Oh dear, incoming imouto in 3…2…*glomp*

「俺の妹のライバルが来日するわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto no Raibaru ga Rainichi suru Wake ga Nai)
“My Little Sister’s Rival Can’t Come to Japan”

Kyousuke is right: one little sister definitely is enough, especially when those two sisters are on opposite sides of the affection spectrum. Where one verbally and physically abuses Kyousuke out of jealousy and hard affection, the other glomps and attempts to kiss him instead. Enter first name Ria, last name Hagry (Kido Ibuki), with the label “cute imouto-type” written all over her. Let the polarizing opinions on dark-skinned loli-type imouto character who’s too gosh-darned perfect yet also makes trouble for Kirino begin!


OP4: 「Reunion」 by ClariS

Another day, another scene with naked little sisters. Kyousuke doesn’t even bat an eye.

Though hailing from America, Ria manages to avoid many of the stereotypes often applied to Americans in anime. Instead, she’s found herself in the stereotype-of-stereotypes: the ever-loving and energetic imouto. She loves ice cream, hates broccoli, is unaware of her three sizes (or what they are), and wants a kind older brother (apart from more medals of course). For Kirino, this is her dream made reality, and of course she takes the chance to bring such an adorable sister-type back to Japan. Ria does make many of Kirino’s wishes come true, even drawing out the protective and caring side of Kirino, but she does also cause problems for Kyousuke to witness and Kirino to well…redden about. Fanservice fans rejoice, for the aggressive Ria commits all sorts of sexual harassment for your viewing pleasure! Panty shots, naked scenes, bathtub ambushes, and even two kisses on the cheek: all of it in one episode!

Oh my, they asked a twelve year old what her sizes were?

Ria witnesses firsthand the powers of sibling love.

Looking aside from Ria’s fanservice component, she does serve to act as a light segue back into the main plot. After all, many of us are still curious about Kirino and Kyousuke’s relationship, where both their current dynamics and past sibling love are concerned. Though Kirino definitely dishes out the pain, both verbally and physically towards Kyousuke, at this point our male protagonist barely budges and is well-prepared for such harsh treatment. However, Ria’s perceptiveness points out that no matter what the event may be, Kirino will almost react harshly towards Kyousuke first if he’s present. The quick look-back Kirino does when Ria mentions Kirino’s suggestion of taking a bath together. Those thoughtful eyes when Kirino is reminded of how she complimented her brother. Heck, even the fact that Kirino is quick to pounce and yell in public towards her brother in an eroge shop–all of it points towards Kirino’s conscious attention to Kyousuke and everything that he does. No matter what, Kirino doesn’t want her brother, above anyone else, to see her vulnerable side, and she doesn’t want to see him friendly with any other girls. On one hand she wants to keep Kyousuke’s distance away appropriate, but at the same time does not want him wandering off, as seen by her poor performance in America. It is his brotherly love and caring that inspires her to perform–something Ria recognizes and values–but at the same time is perhaps afraid to let Kyousuke inside her space too much, for fear of being hurt.


Attack on Kyousuke: he is the prey and she is the hunter! *epic music plays*

I apologize in advance if the shimapan is too much to handle.

Those two must be thinking, “American culture sure is weird.”

Now that Ria has gotten us back on track, we can stop playing guessing games and now finally get closer to solving the mysteries that have been haunting this show since episode one. Progression goes well, Kirino grows softer and more affectionate in her own way, and Kyousuke continues to be the great onii-chan that he’s tried hard to be throughout the series. Heck, even by the end he’s gained Ria’s affections (keep in mind she’s 12, so it’s purely platonic and innocent…I think) and learned more about what keeps Kirino alive. Though Kyousuke doesn’t want to verbally admit it, it must feel good for him to see that someone recognizes how important Kirino treasures him and how much she looks to him for support. With all that abuse, it must be hard sometimes to see just how reliant she is on his patience and how hard she tries to appreciate it.


