Episode 04:

「妹達(シスターズ)」 (Imoto Tachi (Shisutazu))
“Sisters (Sisters)”

Going into the fourth episode, it’s quite the commentary on human coping mechanisms, as Misaka pretty much tries to drown out the things she realized last week by—you guessed it—spending the day emptying out capsule machines! Wait. What? Gotta say, that was pretty funny to see to say the least—that, along with the various reactions from Kuroko as well. In the end however, I guess it’s like what they say—everyone has their own way of coping with things and this seems to be Misaka’s. Not that I mind though, because it certainly made for some nice slice-of-life-isque developments to start things off…

…elements that end up being in stark contrast with the rest of the episode, which held quite the foreboding atmosphere throughout. Indeed, the build up through the episode was quite well done—in the form of the cloning rumors popping up in our main group’s daily conversation—and it’s something that really hammered in the sense that things weren’t quite right. Still, I was admittedly caught off guard by the additional scenes in the epilogue—despite having watched Index and knowing what to expect—and it just goes to show that if someone really wants to pick a fight with you, there’s only so much you can do to avoid it. Of course, I’m speaking metaphorically in the context that you can only do so much to avoid something if you’re being put on center stage—and it’s just one of those situations where you’re just going to have to face things head on, a notion that Misaka will undoubtedly have to realize in the upcoming episode.

Before going right into the discussion of the next episode though, I gotta say—there were two quotations this week that really caught my eye. The first was the question of what would you do if you had a clone of yourself, which was admittedly an interesting question to ponder—really, what would YOU do if you had a bunch of clones running round?—and the second one was the whole bit where the unnamed scientist says “who knows what the higher ups are planning, we’re just doing what being we’re told to do.” And well, it’s just something that caught my eye because as a scientist, I feel like you’re crossing all kinds of ethical guidelines when you don’t care exactly what it is you’re doing just as long as you’re following orders from above. I suppose I’d think twice if my life was counting on it, but at the same time, it’s a concept that nags at me a little bit—and one that admittedly brings up quite a few questions (again) about the point at which a goal can be considered worth it. Granted, we don’t know exactly what goal they’re aiming for at this point now that there’s clearly no way to reproduce level 5’s from this experiment… but it’s gotta be quite something if they’re just nonchalantly killing off living, breathing “humans” like this.

Episode 05:

「絶対能力進化計画(レベル6シフトけいかく)」 (Zettai Noryoku Shinka Keikaku (Reberu 6 Shifuto Kei Kaku))
“Definite Power Advancement Project (Level 6 Shift Project)”

Misaka… meet MISAKA.

With this episode comes the epic first meeting between Misaka and MISAKA… and of course the first word they end up exchanging is “Meow.” Of course. I should’ve known. But yeah, that confusion from Misaka was priceless—and I don’t blame her. I mean, what would you do if you saw a clone of yourself walking down the street, rescuing cats like this? Really, Misaka’s comment about how “this wasn’t the image I had in mind” just hits the nail on the head, and there’s just something very surreal about tailing a clone of yourself down the street, receiving free ice cream for all your troubles, and having even your clone question your tastes.

Suffice to say… the fun times are just a cover up for just how brutal things are, and even though I knew what was coming, actually seeing what happened toward the end of the episode really made me cringe a bit. Combine that with the fact that this was the 9982nd experiment (out of a planned whopping 20000!) and the fact that Misaka happens to witness Accelerator killing off her clone… and well, let’s just say I got some chills. If there’s one thing this demonstrates for sure though, it’s that Railgun S will be much more serious in nature than its first—and Misaka looks like she’ll have some tough times ahead of her as a result.

Gosh darn it though, watching this sequence of events really does just make me wonder how exactly one justifies killing 20000 people (even if they’re “artificial”) just to maybe get one guy to Level 6. I mean sure, the value of one Level 6 is exceptional—especially if one assumes that it’s a base 10 system they use for power levels—and those that have watched Index know that there’s a lot of potential power enemies out there… but seriously, to conduct this kind of experiment (one that violates all kinds of ethics) and also potentially antagonize (or result in the death of) one of the few Level 5’s you have in the process… That’s just an insane thing to do regardless of the potential benefits and despite the fact that it’d mean that humanity will finally have achieved some kind of artificial evolution. Interestingly enough though… we haven’t even seen the arrival of the other Tokiwadai Level 5 either—which makes me wonder if she’ll pull some kind of appearance during this arc or play a part in the next one.

