「あとには退けない戦いです!」 (Ato ni wa Shirizokenai Tatakai Desu!)
“The Battle We Can’t Back Down From!”

At long last, Girls und Panzer delivers its finale in typically spectacular style. It almost seems something of a miracle that the show managed to keep up its high standards, never once faltering as it continuously exceeded the expectations set by the preceding episodes. Every week I found myself wondering just how they’d top the events of the most recent episode, yet somehow they always managed to and this finale is no exception. Without a doubt, it serves as the perfect ending to such a brilliant series, laden with high tension, action, glory and emotional outcomes.

This may be the second week in a row that we see the Maus, but it certainly hasn’t lost its terrifying edge. The sheer power was such a step above what Oarai had to offer that I was sure they’d take the logical route of ignoring it and going for the flag tank – it didn’t appear to be the speediest of tanks after all and they would probably be able to outrun it and obstruct its line of fire within the narrow streets of the town. I had kind of hoped that they would ignore it – that there would be some small hitch that Oarai wouldn’t be able to overcome and would have to avoid instead and their victory over it disappoints me ever so slightly. But at the same time, the ridiculous methods they used to take it down vastly overshadow any feelings of disappointment with this outcome – it truly displayed the absurdity and tactical thinking I’ve come to know and love from Girls und Panzer with their last ditch efforts which leave everyone else in shock. Who would ever have thought of using tanks in that way to take down a Maus? I can only imagine the writers cackling in glee as they thought up this stuff – Girls und Panzer must have been a huge amount of fun to work on.

In this final episode, it’s a treat to see just how the Oarai girls have grown and evolved since they were first introduced, each in their own ways and continuing to play to their group’s strengths. As a group, their coordination has come a long way, allowing them to pull off complex strategies and manoeuvres that failed previously in the series. The volleyball team show off their guts, Hana demonstrates her spectacular aim, Mako her driving, the student council their recklessness, and many many more. It was a pity to see the Hetzer finally give up, but it had already more than pulled its weight in this battle – the student council team accomplished miracles with it. I think one of my favourite developments comes from the first year team who have come so far since the times when they would flee in the middle of a battle. Now they request being thrown right into the action, make great use of tactics, and even manage to read and avoid an enemy ambush. How’s that for growth? Heck, after all this time, even Saki finally has something to say, revealing her seiyuu as Komatsu Mikako!

Of course, in the end, everything comes down to the climactic showdown between Miho and Maho. We’ve always know this would be coming, ever since we learnt that Maho was the Teru to Miho’s Saki, a final standoff was always going to be inevitable and this is what the series has constantly been building towards. It certainly did not disappoint. The tension was palpable, the near misses vastly enhanced the sense of danger and the decimation of Oarai’s forces outside the small high-school arena added far more intensity to the moment. I’ve said it before, but I really love it when plot elements come full circle, so it was glorious to watch as Miho and co. successfully pulled off the very tactic that failed against Gloriana in order to take down Maho.

And let us not forget the aftermath – the joy of all the spectators, family and former opponents alike. Everyone was hoping for this outcome, perhaps some were even expecting it. I know I was. It’s great to watch the two rival sisters reconcile and part without hard feelings, with smiles on their faces. There’s something extremely touching about that. Heck, even Shiho was willing to acknowledge Miho in the end – it was only a clap, but it holds great significance and perhaps even acceptance of Miho’s deviation from the traditional Nishizumi style. These scenes, along with the Oarai crew driving in formation off towards the giant carrier ship, made for a spectacular ending to a magnificent series.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – #Garupan comes to a close in a magnificent way. Here’s to hoping for season two!

Random thoughts:

  • Some awesome reactions this week, from Mako’s ecstatic leap, the startled expressions of the crowd, and Saori’s confusion, to the myriad of faces Momo puts on!
  • It’s always funny when someone is taken out while gloating!
  • Hiding behind a lamp post eh?
  • I kind of worry about Aya given how frequently her glasses break.


ED1.12 Sequence

ED: 「Enter Enter MISSION !」 by 渕上舞、茅野愛衣、尾崎真実、中上育実、井口裕香 (Fuchigami Mai, Kayano Ai, Ozaki Mami, Nakagami Ikumi, Iguchi Yuka)


Final impressions:

Well there we have it. The best show of 2012 (and by extension, of 2013 so far) has concluded. Not once did it disappoint and I can probably rank it well within my top anime of all time. Now I have to write some sort of final impressions as a send-off but I really don’t know where to begin or what to say that would do the series justice. Few shows have managed to excite me quite as much, even as someone who was not originally a tank fanatic. Even fewer shows have managed to rise so high from the obscurity with which they started – no other show comes to mind as having climbed from such low expectations to such a magnificent success, both as a work, and in a financial sense. Before it aired, I never once would have guessed that it would have turned out quite this enjoyable. I expected the typical fan-service and pandering that similar series (Upotte!! I’m looking at you) tend to employ, riding mostly off the concept that the characters were young girls. Instead I found brilliance in all fields, from audio to directing to storytelling and tactical warfare. This was not what I expected, not at all.

So let’s start by talking about what is probably the single most important aspect of an anime – the storytelling and writing. Okay sure, at times it was not the most original of material and perhaps some would bring plot armour into the equation and various other tropes which could belittle Oarai’s final victory, but despite this, it was always easy to get invested in the battles – to feel the tension as the teams faced off in increasingly brutal battles filled with absurdities at every turn. I’ve heard criticism of the characters, but I always found them to be a joy to watch – they were colourful and diverse and even if you didn’t like them all, there was bound to be someone in there who would strike a chord with you. Me? I was quite a fan of Darjeeling, Katyusha, and Mako… and almost everyone else to be honest. What can I say? I liked the characters a lot, especially many of the opposing teams. At times, it was quite difficult to choose which side to root for! My only gripe with the series as a whole is that I might have liked to see Oarai lose in the final round and come back stronger in a second season, giving an excuse to revisit the tournament but with the teams we never saw in this one. Of course, I’m equally happy with how things turned out in the end!

I actually love ‘friendship’ as a theme, regardless of how many consider it to be ‘childish’ or overused or something similar. It’s one of the reasons I love FAIRY TAIL, both in anime and manga format, along with shows such as Nanoha, STRIKE WITCHES, and a myriad of other similar series. Girls und Panzer was no exception, choosing to demonstrate how friendship can reinforce resolve to overcome greater odds (along with superior tactics). Flexibility and the willingness to go back for fallen comrades over militant training and rigid plans is why Miho’s style wins out over Maho’s in the end. As she said in her final scene, they never really stood a chance.

From a directing standpoint, Girls und Panzer was fantastic. There was always impact and drama in the choice of angles for almost every shot, with this finale showcasing the brilliance of many of the techniques used. Perhaps one of my favourites takes the form of the first-person tank camera which always works well to thrust us right into the action as we see things from their viewpoint. Even the CG is used well and never feels horribly out of place like it might in some certain other shows, making this series quite a treat to watch from a visual standpoint.

Audio is a big one for me and I think it’s one of the areas in which the show excels. I’m not just talking about the music (which was definitely awesome, especially the use of old war songs as themes for the different schools) or the seiyuu, but the sound design. This isn’t really something I bring up in anime posts much – usually if I talk about audio the focus will be on the music but I feel like I’ve already babbled enough about just how brilliant Hamaguchi Shiro is – but it feels like it played quite a large role in what made Girls und Panzer such a thrill to watch. There was something so incredibly satisfying in the sound design, in how visceral every explosion felt, the sheer power of the cannons, the weight of the massive engines. It was almost like being there. Just as a perfect example of what it was capable of, let’s look at the Maus and how even the sounds used for it dwarfed everything else. It felt like a real beast which could easily crush just about any of Oarai’s tanks. I love that.

In the end, I’m actually rather sad to see this series end – I’ll miss seeing Oarai fight their way out of sticky situations through clever tactics and reckless do-or-die manoeuvres. I find myself wanting more despite being relatively satisfied with the conclusion. It would be a crime if there was no continuation given how successful the show has been. Soooo… season 2 for the world cup?


  1. This finale was definitely satisfying (and so was the entire show), but a second season is always appreciated. I loved the final episode. It was truly enjoyable and filled with unexpected things. Perhaps it was even more enjoyable than usual because we saw it together? \o/

    Anyway, thank you so much for introducing me to this show. I can’t believe I was about to miss out on such an amazing ride.

    Congratulations on finishing another show, awesome post as always!

  2. Despite the following I still enjoyed the show. It had something of the original Saki about it, though I prefer the original Saki to this.

    I just never got it, it was fun and enjoyable, and even though I could put so many things to one side, I assumed they came from a future where peadogeddon was so over blown all the children were raised on ships so that the peadophile immigrants the lurk the lands couldn’t get them. I sat back and shrugged at the idea of tank battles with live ammo as a support for young ladies, I mean why not? They live on aircraft carriers, what better hobbies then tank driving?

    No what I couldn’t buy was that this noble sport was so lob sided there were no rules about force composition. What the hell? How can you have two forces in the same league where one has 7 rickity old junk heaps and the other has 20 odd super tanks (not quite accurate, but you get the picture.) Then how can the side with 20 tanks even vaguely consider being happy with anything other then near instant and complete victory without loss, anything other then that would be failure. GAHH.

  3. I believe that everyone wants the Panzercraft World Cup animated. I’ve seen sequels of series that didn’t deserve it (I’m looking at you, Sunrise), and movies that were hyped to the infinity only to be a total fiasco (I’m looking at you, Kharas/Gainax) Surely, with the success in sales that the DVD/BD’s are having we will have more tank combat and girls hijinks.

    From the Bunnies’s Operation Kelly’s Heroes to the glorious steel wall last stand of Leopon, and the Mexican standoff of Miho and Maho, the finale excelled everything.

  4. Decided to do a Girls und Panzer’s marathon last weekend and honestly, it was a good fun ride. It didn’t feel stretched (other than those recap episodes per se) and finished in a great way! Would love another season!

  5. Words can’t describe how epically awesome this episode was! Fuck that, the entire series. It’s truly the dark horse of the season and would really love a second season! Thanks for covering this!

  6. As tanks always play second fiddle to robots, planes, ships and the like it was very pleasing for them to be front and center for once.

    I think GuP will be most remembered by how far it exceeded all expectations.

  7. Definately one of my all time favorites of all time. A show that everyone came into with low expectations and only to see them blown away like leaves.

    It’s not bad if you don’t like all the characters, with such a large cast it’s a given. My personal favorites being: Yukari, Erwin, Karina, Yuzu,Nona, Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, and to a lesser extent Hana.

    The music can be summed up in one word:Katyusha. That single epic moment defined the series and was the talk of the forums for weeks. Then we got Erika and Panzerlied!!!, so good.

    The final battle had me on the edge of my seat especially as Miho and Maho were about to face off-then I got called up for dinner (FFFuuuuuuuu-) but after I came back my heart was pounding the whole time, and the fight was soooo epic!!!!

