This was an intense chapter. None of the information revealed should come as a big surprise to any of the readers as a lot of it was hinted at before, yet it remains that everything here will have critical implications for Ichigo’s identity and purpose. The question that we’ve been asking for weeks, how Masaki could have been defeated by a mere hollow, is finally resolved. Isshin explains that Grand Fisher, despite having advanced abilities over normal hollows, would not have been able to kill Masaki if it wasn’t for her sudden loss of abilities during the battle. The reason is none other than Juha Bach, father and king of all the quincies, who has finally fully awakened after 999 years. Nine years ago, he conducted a sort of purge on the quincies by “purifying” all the half-bloods, and naturally, that involved taking their powers, and killing many of them, including both Ishida and Ichigo’s mothers. The Nazi/Holocaust metaphors just seem a little too obvious, but Kubo does seem to enjoy applying cultural themes for the various groups in Bleach.

I feel like Ichigo should have known such important information about himself much, much earlier; however Isshin’s flashback has managed to provide him with a newfound resolve, and if previous soul-searching arcs have told us anything, he will be now be able to blast right through all of the Zero Squad’s challenges and training. Perhaps he will be seeking revenge for his mother, and things may get personal with Juha Bach (even if he is one of Ichigo’s ancestors). Ishida is not likely to have any love for the quincy king either, so despite seeing him join the Vandenreich ranks at the end, I suspect he is some sort of double agent planning to topple Juha’s reign. He has a very calculating and methodological personality, so it would be very surprising if he is genuinely joining the enemy. Either way though, he still looks pretty good in that white trench coat.


    1. I think he hiding this triumph card in order to give Bleach a decent finale. Because guys, Bleach whole story was Aizen, nice to see something fresh, interesting and not a total cliche or at least for now. When tkubo pulled the “I´m your father” thing I though this manga hit rock bottom.

    1. Bach didn’t kill his mom though. Grand Fisher did.

      Bach just happened to take her powers again right as she was fighting Grand Fisher.

      Shit timing. Poor Masaki lol

    1. I really doubt Uryu would work for the man who killed his mother. Why is father not doing his own purging.

  1. I feel like Juha Bach forgot to read the Evil Overlord list.

    It’s generally a bad idea to leave survivors that will grow up to hate you, infiltrate your army and then kill you.

    Ichigo, Uryuu, pincer attack!

    From the Evil Overlord list
    38. If an enemy I have just killed has a younger sibling or offspring anywhere, I will find them and have them killed immediately, instead of waiting for them to grow up harboring feelings of vengeance towards me in my old age.

    (On an unrelated note:)

    21. I will hire a talented fashion designer to create original uniforms for my Legions of Terror, as opposed to some cheap knock-offs that make them look like Nazi stormtroopers, Roman footsoldiers, or savage Mongol hordes. All were eventually defeated and I want my troops to have a more positive mind-set.

  2. The whole concept of “pure blood” has always been rather sketchy, usually involving some arbitrary cut-off point of “purity” in deciding who’s in and who’s out, a puerile notion with no scientific basis to justify it. Under racial segregation laws here in the United States, not even the famed Plessy who was only 1/8th black was considered to be part of the “in” group. Uryuu’s probably less pure-quincy than that and the Quicy-Nazis still accepted him into their group? Makes me wonder what the Vandenreich’s measure of “purity” actually is…

    1. Good point, and I was actually really stuck on this point too. I mean, if his mother was a half-blood that was considered “impure” enough to have been sacrificed, how does that “impurity” not pass on into the son as well? Or are Quincies half glass full types after all…?

      Also, I seriously doubt Ishida doesn’t know how his mother met her untimely death. I mean, Isshin knew and I doubt he was even invited to the funeral.

    2. His father is a pure blood quincy. He is at least 1/2 quincy + whatever percentage his moher was/2. So he is between 50% and 100%. So you can say the glass is half full?

    3. Masaki had her powers taken although she was a pure-blood. Pure-blood isn’t the rule of the thumb here to follow, who’s in and who’s out is completely up to Juha Bach to decide really.

  3. Hah just when I had the thought that I didn’t see Ishida for a while before I finished reading, he appears right at the last page. Deja-vu? I felt that happened before.

    random viewer
  4. So, Juha was fully awakened after 999 years. Captain Commander Dickstomp Yamamoto was head captain for 1000 years. Was the captain commander the reason Juha was out of commission for so long?

    1. I’m starting to think that maybe Juha was a substitute Shinigami (or maybe just a full Shinigami) that was “killed” by the Captain Commander 1000 years ago for either threatening his position as the one on top or because his ability caused the souls to be destroyed rather than be purified thus creating an imbalance. Either way his killing of the Captain Commander seemed more personal than the whole Shinigami killing all Quincys thing.

    2. Captain Mayuri accused Yamamoto of being the cause of this new tragedy beacuse he was unable to kill the quincy commander in the last war a millenium ago so most likely the man buchered Juha Bach but the quincy bastard was able run awy somehow.

