loli-looking, etc) while it’s usually the (side character) males portrayed as the perverts. And now with how Rika has been, I’m just liking her more and more!

    And, as mentioned, the fact that Kate didn’t just stereotypically beat Kodaka to pulp (or at least punch him hard enough to send him flying straight out of the bathroom) while screaming “HENTAI!!!!” from an accidental walk-in is a big plus for her.

  16. Definitely Sena X Kodaka, since Yozora attitude is starting to get stale (Doesn’t mean she’s a bad character, it just makes me go for the Sena x Kodaka shipping).

    Though it may never happen, Rika X Kodaka or Yukimura x Kodaka would be awesome as well.

  17. c2710
  18. With all the shipping discussions I thought this was an interesting poll of Japanese otaku (10,000) on who they would like to get Valentine chocolate from: Notice who’s number one. Kobato came in at 11 and Yozora at 22. No love for Rika though (bastards).

    Top 10
    1. Tomodachi ga Sukunai’s Sena Kashiwazaki
    2. K-ON!’s Ui Hirasawa
    3. K-ON!’s Mio Akiyama
    4. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou’s Nanami Aoyama
    5. Hyouka’s Eru Chitanda
    6. Madoka Magica’s Mami Tomoe
    7. K-ON!’s Azusa Nakano
    8. Bakemonogatari’s Nadeko Sengoku
    9. Working:Wagnaria’s Popura Taneshima
    10. A Certain Scientific Railgun’s Ruiko Saten

    And here’s the full poll
    Otaku Valentine Poll

  19. Tough question. If I wanted my favorite to win it would be Kodaka x Rika (it’s hilarious how upfront he is about how he thinks she’s attractive but otherwise shows no romantic interest because of her loose cannon personality). On the other hand, if I were to choose a pairing that would be more likely, it would be Kodaka x Sena. I feel like they have the best chance. Yozora has really screwed things up for herself and frankly hasn’t been very appealing this season like she was in the first.

  20. i know its just a silly thing to mention but correct me if im wrong but the whole time Kate is also wearing a key necklace similar to Maria and the gift Maria gave to Kobato and then Kate’s key suddenly turned into that Cicida locket …… am i missing something or its just that anime is so convenient ….

  21. I. . . don’t really care about any shipment with Kodaka. And since he is apparently the only male in the Universe of Haganai, any shipment that I may consider is basically in the yuri department by default.

    Nothing about Kodaka screams original or special, he is the typical male in the cliche harems who are forever dense whenever someone likes them and appars to narrate around him. Girls are jumping through hoops to get his attention and doing crazy things and he does aboslutely nothing. It seems like the cast is only after him because is in fact the only male in the Universe, so the pairings are default at best.

    Whether you wish to go by the same hair color, (Sena), first girl gets the boy (Yozura), as the strongest potiental characters, since the big 3 are those characters, then it’s basically coin toss. I for once would like to see Kodaka show interest in either romantically and actually do something about it besides thinking outloud compliments to Rika. So, if we go by what he has voiced first in that manner, Rika is the current winner.

    But this is Haganai, it will probably take this entire season to finally get the cast to notice they have actually become friends for a while now, so maybe in season 3 or 4 we’ll finally start tackling the romantic side of things. Don’t hold your breath.

  22. Kate and Maria leaving at night on a cab is pretty normal for nuns. If it were a Catholic monastery, they need to prepare for daily mass at 6AM. That would mean they should go back before then to prepare for that.


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