    Yeah I also kinda wanted Oarai to loos but one has to remember that nobody expected this anime to suceed any where near as much as it has. Therefore it made sense to end the show with a happy ending, and with the amount of time left after the battle I don’t know what they could have done to make a satisfying loosing ending.

    Moomba, thanks for blogging this show throughout it’s run. Also have you seen OVA 2? Monty Python!!!! Seriously.

    I think Girls und Panzer has set a new precedent for shows of this type, a new yeardstick has been created, and it’s quite a high one.

    We love you GuP!!

  8. I’d be very surprised if it doesn’t get a second season given it’s apparently sold like hot cakes.

    On one level, it’s a school sports anime. On another level, it’s patently ludicrous.
    But none of that matters. It draws you in and because the characters believe in their world you can believe in it too.
    The tank battles sequences were all just wonderfully well planned and used tactics and strategy.
    The sound effects worked marvellously, from the roar of the engines to the clatter of the tracks to the resounding BOOM of the cannons.
    The soundtrack with its use of military marches fit perfectly.

    It was all great fun and in the final battle I was quite literally on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next.

    The show was seriously a dark horse that I don’t think anyone expected much from.
    All those people who scoffed that it would be K-On with tanks, how wrong you were!

  9. Definitely one of best series of 2012/2013, the show managed to avoid being “just another moeblob” and brought with it epic tank battles, epic musical scores, and literally dozens of characters that we came to know and like. Every crew had it’s different style, quirks and customs. Even the adversaries, from the ladylike Darjeeling, to boisterous Katyusha, to frosty and almost ruthless Maho were memorable.
    And if you are tank fan, the series is such a showcase of WW2 tanks that it is pure delight. Tactics used are extremely cheesy and tongue in cheek at a times, but still within manageable suspension of disbelief, and some are simply brilliant – Hetzer infiltrating enemy line and wreaking havoc is one example.
    If there is a lesson from GuP, it is that anime needs to experiment, be bold to try out new combinations. Sports anime X tank warfare X girls friendship? Nobody would think such themes crossover would work, and yet it worked. Too many anime already tend to follow usual suspects of styles, from harem romcom to fantasy adventure.
    Thanks for coverage, RC crew! Thanks for comments, fellow viewers!
    …stomps off towards his tank…

  10. I was on the edge of my seat during the whole episode, and when they won I actually cheered, that doesn’t happen often. This is one of my favorite series in a while and now I can’t believe I was planning on ignoring this series when it came out. So thank you because if it wasn’t for your first post on the series I would of missed out on this awesome series.

  11. Some may said there’s so little character development, but for me, the character development in GuP is excellent, because the staff did the development by the team, not the individual person. By doing this, they could throw away some redundant things that are unrelated to Senshado and focus on things that really matters.

    Special note to how they developed Team Rabbit from such a coward team (like in St. Gloriana) to a team with really good teamwork and spirit, so good that they could took down two of best hard-hitter in KMM with a M3 Lee.

    I couldn’t put higher score to GuP other than Panzer Vor/10. Panzer Vor!

    Kevin Yamagata
      1. Frankly, I think the show deserves a lot of credit for handling the characters as well as it did. There were only 12 episodes and I bet at least half that time was (rightfully) devoted to tanks and tank combat. Yet, the show managed to squeeze in enough about most of the characters to give them some depth and personality. We even got a few different character issues to resolve.

        Among the many things that impressed me about GuP was how efficiently the show used it’s time (excluding two recap eps). People may complain about the lack of character development, but what are they going to cut out to make time for that?

  12. 1.) Definitely one of the best for me.

    2.) Second Season, NOW!!!!

    3.) ZOMG! Saemonza opened her other eye again!

    4.) Broken… (https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2023.jpg)

    Magically fixed! (https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%20ED1.12%20-%20Large%2004.jpg)

    5.) https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%20ED1.12%20-%20Large%2003.jpg

    Man, why is it that, a majority of the time, girls that have big, thick, opaque, spiral glasses always seem to have the nicest eyes underneath? lol

    6.) https://randomc.net/image/Girls%20und%20Panzer/Girls%20und%20Panzer%20-%2012%20-%20Large%2046.jpg


    Man, with them constantly stuffed together into tank crews, it can be easy to forget just how many characters there were simply from Oorai. Now imagine how many there were with Saunders, Pravda, and Black Forest, lol.

  13. At first, I thought this series would be your-typical-moe-crap but, it turned out to be very interesting and entertaining (I seriously underestimated GuP). It’s been a while since I’ve enjoyed every single episodes of a series which, I usually don’t.

  14. This was a maagnificent series. I don’t know if I’ve said this already, but Moomba I want to thank you for covering it. I never would have even given it a second glance if not for your posts about the early episodes, and missing out on this series would have been a tragedy. Thank you very much.

  15. I’m at a loss on how to describe this episode. What do you call an episode full of manly tears, hot-bloodedness and GAR without its conventional elements? (No manly screaming or speeches, no epic orchestral track, no hot-blooded manly willpower) Because I got the same feeling watching this whole episode and I love it.

    Oorai took out the Maus quickly with what I can only describe as a tank gangbang. I loved the emphasis on teamwork here since its Oorai’s biggest asset. Then it gets even better when all the remaining teams had their time to shine. Duck harasses and draws away some tanks from the main group and proceed to do it far longer than I can expect from a Type-89. Rabbit takes out two (TWO!!!!!) of the biggest guns of KMM on their own before going down. KMM was at a real disadvantage here. German Armor is optimized for long-range pounding and not for close-quarter combat and it was a treat to see Oorai exploit this. Also Leopon cuts of the Flag tank and holds of the rest of the army LIKE A BOSS!

    The the duel between the Nishizumi sisters was beautiful. Very tense and exciting right to the final play. I also loved of dynamic camera angles especially the FPS alleyway view. Also the part where they bark orders that can’t be heard amid the sound of tank engines was a very nice touch.

    GuP is still the biggest surprise hit for me. At its core GuP is a very simple “sports” show with an idiotic premise. But its real strength is its top-notch directing. The characterizations, the action choreography, cinematography and the pacing are very strong. By the end of the show I actually cared about the characters and was always excited to see each episode. Its more than I can say for much higher profile, high budget anime.

    1. Not an expert in tanks, but would it be safe to say that if the Rabbit team had not taken out the Elefant and Jagdtiger, then the Tiger (P) would not have lasted as long to allow Miho to duel with Maho?

      1. Definitely. Leopon was clever in its positioning, using an angled hull and using the “corpses” of its opponents to bottleneck their opponents firing lane and limiting the hits it could take. The Jagtiger and Elefant would have made short work of the Tiger(P) if they had been present and Leopon would be in worse position.

      2. FYI – the Jagdtiger featured the same 128mm gun as the Maus (maybe more accurate to say the other way around). That was THE anti-tank gun of WWII able to penetrate 200mm of 30 degree sloped armor at 1000m and 148mm at 2000m (more than enough against Allied tanks). The Jadgtiger’s a beast no doubt.

        However, the Tiger II driven by Erika had the exact same 88mm 43 L/71 gun as found on the Elefant AND also the Jadgpanther which I believe there were two (one for sure) along with Erica’s Tiger II and one Panther facing the Leopon’s Tiger(P). Finally, the Panther’s KwK42 L/70 75mm actually has better penetration power than the Tiger(P)/Tiger I KwK 36 L/56. Team Leopon faced more than enough fire power to quickly disable it.

        In short, assuming two Jadgpathers, the Tiger(P) faced three tanks/TDs with the same gun as the Elefant, and one, while not as powerful as the others, had better penetration power than the Tiger(P)’s 88mm.

    2. KMM was at a real disadvantage here. German Armor is optimized for long-range pounding and not for close-quarter combat and it was a treat to see Oorai exploit this.

      O.o? Not sure how you reach that conclusion. Heavy tanks by design or build to withstand combat – especially close combat. That’s why they have so much armor. When the Tiger I first appeared (late 1942 N. Africa Campaign), the Allies had little if anything that could penetrate its front armor at ANY range. The 75mm M4 Sherman using standard AP round’s couldn’t penetrate the front glacis armor of a Panther PERIOD let alone Tiger IIs, Elefants and Jadgtigers which had considerably more armor than a Panther.

      High penetration power/long range doesn’t mean a tank is unsuited or not designed for close quarters combat. It’s simply an overall advantage which actually amplifies the benefits of thick armor. German tanks could take out Allied tanks long before Allied tanks were in range to damage the German tanks. Heavy tanks are by nature designed for defense rather than offense. Larger tanks do have mobility restrictions in some urban areas, but they also are well suited for digging in (preferably in a hull down position) and repelling enemy offensive strikes. It’s not a question of suitability of design so much as use, or in KMM’s case, misuse.

      Frankly, in terms of tank models, KMM was never at any “real disadvantage” even in a urban environment. Any disadvantage is due to the restrictions placed upon Maho by the Nishizumi style. In terms of proper tactics, for once Maho should have listened to Erika and waited for reinforcement. Actually, she shouldn’t have been leading the chase with KMM’s flag tank in the first place but see above about Nishizumi style. In EP 12, the show took a few extra liberties in terms of credibility for tank combat in exchange for some additional drama/excitement. Nothing new about that in anime (or movies or TV or books for that matter). Whether doing so was the right decision (in whole or in part) depends upon the viewer so I won’t bother posting examples unless requested.

      1. I seem to remember that one weakness the Tiger’s had was a relatively slow turret traverse which made a rear shot possible if you could get close enough to move faster than the gun could target you.

      2. You know, after reading your ep 12 comments in the ep 11 post and watching the episode again (several times since lol), I had similar thoughts regarding the liberties the show took with the sequence that lead to the one on one with Miho and Maho.

        You’re absolutely right, Maho should never have been the one (or at least not the first tank) to follow Miho into the school area. And definitely should have waited for back up if for some reason she just found herself in tunnel vision trying to take out the Ooarai flag that happened to be commanded by her littler sister. I suppose that was why Maho said what she said regarding the not retreating aspect of Nishizumi-Ryu and just settling things under the circumstances.

        I gather that Maho leading and being in the thick of it during that whole sequence is more an aspect of Nishizumi-Ryu rather than a complete disgard to tactics to protect her own flag tank.

        During the chase before everyone was split up and where fleeing in single file, I was wondering why the lead KMM tank didn’t take a shot at the trailing Type 89? I figured it was a combination of some unwritten rule of avoiding stray shots in urban settings and that even if they took out the Type 89, it would subsequently end up blocking the narrow road they were driving through at the time – leading to buying that much more time for Ooarai’s flag to escape.

      3. @Bear: I seem to remember that one weakness the Tiger’s had was a relatively slow turret traverse which made a rear shot possible if you could get close enough to move faster than the gun could target you.