Regardless, it’s just a brutal, brutal episode, and it just highlights just how easily things like the experiments can be hidden in the midst of a large city such as Academy City—as well as the importance of what Shinobu was trying to do with the cash cards earlier in the season. Let’s also not forget the warning she gave to Misaka as well… the one that seems to have gone completely unheeded—though understandable so—and seems likely to result in some grim future outcomes. It’s going to be quite something to see how exactly things work out from here, considering the gap between now and what happens in Index.

Full-Length: 03

Author’s Note: I apologize for the lack of Railgun S coverage last week. A high school classmate recently passed away, which combined with graduation and finals… to well, you get the picture. Suffice to say, I haven’t really had time to watch anime, let alone be in the mood to write posts so… yeah. I will however, resume normal coverage of all my shows starting next week (Asobi and Kairi will continue to cover Shingeki and Suisei this week).




    1. I guess you are just excited as I am for seeing the re-run of Touma vs Accelerator.

      I always did love Touma’s “misfortune.” We will likely see more once he makes a big appearance.

      1. I am pretty pumped myself to see the re-run of toma vs accelerator; the first season kinda watered-down that fight; the fight was a lot more tense, dark and violent in the to aru majutsu manga as well as the railgun manga. And since jc staff seems to be pouring its budget in this season’s railgun (animation is better than first season and that seems to be consistent so far) plus what we have seen in terms of grueling violence this ep, lets hope toma’s fight with accelerator is done with the epic presentation it deserves

    1. Ur not alone in that… Having watched shows like Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers, I’m pretty used to seeing limbs get blown off and stuff… But watching her leg get ripped off like that was still rather discomforting….

      1. I know, I cringed as well, seeing evil Accelarator again in a misguided path before he met Touma

        I liked him better when he was a reformed lolicon that liked a lot like a tsunidere

  1. god was this ep brutal; this was the dark shift in tone i was looking for (and it gets even worse from here) Misaka is going to learn that the hard way. By the way has anyone noticed that they have given the clones normal eye pupils (noticed that last week and wanted to make sure it wasnt a fluke); thank god cuz i couldnt stand the blank eyes the sisters have had in the previous index installments. Something tells me that was done intentionally in this season of railgun…the fear in the sister’s eyes made that scene that much harder to watch.

    1. Approaching this logically, I’m guessing you’ll see the dead eyes soon enough. Given the tone of the Sisters arc the dead eyes are probably a response by the experimenters to this fight. This clone having the emotions to form a bond with Misaka over the Gekota badge was enough to distract the clone during the fight with Accelerator. From the overseers’ standpoint, that’s an unnecessary distraction (fighting Accelerator is the clones’ only purpose) and thus an unwanted trait in the clones. So they probably limited the emotional quotient of future clones to prevent similar situations from happening. Just another run of the mill future punch in the gut to Misaka I would assume.

      1. I dont think we will see the sister’s eyes gradually change because Show Spoiler ▼

        Due to that, Im almost certain that this is a new artistic choice for this season specifically or this is the way jc staff will draw the sisters from this point out. If that’s the case, i couldnt be happier.

  2. Can’t wait for “them” to appear! And I don’t mean the clones.

    What makes me like this arc is how they portray Misaka throughout the arc. She felt very responsible about her clones and treat them as her little sisters even well after this Arc. She regret giving her DNA, but she’s glad that she was also able to stopped the experiments on them, for now.

    Now for LN readers:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    The Moondoggie
    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      This is the general gist of it, if there’s anyone who’s read deeply please do correct me.

      1. Might be a true spoiler in the future a.k.a just guessing :
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Again this is just guessing.
        THIS IS a sci-fi LN and Anime after all.

