「ニワトリだとは言わせねぇ」 (Niwatorida to wa Iwa Senee)
“Can’t Call Me A Chicken Anymore”

Comedy is a subjective thing, but I think it’s safe to say that this was one of, and probably the funniest episode of Tamako Market so far. As long as you don’t hate Dera. Let’s discuss why.

The Butt of the Joke – Dera’s Diet

Dera has always been the funniest thing this show has going, so it’s no surprise that an episode focused on him was hilarious. As a comedic character, he just works – his pompous and silly tendencies make it funny when he’s the butt of a joke, and it makes it really easy for him to walk fly into them himself – see almost any interaction he has with Choi. This episode wasn’t kind to him, so much so that it bordered on comedic sociopathy (trope!) at times, but I think it towed the line pretty well. As long as Dera doesn’t take this level of constant abuse all the time – and he hasn’t so far – a damn good time was had this week, so it works!

Also, I don’t say this enough, but special credit goes to Dera’s seiyuu Yamazaki Takumi for a phenomonal job, both this and in every episode. Like Matsuoka Yoshitsugu in Sakurasou, he’s the element that elevates his role to truly outstanding heights (though the writing is damn good too). Actually, everyone has been good…but damn, that tori! From pompous gentleman to silly, freaking-out-like-mad boke, he has sold his role, and sold it hard. Bravo!

Kanna vs Choi – The Best Girl Is…!?

Kanna and Choi are my two other favorite characters (yes, I like the bird…and the tsundere dad, but that’s neither here nor there), so a strong showing from both of them made me shout out in glee loud enough to seriously unnerve my neighbors. But which one is the best? First we had Kanna, whose propensity for building things set the episode’s events in motion. Did you notice how every time she made something for Dera (the bird house, the bib), he ended up being really happy about it, despite how he was always worse off for them having been made? Hah! Then there were her evil moments, her buttering up Dera when they were clothes shopping (“You’re already lovely enough, Mister”), and for that matter, calling Dera “Mister” at all. I don’t know why, but that made me smile every. single. time. Possibly because I suspect she would call me Mister, even if I would prefer Onii-chan. Erh–what was I talking about again?

As for Choi, she had a strong showing with a few bits: thinking Kanna was younger than the others was funny, as was her subsequent embarrassment. Stern, brooks-no-arguing Choi is also always a winner, as was deredere Choi. And all those different clothes? Hellz yeah!

So, who wins? For my money, Kanna does, but I won’t judge anyone for saying otherwise. Hell, even Midori made a strong case for herself with her own evil moments (poor Dera!), while Tamako…well, Tamako just continues to be Tamako.

Looking Ahead

Ohoho, another Anko episode next time? It’s curious, though…next week will be episode 9 of 12, so they need to start working towards some kind of conclusion soon. Though maybe that’s what they’re doing? They could be moving to conclude Anko’s mini-story next week, and will then deal with the rest shortly thereafter.

Either way, I have a feeling we’ll see more of Choi and Dera’s Prince sometime soon. Quite possibly in person – he sounded increasingly concerned about them in the transmission this episode, so unless Dera’s communicator starts working soon (unlikely, from a storytelling point of view), I wouldn’t be surprised if he shows up wondering what’s going on. That’s when the main question of this show will finally get answered, and Tamako might actually go back to doing something.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Dera ep! That poor tori got nothing but abuse…not that he didn’t deserve it. Also: best girl is still Kanna, Choi runner up! #tamakomarket

Random thoughts:

  • Uh oh, Dera-chan likes it rough. THE MENTAL IMAGES, THEY CANNOT BE UNSEEN!
  • The record store owner really always knows the right music for every situation. I loved how looooong Dera’s dread(music) was, with the almost unnecessarily long pauses to really rub in how unenthused he was.
  • I’ve got the seasonings, Kanna. You get the chicken.
  • Seifuku Choi-chan!? ALL HAIL THE GODS, OUR WISHES (that I didn’t even know we had) HAVE BEEN ANSWERED!! Now, how about a meido uniform?
  • Erh–White lolita Choi-chan!? That’ll do! *nosebleed*
  • From saying something about Sparta to “It’s for hitting you” to birdminton, Kanna really is the best girl. I want me a carpenter girl, mmmhmm!
  • I would laugh if the scent that Choi keeps smelling is just the soap or shampoo that Tamako (and maybe Anko) use. Which they probably got for like ¥500. On sale. Surprise!

