「漂流者」 (Hyoryu Sha)

One of the more anticipated series of this season, Suisei no Gargantia finally makes its official debut… and it’s quite the show. After all, there’s nothing like being thrown into the midst of an epic battle to start things off—which is precisely how this series gets the ball rolling. The first episode’s just chock full of enough spaceships, piew piew action, mecha, and aliens—all done quite well, I might add—to last a lifetime, and it’s something that really hammers in the fact that this season’s likely going to be a golden one for fans of the sci-fi/fantasy genres.

Going back to the episode itself though, what Suisei’s debut ends up being is exactly what the premise described. In many ways, they managed to do quite a bit with the first episode, but notably did so without making it feel rushed at all. Not only do we get an introduction to our main character in Ledo (Redo/Red seems to be acceptable as well), we also get a big glimpse into the world he’s lived in all his life too, as well as the scenario that humanity has been thrust into in this futuristic setting. And to say the least, it’s not pretty. Judging from Ledo’s 145000 hours of service time (about 16.5 years) and the fact that the official website lists him as 16, it’s quite clear that at least some of humans born into this world are trained to be soldiers from birth. Combine that with all that propaganda in the opening speech about the greatness of the Galactic Alliance of Humankind and the “reward” Ledo gets in terms of being granted the “freedoms of visiting the home world, sleep, food, and reproduction…” and well, you have the basis here of a world I sure wouldn’t want to be a part of—even with all the supposed elements of paradise present on Avalon (which is quite the fitting name, if I do say so myself).

Suffice to say, there’s a lot we can garner here from just the first half alone, and it’s something that makes things exceptionally interesting when you take the second half into account. Because when you’re suddenly thrown from an epic war to a planet that doesn’t seem to know much about it (and one that you thought only existed in stories no less!), it creates quite a contrast, and begs the question of how things are going to work out. And that my friends, is the prototypical million dollar question, and one of the big reasons I wanted to watch this show. Sure, UroGen being involved played a big part also, but it’s just exceptionally interesting to see how the story develops from a premise like this—especially when you consider that many series with sci-fi/mecha/war elements tend to have developments that are the opposite of what we get here in Suisei. Indeed, as many fans of the aforementioned genres have probably noted by now, the main character is usually thrust into a war, rather than out of it—a key distinction that allows for in depth character development in ways we don’t usually see. Having to deal with potential PTSD… the uncertainty that comes from being thrust into an unknown environment… there’s just a lot here that could come from this series.

Notably, all of that just comes from just assuming the series will take a linear path—which is something that you can’t quite make, especially with UroGen waiting in the wings as the person responsible for the series’ script and series composition. Given his propensity for killing people off and making rather grimdark scenarios, its entirely possible that Ledo ends up bringing the Hideauze (“the Hideous” also seems acceptable) back to Earth just when he’s getting used to life there—a development that could really bring this series to great heights. At the same time though, it’s also quite possible that this could be one of the only series Gen has ever worked on that ends up being peaceful throughout and focuses purely on the initial premise, which could be quite exceptional on its own too. Ultimately though, you just don’t know which one of these to expect, and it’s this uncertainty that was another part of what drew me to this series.

Overall, this episode’s just a superb introduction to what’s likely going to be one of the season’s better shows. I get the feeling I’ll have a great time covering this series, and I hope you’ll all join me for the ride.


OP Sequence

OP: 「この世界は僕らを待っていた」 (Kono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita) by 茅原実里 (Chihara Minori)

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    1. I enjoy anything from Gen, no matter how dark it is. I already in in love the first ep of this series.

      PS: I’m maybe in the minority here, but I think series is what a Vandread reboot should have (or could have) been.

      *Yeah, I want a Vandread reboot. Got problem with that?

      1. I’m not at all sure I believe in the concept of a ‘black’ Gen in the first place. The way I see, there’s only the UroButcher and the varying degrees to which he feels like ringing the last bits of innocence out of your soul.