        True. IRRC, full traverse (i.e. 360 degree rotation) for a Tiger I took about one minute though it could effectively speed up the process if it has room to simultaneously rotate the tank body as well. I also recall reading that one German tank (can’t remember which model or find the info :<) actually had trouble rotating its turret at all if it was on an incline/decline due to an underpowered turret motor! So, yes fast tanks & TDs like the Hellcat if given room could outmaneuver a Tiger for a rear shot though I suspect drifting was not standard operating procedure. 😉


        Correct – my view is that Maho was bound by the Nishizumi's doctrine of "always advance/never retreat" (I would add "always fight with vast superior numbers and equipment" ^^). Really all Maho needed to do was surround the flag tank with the Maus, two Tiger IIs and Jadgtiger with the rest of the tanks forming a protective outer perimeter or form hunting parties as required. If Oarai goes into a restrictive area, leave the flag tank & guards behind in a location with a good view.

        I think a good example of the difference between the Miho and Maho/Nishizumi style is how each would respond to Saunder's radio intercept. We saw how Miho turned the tables on Saunders by using fake messages. I think Maho (N. Style) would simply ignore it and just roll forward trying to crush Saunders with brute strength.

  16. Episode had me on edge from the start until the end of the match, with the Nishizumi sisters’ duel being the most tense moment of all. Don’t forget Moomba how the Rabbit Team now wants to establish a reputation for being heavy panzers destroyers. Wanting to target the bigger tanks now that’s GAR. To think this was the team that abandoned their tank in their first match, and made a promise to Miho to do better. I’d say they delivered more than what they promised, and Space Pirate Captain Marika Saki talked! Not to mention a very happy Mako is also cute.

  17. As a WWII “otaku”, the idea of sensha-do is pretty much tailor made for me. Although I planned to watch from the start, I never imaged that Girls und Panzer would end up becoming one of my very favorite anime. Watching the girls learn the art of sensha-do and battling their way through the tournament was tremendously fun and entertaining. What impressed me the most was the amount of thought, planning and hard work done by the director and producers in creating the show.

    From the first episode, I was impressed – amazed really by the shows incredible attention to detail. Not just the tanks (which practically had every detail accurately drawn except a serial number), but also the myriad of WWII references, the use of motion-picture style camera shots and superb “tank’s/gunner’s-eye” views. Even little, often unnoticed, details like dirt remaining on a tank after a near miss were shown. The combined effect helped to immerse viewers into the GuP world. IMO, the director’s almost obsessive attention is a big reason for the show’s success.

    Yet GuP delivered more than just exciting tank battles. The show’s pervasive comedy, very well-chosen music score, and diverse characters added a great deal of entertainment and depth to the show. Alisa’s mental breakdown in EP 06 remains one of the funniest anime moments I can recall. Inserting the song “Katyusha” was simply genius, and using authentic military music for each school really helped set the mood for the matches. Despite the large number, I found the vast majority of the characters likeable and memorable – Mako, Anzu and Darjeeling among my favorites. There were even a few distinctly touching character moments. Miho telling Maho she finally found her own sensha-do is probably my favorite.

    Overall, I think the show did a very good job of knowing when it needed to be serious, but not take itself too seriously. I always laughed with the show rather than at it during silly moment such as when the Type 89 was found. Appropriately, tank battles were taken seriously, and for the most part done in a plausible manner. The matches featured a lot of strategy and some very clever tactics. Even if it was “obvious” Oarai would win, HOW they would win was not. The liberal use of strategy/tactics for battles made the show much more fun to watch than some generic slugfest. It also provided for some thought-provoking post episode analysis and discussion.

    The director IMO deserves a lot of credit. The show never lost focus, the pacing was almost perfect, and it consistently improved as the season progressed. More than that, he also considered the perspective of all viewers – not just the core audience. Information such as tanks specs and explanation of tactics helped non-core viewers better understand what was going on. Overhead battle views made keeping track of each match much easier. Pink tanks might see funny or even stupid, but it was a simple way to help viewers distinguish the various Oarai teams. The same can be said for Oarai’s team mascots and even the other school’s “nationalities”. Rather than a niche anime, I consider GuP a show any anime fan can enjoy.

    Girls und Panzer does have a few minor flaws. For example, a few times I thought the show pushed the limits of in-universe credibility too far during the battles (e.g. Maus in EP 12). Nonetheless, the show did so many things right that in the end, whatever flaws it had were rendered meaningless for me by comparison. I simply cannot imagine how the show doesn’t get a second season.

    Thank you Moomba for covering the show and doing such a good job with the reviews. You are doing a great job picking “hidden gem” shows to review. Lastly, thanks to all those who posted comments each week. I truly enjoyed our post episode discussions. When season two comes around, I hope everyone returns.

    1. I agree all down the line. The show required some “willing suspension of disbelief” but an order of magnitude less than a show like Upotte!. The realism of the tanks was something I wasn’t expecting and added “spice” to what would have been just a fun show. It reminded me of K-ON’s accuracy with their guitars. Somehow that makes a show stand out because you know that the staff really cares about the subject matter.

      Using “Katyusha” was not only genius but how they did it was phenomenal. Having Katyusha and Nonna singing it while riding into battle made it epic. I thought all of the characters were well drawn, and acted. Each of their personalities were fun to watch, though I wish we had had more time with some of the other secondary characters such as the Auto Club. This could easily have used another cour.

      The way they took out the Maus was insane. I didn’t see that coming, but I guess that was about one of the few vulnerabilities that would take it out . One other method that I’d thought of was a variation of what they did. Instead of driving a tank onto it to block the turret, just drop a tank on the gun barrel from where Miho fired. Bent barrel: No Maus.

      The “Checkoff’s Gun” with the “Kelly’s Hero’s” movie was another great bit. The staff didn’t miss a trick.

      Well, my speculation sort of came true (though I assumed some sort of overtime) about the finale being Miho a Maho. That shot was spectacular and required amazing technique from everyone. Doing a skid turn while tearing the tracks off. OMG.

      The reconciliation with Miho and Maho was something I had hoped they would show and was even more touching with Shiho applauding her daughter. Miho is a character that you really want to see succeed and achieve happiness.

      Finally, thanks Moomba for reviewing this and to those who gave so many enjoyable discussions over all the “tank stuff”. It’s been a fun ride.

      1. @Bear: Somehow that makes a show stand out because you know that the staff really cares about the subject matter.

        Could not agree more. To me Girls und Panzer is a perfect example of how good anime can be when the director and producers honestly care about a show an put for their best effort each week. I’m sure that anyone who reads RC can think of at least one anime show each season that felt like the creators were just going through the motions. “Good enough to make some money” rather than truly “good” let alone “great”.

        The way they took out the Maus was insane. I didn’t see that coming, but I guess that was about one of the few vulnerabilities that would take it out . One other method that I’d thought of was a variation of what they did. Instead of driving a tank onto it to block the turret, just drop a tank on the gun barrel from where Miho fired.

        No question the Maus was handled in an extremely unique and clever manner, but personally I need some salt for that scene. Regarding your suggestion, I think it’s quite possible bend/break the barrel by driving another tank on top of it, but I wonder what’s the likelihood of successfully executing such a difficult maneuver. Bad things might happen if you miss. When I watched the Hezter first go under the Maus’, I kept waiting for Anzu to fire into the Maus’ “soft underbelly”. The downward gun angle looked shallow enough to avoid hitting the ground first. Not exciting enough I suppose.

        Probably my favorite idea to take out the Maus is for Oarai to split up with the Panzer IV and Hezter going up the embankment while the rest of the teams scatter/regroup. The Maus should go after the Panzer IV since its the flag tank, but if not Hana can send a “hello” round or MG fire (why do they have live MGs in sensha-do?) for encouragement. Both the Panzer IV & Hezer move back just out of the climbing Maus’ line of sight. Then right as the Maus crests over the embankment, the Panzer IV and Hezter each fire point blank into the exposed, (relatively) thinly armored underside of the Maus. The Panzer IV and Hetzer’s guns should be more than sufficient to penetrate there at point blank range.

        I’m sure you realized its pretty much a copy of what happened to a lot of M4 Shermans when they tried to go over the hedgerows in Normandy. For that reason I think it’s quite realistic. You could even make it “more exciting” by having the Hezter in front (offset) of the Panzer IV. Then right after both Oarai tanks fire, the Maus takes one last shot before it’s knocked out. Reminiscent of the St.Gloriana’s match, the SC shield the Panzer IV at the last second.

      2. @ Bear:

        Dropping a tank on the gun of the Maus sounds equally insane. I hope Miho tries it the next time she faces one lol.

        @ daikama:

        I agree that tactic to take out the Maus was the probably the most realistically defying combat portrayal of the show. For me the “salt” was the complete absurdity and fun of the whole thing.

        There were probably numerous ways to have realistically dealt with the Maus. Taking out its gun and/or tracks was what I expected. I understand that Miho felt the presence of the Maus threatened their plans at the very least in that it could slowly follow them around and report relative positions. So wanting to take it out I get.

        I’m just not completely sold on the tactic you suggest. Not that I’m saying it’s not a solid tactic or even that I would prefer the Miho original over it. There are two points I’m fuzzy on (keep in mind I am not a expert on tanks):

        – On a tank such as the Maus, would the under belly even been considered soft for the KwK 40 L/48? I couldn’t find anything on the specs of the under belly, but it would be silly to overlook such a thing on a super heavy only to have it still vulnerable to anti-tank mines and what not. Or is it perhaps something that cannot be completely eliminated on tanks of that era as a general design limitation?

        – The embankment was quite steep and grassy. Would it really be something that the Maus could traverse without risk of getting stuck? Given its sheer size and weight, I can only surmise that there are limits to the type of terrain that it can tackle.

        Anyway, those are my questions and thoughts on the matter.

      3. @diakama
        No question the Maus was handled in an extremely unique and clever manner, but personally I need some salt for that scene.
        I agree. Needs salt and even my suggestion has a lot of “fingers crossed”. Both of them work more for drama/wow factor rather than a realistic solution to the Maus. Even a belly shot is facing 100 mm of armor. Given that that monster weighs about 100 tons, I still think the most likely scenario would be to get it into a situation where you can create a tiger trap such as a bridge or over an underground structure that can’t take the weight. Alternately get it in a narrow street and drop the buildings on each end. It’s underpowered so you should be able to bottle it up.

        Oh, and I never understood the live MGs either, especially when the tank commanders have a bad habit of riding in the hatch.

        Yeah the Shermans (and the infantry) had a terrible time in the hedgerows until they came up with the hedgerow “chopper” . There was a severe case of tunnel vision over then Normandy landings where they didn’t really have plans once they got through the costal defenses on how to deal with the conditions behind them. The Brits knew the lay of the land, but maybe it was the same American attitude that had them reject the Hobart “funnies”.

        As I mentioned. The spec I have shows about 100mm of armor on the belly. That’s almost as heavy as the frontal armor on the Tiger.

        Maybe getting it near a slope and having everybody push it over might work. It’s underpowered so I doubt if it could stop itself.

      4. @Bear/RifuloftheWest:
        FWIW, I think trapping the Maus against in a tight area then placing a few many (LOL) rounds point blank on the exposed tracks/bogie assembly is the most realistic non-combined arms method of defeating it (i.e. no thermite grenade(s) down the barrel or satchels full of C-4 stuck to the tracks). Given what we saw in the show, I figured a mundane track shot was considered too boring so thus “plan B”. Maybe your right about the tank gun barrel. I always thought barrel damage/destruction from direct tank fire was pretty rare.