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    1. I just noticed something:

      Tamako = Thin-eyebrowed Mugi (twin ponytail mode)
      Midori = Short, blonde-haired Mio
      Kanna = Silent but deadly Yui
      Shiori = Badminton Akiyo (one of HTT girls’ classmates in K-ON!!)
      Anko = Young Azu-nyan (in her Listen!! costume)
      Mochizou = Genderbent Ritsu (reverse trap mode)
      Michiko (Mochizou’s mom) = Master Chef Megumi (the student council president before Nodoka)
      Choi = Princess Azusa (tanned mode)
      Choi (again) = Moefied Kanna (who is already moe)

      Am I the only one who thinks that Choi and Kanna look like each other? And sorry if I could not find comparisons for Ui, Jun, Nodoka, and Sawako.

      Character-wise, Tamako Market looks like a K-On! clone. But this show has what it takes to be a fun and heart-warming anime on its own. Lovable characters, relaxing setting, and a wonderful comedy.

      As for this episode, Dera gets a merciless torture as his diet routine and Choi gets socialized with Tamako and everyone.

      I feel that Kanna and Midori were really awesome here. Kanna shows her sadistic side while Midori shows her even cutter side. Measurement is a serious business for (evil) Kanna. For me, Midori has like a thousand faces shown to us, and I think that she showed us her near-“The Rock” eyebrow look.

      I am not so sure if I should like the new Dera or not. I prefer his ball-like form.

      By the way, it is very nice to hear those classical BGMs. Thanks, coffee shop guy!

    2. Measurement is a serious business for (sadist) Kanna. For me, Midori has like a thousand faces shown to us, especially that near-“The Rock” eyebrow look. Both Midori and Kanna are awesome.

  1. Birdminting and bird twirling. I need to try these someday.

    Kanna just shot to the top of my list and is at a tie with Midori for my favourite girl. Those evil faces. And those cute evil faces!

    That being said, it’s amazing how everyone is characterised so well — Shiori’s screentime wasn’t very much this episode, but she played a role that only she could do well. Very nice callback to when she first met Dera. The entire shoutengai staff are as endearing as ever, too. I know I say it every week, but this entire cast never fails to lift my spirits up each episode.

    Next week’s preview gave me the impression that Anko gets a crush on Mochizou… but since she already has an established crush, they’ll probably vent to one another about their feelings?

    And yes, Dera definitely looked gross at the end there. Hope he manages to work out his upper body.

  2. The term I believe would be Schadenfreude. Dera is funny because he’s the most unrealistc thing in the show. He’s out-of-place Saturday morning cartoon presence means he can take abuse and it feels more wacky than mean-spirited.

    Kanna is still the best girl, she’s just devious in forcing Dera to diet. I have to wonder if it had anything to do with her carpenter pride. Choi spent most of the episode just being cute so the other girls can dress her up for the audience.

    Seriously though, this isn’t the result of a diet. That’s the result of an intense training regimen. Did Choi lace Dera’s food with steroids? I love how his head is still fat just to add the creepiness of his new body. I guess going back to his lean self in Episode 1 wasn’t funny enough.

  3. Speaking of chicken, I’m having chicken for dinner tonight. Dera was such a delicious character to ea— watch. (I’m drooling aren’t I?) Look at him now, looking slim with not much fat on him at all. I miss fat Dera…

  4. Any episode with a healthy dose of Kanna is always good! I somewhat suspect that she purposely made the birdhouse small so that Dera would have to lose some weight, as it is against her nature to mess up her measurements THAT badly.

    Seriously though, lean bottom half Dera is somewhat disturbing. It is like the best arm wrestler in the world who has a massive arm but is otherwise quite lanky.

    It has been a while since I’ve seen a series where I like every single character in it. I was a bit skeptical about some of the character designs initially, especially some of those in the market district, but so far it has been great!

  5. Awww… when Kanna said “I failed” I wanted to hug her so bad ^^

    Also – bows to the Master for once again providing the perfect mood music XD
    Diet + Organ Works… so subtle…

    This episode was so full of lols, from the Bird Box (Butt this way) to School-scapades to the Dreaded Diet Dilemma. Hmm, and speaking of dilemmas, who else gets the feeling that, since not having heard anything from Choi and Dera, the Prince will be making his way over soon?

    Eh, but that’s romance drama for another day, as next week we get another Imouta-filled Anko episode…. hnnnng! Can’t wait! >w<

    Btw… Kanna + Choi = win!