        Ryan Ashlight
      1. I don’t feel it. i know why i would feel it, and how somebody else could get the vibes of hose two shows, but there is one important factor that is missing: a main character that sees his peaceful life destroyed trough the fires of war.

      2. It’s the reverse situation, but the vibe is still there. It’s not so much about how the protagonist gets there, but where there is; in this case, that “there” is a situation where he has to live amongst a group of strangers and adapt to communal life amongst them. Unlike Renton or Akiyuki, Ledo is thrown from war into peace, but even when the former two were at war, they spent similar times aboard their respective ships.

      3. Im not getting the Eureka 7 feeling too much. I mean if you were to draw some similarities i guess you could say that the earthlings are like a primitive Gekko State who live freely.

      4. True but im getting more of a TTGL feeling. Not so much a feeling as it is a running them that’s shown heavily in this episode. That theme is “spirals”. Did you see how many spirals they had in this episodes. They had to form a spiral formation to warp to the battle field, their mecha formations are in spirals, their weapon fires off spiral energy beams, even their home colony avalon is constructed in the shape of a spiral. Seems like the enemy are anti-spirals.

      5. About his “issue of characters”, I just want to throw one interesting point in for discussion.

        The official site mentions Suisei was written for the young adults in their teens to early 20s, those who are graduating and started, or are starting to enter society. And when you take that into consideration, the perspective on quite a lot of things in this first episode changes. The army Ledo’s is part of, where he served so and so hours? Parallels to institutionalized education system/corporation. The goal? “Food, sleep, reproduction”, the basic expectations of society. When Ledo says that he used to dream about the colony, but now doesn’t know and feels comfortable as he is? Comfortable conformity to the work/school environment.

        Depending on how seriously you take his notion, and how Suisei builds from here, Suisei might’ve been poised to be reflection or a critique on the modern society that young adults grow in, and what happens when Ledo is throw out of that loop he has grown accustomed to, all clueless and guideless and without any particular goal. Which makes me believe this is an conscious attempt on the urobutcher’s part to tell a different kind of story than the one he usually tells. At least, I don’t think this is going to go down that route you all seem to be thinking it will.

      6. This is by far the best take anyone has of Suisei no Gargantia. That is likely Urobuchi’s angle, much like how he used the scifi setting in PSYCHO-PASS to launch a critique of the extremely planned/structured Japanese society, or at least the likely future it is headed towards

    1. Definitely! Because he’s such an overwhelming creative presence, we tend to look at urogen’s work expecting that characteristic urobutcher style, but in this case I’m pretty sure in my assumption that the direction and setting is more a result of director Kazuya Murata, who worked on E7 and Xamd (so underrated a series) episodes and directed FMA:Milos, and you can see how the focus on the nomadic and homeland themes seem to carry over to Suisei and into its design.

      1. All we can do for now is to wait, and watch, before issuing final judgement.

        I myself will come back in a few weeks time to see how the overall plot’s going.
        (I’m still following, I just find it easier to watch several in a row at 1 time)

  1. For some reason, when I read the line (paraphrasing) “She’s mentioning something about intercourse with your mother and excrement.” I just knew this was going to be a good show.

      1. I thought she was saying something like “Holy shit, you motherfucker!” or something. I just loled at the computer’s interpretation. I wasn’t expecting her to be so foul-mouthed. xD

    1. One thing i don’t understand is that how can the computer not understand what they were saying if they were on Earth, and surly with such powerful computer, they probably have Earth tongue language saved in them anyway.

      1. Oh that is easy, even if the first persons came to earth from space or vice versa languages evolve over time hence it’s unlikely that it have the currenly spoken language on record if the planet have been lost for so long that it became a myth.

      2. What Barnock said. Even if both Ledo’s and Earth’s language had a common ancestor the possibly thousand years or so of separation made them totally different from one another. I mean look at the US and England. We’ve been separated geographically for about 400 years and politically for less than 300 but our languages already have differences that many experts before the internet thought would only grow with time.

