Sometimes life kicks you in the teeth. This isn’t really one of those times. Sometimes things just change for the better and as a result, certain others begin to suffer. It’s no exaggeration to say that RC has changed our lives – that it has meant a lot to us during our year here and will continue to do so after we’ve left. Without RC, neither of us would have met, lives would have remained unchanging, and who knows where we’d be today. Writing for RC exceeded our expectations in ways we never would have seen coming. There were fun times and there were hard times. Being a writer for a site as large as Random Curiosity isn’t always sunshine and roses, but at the end of the day, we’re both thankful to the site for giving us an opportunity to write and bringing us together. But RC is a well oiled machine – it’s not about the individual writers, but the site as a whole, so things will always continue as normal.

For a while now it’s been hard to find enough motivation to blog. Blogging has become something that needs to be done quickly to get it out of the way so that we can spend more time together. Having that kind of attitude towards blogging won’t do the shows we cover any justice. It’s better to go all out for something than doing a sloppy job. With our new priorities, perhaps it’s time to set aside blogging for those who remain motivated to give series the love and attention they deserve.

Life has truly changed for both of us. Who would’ve thought that we’d be here today? The two of us were just some ordinary anime fans who thought it would be fun to contribute to one of our favourite sites. By coincidence, both of us had lyrics in our introduction posts, both of us were close to each other in terms of time zones, and the two of us befriended each other easily. None of us expected that an application would change our lives like this. But we’re both very happy and we’ve never been more thankful for the way things have gone. Not only has RC given us a chance to broaden our minds and return that to the readers, it has also introduced us to a whole world of amazing people who share our interests. Both of us have made very good friends here, and you will all be missed. But now that we are in need of time, it’s hard to concentrate on RC, therefore, it’s only natural to leave. We want to spend all the time we have together, and by doing so, we can’t give this blog the attention it deserves. So to sum things up, we’ve decided to leave the site, and we’ll do that in a similar fashion to the way we entered – by using lyrics in our title!


I (Moomba) personally have been lagging for a while. Things haven’t exactly turned out as I expected they would. I never thought that I’d fall in love through joining RC – I fully expected to die alone and unloved, perhaps crushed by a wayward piano or something. But as per our opening paragraph, sometimes life doesn’t kick you in the teeth. My work as a freelance composer has picked up a fair bit in recent months and occupies a fair bit of the time I used to devote to anime. The rest of that I want to give to Stereo. With a little luck I’ll be taking up studies again later in the year too so life could get even more hectic again. That’s not to say I’ll be gone from blogging entirely – you might find me from time to time at my beloved’s blog, but I kind of feel like I met my goal when I completed coverage of Girls und Panzer and Sword Art Online – my two crowning moments on RC.

So I guess this is farewell. I’m not that hard to find. My main portfolio site is at, my solo project at, and you can hit me up on twitter at @MoombaDS. If you ever need me for anything (paying freelance work preferred prz) don’t hesitate to give me a shout!


I (Stereoman) didn’t know what to expect when I applied to RC. I always thought my life would be the same; that I’d just be that crazy hipster fangirl who’d be overly passionate about things. Never once did I imagine that I’d direct those kinds of feelings towards another person in real life. Never once did I imagine that I’d be this in love with someone. I imagined I’d just spend the rest of my life doing slavery work as a freelancing visual designer/photographer, consuming insane amounts of caffeine. But now, everything has changed and I’ve never been happier.

RC is, and will always be, one of the most important sites to me, ever. Not only did it allow me to expose my nonsensical writing to my dear readers. It also allowed me to make friends, and to meet a very special someone whom I wish to spend all my time with. I love Moomba very much and I wish to spend all my time with him. I am currently studying full-time again, and it’s hard to keep up with everything. Therefore, I felt that I had to leave RC. It saddens me that I didn’t have enough time to cover K∀RNEVAL, considering the fact that it is a manga I enjoy reading quite a lot. However, I do feel like I’ve accomplished a lot by contributing to RC. Covering one of my favourite series, FAIRY TAIL, here on this blog, was something I truly enjoyed.

Having said that, I guess this is farewell, however, I am not disappearing completely. You can always find me on my blog, tumblr, flickr, and at twitter – @MadStereoman. So if you need me, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Moete kitazou!


