You really have to hand it to Aizen — he’s never disappointed in the outcomes of his schemes. There’s never “it didn’t go as planned” for him, only “even better than I planned”. Even while Tousen is ragging on Masaki’s interference in their tests, Aizen finds everything to be just marvelous. They mention something about the hollow’s “final form” which I’m guessing refers to the one-time-use explosion that Isshin saved Masaki from at the end of the battle. It might have something to do with Ichigo’s second level hollow form or his final bankai. Potential relations are still very vague though, so we’ll just have to wait and observe along with Aizen to see what happens.

Things along Isshin’s side are getting interesting as well. He is shocked to actually meet a living Quincy, and Masaki is just as surprised by his amiable reaction. If she thinks all the shinigami are like Isshin though, she’s in for a nasty reality check. Despite her naivety, I definitely see some strong chemistry between them already, and even Ryuuken and Katagiri back off without revealing themselves despite the fact that Isshin is a shinigami. Unfortunately they end up parting ways without really introducing themselves. Masaki ends up keeping him on her mind (instead of her hot, and slightly nerdy cousin who her classmates seem to be into) even though she doesn’t even know his name. Of course now that Urahara is getting involved, that may change.


  1. Aizen…. I swear if it comes out that Aizen using their budding interest in each other instigating Isshin and Masaki’s marriage and Ichigo’s conception for an hollow experiment… its… sooo unbelievably likely… I reallly hope it doesnt go in that direction.

    1. Aizen has it tough, from being the villain,mastermind,scientist,badass fighter,lord of Hueco Mundo,God candidate and now matchmaker – most villains would have given up on being evil with all that workload.

  2. I have a feeling the Hollow is not dead yet and is somehow inside Masaki, which would explain the weird feeling she got at the end of the chapter and Urahara’s intrigued face. Maybe he sensed the Hollow’s Reiatsu ?

    1. Actually some people on other forums speculated on ‘target hollowfication'(mentioned in this chapter), that this hollow was created to turn other beings(specifically Shinigami) into hollows – on which Aizen commented it was interesting that it chose a Quincy instead of a Shinigami as it’s target.I think the hollow’s ‘attack’ on Masaki was meant to turn her into a hollow, eventually.
      On another note this would explain Ichigo’s powers considering his mother was a Quincy who was slowly turning into a hollow(or at least infected with) and his father was a Shinigami – and we get HollowxQuincyxShinigami.

  3. Urahara: A human girl…bumped into me…I’ll kill her.

    Isshin then proceeds to save Masaki from Urahara’s devious machinations, gets married and thus begins the story of Bleach.

    1. Remembering that she was saving ichigo from the trap of Grand-fisher, and remember that as a mother she focused more on saving his son that in fighting with Grand-fisher, I do not think it’s hard to imagine how everything ended.
      A mother always prepend the safety of her son on their own, even if it means her death.

    2. Derp. Kubo, not thinking this series would still be serialized, did not actually plan any of this out. Now he has to contrive a way for her to be weak enough to be killed by Grand Fisher.

  4. So can we say that we got our answer. It’s not that Masaki was stronger then that hollow (not even blow up it’s head at point blank) but rather that hollow is like a facehugger. It bites Masaki on the shoulder and impregnates her with it’s reiatsu and then it dies by self implosion.

  5. This was suppose to explain Ichigo’s Visored powers…or at least why he had a second visored transformation. You know who else had that? Tousen. Did Tousen’s mom get bitten by a giant fly visored? And Cousin loving! Cause Bleach needed that!…just keep going Kubo. You’ll dig yourself out of that hole eventually.

  6. This flashback story is great! It’s what the manga has been missing for a long time and what was needed more than just relentless fighting. I feel that if Bleach had fleshed out plot points and given us answers in the past, it wouldn’t be slated as much as it is now.

  7. Wow Ichigo’s mom is a bad***! When arrow spraying fails, resort to point blank tactics regardless of close contact harm. Just how powerful is she considering:
    1. She is a suitable mate for Ryuken (full blood quincy?)
    2. Incomplete training in the Quincy arts as mentioned
    3. Saving the day when a handicapped Captain struggles against the Hackers experiment
    I would say she is definitely a great flashback character, finally revealed to not following the damsel in distress logic. It’s sad she will eventually die, but it makes sense why Ichigo carries on the fire to be heroic with a good (and stubborn) heart. And oh Urahura, always “preplanning” and calculating things lol.

  8. ‘There’s never “it didn’t go as planned” for him, only “even better than I planned”.’ – Prooof, you can say that again.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    random viewer
  9. I almost gave up on bleach but whenever a shonen busts out a backstory of a cute couple, I can’t help but read it. First naruto now this. I’m a sucker for origin stories. His parents looked so cute back then.

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