      3. Although there might still be lots of different regional accents in the UK, the formation of the BBC back in the 1920’s was probably the single biggest factor that contributed most to the decline of many almost mutually-unintelligible dialects that once existed.

  2. I am curious to see where this series goes. Will it be more of a light hearted “fish out water” slice-of-life story or a darker drama with action resulting in serious consequences (ex., an attack on Earth by the Hideauze)? Either way I’m expecting the next few episodes to be a little lighter on space battles and heavier on character development.

    Between this and Attack On Titan I’d say our cup hath runneth over this season when it comes to fantasy/sci-fi.

  3. I loved how the initial battle we were thrust into was said to be their last effort at trying to defeat the enemy. It kinda reminded me of certain series where in the final battle one side has a giant laser and the other is trying to destroy them with nukes. The difference being that it ended in disaster when their giant laser regenerated, destroyed the fleet, & the enemy ate the nukes. orz epic fail for the humans… guess Ledo lucked out being sent to earth

  4. Urobuchi Gen. Run for your lives! He’ll hideously torment innocent characters, offer them shreds of hope and then rip it away and drown them in despair before having them be horrifically murdered and mutilated before whoever loves them most. He can’t be trusted! Flee, while you’re still sane!

  5. Naruko Hanaharu did the character designs! He’s an erotic manga artist.
    I guess that explains the girls clothing and Lt. Red’s bodyhugging spacesuit.

    Taro Iwashiro did the music!It sounds very cinematic.
    He also did the music for John Woo’s historical epic ‘Red Cliff’ & the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie. Has anyone seen those movies?

    1. Someone here who actually watched Red Cliff!? I like you already, good sir.

      I didn’t know about the composer connection though, but that’s amazing! The scores on the two Red Cliffs and Kenshin were brilliant, as bombastic and epic as the movies were.

      1. Another Red Cliff watcher outside of Asia? How nice to meet you!

        Amazing movie, lovely cinematography, brilliant movie all round. A lot of mainland Chinese I met loved it too.

        I love the music, like something from a cinema release! All thats missing to complete the experience is popcorn and theatre widescreen!! 🙂 Anyone agree with me?

      2. Hahaha, sorry to disappoint but I’m also an Asian. I was practically raised on Chinese/HK cinema and TV. 0.0;

        Still, I was surprised; I’ve never seen anyone bring up a Chinese movie on this site before now.

    1. I’ve getting some Full Metal Panic vibes from this show. A 16 year old foreigner who has been in the military all his life with a snarky AI companion (same voice?) that has to adapt to normal civilian life style.

      Suppa Tenko
  6. SO much better than Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince’s first episodes. I got down voted to oblivion when I said majestic prince’s first episode was lacking… Proves who’s right.

  7. surprisingly, i really wasnt enjoying this series as much as i wanted to until its second half. The idea of this war veteran coming to a world where there is peace is what really grabbed me and i hoped this show explores that and the consequences of bringing hostile lifeforms to a planet that has only known peace. Urobuchi is not that great when it comes to emotional character depth so here’s hoping this is his series to shine because if this series is to succeed, it needs its audience to really care about the characters.

  8. That was probably the best first episode so far. I love the details on the battle, it actually felt like a properly planned military operation. The aliens themselves are intimidating. We probably won’t be seeing them again soon though, since the show is clearly setting up a Fish Out of Water Story as our protagonist ends up lost in an unfamiliar civilization.

    As for the characters, I like Ledo. He seems like a decent person and soldier, since he tries to save others and tries to avoid civilian casualties. He even acts rationally at his current circumstances to him. Actually everyone so far is acting rationally in the given situation which is a huge plus. As for Chamber, a sentient talking giant robots is not common in the genre so I’m excited to see how he will fit into this.