  6. ¥500 says the Prince will show up at Tamako Market…

    Since he can’t contact anyone through Dera, his (natural) concern
    for Choi might make him investigate for himself. Just a theory.

    Also, we haven’t been told the meaning of the “smell” Choi mentions…
    I have a theory that it might have to do with Tamako’s little sister, Anko.

    1. Plus, she’s gotten like two half-episodes. Not quite as awesome as a full-Kanna episode, but she might not have enough character development available (or planned) for that. Sad, but I’ll take what we can get.

  7. Man, this episode had me in fits of laughter. Compounded by Pierrot’s Master’s perfect timing with his choice of background music. LMAOROTFL

    Take away the face and wings and add a few lines and Dera could easily be a loaf of bread here. XD

    Oh, and count me in for thinking Kanna being the best girl. Choi-chan has her cute moments too, but Kanna really so needs her own episode. If not in this series, then in a sequel.

  8. Kanna best girl. The Sparta thing, she’s saying that they’ll train Dera like a Spartan soldier… or something like that. Was too distracted to care xD

    Though… Choi was too cute this week. ESPECIALLY ‘cuz of that whole “is this friendship?” vibe I’m getting from her.

    Crap… can I have both of em? I want.

    1. Oh, I knew what the Sparta thing meant, it was just too awesome not to mention. I imagine Kanna in one of those Spartan helmets and capes from 300. But with some kind of shirt on! We don’t want to get too ecchi here.

      …*shakes head* No no, Kanna wouldn’t do that. She wouldn’t…do that…

  9. Finally Dera does something about himself. Pity he looks like a large slab of ham after his workout.

    Also, that guy’s music player is just awesome. His choice of music is great, and brings out the funniest of Dera’s faces.

    Looking forward to every single episode of this! Maybe blooming love next week?

  10. I don’t know if anyone pointed it out but the two classical music pieces used this episode were Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue in D Minor and then the opening of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony (you can see Beethoven’s name in English letering on the record album held by the guy). THey both worked great and were hilarious with Dera’s reactions.

  11. Kanna is still best girl for me by a wide margin. I just love her creativity and how she can’t stand to see something broken and leave it (I’m like that). She’s creative smart (espcially after what we saw her do in the episode before last) and she’s cute and even mischievious. I don’t see any downside.

    Seeing how large the hole for the bird house was made me LOL. Seeing Dera trying to squeeze himself in was hilarious. Plus This Reminds me of This So funny.

    The whole sequence with the batons dodging was hilarious, and once again Choi and Dera’s back and forth was great.

    However This does not look healthy. I thought he was just sucking it in to get off the diet but he actually lost all that weight so quickly? Well I guess he is a bird.

  12. Am I imagining things? Apparently where Dera and Choi are from, sneezing into another person is like a declaration of love. Remember how Choi told Kanna to not be hasty at the beginning of the episode while looking flustered, and then later on Dera getting misunderstood by Choi’s double sneezing.

  13. Roughness an expression of love? My word, sir I would have you know that I had never expected such language in this show.


    OHMIGOD. The music in this episode was freaken hilarious! Everything was on que!

    I totally love Midori’s fashion sense in this episode. She gain extra awesome points as a result. She looks like such a tomboy in the music shop and it made me super happy. That or it reminded me of that rigorous love triangle. And I use that term loosely… >3> RIGOROUS! Look, they’re partially killing each other! Base on the next episode, I hope I see something like this.

    I may be super late on this, but Dera is a boy right? Yet he always says ‘Watashi’ whenever he refers to himself instead of ‘boku’. Was it explain somewhere?

    1. Yes, Dera is male. “Watashi” is a formal personal pronoun that can be used by either gender – it’s “atashi” that is considered feminine. Dera uses it because he’s a very high class royal bird.

    2. Boku is normally used by more polite/younger males and often depicts youth. Though watashi is the casual female variant, it’s also generally a more formal/polite form of “boku” and a more polite version of “ore” in terms of male characters.

      Dera is definitely an older character with a (tiny) air of class, so “watashi” is the appropriate variant.

  14. Is this a threat? I consider this a threat! LOL

    Dera never ceases to make me laugh.The Coffee Music Store Owner is the best, that classical music combined with Dera’s faces lol

    Looks like next episode is Anko centric, with Mochizou tagging along.About time he got some more spotlight.

    Those outfits Choi, those outfits <3


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