        RE: the Maus’ underside armor, best I can tell is that it ranged from 40-100mm (top ranged from 40-80mm) rather than a uniform 100mm. Maybe that’s wrong. Even if it’s 100mm, a 75 mm PaK 39 L/48, 75 mm KwK 40 L/48, or 75 mm StuK40 L/48 can penetrate 106mm and 148mm of 30 degree sloped armor at 100m using Pzgr.39 (APCBC) or Pzgr.40 (APCR = US HVAP) ammo respectively. 75 mm KwK 40 L/43 (not sure which KwK 40 on the Panzer IV) penetration at 100m was 98mm and 126mm respectively for Pzgr.39 and Pzgr.40 rounds.

        So you’re right that my idea may not work 100% of the time. A lot depends upon the ammo used and/or the armor thickness of the targeted area. With Pzgr.40 ammo I think it’s a lock to work. With the more common Pzgr.39 ammo I think it’s probable, but definitely not certain. The Hetzer should be able to still penetrate 100mm (if barely), but it’s a crap shoot for the Panzer IV if it has the shorter KwK 40 L/43 gun. Worst case scenario, if the Maus can make it up the embankment, so can the Tiger(P). The 88mm KwK 36 L/56 can penetrate 120mm of armor at 100m with Pzgr.39 ammo so no problem there

        If the Maus gets stuck partly up the embankment, then Oarai can swarm like a pack of wolves at the sides targeting the tracks. Perhaps even bait it into turning the turret sideways & taking a shot at the rear vent area from below rather than above as was done in the show. If it can’t climb at all… run I guess LOL. At that point go back to bait/trap/hit the tracks. The Maus is a challenging opponent made more so by the lack of combined arms.

        @Bear: Stats I’ve seen list the Maus weight at 188 (US) tons rather than 100 tons. Talk about massive – over three times as heavy as a Tiger 1!

      5. @diakama
        188 tons? I think thats almost three times the weight of a Tiger!

        BTW didn’t they have to line up the tanks at the start of the match? The Maus was a surprise wasn’t it, or did I miss something? It would be hard not to notice that!

      6. @ Bear & daikama

        Thanks for the insight into the Maus and alternative tactics to engage it.

        As for not seeing the Maus when the two teams were lined up, I found that odd as well. However, it seemed that the other school spectators (Darjeeling, Katyusha) were not surprised to see it later in the match. Perhaps it’s just one of those things like why machine guns are present in matches at all.

    2. Perhaps the best part about Miho telling Maho she found her own Sensha-do is that it’s what Maho has always wanted Miho to do. In Little Army, after Miho learns how far practitioners of the Nishizumi Style are expected to go for victory, Maho tells Miho that if she comes to hate tanks, it’s fine to quit, but if she wants to continue, she should find a way of Sensha-do that she can call her own.

  18. This is also one of my top animes of all time now. Besides Last Exile, this is the best anime of 2012 and there is no way anything could top this in 2013. This is just a rare top notch anime.

    The sound design was excellent and it sounds even greater on blu ray with the lossless sound. I can feel the power the blasts coming from the tanks. I’m was happy that they sounded very real all the time.

    I must have watch this show at least 5 times per episode now. I don’t normally do this at all.

    1. Yeah, I thought that was a nice touch at the end.

      Episode 12/Little Army Spoiler: Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Oh so…

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Damn why couldn’t this have been two cour and include the material from Little Army?

        Oh well…maybe it can be included somehow in specials or in season two.

      2. @RifuloftheWest:

        Yes, there’s a history behind that comment. It wouldn’t take long to read Little Army and as a GuP fan I encourage you to do so. This is one case where I think the anime is much better due to the visual element, but Little Army does give you some insight on the relationship between Miho, Maho and even Shiho.

        With only eight chapters, you’d need a lot more material for a two cour season, but I do think GuP would have benefited from a 13 episode, rather than a 12 episode season. Releveant parts of Little Army could have been done in a flashback.

      3. @ daikama

        Thanks. I’ll definitely read Little Army. I actually started the first chapter after episode one because I was hooked. However, I thought it was going cover the same material and I didn’t want to spoil myself (which I did with how the mock battle went and Mako joining) so I stopped. No reason not to finish now lol.

      4. @RifuloftheWest: However, I thought it was going cover the same material and I didn’t want to spoil myself (which I did with how the mock battle went and Mako joining) so I stopped.

        Just want to be sure you’re not confusing Girls und Panzer manga with Girls und Panzer Little Army manga. The Girls und Panzer manga is essentially the same story, but told from Yukari’s point of view rather than Miho’s. FYI – the manga covers the Anzio battle in detail. Little Army takes place six years ago when Miho was 10 years old. I think it’s solely intended to fill in some missing background on Miho & Maho (and Shiho to a lesser extent). That’s why it’s only one volume (8 chapters) long.

      5. Just finished reading Little Army. That really provided a lot of context to the background of Nishizumi ladies.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      6. @ NewToThisPlace

        I haven’t read all the available chapters of the manga but I did go through the Anzio match and the events leading up to it. There were some changes to the details of how Ooarai had prepped for their match so it seems that it does not completely mirror the anime. There is also an aspect of the Anzio match portrayal that slightly contradicts the anime.

  19. Hell yeah it was a great finale! I loved this show from start to finish. The only disappointing thing for me was the way the schedulers pushed the last 2 episodes back by a few months. There wasn’t no chance of them losing since they had to win to save their school, but it still had me on the edge of my seat.

    I would love to see a season 2 at the nationals!

  20. Farewell Girls und Panzer, your awesomeness will be missed! I almost hope they don’t make a season 2 though, simply because it’s hard to see how it could top this one!

  21. Being somewhere rather remote with limited net access for the last two weeks last month, this was the first thing I watched upon coming home.

    One-on-one tank dueling/combat by champion. Just the way Patton would have wanted it.
    – The Rabbit Team taking a level in badass and taking out an Elefant and a Jagdtiger–they’re no longer “running rabbits”, they’re “killer rabbits”! (Bonus points if you watched the OAV where they parodied a certain Monty Python skit… I see what they did there…) XD
    Taking out the Maus using a mix of ingenuity and playing up the strengths of the tanks they use–holy s***! (The Turtle Team kinda broke their Hetzer trying to lift the Maus, but still…)

    And Ooarai does win? (Using the same “drift and fire” technique they tried on Darjeeling and her Churchill?) Dayumn!

    There’s only one thing I was disappointed in: Where’s Earl Grey? That said, this was an enjoyable end to a darkhorse series.

    P.S.: I guess the WoT fan skinners have already done a KMM skin of the Maus?

    1. Rabbit team also say that they want to be the heavy tank killer! If there is second season, I really want to see more of their development.

      Also, as they are the first year, the future of Oarai after their seniors (especially Miho) graduate is rest in their hand too

      You play WOT? You should try to use Rabbit team voice mod. It’s very funny.

      1. I definitely want to see the Rabbit team develop this fearsome reputation for heavy tank killers. They definitely lived up to the killer bunny mascot this episode.

        OMG, there is a voice mod for the Rabbit team in WoT? I don’t play, not that I haven’t been tempted – especially watching this show but now I might give it try if only to use that mod lol.

      2. I’m more of a Company of Heroes guy (not a multiplayer person though), but I do like looking at the GuP-themed tank skins done by some World of Tanks fans.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Rabbit Team voice mod? Hope someone posts a video of that mod on YouTube… XD

        Oh, and if a second season is indeed announced, the producers really should take the time to get things in order and polish it a little more in order to avoid the troubles that plagued the first season. But if this episode is really the end to the series, that’s fine too.

  22. If we want to go meta about it, the triumph of Oarai sorts of reflects the show itself

    – A small studio not known for hit shows. Ok, don’t think Actas would have gone into bankruptcy if the GuP had not become a hit (or is located on a super-carrier) but it helps the narrative 😛
    – Plot is panned widely before the show airs and it begins as an underdog in the season.
    – First episodes get good review but you wonder if it’s beginner’s luck. Surely they can’t keep this up for the whole show.
    – Lack of resources and supplies. Instead of tanks, the studio runs out of time and has to do TWO filler episodes for a single cour show. When the first BD volume sells ‘only’ 13.5k in the first week due to not printing enough discs(!), the doubts again resurface whether it will beat out Chuunibyou in sales.
    – The show’s delay causes it to miss out any remaining time-slots as the Winter season begins and a hellish 3 months of waiting is required before the last 2 episodes can be aired. Will the long break cause fans to be disillusionised? Can they end it in a way to win them back?
    – Through it all though, the show persevered and gave us a truly fantastic climax. Yes, it’s not a literary masterpiece but it was the most fun I have had watching a show in a long time. The BD sales for the first 2 discs are at 30k and are among the best for original anime. It’s relatively easy to take a top-selling manga, LN or VN and make it into a hit show, but what GuP has done is praise-worthy.
    – Just like the Oarai team is better than just a sum of its parts with superb teamwork and tactics despite having no super tanks, the show just manages to do about everything right to come out with an outstanding final product.

    1. Great post. I’d like to add two things.

      – First, like Oarai, the show kept getting better over time.
      – Second, show mirror’s Miho’s thinking/strategy in some respects. It’s the result of a lot of well thought planning and “outside the box” thinking (ex. premise of girls & tanks and use of “camera angles”).

  23. Love all of this series, especially the little details: Type 89 ran over the Maus’ antennae when it went over it, and after it got off, its end scraped the Maus like its saying “kiss my tail!”

  24. That scene where the Porschetiger sets up in front of the building entrance in a COME AT ME BROS stance and shoots…it’s after seeing that and all of this episode’s memorable combat that I had to remind myself that this show is supposed to be a sports anime. The three mecha series of this season had better step up, as this is the bar that has been set!

    Also, even though they somehow got picked off from behind the Maus, I kinda think that the Pz III is Kuromorimine’s MVP for the battle. The irony is that the Pz III might be one of the weakest tanks that Oarai had faced in this entire tournament (not counting the Italians).

    1. I thought that scene was epic. When the Porsche Tiger (lol I keep wanting to type “Teegah”) backs up to block the entrance, orients its turret and gun (with the whine sound effect) and fires – so damn good! It took a helluva beating – probably more than realistic, but I’m glad that the Automotive club girls got to be bad ass. They are the unsung heroes of Ooarai.

      1. Agree! The Auto Club not only saved the game, they even got everyone fixed up for the parade the next day. That’s one of the reasons I wish they had had two cours. Would have loved to have seen more of the Auto Club working on the tanks.

      2. @ Bear

        I feel the same way about wanting to get to explore the dynamics of the Automotive Club more. Those girls are absolute miracle workers…especially considering that all the Ooarai tanks were in really bad shape after that intense final showdown.

        Here’s hoping that they get more time in the second season. I really dig Hoshino’s character design.