    I’m very interested where this goes. Of course, with the Urobutcher on the helm I’m just waiting for that other shoe drop.

  9. Definitely a great first episode and I’m really curious as to how Urobuchi will tie this all together. At this point, I’m not sure how the second part of the episode will even relate to the first. Great start and I’m looking forward to what it has to offer this season!

  10. The fastest bait and switch we’ve ever seen on TV anime (if you did not watch the PVs, that is…).

    That joke aside, this show’s boasting some nice motions on both sides of the break (both OP mecha beam spam and human motion).

    btw, there’s a mention of cryo-stasis at the start of the episode, so Ledo may be 16 years old, but he might be frozen for most of that 16.5 years that he is in service.

  11. This was the best premiere I’ve seen so far. I was literally sitting slack-jawed in amazement at how awesome it was. The space battle, then mood whiplashing you into a peaceful world – but still grabbing our attention! Just well done.

  12. Is this your scheme Urobutcher?! To fool the audience with excellent animation and bullet hell mech action to hide the Evangelion level of destruction that will come soon?!

    I’m not falling for it, not this time.I dodged a bullet with Psycho Pass and I’ll do it again!

    1. I dunno… I mean, it’s Urobuchi. If you went in not expecting that around halfway in the show Evangelion levels of shit will hit the fan in the most shocking and gruesome kind of way, and that whatever moral this story could have will be twisted around in the most cynical way possible, all of it cascading into a heart-wrenching climax and Ledo dying at the end, then you must be new at this whole anime thing.

      It’s an Urobuchi show.

      Prepare your brown pants and remember that anyone can die.

      1. Well, not really. He hasn’t really written for a whole lot of anime shows. The only two shows I’ve seen from him are Phantom and Psycho-Pass, and both are shows where the expectation for mass death and violence was cemented from the first episode.

        This show doesn’t seem to be like that at first glance.

  13. This…was…EPICCCCCCCC!! This anime combined so many things i love. Advanced technology in an un-advanced world, humans IN MECHA! vs aliens, MC out of their element who is obviously superior to his surroundings. AWESOME IN THE MAKING! Why can’t all anime this season have greatness like this.

      1. Nothing strange about that at all. It’s Gen “The Butcher” Urobuchi who’s writing this one after all (and I say that with the utmost respect, mind you.)

        If this story ended without at least two or three significant characters dying, I’d fall out of my seat.

        Ryan Ashlight
  14. Chamber doesn’t have a galactic universal translator?

    Cuz I hear a Time Lord’s selling one 2nd-hand for 10 credits and clues on ‘Clara Oswald’ on Galactic Amazon…

  15. Holy Crud! That was a good 1st episode! Must see if they can maintain the quality and pace.

    The first part was like Abh from Crest of the Stars vs the space monsters from Gunbuster. Amazing visuals. Cohesive large scale combat (many space opera anime fail here). Techno babble was almost too much but it fit the scenes, so enhanced the mega war scenes.

    The second was like anime version of Waterworld with a touch of Kiki’s Delivery Service (Amy’s messenger/delivery girl job) thrown in.

    Things to note

    Ledo’s people never had a planet since Earth, as their Avalon, their greatest living area is a super space station on top of what appears to be wormhole junction and that everything they design deals with issues with vacuum, gravity functions and radiation shielding. Not to mention Chamber found only one historical match to a planetary environment, Earth its self.

    His people are stronger and faster than the dwellers of earth as Ledo runs around with Amy on his back held one handed like it is nothing while dodging successfully everyone else on the ship. I believe that they are stronger for pretty much i guess the same reason the Abh are: to endure high G acceleration in a space environment.

    They also appear to have minimum genetic variant as they all have the same hair color and very similar body types, as seen from REM training video of a graduating cadet class.

    Amy’s world is a floating city ship as we can see the wake below when Ledo sees the sea for the first time.

