With a slight modification to Urahara’s tech, Aizen, Tousen and Gin are able to sport invisibility coats and take cheap shots at Isshin. Given what we know about Aizen’s shikai abilities, they seem excessive and a bit overpowered at the same time. Isshin is unable to focus on figuring out what hit him besides the fact that it was from a shinigami (though I’m sure he would be able to counter given the chance) so they decide to let his fight against the creature play out after crippling him. As it turns out, the monster is indeed some sort of hollow-shinigami hybrid and is probably more advanced than the vizards. It’s a very fast, beserker-type fighter that completely disregards its wounds and seems incapable of speech. The similarities to Ichigo’s hollow are undeniable, especially to the powerful form that manifested itself against Ulquiorra back in the arrancar arc.

In the end, Masaki shows up and begins firing arrows at the beast, to no avail. She quickly changes tactics however, and manages to blast its face off after luring it into a close range attack. It’s a pretty clever and impressive move, and I feel like she managed to end the fight in no more than ten seconds. No wonder Isshin was embarrassed. I doubt that Aizen and his crew will reveal themselves here, especially since Isshin already knows someone is there, and they might just leave after Ryuuken shows up as well. Aizen seems to be curious about the Quincies as well, so he probably won’t interfere just yet. Perhaps this was the hollow attack that the Fullbringers were referring to.


  1. Nice review Proof! It’s also interesting to note that they called the hollow/shinigami being “White”. Probably to describe the personality of the person behind the mask?

    1. One of Aizen’s traits is to claim credit for things he wasn’t necessarily expecting to happen. We clearly saw this trait on display during his fight with Final Form Ichigo.

      It’s not always disadvantageous when it frays his opponent’s nerves. It makes them wonder just how scary manipulative he really is.
      However, I’m fairly sure he’s not doing it on purpose. One can’t be a supervillain without being a little delusional.

      1. He’s not delusional he just has absolute self-confidence, if something isn’t going according to plan then he quickly deduces it must be the work of his subconscious so that he can achieve better results.

  2. Hmm? The translation I read didn’t imply Aizen made any modifications to the cloak, more to the point he was just musing on how it works.

    It was interesting to see that Isshin’s bankai also weighs heavily on his own physical health.

  3. Do I need to point out that Masaki defeating this modified shinigami/visored is impossible? I shouldn’t have to explain that she died by a hollow that Ichigo almost defeated without his Shikai…and Isshin, who is captain level, was having trouble with this hollow who is Visored level…This little girl is strong enough to kill a Visored!? Am I the only one who understands this is impossible?!!

    1. Seeing how Isshine lost his power after or before Ichigo was born it is possible that she also lost her powers. We do know that there is a glove that causes a Quincy to loss his or her power. So what I am saying is to give the flashback more time to explain everything before calling out the “this is impossible”.

      1. She probably did lose her powers and that’s why she was killed by Grand Fisher. Even so at this point she was scolded for her slow progression of her training, she has to be around 13 to 14 years old and took out a Visored by herself in one hit. My point is she’s way too young to be more powerful than a Visored and her “slow training progression” doesn’t make sense if she’s already this strong.

      2. Its been speculated that she did not die from Grand Fisher but Ichigo inner hollow released when grand fisher attacked him and he killed grand fisher and Masaki was hurt by Ichigo hollow form.

    2. While I agree fully, I gotta point out that Visored isn’t a level, it’s just a method of alteration, like Arrancars. They’re certainly stronger because of it, but by how much varies. Shikai, Bankai, Menos, Adujas, and Vasto Lorde would be levels.

    3. The problem is that we don’t have estimated power levels of anyone or power changes for dramatic convenience, so any fight is just up in the air. For all we know Masaki > Yamamoto or Masaki < Chad and Isshin was just hung over or maybe the Vizard was the Witch King of Angmar and could only be killed by a woman.

    4. Easy, her power was locked away. Possibly she absorbed a part of the hollow and used her power to contain it. Many possibilities are foreseeable. It depends on what Kubo is going to go with

    5. I think we are all forgetting that Aizens power is absolute hypnosis. What if Misaki received a critical wound by this new Hollow Figure, and in actuality this hollow form is in fact Ichigo himself.

      Let me do a quick story brainstorm:
      – Aizen creates a vasto-lorde-like creature out of a soul that used to be a shinigami which coincidently is in the same time frame as Kaien Shiba’s death, whom was consumed by a Hollow himself. (who then returns in the arrancar arc?)

      -Aizen sends the newly created hollow to karakura town to test its strength.
      -VL hollow fights ishin, Misaki comes in. Now here is what something strange occurs
      We assume Misaki is the one that absorbed partially the VL-hollow’s riatsu because of the quincy’s special ability, but what if it’s the other way around?, How does a hollow become stronger? by consuming other forms of spiritual energy from living things.

      -Isshin then goes all out against VL-hollow in turn loosing his powers, and then the hollow turns into a baby boy because of all the fighting? Idk just thinking, reminds me a lot of that Naruto begining, how he is born from the 9 tailed fox?, but from out of no-where, not very familiar with that story.

      -from the VLhollow, ichigo is born, nourished in the care of exiled-Isshin and wounded Misaki. Ichigo might be the result of a re-incarnated Kaien Shiba (which explains his lineage from Isshin’s Engetsu). And after absorbing some of Misaki’s Quincy powers, is what maid Ichigo have Blut Vene maybe?

      -Also we have to assume that Ichigo may not be a Quincy, even if Juha Bach said is mother was, Misaki being his “mother” may have also been a secret that that’s not really Ichigo’s mother. And Aizen is the true Father/Creator of Ichigo himself.

      -The God King that the Zero Squad mentions, they say he developed a special interest towards Ichigo, maybe this is why.

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