    1. I’ve talked with Stils last night and he said he’s not going anywhere but him not blogging anything at the moment is just him taking a rest before coming back again.

      1. /me spins MrRei into Croos’ arms and write a yaoi doujin fanfic about the two of them and have everyone in IRC read it.

        Have you faced true corruption?

        Anyway, good luck Moomba and Stereoman.

        The Moondoggie
  1. Waaaaah so many people leaving!!! Well I hope you guys have the best and no doubt your time here will be remembered and we will miss you.

    Glad to hear your freelance composing is doing well Moomba, and Stereo, good luck with your studies. I hope you two will at least join us in the comments section.

  2. I have never replied to any reviews but I have been following your blogs here for a while so out of respect I shall post and take my hat off to the two of you, if I had a hat. I wish you both the best.

  3. More farewells- man, that’s like four in the last six months, if we include Stilts retiring from regular blogging…my heart can’t handle it…(Goes and finds a corner)

    But in all seriousness, I’m happy for you guys. It’s not every day that you get two wonderful bloggers falling in love. You’ll both always be fondly remembered for your contributions- but more than that, how you met each other and fell in love, and how RC was at the center of it all will be remembered- a part of the site’s history that won’t be soon forgotten. I wish you both all the best in every endeavor as you begin a new phase of your lives together…:)

  4. Well at least you guys did a farewell post, not like some certain author who was posting psycho pass and them disappeared without a notice, (i will hold it over you for as long as i visit RC Bakamochi)

    1. Well, they are doing it on their Free Time. it is not so that we Own them because they Write here about their Hobbies, that we all Share here. His Life belong to himself

  5. So What was lost in RC today and onwards:
    1.)TWGOK manga post
    2.)Fairy Tale Manga post
    3.)Moomba’s OST post.
    4.)Moomba’s british accent
    5.)Stereoman’s antics with spinning chairs
    6.)Stereoman Vs Zanibas v0id WAR but really thankful that it deducted some people v0iding me.
    7.)SeishunOtoko lost another girl to bother with in RC IRC(Though I bet that woudn’t stop him anyway).
    I….. I JUST CAN’T…. DAMN….. I CAN’T USE Moomba to cry to his SHOULDERS ANYMORE!! sniff*

  6. Wah! You both will be missed! I really enjoy your posts, (though I have never been much of a commentor, gomenasai!)
    Wishing you two all the best of luck 🙂
    Soshite, OMEDETO GOZAIMASU!! ^^

  7. Missing the days when single episode had 1500+ comments (code geass r2 final) and average at around 300+ comments per episode (code geass)

    Maybe It’s better to focus on only quality (anime) than quantity.Less work but more efficiency.

  8. I’m really sad to see you guys leave RC but my happiness for you two is greater. The fact that you found both found love through this site is so heart warming and inspiring. I wish you all the luck in the world! Thanks for all your hard work and giving your time to write for all of us! We are truly grateful. I hope you continue living for your passion and each other.

  9. Even if you stop doing official coverage of series, can we still expect to see you around the site making comments on things from time to time? It would be quite sad to think that you’d be completely gone, you know? Don’t be strangers, please!

  10. I’m so sad to see the both of you go but I’m happy you found each other. The matchmaking story of Moomba x Stereoman will go down as one of RC’s biggest accomplishment 😉

  11. Thank you both for all that you have done at RC!

    If anything exciting happens to the two of you in RL…hope you’ll post about it here so we can all celebrate… :3 Good luck to you both!

  12. ;_; It really feels like sooner or later everyone will be leaving RC….. Oh well, best of luck to both of you. I enjoyed reading Stereoman post on FT and Moomba music class post even though I didn’t comment much. You guys will still visit the IRC ryte?

    -off topic-

    Stereoman >full size ver< looks pretty good….. Apology in advance, Stereo.

  13. WOW…..That came out of no where….
    Anyway, Thank You so much for sharing your thoughts on anime on RC guys. Really enjoyed reading your posts.

    Well, Wish you two all the best on whatever you are planning to do in the future. Gonna miss you guys.

  14. AudioxVideo talk about a complementary relationship XD
    Really happy for you two, but it’s easy to love when everything is going well, don’t forget these feelings when life kicks you in the teeth either, both of you.

    Take care of yourselves.