Ria’s secret: she learned the “ways” of Japan after Kirino left her laptop open one day…

Embarrassed dad is the best dad.

Kyousuke has taught her sister well. Or it runs in the family.

Anime Observation #253: in anime, towels are magnetically attracted to a person’s lower parts when dropped.

Despite her cheerful and carefree personality, Ria does force Kirino to reflect on some issues.


Little does Ria know that by the time this episode is complete, there will eventually be a doujinshi of her somewhere on the internet.

Here’s a picture of some more sibling love/rivalry. Here’s a picture of a random SAO reference.

There’s no way my 12-year old rival can be this cute!

“First one to reach the finish line wins onii-chan! Deal?”

But then that confession comes, and now…wow. After a brief moment of shock, I recollected myself and muttered, “there’s no way that this show can progress this quickly!”

If you think about it too, it’s pretty much impossible this early in the season for Kirino to ask her brother out due to love. Most likely there is someone out there that’s causing Kirino some trouble and she needs Kyousuke’s help to fool the person. After all, the preview does beg the question of the legitimacy of this request. Those of you who watched Oreshura know how this is going to pan out: Kirino will get embarrassed cause Kyousuke is following her orders too well, the conflict with the person will happen, and then Kirino will probably show some affection and reveal more about her true feelings (though still at a teasing level). While a bit predictable on what’s happening next, how it will be executed and the fact that it’s actually happening provides enough excitement for me. I’ll continue to cheer on Kyousuke for being a patient onii-chan, as well as Kirino as she continues to learn to let her fierceness down so that she can properly express the affection that we all know she has for her brother.


Ria, it’s not nice to point fingers–it’s impolite and could poke someone’s eye out!


Gotta have that close-up shot of her cute face! :3

…and that was when Kyousuke added another girl to his ever-growing harem.

So unrealistic it sometimes hurts.

…wait, what!?

ED3: 「ほねすと☆ラプソディー」 (Honesuto Rapusodī) by 竹達彩奈 (Taketasu Ayana)


Yeah, don’t be too surprised everyone, this show isn’t ending just yet.


    1. Unfortunate you’re being hit with downvotes for having an opinion.

      Personally I think this series has been terrible so far and now it’s sank down to needless fanservice. Last week was a nice pickup with some backstory but it’s another dip this week. At least it’s not a complete disaster like Samurai Girls though.

      P Ko
      1. I think the downvotes come more from the fact that, “If you dropped it last week, why are you commenting on this week’s episode?” (which by logic you didn’t watch and thus have nothing to contribute to this week’s discussion) rather than having an opposing opinion, at least in this case.

        *people are still free to upvote him to support his general message though =P.

      2. Goodness, it’s only the 4th episode and you’re already expecting some Evangelionesque plot twist revelation.

        First, it’s already stated this series will conclude along with the light novels, so the pacing is just fine as it is and this episode is simply sticking by the novel’s carefree character-driven humourous plot.

        And if you’re going to complain about the fanservice, do so to the author himself, as this episode is simply taken straight off the novel chapter.

      3. > expecting some Evangelionesque plot twist revelation
        > incest romcom

        Wrong anime! You guys looking for one should be watching Gargantia instead. I don’t get those “critics” who are trashing this anime when it’s just being a romcom.

        In other news it feels good to see another Kuroneko-less episode.
        Kuroneko a shit people!

        The Moondoggie
  1. It’s kind of obvious that Kirino isn’t actually asking her brother out! There are quite a few people in various forums that either genuinely believe otherwise or they just choose to believe. In any case, my surprise will be of GIGANTIC proportions if it does happen that Kirino really asks Kyousuke out, as much unlikely as that is!

    By the way, we need more Kuroneko. Like now!

      1. You’ll get your Kuroneko soon. However I’m pretty sure you’ll both love and hate it at the same time. Her most screen time is in vol. 8 which might start in episode 7 or so.