  25. I like how anime shows Rabbit team’s development throughout ep 1-12.

    Ep.1-4 RUN! RUN! RUN!
    Ep.5-7 We will fight with out team.We won’t run anymore!
    Ep.8-9 We will protect our team!
    Ep.10-12 We will defeat our enemies!

  26. Aside from the World Cup, there’s another HUGE hook for the second season.

    Little Army details, ‘ware!

    In the person of Emi Nakasuka, Miho’s friend from grade school, and the one who drove her old Panzer IV. The two parted ways, but promised to meet again once they’ve found their own way of Sensha-do.

    And what better place for a reunion between the two friends than the world stage?

  27. It feels like I’m reading the Jormungand final impressions again. Sure, the show was fun despite its faults, but to call it the best show of the year, even with Jinrui wa Suitaishimashita, Fate/Zero, KyoukaiSen II and other big hits as competition? Don’t get me wrong, I liked some of the battles (probably because I’m not a hardcore tank otaku – ignorance being bliss and all that stuff), some characters were neat despite severe lack of characterization (good luck memorizing the names of anyone beside the Anglerfish team and the enemies), and the direction was surprisingly good, but it just wasn’t enough to cross the line between “Well this is a cool show” and “Goddamn this is the best show ever”. Maybe it’s just that the writing was exactly what you’d expect from a show with a premise like this, and I like my anime to be smart – in which case, it’s just a matter of my personal taste.

    Let’s just say that the show is good at what it’s supposed to do and leave it at that. At least I’m not one of those guys who are offended at the mere thought of girls sitting in tanks on pink cushions and stuff.

  28. Well, if they dont taken out the Maus, then they would use it to Guard their Flag Tank. They just needed to Hide behind it, and Oorai must have battle with more then just the Maus. And also, if they run from it, they can not go in “City Close combat”. Because with the Fear in every corner the 120mm is waiting for you, there is no Planing in Tactics. There is just pure Luck, and no real “Captain” bets on “pure luck” (only in Pursuit)

    So, seeing it at the end. Taken out the Maus was the right thing

    And for the other things, i posted the most under the Episode 11 comments

    For World Cup… Perhaps fights in the same “Panzer class” is better now. Imagine how the other “World Cup” Members could make it so far, just bye Oorai Luck? 🙂

  29. If you wish to stretch out the good-bye a little, you could always do some coverage of the specials. I’m certain the people wouldn’t have much to complain about.

    I have my doubts about the Hetzer being able to support even half the weight of the Maus- but overall that was a pretty darn clever move. I’m amused that the History club thought they even stood a chance. Unless they had superhuman aim and got a shot right down the barrel, they were fucked from the outset.

  30. What a ride! GuP has definitely been one of (if not the most) fun and entertaining show I’ve watched in recent memory. I remember seeing the preview charts and noticing the image of a bunch of girls on a tank with (what I thought at the time) to be an aircraft carrier in the background. It definitely piqued my interest due to the tank/military premise and typically I enjoy the whole “cute girls doing cute things”.

    After watching the first episode and reading the post here on RC, the Saki comparison was definitely spot on – at least to me. This was a good thing since Saki is one of my favorite franchises. I had a feeling that this show would not disappoint me after coming away from the first ep, but I was not expecting a series that just got better and better as the episodes went on.

    GuP really just hit all the right notes with me: the directing was excellent, the action sequences were exciting, the voice acting was top notch, the extreme attention to detail on the tanks (among other things), the music was effective in setting the tone for the schools/the battles and what not, the cast of characters were interesting, just so many things that were well done.

    Moomba’s thoughts on the sound in the series was just spot on. There were so many nice little touches with the sound effects that when it was brought to my attention reading his post, it amazed me that the show even went that far with the attention to details. It really made me appreciate the effort that went into the production value that much more.

    This final episode was pure awesome and there were a lot of great scenes. The very creative and absurd tactic Miho used to take out the Maus was a blast. Katyusha’s reacting with a “Wow!” was exactly what I said when I saw the Hetzer charge into the Maus. On a side note, Sodoko’s complaint of how that massive tank is called a “Mouse” just totally cracked me up. The way the Pz III got taken out when its tank commander was gloating from behind the Maus also made me LOL. Then the way the remaining Ooarai tanks worked to split up the KMM force was nicely done. It was so good to see Rabbit team shine and show us how far they have come. The various comments from the Rabbit team during their combat against the Jagdtiger were hilarious.

    From the Duck team aggravating their opponents in their “mere” Type 89, to Leopon’s last stand, it was absolutely exciting and culminated in the epic show down between Miho and Maho. That tank duel was so riveting that I think I held my breath during Miho’s final move. Like Moomba, I too loved to see things come full circle and the use of the tactic attempted against Darjeeling was an excellent touch.

    The camera angles, the panning, and zooming in as Mako drifted the Pz IV to behind the Tiger while the Tiger’s turret rotated to follow and orient a shot was for me one of the best directed action sequences in this series (and beyond). Incredibly stunning camera work there.

    I was one of those that initially thought Ooarai should probably loose but in a such a way that still resulted in stopping their school closure. However, I am not the least disappointed in the way the series ended and I am very happy that Ooarai won. A scene that resonated so well with me was after the battle when an exhausted Miho gets out of the Pz IV, and turns around to appreciate their tank while Yukari comments in awe that they were able to defeat the Tiger with it. I loved that scene because that Pz IV – the Anko team, was essentially the heart and soul of the Ooarai team. Miho, Yukari, Saori, Hana, Mako – they’ve all come along way themselves. Especially Miho whom you can tell is really happy with discovering her own way of Sensha-do.

    Anyway, I’m sad that this fantastic series has ended but news of its overall reception and sales has left me very optimistic of a second season. I really look forward to seeing what the girls of Ooarai, St. Glorai, Sanders, Pravda, and Black Forest Peak get up to next.

    Thank you so much to Moobma for covering this show. I’ve said it before, but reading your post after watching an episode and the ensuing discussion really increased my overall enjoyment of this series. Those that participated in the various discussions, thank you as well. There was a lot of interesting and informative comments here. I’ve even gained some new reading material thanks to some of those comments.

    On an ending note, here are my the top 10 favorite scenes/sequences in order of occurrence:

    – Firing off a blank round from the Pz IV to wake Mako.
    – Momo missing the St. Gloria tanks from point blank range and then eating 4 shells.
    – Arisa’s multiple stage meltdown.
    – Hana’s one shot, one kill.
    – Nonna and Katyusha singing Katyusha – Ura!
    – Anzu showing she’s bad ass with Yuzu’s brilliant driving during the break out from Pravda.
    – The race to hit the flag tank during Ooarai vs Pravda – the StuG ambush.
    – Yukari praising the Porsche Tiger and subsequently listing its deficiencies while they happen.
    – The Hetzer causing mass confusion while infiltrating KMM lines.
    – The Drift Maneuver Part II from the Anko team.

    1. Great synopsis of some of the best moments. After watching “Upotte” I wasn’t sure what to expect from GuP except “cute girls” and “tank porn” and I assumed there would be more of the same unbelievable plotline. They not only exceeded my expectations but amazed me with a show that covered just about everything from silliness to drama. The only problem I had was: it was too damn short!

      Nonna and Katyusha singing Katyusha – Ura! — That scene still gets to me.

      And let’s not forget the jaw dropping scene where we realize that Ooarai is on a gigantic aircraft carrier!

      1. @ Bear

        It was too damn short. I happened to marathon all 11 episodes before watching the 12th and it just left me wanting more. It has been mentioned before but it really is amazing how this show packed so much content and yet managed to pace things well enough to not feel rushed.

        Nonna and Katyusha’s duet still gets me too. Even after repeated viewings, a lot of the scenes don’t lose any magic. And the city sized carrier reveal was absolutely one of my favorite scenes…probably at like #11 lol. There were many very memorable scenes in this show. Any other particular one not my list that strikes you?

      2. @RifuloftheWest
        Any other particular one not my list that strikes you?
        You’ve gotten most of the battle highlights and I’d put those at the top of the list. Strangely my mind goes to some of the other moments. (I’ve got to rewatch this!).

        The flashback to Miho saving the tank crew that went into the water.
        Watching them airdrop Ami’s MBT into a parking lot.
        The training battle at the bridge with Mako taking over the driving.
        The Anglerfish line dance of the girls during the Pravda battle.
        Miho standing on the turret in the Pravda battle.
        Yukari in her cammo bikini. Yukari tackling MIho when she tells the girls she loves them and being shocked when Anzu does it when they win. (has a crush much?)
        All of the weird places they found the tanks and the other equipment.
        Hana’s flower arrangement.
        Just too many…

    2. @RifuloftheWest & Bear: It really was an exceptionally well done show.

      Nice job on the best moments list. I loved the ridiculous places the tanks were found. When we knew Oarai would find more tanks, it was as much fun trying to guess where they would find them as what they would find. I would add the following to the list:
      – “Apologize to the Finnish.” After hearing that line, I knew there would be a lot funny moments along with the tank action.
      – Mako saying it was impossible for humans to get up at 6am, then her reaction when Yukari corrects her (“No, we have to be here at 6am which means you have to get up at 5am”).
      – EP 06 when Noriko and Alisa just stare at each other for a few seconds.
      – EP 11 when Anzu hits the Jadgpanther’s (?) track for the second time and the KMM tank commander’s reaction.
      – PanzerCafe. So want to go to one.
      – All the History Club’s analogies (ex. mentioning Stalingrad during the Pravda battle).
      Mako’s reaction to Sodoko deleting her tardiness record.
      – Norkio “serving” smoke grenades at a chasing M4A1 & using nonsensical volley ball analogies.
      – Kay hugging Miho and Yukari’s/Hana’s reactions. (EP 06 was such a great episode).
      – When Miho get’s bombarded with questions from all the teams in EP 07.

      Like Bear said, there are just too many great moments. Maybe a top 50 or 100 list would be more appropriate. :D. *sigh* 12 episodes was too short. I’ll really miss this show.

      1. One last thing I forgot to add to the “best moments” list:

        – EP 12 when the volley ball team vows to do sensha-do again next year thus giving up their dream of reviving the volley ball club.

        Also correction to above: “Noriko” not “Norkio” (where’s my Girls und Panzer spellchecker?)

  31. I’m going to steal a march from other commenters and say “what Moomba said”. Also, this is one of the few shows I’m unabashedly hoping for another season. When a story is over, I want it to end no matter how much I love it, rather than see it dragged down into mediocrity. This, though…I feel like there is still a lot of growth Miho and the others can go through, a lot more teams for them to tangle with. Once again, what Moomba said – here’s to hoping for season 2!

  32. I wholeheartedly agree a second season is a must, but I also think season two might be more challenging to maintain the same level of quality than it appears. IMO the director made the right decision by having Oarai win. It just wouldn’t feel right if Oarai lost (imagine instead of the joyous celebration, KMM on the stand with a gloating Erika holding the victory flag and a smug Shiho looking on). However, by doing so the show also wrapped up almost every outstanding issue – even Miho’s relationship with Shiho appears to be somewhat resolved. Some new personal challenges will have to be created.