      2. sounds like some evangelion stuff; but i do agree; both Index and the misaka network are probably the next best thing towards attainment of heavenly power what with Index’s grimoires (lots of dark stuff in those books) and the almost military/mystical use of the misaka network

      3. They already explained what the main function of Touma’s right hand is in the new testament
        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Show Spoiler ▼

    3. In regards to what your talking about; its funny because someone also brought up the question as to why academy city would invest so much time and money making clones of a level 5 electro master just to have them be fodder for another esper all for the purpose of attaining a level 6. Now i havent read the LN’s but with what i know from the combination of the two index series’, the first railgin season and the railgun manga….. Well Show Spoiler ▼

      sorry for the lengthy exposition but that pretty much answers your question

    4. Moondoggie

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. If we are on the same page then Show Spoiler ▼

        but yea that’s as far as i can stipulate based on what the series as given me

    5. The main reason:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      And that’s why people still ask questions on why Accelerator wasn’t cloned instead.

      Gaze of Providence
      1. LN spoiler

        @Gaze of Providence

        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yeah, thanks. I’m getting along alright. Took a bit for it to really sink in, though I guess in many ways it hasn’t, but compared to what the family must be going through… I wouldn’t dare to say it compares. They’re receiving a lot of support from other relatives and friends, so I’m hoping things will work out well as a result.

  3. So Touma was able to save the first MISAKA Sister he met and had the most interaction with, but not Misaka herself. Worse she actually witnessed her death… That really explains her attitude and actions in the original Index series, and how scarred she seemed by the whole thing.

      1. @HanaKana:
        The one that Touma walked with and helped carry his drinks to his apartment was the same one that he saved. At first I thought instead she’s the one that died in the alley, but when you rewatch the episode, right after he goes back to the scene and finds the body missing, looks around, and sees the group of sisters, the one carrying the dead body tells him she’s the one he has been talking to and interacted with. So I’m assuming that’s the same one he saved later (#10032), and the only one that had the most screen time in Index S1.

  4. Some people have fangasms over Accelerator. After watching him murder 9982, saying that that will be a hard sell for me is like saying the mid-Atlantic trench is slightly damp.

      1. I can’t say I particularly care what events happen after this arc. My knowledge is restricted solely to the Railgun anime, and the spoilers I have read on TVTropes. Said spoilers go into nice detail about Accelerator’s sociopathic mass-murder spree, but fail to convince me that he has really redeemed himself since then.

        From my perspective, we have here a male character (that’s an automatic downcheck from me: I do not like males existing in anime), who acts like a dick (another downcheck), who smirks all the time (ten downchecks: I HATE THAT), brutally murders a girl we were made to like in his first appearance (if you think he’s EVER getting forgiven for that, I will laugh at you), and is completely invincible and immune to anyone trying to beat the dickishness out of him until designated male protagonist shows up (I think we passed infinite downchecks a few million points back).

        I don’t care how they may try to justify him or think they can redeem him as a character: they introduced him in a way that makes him unforgivable in my eyes.

      2. I’ve only begun liking Accelerator when he met Last Order. I’ve hated his sociopathic version but liked his new tsundere personality especially when together with Last Order Misaka!

      3. [quote]From my perspective, we have here a male character (that’s an automatic downcheck from me: I do not like males existing in anime), who acts like a dick (another downcheck), who smirks all the time (ten downchecks: I HATE THAT)[/quote]

        Sounds to me like someone is judging a character using his dick.

    1. Why do you hate him? Because he killed the SISTERS?

      Then, let me ask; do you like the sisters? Yeah, they spent almost the entire episode showing how cute she was and her interactions with Misaka and I’m sure that got the the soft spot to a lot of the show’s watchers. You forget one thing in all of this though; she tried to kill Accelerator during their battle. MULTIPLE TIMES. Hell, in To Aru Majutsu no Index, the first time we see Accelerator, a SISTER tries to SNIPE him.

      It’s definitely fucked up Accelerator decided to take part in this experiment, and I know that for the most part the clones just did what they were programmed to do. However, I tend to lose my pity when you see them trying to kill him. It doesn’t justify what he’s done, but painting the SISTERS as these harmless beings that Accel did wrong is false IMO. Hating him for the sole fact that he killed them and nothing else is called having double standards.