        The show is predominantly about the relationship between Kirino and Kyousoke and how it changes as the story progresses though. Kuroneko will of course get her screen time, but the spotlight is on Kirino and Kyousuke for majority of the story.

  2. As much as I love the other characters, I’m a little sad that there’s been such a big focus on outside characters. It’s entertaining but not as amazing as S1. Though, I have been waiting for that emotional moment when Kyousuke goes Super Saiyen and saves the day. IMO that’s what made S1 so good, those moments when everything’s on the line and Kyousuke goes beast and fixes everything.

  3. Siscon… Lolicon….my goodness!!

    I’m surprised at Kyosuke being more aggressive than he used to be but this episode…..! Everyone else is missing though! Hopefully more characters will show up next episode…

  4. While I do like these side characters and enjoy the episodes, each time after the episode is over I wonder about what happened to that whole confession of Kuroneko thing that Kyousuke was so worried about during the first episode. I have a question to the LN readers: Are these episodes from a novel with a lot of side stories that were just inserted here one after another or is this actually the way it goes? Because the way Kuroneko has been forgotten after the issue was raised as the season began seems pretty unnatural. Especially since it doesn’t seem like we’ll see anything about that next episode either

    Also I can’t believe I only remembered now but Zanibas, I can’t believe you forgot moe dad for the poll in the first episode post.

  5. It’s a sad situation when 4 episodes in the most cohesion from episode to episode was the Love Touch connection between episodes 1 and 2. Hopefully this new “confession” will at least lead to some sort of cohesive arc.

  6. I was hyped for this episode to see the rival whoop Kirino’s ass and my wish was granted.

    Knocked Kirino flat on her ass and knocked her down a few pegs.Ria is the best rival in anime history and the cutest.

    Hands down best episode.

    1. I wouldn’t say she knocked Kirino down a peg at all. Kirino stated that she only won that time due to it being a surprise attack and she’s not talented like Ria but just works harder than most. Seriously, this is pretty much the one thing in the show she doesn’t act all haughty about.

      Also, losing by inches doesn’t amount to getting your ass whooped. Winning by a few lengths like Usain Bolt is what would be considered whooping ass.

  7. After the first episode, despite Kirino’s bitchy attitude scenes, I was expecting much after Kyo dwelled and was giddy on the possibility of Kuroneko’s confession =03. In addition, I very much enjoy a Kirino-less story with the Game Research club members, since they are all enjoyable, esp Kuro and Akagi; but to be so led on into thinking it would continue like that, makes me feel that the director is trolling me =0\. Eps 2-4 have been extremely painful to trudge through, and every time I see Kirino’s(or in ep 2’s case, Ayase; e.g. any of Kirino’s bitchy friends) physical abuse to the brother who is trying to look out for her, I feel like dropping this show from the stratosphere and watching it burn into oblivion =02. But I KNOW that there will be more Kuro/Kyo interaction, and I DEFINITELY want to be there when he continues to address from the 1st ep what that kiss actually meant.

  8. Side stories are side stories, end of story.
    Be patient, there’ll be more focus on other characters soon.. I hope..
    Unless Kyosuke was seriously asked out.. but then again we would have
    a love rival battle between Kuroneko and Kirino! Nah.. who am I trying
    to fool. This show has always crushed my hopes of a romantic development…

    Helvetica Standard
  9. Ria coming didn’t move the story at all. Worse than a beach episode. And that yell. Kyousuke’s yelling to encourage Kirino was just painful to hear. Kuroneko, please come back.

  10. Ummm I’m sorry to say this but, this episode was an excellent showcase of everything I don’t like about this series. Well here’s hoping we get to spend time with the characters I like, since most of them haven’t really had any screen time yet.

  11. Guys here having issues coping with Kirino only in this episode and other cast not in it, how do you expect them to put in other cast into something they are not supposed to be in. Unless in the light novel Ria actually meet the other casts, why are you guys ranting?

  12. It felt forced. The Loli comes out of nowhere, and in a single episode falls for him too hard, too fast. Especially since there’s nothing particularly magnetic or appealing about him.