    There time frame seems near the 21 century as many items match: Ship intercom, light fixtures, Rifles, Tools, etc…

    They have salvaged dangerous items before as they choose an area aft in the city ship so that it may be detached in the event an item is too dangerous.

    Theories of what going on.
    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. It’s pretty sure that this single broken off talon which was shown repeatedly will be enough to eventually bring the regenerating aliens to Earth, either by growing into a full Hideauze or by being some sort of homing beacon. Too much Chekov’s Gun for it in this episode to be not so.

    1. Ah, you’re right… Thanks for mentioning that Chekov’s Gun! Now I can say “I can see the ending”, Urobuchi!

      Well, not really the “ending”, but I think in the end of the series we can still say that “Well, this is an urobuther’s story!”

  17. You mean to tell me that I have to give 16 years of my life to be granted the privilege to visit the home country? pssshhhh f*** that. This was an awesome first episode, I’ll join you for the ride Zephyr!

    1. That’s one of the issues that I’m almost certain UroGen’s going to use to lay down some of his philosophy and whatnot. The role of an individual in society and how society serves to reward the individual who gives his strength to serve it. Something like that.

  18. The aliens in the opening resemble laser-shooting flowers, tentacle snails and various flora.
    Wonder if the Alliance’s waging war against someone’s galactic garden?

    1. Not all sentient life has the me mammal/reptile based. 😉 I get the feeling this war was started when humanity pissed off the locals they tried to colonized. Also if earth still exists why did they leave?

    2. 2nd episode explains the reasons. They sure don’t beat around the bush. What’s more, it’s getting better. Anyone who’s interested, there’s a good quality copy in isohunt.

      P.S: Is this only a one cour series? I really hope that isn’t the case.

    3. 2nd episode explains the reasons. They sure don’t beat around the bush and, looks like they are in no hurry. What’s more, it’s getting better. Anyone who’s interested, there’s a good quality copy in isohunt.

      P.S: Is this only a one cour series? I really hope that isn’t the case.

    4. Rather than a garden, it’s more like they’re fighting giant aquatic creatures that adapted to space life. I’m sure both the Alliance and the Hideauze would LOVE to come to this “Waterworld.”

  19. Gonna love not one, but two fictional languages to denote the language barrier between the characters.

    Since the story is supposed to explore the theme of a young adult struggling to find their own place in the world, I don’t think that it’s going to be that grim. Sure, there will be conflict, but there’s nothing on the levels of Psycho-Pass or Madoka that dooms the characters to a healthy dose of suffering right from the premise.

      1. I see two words… Unless his name is actually a coded acronym that stands for some sinister organization bent on stirring up despair in the hearts of anime enthusiasts all around the world for their own gain.

      1. Madoka had a very dark and despair-inducing flashback at the very beginning of episode 1. The battle in the beginning of Gargantia doesn’t have the same effect for me: it simply sets up Redo’s background and hints that we’re going to meet the aliens again sooner or later. But it does not tell me “Your favorite character is totally going to die”. I dunno, maybe I’m just unreasonably optimistic because I expect a pattern break or something.

        Speaking of which, Madoka didn’t end that badly when compared to the likes of Saya no Uta or Kikokugai.

    1. Random note, Ledo is just a shade darker in skin tone then me, I wonder if they will show having issue with sun burns being so fair skinned compared to the tanner/medium skintones of the locals. lol

  20. Psycho-Pass was an obvious grimdark trap. Many people were fooled by Madoka, but coming from Saya no Uta I exactly knew from the first episode that Urobuchi was lying about “I will write a healing stories for once.”

    But now I’m confused, really confused. Will he trolling by delivering an once-in-lifetime “normal” story, or did he prepared a double troll?

    Damn, I can’t decide. Well, for now let’s just enjoy the great writing, great budget, great animation, great character design, great sound and great concept for now. If we’re judging by pure shown potential alone, this and Shingeki no Kyoujin are competing for the AOTS… probably even AOTY.