      1. Careful there, understand the Sisters Show Spoiler ▼

      2. A point you seem to be overlooking: the Sisters, specifically 9982 in this case, were literally born yesterday. They came out of the cloning tubes with the minds of babies, and every bit of knowledge and personality they possess was forcefed into them, programmed into their brains through a machine.

        Accelerator chose to participate in this experiment, and to commit mass murder on this unbelievably horrific scale. The Sisters never had a choice. The very idea that there might be a choice of not fighting never entered their minds. How could it? They had no past, no experiences, no developed morals to base any such thing on, just the machine-programmed personality. They had no concept that it was even possible to choose to do something other than fight Accelerator. It was all they knew how to do. It was a fundamental fact of their existance, that had been placed in their minds from the very moment they had any sense of self at all.

        So yes, I will feel sympathy for them. They are not choosing to do this. They may not want to do this. They have been forced to do it, through a horrific violation of their identities as individual people. And yes, I will hate Accelerator, because he came to this point on his own, in full possession of a lifetime of experiences and developed morals, and made the choice to kill these girls. Whatever the scientists may have told him, he made his own choice, of his own will.

      3. This episode showed you are wrong. You say that they have no choice which is basically the same as having no emotions, etc. Anything that can think consciously has a choice. I think this episode showed that she had plenty of emotion of her own and still decided to fight Accelerator. Once again, you are showing your double standards. It’s okay for her to try to shoot and blow up Accelerator by her choice?

        You can think whatever you like, but you are being hypocritical and you need to get over the fact that people “fangasm” over Accelerator. I personally like him and the fact that he made massive mistakes during this experiment just adds to it. I can see how he could get drawn into such a thing from his childhood and when he’s faced with the clones trying to kill him, I could also see why he would be merciless.

      4. You aren’t paying attention. I said they didn’t know anything else. Give them a year living outside, heck maybe even just a month living outside of the lab, and they might be able to choose not to fight him. They would then have had enough experiences to begin to judge the rightness of their orders, killing or being killed. But as of right now, they simply do not have the mental development to think outside of their programmed personalities in that way.

        You are talking as if they were normal humans, with a full set of life experiences and developed personalities and morality to draw on when they make their choices. That is not the case. They are human, but 9982 is one day old. Her knowledge is limited to the basic fundamentals of society, a limited personality with minimal emotions, and her mission. An ordinary person draws on their experience and morals to understand “ok, killing someone is wrong.” 9982 doesn’t have experience or morals. They were never programmed into her. If she had had time to live outside longer, she could have developed them, but she didn’t. As a result, she simply acted on what she knew.

        She was not physically incapable of making a choice, she was simply unaware that there was any choice to be made. The only thing she knew to do was proceed to the experiment and fight Accelerator. She did not know that it was even possible to do anything else.

      5. Yeah, your right. They use the Machine like a nuker. Forced memories. They dont have time to earn themselves memories.But… why the clone helped this baby inside the Car?.. Are these memories a frozen state of the original when they took the DNA Map?

        This little out of the Box, surprised me. They are just told to go there at right time and do the experiment…

  5. The coffee shop the girls went to must be Misaka’s favorite because of the cup’s logo.

    Secondly, after seeing the sister with long hair I think Misaka and sisters would look even cuter with longer hair instead of having it short.
    Lastly, you can’t stop Misaka when it comes to Gekota. I wonder if she’ll spend hundreds at a department store just to get one a limited edition one.

    Sisters’ eyes:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Episode 5:
    This episode really was awesome for the fact that it shows how fun the Sisters interact with the Original. Like the Sister eating Misaka’s mint chocolate chip ice cream, and pretending she didn’t do it at all. To receiving her first gift and finding out it was lame in a tsundere kind of way. Then the tone of it really did change with her saying sayonara which we all know means goodbye, but many might not know (In till you seen this episode) that there is a finality when you say that word. Like what Misaka said, “Ja Ne” which has the “See you tomorrow” feeling to it. I wish I knew what was running in the Sister’s head of hers. Was there a small wishful hope that there will be a tomorrow? Then you had Accelerator showing just how brutal he can be killing another sister like it was nothing and deciding to go to the convenience store afterwards. It was sad the sister who was badly wounded and maybe thinking back her short time spent with Misaka while holding the Gekota pin gift in her hands before being crushed. This is the darkest Railgun episodes yet and we are going see a Misaka that’s usually has an upbeat attitude most of the time in a different light.

