It seems like the hollow-like creature rampaging in the human world is indeed one of Aizen’s experiments. Some people have speculated that it could be one of the Vasto Lorde, but as we know close to nothing about them, aside from the fact that Harribel is one, it’s difficult to confirm anything. The monster is able to fight toe to toe against Isshin, and as he noticed, its style is much like a shinigami’s (or as we know it, arrancar/vizard). The first of the two main developments in this chapter is Aizen and his crew showing up and attacking Isshin right after he releases his shikai against the creature. Isshin’s zanpakutou Engetsu bears some similarities to Zangetsu, from the moon theme to Getsuga Tenshou, but it also seems to have some fire-based properties. If I recall correctly, this would make him the only shinigami shown to have a fire-based zanpakutou other than Yamamoto.

The other big thing that happend would be Masaki rushing off to help after she feels the two reiatsu’s battling, despite Ryuuken’s stern warning about risking themselves meddling in shinigami affairs. Of course, she doesn’t give a crap about it and decides to go anyways, and unsurprisingly, Ryuuken decides to follow. I’m wondering whether the scene at the very beginning of the flashback was actually the same as what happens here, when Masaki first meets and rescues the injured Isshin. Everything lines up, and it would also mean that Masaki was able to defeat the creature and possibly cause Aizen to back off. It’ll be interesting to see what types of Quincy abilities she will be using.


    1. It’s seems quite likely that this creature has something to do with Ichigo’s hollow form. Maybe because it attacked Misaki or Isshin, some of its reiatsu was passed into them.

      1. To be honest, in my opinion. Perhaps this hollow is Ichigo when he was a baby. We noticed that a certain antagonist called Ichigo a “pure Quincy” when Kubo had Ryuuken mention something about “mix bloods” and “pure bloods.” Ichigo may not be Masaki’s child or Isshin’s child, but the child of a quincy family that was turned into a hollow by Aizen. But that is a rough guess. Kubo has made several plot twists, so I can’t tell what Ichigo really is at this point.

        On the other interesting side is how Ryuuken lived “as a Quincy” back in his teens. So pure blooded quincy are on the top of the pyramid in the caste system while mix blooded Quincy are implied to be expendable in sending them to dangerous missions and are usually treated as serfs. It is clear that Ryuuken didn’t hate the powers of the Quincy, as Uryu thought, but he just hated the life style of the Quincy. Ryuuken seemed more of a firm modern realist to me rather than acting like some aristocratic noble; if I had to guess, Uryu’s mother must be Katagiri. Ryuuken likely resented his parents after they were disgusted at his marriage choice; true Sōken Ishida seemed like a nice old man before his death, but maybe he wasn’t that kind when he was younger as we notice how Ryuuken was taught to oppose helping shinigami when old Sōken Ishida would want the opposite.

      2. Just to be clear I’m not sure this behavior comes from a aristocratic noble lifestyle – it might be the result of Quincy getting wiped out by Shinigami leaving pure-blood Quincy to be a rarity, hence considered more valuable.

    1. As disappointing as it is I think there won’t be a battle, it’s more likely that Aizen would take the hollow-like-thing and leave and when Misaki comes she would only find Isshin.

  1. “If I recall correctly, this would make him the only shinigami shown to have a fire-based zanpakutou other than Yamamoto.”

    Both Momo Hinamori and Love Aikawa have fire-based Zanpakutōs; if you want to count filler characters you can also include Shūsuke Amagai’s Raika.

  2. So Ichigo is Pure blooded Qunicy too? Someone sure lucked out in the gene department. You would think Aizen would have just made a dozen hybrids instead of screwing around with the Espada.

    1. I pretty sure that any child born from a pure blood Quincy and a non-Quincy are not pure blooded. It is the whole reason Ryuuken’s mom is pushing him and Masaki together.

  3. So Ichigo is a Shinigami, Vizard, Quincy and Fullbringer?
    Did Ichigo get is Fullbring Power back after defeating Ginjo?
    Maybe it is not really important but I want to know if he could fight in human form with his Fullbring or if he lost them and stil needs to transform into a Shinigami (which is more powerful)

    1. Here’s my interpretation:

      Ichigo is a Quincy. This allows him to utilise the Shinigami powers inherited from his father that would not normally be available until after he dies and becomes a spirit.
      It also allows him to bring out the taint of the hollow we see during this current battle. It is likely that the remnants of this hollow is what caused him to become a Vizard (Visored, whatever) more easily.
      His reshi-manipulating nature has heavily influenced his abilities, of course. Getsuga tenshou is just a very large spirit arrow, and his Bankai compresses to a tiny size because that’s his instinctual reaction: to concentrate diffuse power and then release it in a blast.