    JMO, but I’d rather not have a “world cup” format until Season 3. First, IMO it’s moving forward too fast in general. Oarai won, but they also had a lot of inadvertent help doing so. Besides, it’s only Oarai’s first year returning to sensha-do . Second, in EP 01’s TV interview, Maho is introduced as “recently joining the national training team” (assuming sub TL correct). Logically, the national team would compete in the “world cup.” Thus if I understand correctly, the “world cup” team = an “all-star” team – not Oarai. That’s why I think a “world cup” is best left for Season 3 – after Miho and the rest of team Anglerfish graduate. Since it’s not HS based, the SC could return to participate as well.

    Another potential problem I see is how “new” schools are handled. If GuP sticks closely to WWII as the template for nationally based school teams, then only KMM, Pravda, St. Gloriana & Saunders are competitive. Anzio and the “French” school are nowhere close to being on the same level as the above, and it only goes downhill from there. You could have other schools with a mix of tanks, but for me that takes a little away from Oarai’s uniqueness. Rematches are fine, but it would also be nice to see other schools so how can this be resolved? Would it really be much fun to watch Oarai steamroll the “Norway” school?

    So what do you want to see in the next season?

    1. I agree about the challenges present that a second season would have to overcome. Unlike this first season, now there will be high expectations of the quality and entertainment value. It’s always something that I fear for a show that I’ve come to love – that the sequels just won’t have the same type of magic of the first.

      You’re right about how silly it would feel if Ooarai had lost. I feel somewhat ashamed that I at first thought Ooarai should lose. Of course, it was mostly due to the seemingly impossible odds they continued to face and the desire to avoid being force fed an obviously implausible ending. There were definitely liberties taken with how Ooarai won (as we have discussed) but for the most part, the execution was well done and I’m glad it ended the way it did.

      I would love to see the World Cup but I’m with you on saving it for a season three (lol aren’t we optimistic =P). In fact, in the first episode it was stated that the World Cup would be held in Japan in “a few years”. A few years could just as easily be three, so counting this season as the first year, they could do the World Cup storyline for season three. It would not be stretch to assume that the Senshado World Cup is every 4 years like other international competitions.

      The thing about the World Cup setting that I’m interested in seeing is the make up of the all-star team. The Senshado Japan Dream Team. Of course, the only ones that I can picture at the moment are the various teams/schools we’ve been introduced thus far (and even then no guarantee they’ll even be in it). Still though, how much fun would it would be having Miho work with Maho/Erika, Darjeeling/Orange Pekoe, Kay/Arisa/Naomi, Katyusha/Nonna?

      It will be interesting to see where they take the story for the second season. The problem you pointed out is true – given what Ooarai has accomplished against the 3 out of the big 4 in the nationals, they are in a situation where creating an obstacle for Ooarai is a little problematic. However, based on the absolute passion that the producers showed for this series, I have faith that it will be handled well and it will be just as fun as the first season.

      1. @RifuloftheWest: Totally agree!

        I really can’t see how they can top this season, but like you, I also have a lot of faith in the directors/producers ability to create a second season which is as good or very, very close. Biggest downside to a season two IMO is how long it might be before we get one. I’m sure they don’t want anymore unexpected delays so they will take whatever time is needed to thoroughly plan the entire season down to minute details.

        I’m completely on board for a Season 3 (yes, I’m optimistic :D) all-star “world cup” team. LOTS of interesting character interactions as you point out. Plus, no limit to who could be on it (i.e. due graduation). Would Maho accept Miho as overall team commander? How would Erika respond to Miho in command, Darjeeling’s cryptic comments, or Anzu’s laid-back attitude? Imagine the sniping possibilities of Anzu, Naomi, and Noona combined! I wonder which tanks would be used (Maus now deemed unfair?). The more I think about it, the more there MUST be a “world cup” Season 3. It’s just too good for it not to happen.

      2. @daikama

        I’m sure season three will happen, as long as BD/DVD sales keep up. (BD sales seem to be steadily ranking in the top 10.) Look at Strike Witches. Season three hasn’t been announced, but there is a high likelihood that there will be one, because 1) at the end of the movie, it said to be continued and 2) Vividred Operation probably won’t get as many sales (or will it?), so they need to produce another money maker.

        This is off topic, but I really hope they don’t continue Vividred. It just wasn’t that great. The last episode especially had a large number of plot holes and problems.

  33. Here’s my wish list for Season 2 (subject to revision :P):

    13 episode Season Two revolves around Oarai defending their title, but this time every school leaves the tactical idiot ball behind. Since they are champions, Oarai is no longer the unknown, taken for granted underdog. Battles are still challenging of course, but with less “against” all odds type scenarios and overall a little more credibility.

    – Tournament matches against with St. Gloriana (Darjeeling <3) and KMM (Erika) and either Saunders or Pravda leaving one round against a new school. For the finals, I think Miho vs. Darjeeling would make for a tactically exciting match. Maybe an exhibition match against another new school as well.

    – More background info on the setting/characters along with continued resolution of Miho & Shiho's relationship (to the extent warranted).

    – If possible, three new Oarai teams. One to replace the SC (T_T) and two others to get Oarai up to 10 tanks total. At least this the way worst case scenario is Oarai outnumbered 2:1 (finals). Only issue I see is whether adding another 10-12 characters to Oarai’s already large number is too difficult to balance.

    – Saori gets a boyfriend (temporarily most likely), or perhaps better yet, has 2+ boys fight over her while Miho, Hana and Yukari watch on in disbelief. Also, Miho could be the recipient of overtures from one or more boys (perhaps introduced by Saori) for a short period of time with Yukari humorously jealous as the result.

    – MUCH better Oarai tanks – Upgrades: Stug III upgraded to StuG IV and Panzer IV gets KwK 40 L/48 if not already equipped.

    – MUCH better Oarai tanks – Replacements: At the very least, the Type 89 is gone, and if possible, the M3 Lee and Char B1Bis as well. If two IJA tanks are required, then either Type 4 or Type 5 (if eligible) to go with the Type 3 (Anteater Team). Possible "unique" (i.e. not used by another school AFAIK) replacements are as follows in order of preference: A41 Centurion (should be eligible),US T29, M26 Pershing (“Super Pershing” too much?), A34 Comet, A30 Challenger (17 pd gun makes up for a lot of faults), T-44/100 or T-44/85 (v.3), M36 TD/M24 Chaffee (tie), Type 4/5 per above, and lastly Grizzly (Canadian M4 Sherman w/more armor and 75mm gun :<).

    1. My thoughts on Season 2:

      – I’m totally on board with what you’ve outlined for a 13 episode season 2. I was thinking about this myself that the next time that Ooarai faces the other schools (at least the major ones we’ve met) Miho’s unorthodox and tricky tactics will be expected and will be harder to get her opponents to commit actions she desires. That can add to the challenge of the battles for Ooarai among other things. Agreed about wanting it to be less about “against” all odds. Perhaps having their opponents holding either a numerical advantage or a technical advantage but not both in such a lopsided manner. Personally, along with 13 episodes I’d like to see 2 full episode length OVA specials that cover a more slice of life theme for further interactions between the girls.

      – Tournament matches: among having one or two new schools face Ooarai, I’d like to see a match between Anzio and Saunders (Anchovy looks like a spaz and Arisa is one lol), a match between KMM and Pravda (Erika vs Katyusha would be so much fun), and a match between St. Gloriana and Ooarai (ideally the finals and a challenge for Miho given how much Darjeeling has observed Miho’s tactics).

      – Definitely agreed about getting more background development of the characters, especially the ones that did not get as much focus as I would have liked (Automotive Club for me). I’d like to see a face to face interaction between Miho and Shiho so that Miho can know that at the very least Shiho mellowed enough to clap for her after her win.

      – Three new teams sounds good. I think that introducing and balancing 10 – 12 new girls is manageable due to having already established the current teams, and the unfortunate departure of the SC girls (although, I think they’ll still somehow have a role in the things to come cuz Anzu too awesome) not requiring as much screen time for them. I’d love to see the Rabbit team being all senpai to the new first years that I suspect will make up at least one team.

      – I personally don’t want to see Saori get a boyfriend or have any boys distract Miho and company. I think its fine with the gag that the attention Saori gains is not exactly what she wants or expects. Unless it was done in a Minami-ke kind of way were the romantic overtures go absolutely nowhere and the boys are pretty much just there. However, I think with wanting to introduce new teams, more screen time and development of the ones that were added late (Leopon and Anteater) this would end up eating up resources that could be directed elsewhere.

      – Ooarai tanks: I’m glad you brought this up as I was thinking of creating a post about it to get the thoughts of the tank otakus present. The one thing I would like is for Miho to continue with the Pz IV. As I mentioned earlier, that scene when she admires the Pz IV got to me. I really like that tank and I think it looks cool (“Mark IV Special” indeed Yukari =)). Although, I was under the impression that it was upgraded with KwK 40 L/48 gun when they added the Schürzen skirts. The muzzle brake definitely looks different from the one that was being used to dry laundry. Its tough to get a length comparison since we haven’t gotten a clear birds eye view of it next to StuG. And a StuG IV for the Hippo team would work.

      Definitely need to retire the Type 89. I felt so sorry for the Duck team since they worked so hard but were just limited with what they could contribute to the team. They deserve a proper medium tank. Staying with the IJA theme, I like the suggestion of the Type 4. Not sure about replacing the M3 Lee – only due to not knowing of a suitable replacement that accommodates a 6 person crew. The problem I see about replacing the current tanks is the fact that the girls seem to have bonded to them (more so Duck and Rabbit team – Mallard team can move to the Hetzer lol).

      So I’m liking Mallard team inheriting the Hetzer, Duck getting the Type 4, Rabbit Team getting the M26 Pershing (can they squeeze 6 in there?), StuG IV for Hippo, keep the StuG III for one of the three new teams. Perhaps one other medium/heavy (A34) and a light/TD (M24) for the other two new teams. Anko sticks with Pz IV, Leopon stays with the Porsche Teegah =).

      1. @RifuloftheWest: nice post – lots to think about. Agree with just about everything apart from a couple small details.

        I like your idea about showing at least a little (time may be an issue) of non-Oarai matches. KMM vs. Pravda would be my first choose since that should be a very good match. Anzio might be fun to watch for laughs, but as detailed in the manga, some of their tanks are even more pathetic than the Type 89 so it wouldn’t be competitive. St. Gloriana vs. Saunder should be a good match IMO.

        I also like the Auto club. With so many characters there’s a ton of background info that could be shown. Even more so if two new teams are added. You’re probably right about the SC showing up in some fashion since I believe Anzu/Momo are popular characters. I still hold out in vain there’s some Deus Ex event which keeps them at Oarai (ex. SC fails finals because they were so wrapped up w/ saving the school they forgot to study). More than happy to suspend belief if it keeps Anzu, Momo and Yuzu around. BTW, Saori getting a boyfriend was mostly a joke though I do think it might be funny. Just keep it to a short single episode side story. It’s not a big deal for me so perfectly fine if that never happens.