      1. I think the idea behind the same eyes is to highlight how Misaka and MISAKA are so similar. Especially since Misaka’s the central character and Index she merely played a supporting role, it emphasizes the differences in behavior vs identical appearance.

      2. ehhh i have to disagree; i thought it was a un-inventive and distracting way to differentiate the sisters; If it’s a new art style then im glad jc staff finally decided upon it because these sister’s are meant to be clones…exact copies. Plus the fact that they now have pupils draws your attention to subtle emotions the sisters cant normally produce with their face and makes them more engaging to watch. In my opinion, the brutality of the experiments is amplified because of the production staff’s decision to give them pupils because the clones feel that much more alive and it hurts more to see them die.

  6. Killing 1 clone per day means it will take 54.75 years to kill 20k. Accelerator must be killing quite a few per day then.

    I liked how they didn’t kill tension in the end by skipping the ED and letting the dramatic music continue.

  7. Nooooooo poor clone…she was adorable…..hoped she would survive but had a feeling she would not…. now only if maybe two or three more are introduced hopefully one with a super mean streak compared to their big sister….and maybe long hair…yeah….one can only dream. but now i am interested in reading all the manga’s now anyone know if their for sale?

  8. What I don’t get is why pick the No.3 Railgun for the production of the clones and the project? Why not the other 5 Level 5s? Especially since Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Answers:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. To be honest it makes even less sense Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Not quite…
        Show Spoiler ▼


      3. Because
        Show Spoiler ▼

      4. Wow Show Spoiler ▼

      5. Well, Show Spoiler ▼

        And I’m kinda used to using AC as Academy City but I guess you’re using it as Aleister Crowley.
        Oh shi- It’s the same letters and he’s the head of Academy City. Kamachiiii!!!

    2. As already stated above Show Spoiler ▼

      it’s actually kinda nice how things connect from all the previous installments in the series…even if the writing and execution has been a bit poor

      1. Response(tl;dr):Show Spoiler ▼

    1. But why are we re-watching Touma vs. Accelerator? I thought this series is based Misaka.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Show Spoiler ▼

      Gaze of Providence
  9. Truly a brutally magnificent episode. Spamming through Index 1 and 2 as well as Railgun 1 and bit of the wiki, I knew this was coming from a mile away.

    When Mikasa was with MIKASA, it was very melancholic. We all know how Accelerator’s like so I won’t comment much but that closing scene, where MISAKA 9928 crawled after the badge that her onee-sama gave, I was screaming lle a mad man. Death flags were furiously waving all around.

      1. Mikasa with Misaka’s powers. I can totally see the Titans getting their asses kicked in an instant. Fire a railgun at the back of the neck instead of using the blades

    1. Thankfully for Mikoto, Tree Diagram is now toast, thanks to the action of a certain magical index that went berserk. (Chronologically, this Sisters’ story arc takes place after Touma saved Index from having her memory erased)

  10. #9982 as an individual knew what she was up against, hence her meaningful farewell to her onee-sama, knowing they will never see each other again. Even near death, she cherished the Gekota badge Mikoto gave her, the only spiritual solace she gets from an otherwise mundane and brief life, designed to only be killed off for a supposed greater purpose.

    Her death will not be in vain, for it will
    (Index I spoilers in case there’s someone who’s not seen the Sisters arc there)
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Seeing Accelerator upgraded to protagonist status by the end of Index II, it’s easy to forget what a magnificent assshole he used to be (he still is quite an asshole, but now he’s OUR asshole) before he got “nerfed” for saving Last Order, a kind of redemption of sorts for his massacre of Last Order’s “sisters”. Salute to Okamoto Nobuhiko for his continued topform in providing Accelerator with that batshit insane laughter.

    1. He was a magnificent villain, but in the same way that the scientists are. After killing 10,000+ clones, a person would have to stop thinking of them as people and instead view them as guinea pigs. That or go crazy.

