Though not in the podcast, the Minami-ke girls still manage to take the post spotlight!

After a long hiatus, the Random Curiosity Podcast is back up and running! Some of our writers have come together to discuss the current state of the season, laying topics on the table ranging from your standard show analysis to pure fanboyism enthusiasm. If we come off as a bit rusty, bear with us as we get this podcast machine fully oiled and running! While we may have reduced our number of speakers to four, the amount of material discussed is by no means compromised! Stop by and give a listen!

  Participating Writers
  Time Index
  • 00:00 – 00:22 – RandomC’s Theme Song (composed by Moomba, check out the full version at
  • 00:23 – 02:07 – Introductions
  • 02:08 – 10:35Kotoura-san
  • 10:36 – 18:56PSYCHO-PASS
  • 18:57 – 29:12Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
  • 29:13 – 36:36Robotics;Notes
  • 36:37 – 48:02Shin Sekai Yori
  • 48:03 – 49:50 – Intermission Song — 「Prime number~君と出会える日~」 by Asuka Okura (Sakurasou ED2)
  • 49:51 – 59:44Hunter x Hunter
  • 59:45 – 65:18Cuticle Tantei Inaba
  • 65:19 – 70:47Love Live! School Idol Project
  • 70:48 – 79:24 – Discussion of short shows
  • 79:25 – 81:09 – Short general impressions of Winter 2013
  • 81:10 – 84:24 – Shout outs and conclusion
  • 84:25 – 86:41 – Outro and Bloopers — 「The Bravery」 by supercell (Magi ED2)

TranscriptOne will not be available this round due to the hiatus and resources required to actually make a transcript. Sorry everyone!

  Listen to the Episode
Mid-Winter 2013 Podcast | Duration: 86:41 – 96 kbps [flv:rc_podcast_06.mp3 350 0]

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  1. – Anyone who compares Sakurasou to Toradora! needs to rewatch Toradora!. The show is being quite overrated and I feel that it didn’t do enough to be a show worth recommending to someone else yet. I think that people will forget about it by the next year.
    – Robotics;Notes is better than Steins;Gate. Expanded opinion with slight S;G plot hints: Show Spoiler ▼

    I hope my comment doesn’t get hidden by S;G fans.

    – Shisekai Yori is doing so bad commercially that it’s averaging around 500 BD/DVDs. This is a number collected from the available data that comes from the Top 100 rankings from Oricon. And Shinsekai Yori has been out of those ranking for several weeks already. I live near the South Pole, but I’ll try to import the english novels if they are released.

    1. I am not following Robotics;Notes, but here is my take on what you said about Steins;Gate:

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Basically, you’re saying that R;N is more subtle, but that doesn’t mean it’s better.

    2. Steins;Gate is my favorite anime at the moment. Well, actually, more so my favorite franchise.

      We all know that it was a VN and then an anime, but Steins;Gate also has 3 or 4 audio dramas and several manga adaptations. All of them (that I’ve heard/read) stick with the canon of the main story, with the exception of few.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      I’m just rambling, but I’m not saying R;N isn’t good. It’s great. I just need to see it through to the end before I can make a decision on which is better.

  2. Enjoyed your podcast as always. However, I find it odd that ZNT was not mentioned. Not that I think it is better than PP or SSY but it is certainly equal in many aspects. In closing, this would have been one of the worst seasons on record if not for all the carryovers from 2012.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the podcast you guys. I was hoping there would be one soon. Also, I forget who summarized cuticle tatei inababa, but the description of “dog-human uses love of hair to solve crimes, strong kissing skills, and the main antagonist is a goat” is absurd enough that I am going to give it a try.

  4. fabulous podcast guys!
    I particularly fond of song ‘Prime Number’, and full ver. released, awesome!!!!

    I’ve only heard Love Live part, but I totally admit music part is perfect, good for Sunrise/
    Also in my opinion commercialization is inevitable that Sunrise is run out of budget.. They are occupying selling goods regarding to their anime….

    ps. Umi is great All Heil Umi/Eri…..!!!

  5. Thanks for the awesome podcast ,i love you guys.

    Im relatively new to randomc, and I found it strange how american you all sound(im from South Africa), for some reason i was under the impression you guys would sound more european lol.

    Great work though, its a great anime community here

  6. Thanks! I love these podcasts. Great listening and always gets me psyched to check out some new shows 🙂 verdant will certainly be missed, but good to see the rest of you going strong and carrying the torch with a Winter episode.

  7. Nice to see the podcasts back. I liked hearing the opinions of RC staff on shows they don’t cover. Some interesting points where brought up. I also liked the “current trend” discussion – something worth continuing as warranted IMO. Still, it was a little disappointing to see shows I follow not on the topic list.

    Instead of continuing more in-depth discussion of a few shows in the second half, perhaps part of that time could be used to give each staff member a chance to talk about a show they like, but not covered by RC (if any). Time permitting (or in lieu of if they don’t have a “non-RC” show in mind), they could also could also make some short comments about any show(s) not already discussed in-depth, or even give thoughts about the season so far in general. Obviously discussion would be limited due to time constraints, but that would expand the shows/topics under discussion. Just a thought.

    Thanks and looking forward to the season-end podcast.

    1. Instead of continuing more in-depth discussion of a few shows in the second half, perhaps part of that time could be used to give each staff member a chance to talk about a show they like, but not covered by RC (if any).

      Erh–but that’s what we did! Hunter x Hunter, Cuticle Tantei Inaba, Love Live!…we don’t cover any of those.

      We did think about going into more depth on the season so far, but we went a bit long, hence the short, twitter-length synopsis instead. I would expect to see more of that during the season end one, though ; )

      1. Sorry about that – my mistake. For some reason I thought they were covered (don’t follow them so bad assumption on my part). I still like the concept though so maybe a more abbreviated discussion in exchange for a couple more shows? Minor quibble really.

        Looking forward to the next pod cast – especially thoughts on the season as a whole.

      1. I think he’s talking about how Stilts literally said oni-chan (demon) instead of onii-chan (older brother).

        But hey, maybe it really was intentional – As you point out, we’ve heard crazier confessions :3

  8. LOVE the podcast!! I’m kinda new to this site, well I’ve been here since the start of SSY so I guess I’m not that new anymore LOL but anyways loved it! And I soo agree with everything that was said about HunterxHunter.

  9. Good. Robotics;Notes just isn’t that great. Not as good as Steins;Gate anyways. I think it’s biggest weakness is that there just doesn’t seem to be much going on and the show just doesn’t focus on all the interesting stuff like Airi and the monopoles.

    Was everyone supposed to be echoey?

  10. Hunter x Hunter is gotta be one of the most intellectual “Shonen” out there, I was hooked on it by the third episode. The characters, both the antagonists and protagonists have layered personalities that are worth analyzing. Phantom Troupe may be the best villain organization I’ve come across in anime. On the other hand, Kon may be the most boring character in this show in relative comparison, even though I believe his straight forward determination is needed to keep the tone in balance when you consider the people he surrounds himself with, such as Killua and Kurapika, who have much darker psychological profiles. It makes for interesting contrast and dynamic. He’s kind of like the Chihaya of HxH lol, people gravitate towards them BECAUSE how transparent their emotions are. HxH is probably my favorite “shonen” after FMA and RK.
    Long rant, but thanks for the podcast, it was entertaining. =)

  11. HAHAHAH that Outro and Bloopers section at the end of the podcast made me laugh and cringe at the same time.
    “GJ bu… bu bu bu bu bu”
    “He’s very small and dainty…”
    “Did I hear someone talking about fucking a horse?”
    oh god, that zanibas laugh, I think I’m going to die


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