  21. Let’s see the UroGen’s tragedy recipe check list:

    1. Humanity facing doomsday. (Madoka, some extent Fate Zero)
    2. Main Protagonist wielding considerable prowess. (All)
    3. Missing ED. (Madoka)
    4. Big enough cast to “dispose” as deemed necessary. (All)

    Yup, I’m holding my breath for at least three episodes.

    PS: Hell it’s Urobuchi, the man who made possible of adaption outshine the original material. I’m still gonna follow through even if this turn out to be “normal”.

  22. The premise of this show seems stupid good, like a mix between that one movie anime, where plants take over, and the girl gets stuck in a stasis and wakes up in the future, and something like the best bits of gundam, without the darker scenes (hopefully).

    1. Argh, I know exactly which movie you’re talking about, but I just can’t remember the damn name of it! If I’m correctly, the movie features a boy with the ability to harness plants and stuff right?

  23. I like it how people from a different universe don’t speak the same language right off the bad. Unlike similar type of shows where they just happen to speak the language.

  24. The girls in this anime are so damn cute. The character designer needs to be showered with riches.

    The show was great. Clearly, one of the best first episodes of the season so far.

  25. Quote” it’s also quite possible that this could be one of the only series Gen has ever worked on that ends up being peaceful throughout and focuses purely on the initial premise.”

    I learn that human being is a creature of habits, so I seriously doubt it. But we shall see.

  26. The show looks quite promising and is pretty difficult if not impossible to pigeonhole. Definitely has the Eureka 7 vibe, but plenty of this and that. Ledo reminds me of Full Metal Panic’s Sousake. Amy is no Chidori to be sure, though I smell a bit of Milly from Trigun on her, but really seems pretty original. And Ridget, the ship captain I think?, just screams Sophia from Last Exile, even the hair style looks similar.

    Ultimately, I think the best shows, anime or otherwise, come down to how engaging the characters are, and the first episode really does a great job, in my opinion, of establishing the show doesn’t lack for engrossing characterization. To give just one example, the scene where Ledo wants to go save the crew that is consumed, but turns back upon orders from his commander gives you a glimpse that Ledo isn’t a robotic soldier but a soldier nonetheless.

    Great review and comments. Hopefully it will be one hell of a season.

  27. Some thoughts:
    – Ledo: Citizen in some sort of caste system that operates as part of the Galactic Alliance, or a clone soldier, or something else entirely?
    – The people he encounters are clearly human, so why the distance between them and Ledo? Was and/or is there some sort of hostility between factions formed in the human race that led to such a separation? Why does Ledo not know that there are people living on Earth? More surprisingly, why does he not even know what “Earth” is?
    – I’m guessing we’ll eventually see Ledo caught in a situation where he has to choose between his “home” the Galactic Alliance and the group of people that he has encountered on Earth.
    – It doesn’t look like the people on Earth can hold a candle to the Hideauze if they were to invade it, so I would assume that those on Earth would have been completely wiped out if this alien species were the hostile party, but they aren’t. Why exactly is the Galactic Alliance attacking this Hideauze in the first place?

    I’m looking forward to doing a bit of thinking with this series.

    1. Why the earth is Hideauze free? Maybe simply because it hasn’t found the planet?
      Why Galactic Alliance is hostile against Hideauze? Maybe simply because Hideauze attacks(and devour) them?
      I don’t know.

    2. 1) dunno , he has about 16 years military service tho (dont think is a clone.. since all the other pilots were different). Reminds me of spartan caste system too.. only after the agōgē (education that included military service)and you married you were considered a Full citizen.

      2) ep2 answers that: people left earth (most of them) when it became frozen (because of some sun fluctuations) sounds like a huge ice age. some people stayed but they lost most their technology (in the floods or because of the deads.. common post apocalyptical scenario). for Ledo “Earth” is a “mythical” place, the cradle of humanity that is supposed to be frozen, cold and dead … that gives us the idea that the “exodus” happened thousands of years before the start of the anime.