  11. BTW, who is in agreement that Haruue is so cute for being such a glutton? Prompting Uiharu to need to buy a new ricecooker, and for Mikoto to show off her haggling skillz.

  12. So they removed the scene from the manga where Misaka 9982 is picky with tea after tasting one for the first time and then referencing it in episode 5?

    Episode 4’s first half was a utter drag, yes, we get it, Mikoto is deluded (but aren’t all espers delusional as so they can create Personal Reality), but they really didn’t need to drag out the scene with Haruue and her swimsuits, especially because her body was so disproportionally it looked terrifying. Moreover, her scene cuts away more character exploration for Misaka 9982, which is kinda needed as so her death would not seem hamfisted.


    Episode 5 is a nearly 1:1 adaptation of the manga, and the direction and music was superb and beautifully crafted. That is how you make an adaptation JC STAFF please take notes.

    Gaze of Providence
    1. ..perhaps they will use them to get ride of our level 5, because she knows now to much? that would make a good connection, but we know that Railgun will survive. Why? Index timeline

  13. Holy crap. God I hated seeing every second of that fight. I kept thinking Misaka ought to show up any second or if not, Touma showing up complaining about his misfortune. Seeing the brutal way Accelerator killed off one of the Sisters made me very sad.

    I realized then that the Sister was actually saying goodbye to Misaka that time they parted for the first and last time.

    Kick his ass Railgun!!!!

  14. I haven’t seen Index nor the first season of Railgun. Any suggestions on what I would watch to appreciate this 2nd season? Or can I watch this as a standalone?
    I watched ep 5 on a whim, and it turned out to be pretty good. I always assumed Railgun was a happy go lucky show, but this turned out to be not what I expected at all.

    1. Since JC STAFF magically removed the connection between the Level Upper Arc and Sisters Arc, absolutely none. Of course, you can still watch the first half of Railgun to get a taste on how brainwave networks work as that is an important term in the Sisters Arc, but overall, there is absolutely nothing that stops you from just watching Railgun S as stand alone.

      If you insist, watch Index Season 1 episode 1-14 (Episodes 10-14 if you don’t want to bother) to get a grasp on where Railgun S’ time period currently is, as well as to contrast Touma’s POV with Mikoto’s during the crucial arc, as well as to marvel at JC STAFF’s ineptitude at adapting the light novel.

      Superior choice:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      Gaze of Providence
      1. They didn’t completely remove it.

        Mikoto was commenting about how because of the Level Upper incident, she thought it might be possible for people with similar brainwaves to communicate/detect each other.

    2. I would suggest watching the first season of Railgun so that the first episode would make sense to you. Otherwise you’d have no clue who Haruue or her friend in the hospital are. Likewise, it will help you better understand all the characters. Aside from that, I see no requirement in watching any of the other material. Judging from my reactions to this, and comparing them to the reactions of people who’ve insisted on overexposing themselves to all the other material (Index animes, the mangas, the novels), I would say if all you’re interested in is Railgun you’re better off following my example and just watching the two Railgun anime series.

    3. Watch the first season of Railgun and then this season, because it picks off directly where the first season ended. I would actually recommend that you NOT watch Index, or if you do, treat them as 2 seperate shows so you won’t get confused by the timeline.

  15. Know what, I thought that it would be a case of “seeing it before”, but episode 5 proved me wrong.

    The damn episode is fucking cruel. It’s basically having a moment with someone before you see them die in front of you hours later.

    And to think that I already like Accelerator in Index S2. Now I hate him again.

  16. I honestly don’t understand why people think Railgun S is just like re-watching the Index version…seriously the Index anime version showed barely 5% of this arc. [I never read the LN or manga so I don’t know how much was covered there] Maybe people who never read the Railgun manga underestimate how much depth this arc goes to…

    Anyway…BEST ADAPTED EPISODE I’VE SEEN FROM JC STAFF!!! Watched the episode 3+ times cuz it was that good! I hope they could keep it up for the rest of the arc!

    1. you’re absolutely right, this goes into much more depth than the index arc ever did so why anyone would perceive the series as a rehash is beyond me; perhaps because those who have seen index know how this is going to end.


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