        RE Tank upgrades/replacements: IMO Oarai needs to lose more than just the Type 89 to help balance the fact that other schools will be gunning (no pun intended :P) for them as champions. So at least I’d like to see the Type 89 and M3 Lee gone if not the Char B1Bis as well For replacements, I’m leaving prototypes for respective school nations (ex. Saunders gets T29/30) since I think that’s more realistic. Assuming 10 Oarai teams, in order I would add: A34 Comet, M26 Pershing, M24 Chaffee, Type 5 w/88mm if eligible or Type 4 if not, and T-44/85. T-44 last b/c it just seems odd for Oarai to have a Soviet tank. Omitting the M4 Grizzly because Saunders has like every M4 Sherman variant ever built.

        Team Tank allocation: Anglerfish – Panzer IV AusF H (I think you’re right that it already has a KwK 40 L/48 gun), Hippo – StuG IV, Leapon – Tiger(P), Anteater – Type 3, Rabbit – M26 Pershing (see below), Duck (VB) – A34 Comet (they deserve it IMO), Mallard – Hezter (hope Sodoko can do a decent job replacing Anzu), New Turtle Team – M24 Chaffee, New Team – Type 4/5, New Team – T-44/85 (if no B1Bis). If Char B1Bis is still around, then the Hetzer goes to one of the new teams if they can out-shoot/drive the Mallard Team (who keeps the B1Bis in that case). Team Rabbit has some petite girls so you probably could squeeze all six into an M26 Pershing, but the manga provides a better solution IMO. Show Spoiler ▼


    2. I agree that the second season should start off with Oarai being well known after their victory. From there, I see a few routes the story could take:

      1) The show focuses on another school the following year.

      2) As they are third year students, the three members of the student council are going to graduate. This means that Oarai will be down one team, and a new student council will soon be elected. The story could span from the end of season one or a couple months after, which I’m going to assume is sometime in the late summer, to the graduation ceremony. In episode 1, Miho made it sound like she transferred at the beginning of a semester, and that some time had passed since then. OVA’s 1 and 2 look like it’s summer. OVA’s 1 and 2 took place sometime during the show. Therefore, the show must have ended during or after the summer. I’m also going to assume (or was it stated?) that the tournament only occurs once a year. The student council team will have few opportunities left to fight before graduation, unless they plan a bunch of exhibition matches (which would not create a very competitive atmosphere), or there is a fall tournament.

      3) My third idea is the best one. The show starts off at the graduation ceremony. Miho is reminded that she too will eventually graduate, and thus, in order to ensure that Senshadou continues at Oarai after she leaves, she must begin instilling leadership in her juniors. From here, there are more branches in possibilities: A) New characters are introduced to replace the student council. B) Three girls (maybe Miho, Saori, Yukari?) from the existing cast become the new student council. I like idea B, because I see a lot of potential for an interesting conflict. For instance: A party could run for office with the intent of shutting down the team, or something along the lines of that. Of course, regardless of which one were to occur, new girls must come in to replace turtle team. Realistically speaking, I doubt a council election would be included, though. The show was always about tanks and tank battles, not school life. If the number of tanks/girls increases significantly, they will likely have to resort to adding a bunch of background characters like other schools have. I would find that acceptable, as I’m sure Oarai’s Senshadou would have become much more popular, once the team won the tournament. Remember: the whole point of winning was to make Oarai a better known, more popular school, so that more people would apply, and it wouldn’t have to be shut down. Next, the show would move on to the tournament. Other schools are now much more wary of Oarai, making fights more difficult. The next part is just a little twist I think would be interesting: A new school (perhaps backed by wealthy investors) is participating this year, and winning. From there, I don’t know. Will Oarai make it to the finals? (likely) Will Oarai win again this year or will Blackforest (without Maho) or the new threat defeat them? I’m not sure victory or defeat would be more appropriate. If there is going to be a season three, then I think Oarai should lose (and then win in season three, which would be an international tournament). But if there isn’t then I say they should win.

      I believe GuP should be a three season show. The first season is the classic underdog story. Season two would feature more difficult struggles with Oarai and a loss in the end (because all good trilogies have unfortunate events in their second installment). Season three would be about Miho, having graduated, returning to fight with the Japan team on an international stage. As the Japan team is made up of various “all stars,” there will likely be issues regarding team work, and the issue of playing to win vs playing for fun will be brought up again. At the end, Japan will win. Meanwhile, the first years from season one would win another championship for Oarai. The end.

      And now, for absolutely no reason, here is a basic summary of GuP in tv trope form. GuP has some elements from “the hero’s journey.” Miho, lives a peaceful, tankless life and goes to a tankless school. But then she is dragged into Senshadou, or in tv trope terms, she “resigned to the call” and “crossed the first threshold.” The viewer, nor the hero, does not know it until later, but she is fighting to protect her home/school. This is a trait of the “hero’s journey.” This one is a stretch, but her defeat against St. Gloriana could be loosely considered the “belly of the whale,” which is the symbolic death of the hero. While there is nothing close to death in GuP, it was Oarai’s first match and defeat. She then faces the “road of trials” in the form of the national tournament. Maho acts as the “well done daughter girl,” by whom Miho wants to be acknowledged. Supernatural aid does not exist, but she does attain victory partially due to factors other than skill: the enemy’s honor (against Sanders), and the enemy’s carelessness (against Pravda). There is an “action film, quiet drama scene” of the Oarai team eating Katsu (fried pork cutlet) before the finals. “The Return” takes place in the form of the finals. It is a great battle of wits, and the team must use everything they’ve learned to achieve victory. Finally, Miho leads her underdog team to victory, and saves her school.

      I typed about 4 times more than I initially intended to. lol

      1. Here are some things I forgot to add to my already long comment, as well as an edit.
        Edit: I meant Miho, Hana, and Saori when I mentioned the student council thing.
        -I agree that there should be more character devolopment.
        -More background sounds good.
        -New teams and tanks sounds good.
        -Including younger male characters is a bad and dangerous idea (which is why they were an endagered species in Strike Witches). Just imagine how many fanboys would rage if their waifu got stolen, like, as you said, if Saori got…a boyfriend…Saori…boyfriend…FUUUUUUUUUUUU-Okay, no. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I was actually thinking the same thing a little while back. Alternatively, Hana could get all the guys, thus continuing the gag about how Saori never gets any guys. But yeah, as for Saori getting a boyfriend…as long as it’s temporary…no more than that…She’s mine. >:|

      2. @NewToThisPlace: Some interesting ideas.

        I agree that in general version “3” is the best choice though I’m undecided as to whether it would be good for some combination of Miho, Hana, Saori, Yukari and Mako as SC members. Yukari would be a funny SC president (MREs now served in the cafeteria).

        While I normally don’t like cliche’ endings, I’d prefer Oarai to repeat as champions. First, I think it wouldn’t feel right for Miho to graduate with a loss. If Oarai had to lose, I’d rather it be this time around. Second, Oarai won this time because of two opponent concessions (Saunders leaving 5 tanks behind at the end, and Pravda giving Oarai crucial time to recon/form a plan and more importantly repair the StuG III). In my mind winning again proves for certain that this season wasn’t just a fluke. Third, you lose a LOT of teams from Oarai (everyone but Team Rabbit IIRC) so it isn’t quite the same. Fourth, as noted above, with the WWII basis, there are only four teams other than Oarai which are truly competitive (unless you have Oarai “clones” – i.e.”multinational” tank teams). It might get a little boring watching the same five teams battle each other for three straight seasons. That’s why I like the “world cup” idea for the third season. JMO.

        LOL – lots of Saori fans out there. Again, I put that there really as a joke more than anything because the show uses the fact she’s boy crazy yet doesn’t have a boyfriend as a running joke. Imagining the reactions by Miho, Hana, Yukari and Mako (who I’m sure would make a snarky comment) makes me laugh. Kind of the same idea as if Momo suddenly made a 1000m one shot kill on a moving tank. I agree that limiting boys (like SW) is a good idea so if it even happened it would be a comedy driven single episode side story. In retrospect, probably best to forget it. FWIW, more than happy to let you have Saori as long as I can have Hana, Darjeeling, Kay or Noona (is a combination too much to ask for? XD).

        I typed about 4 times more than I initially intended to. lol

        LOL – welcome to my world. XD

      3. @daikama

        The reason I really want them to lose again is because it makes the series less predictable, and like you, I generally don’t like overly cliche stories. However, I can see your point, that losing for graduation would suck.

        It would indeed be hilarious if Yukari became pres. She’d militarize the entire school. I guess I can’t really see any of the girls becoming the next student council, so the best idea would be to bring in a new trio, who would replace turtle team.

        Now that I think about it, did colleges participate in the tournament? In the subbed video I watched, some of the school names in the tournament brackets were translated as colleges. If they do, then I think it’d be cool if turtle team went to college, joined that school’s team, and came back as enemies (with Momo having improved accuracy due to proper instruction, instead of just having Chouno Ami standing around and watching through binoculars).

        As for your harem, you can take em all. I’ll even throw in Maho, Miho, Yukari, Mako, Yuzu, Anzu, Momo, Saki, Katyusha, Noriko, Taeko, Akebi, Shinobu, Riko, Takako, Takeko, Kiyomi, Azusa, Karina, Yuki, Aya, Ayumi, Sodoko, Moyoko, Nozomi, Nekota, Momoga, Piyotan, Suzuki, Tsuchiya, Hoshino, Nakajima, Erika, Orenjipeko, Naomi, Alisa, Anchovie, and Carpaccio. Wow. Typing out all those names really shows me how large the cast is. Even taking out the minor characters, the cast is huge.

        The reason I see a season 3 as plausible is because in one of the early episodes, it said the world cup would occur in a few years. It wouldn’t make sense for season two to skip forward 3 years. That means there is plenty of time for Miho to graduate, resolve personal problems, and perhaps meet with some friends from Little Army (yeah…that last one probably won’t happen D: ).

      4. @ NewToThisPlace

        Having Yukari (backed up by Miho, Saori, Hana and Mako) as SC president would be an absolute blast. With Miho’s help, I could totally see Ooarai become THE destination for Senshado. I could see some potential with the premise of how (and with whom) the SC is replaced. The girls managed to prevent the closure of Ooarai but now they have to build upon that to ensure that the school remains indefinitely viable. Some sort of challenge or issue around the “new” ruling body of the SC could work. But definitely needs to have it transition well into tank battles somehow.

        I’m with daikama regarding not wanting to see Ooarai lose in the nationals during Miho’s third year. Although I desire the show to be fresh and not just have Ooarai continue winning for the sake of being the main characters, it really would feel odd to end the season on that note. There would also be the issue of comparing their accomplishments of this season. They were able to succeed with a rag tag bunch of tanks and rookie crews verses some very formidable opponents. One would think they could only get stronger for the following tournament.