  15. I came back for a bit to not only thank the both of you for all your hard work and wonderful contributions to the site, but also to say that while you’re both great writers, you’re even better friends and I’m glad we were able to meet each other. So… when can I get that WEDDING INVITATION PLEASE?

    1. Aww, thanks verdant. You truly are one of the nicest people I know and I’m really happy to have you as my friend. I don’t think I would’ve come this far without your help. Thank you for everything.
      About your question, we’ll see. ;D

  16. Thank you Moomba and thank you Stereoman. I have always read your posts with very much pleasure. I am sad to see two great bloggers go from Randomc though it does make me happy that you two have found each other in life and I wish you both best of luck on your future endeavors.
    Moomba your Uchuu Kyoudai posts will be greatly missed.
    Stereoman first of all thank you for that amazing Chibi you made for me I’ll always cherrish it 😀 and second thank you for your insights in your posts.
    I’ll stop with my own favorite ELLENGARDEN song 😀 GOODBYE AND GOODLUCK YOU TWO I’LL MISS YOU!!!!

    P.S. How long till we hear this?

  17. will miss you both
    wont forget your fairy tail /sword art online was pleasure to read your posts and wish you two the best of happiness..
    PS:can NORMAL people like us Get WEDDING Invitations too and attend..:P

  18. Why don’t you get married already :3

    Hahahaha, but you two enjoy yourselves. Ah romance is something precious so both of you work hard to never let the flames of passion burn out because you will get something special.

  19. Very heartwarming to hear that the two of you met through RC.

    I certainly wish the both of you all the best in your future endeavors. Moomba, I greatly enjoyed following your coverage of Girls und Panzer and Sword Art Online. Stereoman, I loved reading your thoughts on the latest Fairy Tale chapter and episode.

    Your efforts and contribution to RC will always be greatly appreciated.

    Hope to see the two of you pop in with comments from time to time.

  20. You guys will be surely missed! Sword Art Online and Fairy Tail were series that I kept back to see coverage of here in RandomC. Though it’s hard to see you too leave this beloved site, life is always changing and so does this site. It will continue to evolve and change, but yet keep the very essence of what it is, an anime/manga covering site.

    For the loyal readers and followers, I would like to ask something of you guys here in randomc. How about a goodbye podcast for Moomba and Stereoman? It’s a random idea, but I think it would be a great goodbye for the readers and for them. Give the idea some thought.

    Will miss you guys

    Tim D.

    dytianquin is read “deechungkin”

  21. Wow, it’s actually the cutest thing ever that you guys met through RC! That’s so awesome. It just goes to show how special this little community is! I’ll miss your presence here. 🙁
    I really enjoyed the podcasts that you two appeared on and the unique things you both brought to the site, like Stereo’s adorable illustrations and Moomba’s music posts. It’s a shame that I didn’t get to read many of Stereoman’s posts besides Sukitte which was forever ago, but I did get to read various other ones like the #12 Days of RC, etc. (I’ll pick up Fairy Tail just got you and read all of your past posts <33 haha.)

    Yeah but seriously, I'll miss you guys. You both are such great additions to the site and each brought something unique to it. I'll continue to follow through your blog/twitter/tumblr and such.

  22. Thanks a lot for the coverage you two, take care of yourselves ^_^

    A bit off-topic, but can anyone suggest Stilts, Divine or any of the RC writers/admins to organize another recruting campaign? While I fully understand that blogging takes time and effort and such, at this rate, RC is gonna go “down” because its writers have to quit. Please note that many of the former writers dropped coverage because they couldn’t keep up with their everyday lives, not because they said “**** RC”. There is visibly a hobby, a good intention or even a pleasure at blogging anime episodes here on RC. The writers surely are pleased to review each episode and add their own opinion for it to discussed in the comments and many of them surely don’t view this job at RC like a chore.

    So yeah, RC should probably organize another recruting campaign to hire new faces… although, if so, can you guys go up to 10 new faces? That would be a good number.

    Back on topic, Moomba, Stereoman, if you two can visit us once in a while or even help out the other writers once in a while, that would be cool. You’re part of the family now, so you’re always welcomed ^_^

    1. To respond to your question (one that many are undoubtedly wondering the answer to) it is highly unlikely we will be organizing another recruitment campaign at this time. With the arrival of one more new writer in the coming week, we feel that we will be at a good number in terms of coverage (the schedule has been updated to reflect this) and number of writers.