      When Ichigo burnt out his Shinigami powers, he was only burning out a Quincy copy of them. He was still a Quincy but didn’t know have an outlet.

      As to Full-bringers, I think they’re a proto-Quincy (you could probably breed a line of Quincy out of them with enough time). They’re manipulating reshi (spirit particles) on a much more limited scale than typical Quincy do. As such, I believe Ichigo’s Quincy power just found another outlet as a Full-bringer.

      There’s a theory I read at some forums that the invading Quincy army are actually all full-bringers that are using Quincy blood (blut) as a focus for their powers.

      Essentially, Ichigo is a mimic. None of his powers have been earnt properly so they’re all a bit fragile. It’s like he’s holding them at arm’s length. When he understands this, he’ll be able to arrange all his abilities into a synergistic whole.

      He’s not going to get stronger in absolute terms, but he’s going to gain mastery and confidence.

      1. Regarding the Vandenreich as full-bringers:

        Akarui @ Bleach Exile
        So if there are Quincy “mixed” blood that are sent out into the front lines first so that the pure bloods aren’t wasted that would lead more credence to the Stern Ritter being some kind of artificial Quincy. I can’t help but to remember when Kirge was fighting Allon that he was going to ask “his majesty” to increase the strength of their blut. Does that mean that the Stern Ritter have to be infused with some kind of artificial Quincy blood to gain their Quincy abilities?

        If that’s the case then since Fullbringers are shown to be capable of being offspring of Quincy (a la Ichigo from Masaki) would that mean that Bach would use Fullbringers; the children from his past Quincy ranks, and infuse them with this artificial blood to make them the Stern Ritter we see now?

        Hopefully I’m understanding this right but that would help explain some of the Stern Ritters other abilities (for example the abilites of the ones that Zaraki had killed) on top of their regular Quincy abilities

        I’ll admit I simplified the idea.
        This theory certainly makes the full-bringer arc relevant for this arc.

        We’ve seen Ichigo (a Quincy) can mimic full-bringer abilities, so if a full-bringer can mimic the abilities of a Quincy, then that points to them essentially being one and the same, doesn’t it?
        In this scenario, Juha Bach would be a human outlier who scored some slightly more concentrated full-bringer powers, subsequently beginning the Quincy tradition.

        Me (above)
        He was still a Quincy but didn’t know it or have an outlet.

        Fixed that for me.

  4. I thought about when one shinigami told him he had entered the 13th division territory. Apparently there are territories they manage…but only in Karakura Town…They don’t monitor America, or Australia, or England…or Iceland…This town is the only place that exists in the Human world since everyone that was banished resides here. I know I know, but someone has to think about these things.

    1. It hasn’t actually been stated that there are territories only in Karakura Town or that there are no territories outside Karakura Town. For all we know, Karakura Town could be the border of 2 gigantic territories between Asia and America.

      1. Na, it was so a shinigami would become bait fot the Hollow, nothig big besides it. for all we know bleach’s world is flat and there are only 2 countryes, Japan & Mexico.

  5. Judging from Ryuuken’s words by this time the Quincy or at least pure-blood Quincy were a dieing breed.And I’m guessing even if Shinigami weren’t actively hunting them they probably are on hostile terms.

  6. The Hollow, the Hollow, the Hollow’s on fire – or would’ve been if not for the Sneaky Slash(tm) by Aizen

    Hmm, so this time he’s made a Hollow that fights like a Shinigami/Vizard but with its hole filled by… gunk? Could this possible be a Type Zero Arrancar / pre-Arrancar experiment?

    And Masaki’s rush-off-into-danger attitude.. now why does that seems so familiar? (j/k ^^)

    Still, how she could defeat the Hollow I can’t wait to see, while we can probably except to see Ryuuken to be the one to fight Aizen and crew (from the shadows / ninja style). Come on, next week! >.<

  7. Possible the cause of Quincy and Shinigami war…will soon be reveal a few chapters later showing how Kurosaki Isshin aka Shiba Isshin with Misaki love life. Actually, Rangiku isn’t suitable for Shiba Isshin when I ponder about the fact.

    Lim Lynn

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