        I like daikama’s point about proving that winning wasn’t a fluke by repeating as champions. There were a lot of serendipitous incidents that assisted Ooarai so it would be great to see what they can do with a more “even” playing field (eg. new/upgraded tanks). Of course, that is not to say it should be a cake walk for Ooarai. I surmise that just because they won, doesn’t immediately translate to ample funds for new better tanks. The addition of only three for a maximum of ten will improve their fighting force but will still have them in a numerical disadvantage during the semis and finals.

        I could definitely see something occur during one of the rounds tournament to put their repeat in doubt – like a draw. I’m really interested to see how draws are handled in Senshado.

        Regarding the college naming convention you’ve seen, it is not uncommon for secondary schools/high schools to have the term college in them. This is especially the case for private schools. There are a few in the city where I live. I could also see the academy ships to facility university level programs to further justify their massive size and cost. The GuP 3rd special actually gives a lot more background information on the academy ships.

        Lastly, I would just like to object to allowing daikama all the rest of girls for his harem. I happen to be a Saori admirer as well but I don’t intend to challenge you =P. However, daikama getting everyone else is unfair. At the very least, can I have Hoshino? I wouldn’t mind Momo and Anzu too lol.

      5. @RifuloftheWest

        Sure. When I listed all those girls, I basically meant I don’t care who takes em, so go ahead.

        Anyway, after reading your comment, I remembered something I was going to say 2 days ago. As you said, there should be draw, and then to handle that draw, they could 1) have a sudden death match where the remaining functional tanks will fight and the first team to lose a tank loses, 2) have the remaining tanks fight until one side has no tanks left, or 3) have a one on one showdown.

    3. @daikama
      If two IJA tanks are required, then either Type 4 or Type 5 (if eligible)
      If the Maus is eligible then they are too since they were also prototypes.

      Hey, the “Super Pershing” was actually in combat at the end of the war so that’s fair game too.
      I like the idea of the Turtle team with an M18 running around loose. (Saunders should also have an American TD or two since the other teams have TDs and they were effective when used right).
      The Brits also had M10’s that were upgunned with a 17pdr.

      If Miho gets a new tank, maybe a Panther? Can’t see her giving up her “baby” though.

      Whatever they do they need to keep the eclectic nature of the team and their tanks. I sort of like the idea of an “All-Star” team event since we could get all the key team members from the other teams together. Another option is a story that is not high school based (a summer league?) . I’ve just read “Little Army” so there is also the “hook” that’s present in that story for the next series.

      Speaking of “Little Army”, the line that got to me was Show Spoiler ▼


      more than happy to let you have Saori as long as I can have Hana, Darjeeling, Kay or Noona (is a combination too much to ask for? XD).
      When you pick a harem you don’t go halfway do you? :^

      1. @Bear:

        Reason I put “if eligible” for Type 5 is that at least the Maus had one finished prototype (surviving Maus is prototype 1 turret place on the prototype 2 chassis since the German’s sabotaged the prototype 1 chassis). The sole Type 5 prototype disappeared, but everything I’ve read indicates that it did NOT have a gun installed. Initial design called for same 75mm as the Type 4, but later that was revised (wisely IMO) to an 88mm knock off version of the Tiger I’s gun. Thus, if 88mm gun Type 5 allowed, I’d go with that. If not (or Type 5 has Type 4 75mm gun), I’d rather have the lighter/more mobile type 4.

        After reviewing M24 Chaffee armor thickness, you may be right about an M18 Hellcat being the better choice. The Chaffee did have somewhat better armor, but in reality neither one provided any real protection against a good mid-late WWII medium or heavy tank/TD so might as well go for the much better 76mm M18 gun. Problem I have with the Hellcat is that with so little armor, it needs to be able to utilize its speed, and limited mobility areas seem pretty common in sensha-do. Maybe an M10 Achilles (17 pdr.) or M36 would be a better compromise b/t speed and firepower, but at that point I’d rather have another good medium tank. So I guess swap T-44/85 for the M24 Chaffee on my list and put M10 Achilles/M36/M18 for the last spot.

        FWIW, agree 100% that the Super Pershing is eligible, but just thought it seemed a bit too much/odd fit for Oarai. Plus Saunders probably has one anyway. All JMO. So what Oarai tank allocation would you like to see for season two besides an an M18 for the (new?) Turtle Team?

        If Miho gets a new tank, maybe a Panther? Can’t see her giving up her “baby” though.

        No way I see Miho in another tank (if so, Tiger II first choice then Panther). Team Angerfish went though a lot with that Panzer IV and I think they are quite attached to it. In terms of Miho specifically since you read Little Army Show Spoiler ▼

        RE: your Little Army spoiler Show Spoiler ▼

        When you pick a harem you don’t go halfway do you? LOL. Some prefer quantity while others prefer quality. I say if you’re going to do it, go for both ;).

        OT: Are you on IRC at all (RC or other)?

      2. @Marina2
        Good point, all the TD’s we’ve seen were inclosed versions. The M36 Jackson did have turret covers in later models, so Daikama’s pick might be a more acceptable choice to the Senshado committee.

        Somehow mixing Allied and Axis tanks on the same team seems wrong, but they do have the Char and the Lee so the more the merrier. Whatever it is, it needs to be something we haven’t seen (IMO) since the eclectic nature of the Ooarai team should be maintained. Everyone else is pretty vanilla with a few odd ducks thrown in for flavor.

        Little Army Show Spoiler ▼

        OT: I haven’t been on IRC much. Didn’t even know RC had a channel. Any you recommend?

      3. @ Bear and daikama

        The reason why I left out the Super Pershing on my take is because I thought it would even things out for Ooarai a bit too much. Can’t go too easy on Miho. Need to see her flex her tactical brain lol.

        I think the lack of armor for the Hellcat shouldn’t be that big of issue considering the use of the Type 89. At least the Hellcat is fast and has teeth to fight back. I guess I’d go with the Hellcat over the Chaffee based on what you’ve pointed out. I left out the T44/85 in favor of the M4 Grizzly for the same reasons as the M26 over the Super Pershing.

        I absolutely have the same sentiments as daikama regarding the continued use of the Panzer IV (especially since it is capable in the Ausf. H configuration) for Miho. I had not considered daikama’s theory on Little Army but it does all fit and it would be great if that was indeed the case. However, I could see some sort of event that requires Miho to use another tank if at least temporarily.

        @ Bear regarding Little Army – that particular line really got to me too. Show Spoiler ▼

        @ daikama regarding your plot thread from Little Army – I think it’s great idea. I was actually thinking of picking it up for the World Cup but that works too. Show Spoiler ▼

        If either of you haven’t see the 3rd OVA special – do so NOW! Great background on the academy ships.

      4. @Bear
        When I saw that I realized how crucial it was for people to read Little Army. It makes Maho seem much more human than she seems in the show.

        Nice theory. I didn’t think about that possibility, though I noticed they were the same model. That would be awesome if that were the case.

        How about a full paid scholarship or a foreign exchange program? lol

      5. @Marina2: Good point as Bear says though one wonders if that really matters given the tendency for commanders to constantly stand up in the cupola while exposed to enemy fire.

        Meh… so hard to pick the last replacement. The CharB1Bis would be palatable if it wasn’t so slow and had a single turret mounted 75mm (or better) AT gun. IDK, I guess M36 TD if top armor acceptable, or if not, back to the M24 Chaffee or even M4 Grizzly. All three still markedly better than the B1Bis IMO so leaving it at that. Maybe others have a better idea.
        @Bear: I see your point, but I tend to view Oarai more as the everyman’s” (everygirl’s?) team rather than Axis based. As you noted they do have two Allied tanks (well maybe 1 1/2 if you consider Vichy France :P).

        Swiftly 2nd your Little Army/Maho comment.Show Spoiler ▼

        OT: Haven’t been in the RC chat room, but plan to give it a try sometime soon. Really just thinking about alternative ways to continue discussing GuP/WWII/etc.
        @RifuloftheWest: Agree regarding the Super Pershing. Another good reason for Saunders rather than Oarai to have one. Without question, except for “throwaway” battles like Anzio (sorry Anchovie), IMO it is absolutely critical for Oarai struggle against the other Tier I schools (KMM, Saunders, etc.). Gah! I don’t even want to think of GuP without well planned strategies and clever/surprising tactical adjustments.

        Yes, OVA 3 does give a some nice background info. Already watched it along with other 2 OVAs and 2 subbed Yuikari “tank corners.” Got to say GuP gives BD buyers some very nice extras.

        Re my LA plot idea Show Spoiler ▼

        I agree with everyone that Oaria always winning could become a negative for the show (especially for three straight seasons). I still prefer for Oarai to barely repeat as champions for reasons posted above. So that leaves the proposed season three “world-cup”. Miho & Co. simply lose in the “world cup” finals. At this point, I can’t say whether I’d prefer that ending, but I do think I’d be OK with it. Second best in the world is still a hell of an achievement so IMO that qualifies as a “happy” ending – just not as happy. I supposed there could be a tie, but that seems too forced/half measure to me.

      6. @daikama
        OT: Haven’t been in the RC chat room, but plan to give it a try sometime soon. Really just thinking about alternative ways to continue discussing GuP/WWII/etc.
        Since it doesn’t cost anything and it solves the problem of different timezones/availability I created a wordpress blog for Girls und Panzer.

        I used panzerfarhen for the site name (somebody’s camping on panzervor) .

        You can find it at Girls und Panzer. So if you’re interested stop by. Anyone who wants to join in is welcome too.

  34. Taking out that Maus was an interesting strategy. Although I was curious that the driver of the Maus could have just gone reverse to get back down on ground. Perhaps they we’re in a frenzy to think about it. I just have to take my hat off to the student council for willingly undertaking those touch jobs.

    I just love that face-off between Miho and Maho. Miho could have felt awkward as she faces her sister and former commander. But she lived up to her promise to her team to keep her emotions aside and focus on doing their best. It was a nice gesture on Maho congratulating Miho (and yes even you, Erika) and acknowledging her talent. Even their mother had to concede that Miho has proven herself.

    Girls Und Panzer has become one of my favorites for the following reasons:

    1. Gave me a refresher on history particularly world war 2, tanks, military personnel, and strategies. And even military marches.

    2. Attention to detail, especially the sound. When I watch this over a 5.1 setup you can hear their voices reverb while conversing inside the tank. The mechanical sounds when those turrets turn or stop. You can hear even minute sounds in the background – that’s how much attention was given to the series. Imagine how much work they did in editing of the audio. Animation is, of course, fantastic. When Hana fired that shell during their competition with Saunders, the shell’s shock wave effect is there.

    3. It was fun. Let’s not get too critical if there are certain things that are not realistic enough and there may be mistakes. After all this is anime. And some of these things do make it entertaining.

    4. Of course, the kawaii factor. Cute girls operating tanks in their uniforms.

    I’d be lying if I say that I’m not looking forward to a second season. But even if there is none I am quite satisfied how thing were wrapped up.

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  36. I watched the whole series a few weeks ago.
    I wast expecting nothing but cute girls doing cute things… oh boy, I was really surprised.
    One of the best shows in the last times.
    Loved every minute of it. With each episode topping the previous. Its an amazing feat.

    I cant wait for the movie!!


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