      We understand that the recent developments have caused a fair amount of concern on the part of the viewership, but please note that the current writers have no intention of leaving any time soon and will do their best to ensure Random Curiosity will continue on. I know that doesn’t sound particularly soothing coming off the heels of multiple departures (and of some rather irreplaceable writers to boot ;_;), but at the same time, it is representative of how all the writers feel at this time. Please also note that the one year mark is where many writers end up leaving for one reason or another.

      Last but not least though, we’d just like to say thanks to you for your comment, as well as those who have commented similarly and/or have been thinking of sending applications to assist in keeping this site running. It makes us exceptionally happy to see the many people out there who appreciate the site, as well as the fact that there are many out there willing to take the time and effort to help out if needed. It’s just something that gives us extra motivation when we blog, and something that goes a long way toward helping us out through any difficulties we experience in real life too. So, thanks!

  23. Damn it…didn’t expect this o.o but you know, I’m happy for you guys and I’m sure life is going to bring new experiences!! It’s weird because I don’t even comment that much and I don’t really know you personally, but I really feel saddened that you’re going away (and Verdant).
    And to the rest of RC’s writers, you guys are staying with us! Don’t go! *cries*
    When things are going like this, even the lazy me is considering blogging for RC xD

  24. Why does this feel exactly like a finale to a romcom series?

    There’s a big wedding; all RC writers present and past as the bridemaids and groomsmen; the RC visitors in attendance as we watch Stereoman walk down the aisle. Moomba lifts the veil over Stereoman, all gussied-up. Omni asks if anyone objects (Trolls reply but we pay no mind).”I do” they say in unison. Omni says “You may now kiss the bride…cover the little ones’ eyes.” *Kissing sounds*

    Chapel doors bust open, the whole RC Community in tears and hysterics. We watch Moomba carry Stereoman into a giant space-mech and rocket off into the vast sky known as the future.

    Now lets hope for a season 2 on RC.

    Thank you both for blogging and best of wishes to your relationship and futures!

  25. Whoa, didn’t expect this. Love can be found in the most unpredictable places. Thank you for all your time and dedication. I hope you two can continue what you wish to do for the remainder of your lives.

  26. Wow, this was very sudden and abrupt. Going to miss you’re coverages of Fairy Tail and Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai manga. T_T However, I wish the best of luck for both of you two!

  27. Unexpected to say the least… I really enjoyed following your reviews and will miss your commentary. Moomba’s coverage of Girls und Panzer was the reason I became more involved in RC.

    Best of luck to both of you. If things change and you find the time/desire to blog again, I’m sure the RC community will enthusiastically welcome you back.

  28. Awwwww, I’m so happy for you two! I wish you both luck! It was definitely a pleasure to read your reviews every week, and you will be missed. Now, go have fun living life, time is precious!!! 🙂

  29. We’re all going through some major transitions for sure. RandomC is def no exception. Thanks for contributing your time and energy into this great blog so we can all enjoy and learn from this wonderful art medium Japan has brought us. Good luck with everything: have fun, laugh much, love much, and enjoy what’s to come!

  30. Oh gosh, it’s a shame not be read to you two more.
    I can only say thank you Stereoman for returning “Fairy Tail” publications to RandomC.
    Thanks Moomba to cover “Girls and Panzer”.
    I wish you both happiness and good luck in your future.

  31. This is my most favourite anime blog site of all time. Everyone here is fair, intellectual, deep, emotional, constructive, deconstructive, philosophical, and entertaining. You guys are all my greatest inspirations in blogging anime and manga. It’s thanks to RC that I can blog as well I can now. No words can EVER even begin to describe how thankful I am. And no words can begin to describe how saddened I am by the news that both you guys, Moomba and Stereoman, are leaving. Losing two great writers don’t sit well with me, but even so, I wish the two of you the best in your happy lives together.

    Maybe it’s fine time for me to start joining this site.

    1. This is also my favorite anime blog site of all time too! I think this blog is the best on the Internet with wide range of coverage. If I could, I would give out or represent RandomC shirts at anime conventions just to spread word. Maybe I will..

      ..Alas, wish you both the best of luck. Good luck with your future endeavors. May RandomC bless you with prosperity and success.

  32. First of all, Thank you both for such hard work with anime updates <3
    This website became my daily check with such great updates and reviews!