    The new character could have worked with some proper setup time justifying why she would do all of this, but as it is, this falls short and seems too unbelievable.

  13. Ria is so bubbly and fun, that I’m sad we won’t see more of her in the series, which is the impression I got. I do love how she warmed up to Kyousuke very much immediately and that there is a sense of maturity to her as well. She doesn’t like otaku stuff, but she respects that Kirino loves it.

    What did Kyousuke mean when he said in his inner monologue during their race that Kirino “beat him at everything” when they were kids? Could it be the key to their strained relationship growing up?

  14. Don’t listen to Kirino, Kyousuke! There’s nothing wrong with being a lolicon! Also, she’s not really asking him out- she’s probably planning something… Guess we’ll just to have wait and see.

  15. Ria is a riot…
    She brings the “carefree loli attitude” that – if we are to mention the classic Love Hina – Kaolla Su embodied so well, with flying hugs and innocent attempts at kiss…
    But I wonder if she knows how much she has tapped into the Kirino’s hidden desire to have a little sister. Still, she looks very happy with having Kirino as a kind of surrogate elder sister, and Kyosuke as onii-chan by extension.
    But the real bomb has been dropped by Kirino herself at the end. Booyfriend, really?
    I guess it is more of a roleplay to her to prepare for future real relationships, but still this makes story much more… interesting. Especially after Kyosuke’s loud proclamation of being siscon.

    BTW I loved how in this week’s Yahari Ore siscon was totally deconstructed, all to the “100% cotton” comment. After being forced to do laundry to younger siblings half the life, I completely agree.

  16. Yea sure,the lack of Kuroneko is definitely starting to take it’s toll on OreImo(especially after that confession)but I actually thought this episode was great since it really focused on showing a more different Kirino.

    Kyousuke,Kirino & Ria looked pretty much like a family – http://img339.imageshack.us/img339/4484/nicefamily.jpg.

    And I can’t help but be reminded of Kirino’s(delicious) meaty “cousin” – http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/3277/haganaifamily.jpg.

    Interesting how this was also in ep 4 of Haganai.

  17. “Be my Boyfriend” Kirino said.
    If I hadn’t seen the Light Novel,I would have thought:”Kirino Finally confess her love for Kyousuke?!”But that’s not the case,she only want him to help her for another case.And Kyousuke is playing only as a”Fake Boyfriend”.Haha,I really want to see Kyousuke’s face after hearing that from his own sister.Can’t wait for the next episode,so AWESOME!

  18. “I’m not a lolicon, I’m a sis-con!” LOL Well said, Kyousuke.

    Ria’s VA Kido Ibuki, recently coming to fame as another cute imouto Akiko in Oniichan dakedo Ai sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! (OniAi), is still only 15 years old, technically making her a real loli in a way.

      1. If that surprises you, you should watch GJ-bu, where at least half of the cast is her age or younger and in some cases younger than than the characters they give their voice (e.g. 3rd year high school student Kirara Bernstein being voiced by 13 year old Arakawa Chiaki).

        A lot of new and young talents seem to show up lately.

  19. Best.Tasting.Episode.YET!

    Man, I love this show to bits for multiple reasons and this episode just shows it. 10/10 for the brown loli and SAO reference…. but mostly for the waifu-material loli.

    The Moondoggie
  20. Ewww, that SAO reference was absurdly forced. Something like Love Touch (Love Plus) is a tactful reference because it does the crossover without breaking the immersion. SAO showing up for 2 seconds for no apparent reason? Jarring as all hell. There wasn’t even a Seiyuu joke there.

    1. Well, Oreimo S2 and SAO are both produced by A-1 Pictures. However, I cannot see how this breaks immersion as compared to any other cameo that occasionally pops up in the show.

    2. its Akihabara for 2 secs its just them showing merchandise of a random store SAO was a really popular series you dont think in Akihabara there wont be sao prize figures??? sorry there will be tons of sao merchandise lol


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