      3) likely.. which would end really bad for the earthlings .. think of then as the Native Americans , South-american Incas or center american’s Mayans..and the Galactic Alliance as the British/Spaniards … we know how well that ended for the less advanced >.<

      a)they wouldnt be wiped if the Galactic Alliance found the "Hideauze" time after they left Earth (likely their exodus got them into Hideauze terriotory) … it would just means that Earth is far away from the "Hideauze" territory

      b) dunno … Hideauze seems to be wining tho .. specially since the GA has to travel by black hole/Gate to get to them.. it seems the GA was on the offensive (at least in the that particular battle)

  28. I’m going to bet on Earth eventually coming into conflict with the Galactic Alliance of Humanity, who desperately need resources to prosecute their war with the Hideauze. (Which may or may not have been a defensive war in the first place.)

    This is also far enough removed from direct political commentary that we should hopefully not end up with the same kind of real-life mirror that Psycho-Pass had, where no solution is arrived at because in real-life, no one has a solution despite widespread brainstorming in academic circles.

  29. episode 2 is release so fast episode 1 just release not 3 day ago but 😀 freaking best and then leave awesome thing to episode 3 aww i am to desperate to watch episode 3 now! cannot wait.worth to download and to keep collection.hope it will not end like Psycho-Pass ending with no solution.if happen sure i scrap this anime from my collection.i am seeking for best true happy ending that make sense xD

  30. You’d forgive me if I ‘m reminded of Sousuke & Aru (Full Metal Panic) when I saw Ledo and Chamber.

    Pretty good first episode. Starting the audience in the thick of the action then taking its time to set introductions into place. Nothing very spectacular aside from the battle scenes, but the episode in itself is quite entertaining, as is the premise. Looking forward to the second episode.

  31. I was on the edge of my seat as I watched through this first episode. Epic and brilliant, one of the best premieres indeed. Until I realized it was Urobutcher’s work… But I guess I’ll hold on to this one. As wise men said, it’s not always about how it ends but how you made it to the end.

    But I’m still hoping for a happy ending from him, just this once.

    The Story You Don't Know
  32. I’m not sure how to place this – maybe a mecha drama/comedy/love story? I can see the language barrier
    as an opportunity for (possibly many comedic) misunderstanding between him and the [cute] foul-mouthed girl.

    I love the premise, it looks like it could be a good ride!

  33. So Urobuchi starts his mecha anime by having something like in Rinne no Lagrange: Humans who left earth and lived at another world fights a war, then one of them rediscover Earth.


    The Moondoggie
  34. (copypasted from MAL)

    Interesting start. I see a lot of similarities to Heinlein’s “Starship Troopers,” from the REM hypnosis to the necessity of active duty for citizenship rights.

    The part about Led being selected due to having “superior traits,” and his nationalistic, state-loyal mindset, reek of dystopian clichés.

    Well, of course none of that matters since Led’s traveled back in time.

    I’m expecting great things from Urobuchi.

  35. Looks like a good series to be included into SRW, time and location warp.
    Kind of reminds me of Cobray Gordon.
    Ledo unwillingly became an Time Diver 😛
    Also reminds me of Eureka 7.

    Mecha animes are become similar to iOS 7 😛

    Dyson Spheres and Modules in Valvrave and Avalon in Gargantia, have yet to start on Majestic Prince.

    Valvrave opens with the mysterious system.
    Gargantia opens with Ledo in an ‘extreme’ situation.

    The opening fight sequence is a display for the capabilities of the mecha, the aliens reminded me of the ELS and those Macross F aliens.

    1. Somehow I want to see the mecha and cast doing the King Gainer dance.
      Another anime Gargantia reminded me of is Kenran Butohsai.

      Other unrelated reminders include AIKA and Astrays’ Junk Guild.

      Watching anime makes me remember and draw comparisons 😛


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