    I surely will miss this blog cause it was one of my favorite daily anime blogs 🙁
    Loved the awesome pics that was uploaded~!!!

    I guess goodbye to my favorite animes, Zetsuen no Tempest, Fairy Tail, Minamike XD
    We'll all miss you guys and Arigatoooooooo for an awesome blog!!

  33. Thanks for all your time here together, Stereoman and Moomba. I wish you two the best of the luck with the future, and I’m glad you’re happy together.

    I will miss reading your posts on Space Brothers, even though I never really commented. I was happy that there was someone else that appreciated a show like Space Brothers.

    Thanks for the memories, hope everything works out for you two. You’ll be missed.

  34. Didn;t see that coming. Happy for you both.
    Thank you very much for your contributions. Good luck to your future together.

    Do come back to cover some specials or OVA at least. Never really commented on both of your posts but I read every single post here from every single author. It’s sad to see whenever one has to leave and lead on with his/her life… but that’s reality.

    A toast to Moomba and Stereoman!

  35. Thank you to both Stereoman and Moomba for their commitment to Random Curiosity 🙂 Been following RC since years ago…many writers come with passions and left with emotions 🙁 Way of life…the world is small so who knows all of us get to meet each other ^^ Two combos at a time….really abrupt and unexpected! Good luck to both of you…

  36. I haven’t had the chance to go through both of you’s blogs, mainly because my anime interests were usually blogged by other people, but I can see some people will be missing you so, best of luck! I’m fairly an old reader, never a commenter, as I put before in my post when verdant left, but all the best wishes. Everything in life is like a parking space, we all stop at one point, then either move on, or find another parking.

    Best wishes, Mi.

  37. Thank you for your hard work you two!It seems like quite the rom(-com?)has taken place here.

    You’ve also given me reason to drink more wine tonight….I love red wine…TOAST TIME!

    Take care and farewell!

  38. As you can see, we all loved your time here, and I don’t know how I can add on to that.

    I can’t be in the same league as you or any other blogger. I’m to excitable yet picky, and my writing is always on the fly and never refined, but I’ve always looked up to you guys, especially you moomba when GuP was airing.

    I can only say this, and what I always say before a game.

    Good Luck, Have Fun, and PANZER VOR!!

      1. Of course! I shall find my very own senshado blogging style. If it’s short, jerky, and going off in multiple tangemts, I’m fine. I don’t care if only one or a thousand reads it, as long as my thoughts have moved from the bubble and into the keyboard.

        Again, I wish the two of you luck.

  39. @ Moomba
    I love ur take on GuP and hate to see you go so soon. However you have your priorities and every beginning has an end. In the end, we all have to move on and I’m glad that you have found happiness here of all places.
    If there is a GuP Season 2, we all would love your input in the comments section.

  40. Moomba and Stereoman got married? I certainly never thought u guys have been dating all this time (tell me i’m not the only one running behind)

    Stereo, i really liked ur coverage of Tasogare otome x Amnesia, nothing explained how i felt when i read your awesome review of the final episode of the series after watching such a delightful ending.

    And Moomba, Your blogging of Uchuu Kyoudai will sorely be missed..

    Live Long and prosper, guys…and have a good life together.

  41. Thank you so much! Wish you both the best of luck.

    A year is short, but you two have given us so much. I’ve fully enjoyed Moomba’s GuP coverage and OST commentaries. RC is losing a great illustrator … And I can’t see the writers’ names in the RC logo at the top of the site any more …

  42. Wow congratulations you guys! The RC community is a super special place. Been here for years and I still enjoy it like the first day I discovered it (even if I AM a ghost haha). It makes me really happy this blog isn’t only fun, but also brings people together.. 🙂 The best of luck!! <3

  43. You you kill me if I said I want to cry?
    I never talked to either of you(I think) but It gives me joy to see two people find happiness in each other, even more so when it’s thru anime.

    Maybe I’ll find some one too? I personally believe that I’d die single, helping a random person(probably a woman) since I’m “too nice” that’s a common reason for break ups, and I would agree if it only happened once or twice… but eight times? That can’t be a coincidence.

    I wish you two even more happiness, and you won’t be alone when being “crushed by a wayward piano” or “doing slave work,” while, “consuming insane amounts of caffeine” Cause you’ll be doing those TOGETHER!

    That last part didn’t sound right did it….


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