      That being said, I´m hving a hard time sympathizing with the quincies and their genocide 1000 years ago, those guys powers destroy the world itself by tampering with reicarnation cycle and they didn´t care at all in the past and now their revenge most likely destroy the entire Bleach universe, it´s hard to see them as the victims of some injustice.

    1. Yeah that part’s a bit iffy. It’s not made clear if she had her powers when Grand Fisher killed her. If she did have her powers then it doesn’t make sense that she was defeated so easily or “Blut” didn’t work for her. But if she didn’t have any powers then why did Juah Bach target her in the first place? If she had no powers then how would adding that “power” help Juah Bach regain his power?

      Another thing I thought about was when Ichigo first fought Kempachi. When Ichigo made the first attack his hands were damaged and Kempachi was fine. He explained that the power he leaks “unconsciously” is just more powerful than Ichigo. So if Maskai had all her powers and was killed by a “suprise attack” even that doesn’t make sense because she defeated a Visored level hollow. Ichigo WITHOUT his Shikai damaged Grand Fisher so much it took him months to recover. Suprise attacks like that don’t even exist in Bleach logic.

  5. Masaki died, so what, now we just know how she die? We knew that from ep 1 of bleach. I want to know why Ichigo was so strong, then his bankai broke so quick, good entrance no show, now he gota train again? I don’t get it. I never thought Quincy are stronger than Soul Reapers. The thought of it is just strange. I still believe Azien stronger than those Quincy, does not make sense whatsoever. the whole power difference is off. so who stronger than who? if the captain commander was that weak, yeah show off big bankai, then died with 1 hit KO than why is everybody training, it will take 1000 years just to get to his lvl, this whole power lvl is wierd all of a sudden when u can just take away some power , and regain some power why not just keep it constant

    1. Most of them were as strong as the current quincy army, reason why the shinigami hunt them down to near extintion level. But this guys has been preparing for over a millenium, they took their time to make sure to erase the shinagmis and the whole world for good.

    1. Genetics is complex. If only one gene was involved, there’d be a 50% chance of Uryuu counting as a half-blood and a 50% chance of counting as a pure-blood. The more genes involved, the greater the number of possible locations between 50% and 100% power potential (compared to Ryuuken).

      The fact that Uryuu survived the culling means he’s potentially more powerful than his mother, that’s all.

      1. Seeing how Ishida has never used blut in any of his near death fights, I’m going with him being a half blood since only the pure blood can use blut without any kind of training.

  6. Okay, I’m a massive Uryu fan and have said for weeks that I wanted him to play a larger role in this arc. But let’s be realistic, if he does turn out to be an enemy, there’s no way he could take Ichigo down, even if he has the advanced abilities these Quincy seem to have. Here’s hoping if Kubo is going for a Ichigo vs Uryu showdown then the latter has gotten a hell of a lot stronger and doesn’t pull the whole; “I’ve been hiding my real power all along” line.

  7. I still think it would had been cooler if this arc had focused a little more in Ishida and his choice to either be with his familly or his friends.
    Also if Juha Bach was the first Quincy, wouldn’t all descendents be half-blooded?
    What did he do? Cloned himself?

    1. Perhaps. But then he made a Mistake. He gave his Clones a Own free Mind. And trough Mutation, his Clone change gender. So men and Woman Quinces where born….

      Well.. it dont fit.. but that would be a logical explanation to all this…

      But then, how he can erase their Powers of the Clones? As he can work some kind of radiation rays that erase the Quincy Power genes…

      Now, it hit sky high…

  8. if Mayuri wanted to, he could cause a virus that would create a mass genocide to the Quincy, but that isn’t his thing. No, he’d rather be a sadist and make sure that they would eternally suffer, rather than die. Also, I’m sure Mayuri has some backup for this. He did offer Yamamoto advice, so I’m sure he still has it.

    1. Dunno. for me it likes that the Fullbring arc was forced shutdown… I dont think he will reuse it… or is this the power of Ichigo, if he combine all of his “pure” Blood special Powers? Shinigami+Quincy+Hallow+”orb of Power”?

      1. Well, I am not taking the idea of Ichigo reusing his powers, but this last arc has provided a lot of flags coming from the fullbring arc. And the latest is his substitute shinigami badge (or what, haha sorry, my memory’s abit fuzzy) 😀

  9. I still don’t understand why Misaki died. Wasn’t the point of her almost marrying Ishida’s dad because she’s a pure-blood? There’s no reason at all for purging her of her powers. Unless it was the hollow taint in her? But for that matter, why wasn’t Ichigo purged? Even if he was a kid, he shouldn’t have been spared. And Ishida’s a three quarter quincy at best, he should have been purged too.

  10. In response to your view of Uryuu going to the Vandenreich, I gotta agree. Uryuu doesn’t seem to be the type of person to join up with them. Perhaps he is a double agent.

    On the other hand, I kinda feel that Ichigo’s the person to believe what happened at face value and believe that Uryuu has gone to the dark side, and he’s gonna be in despair over it until the final battle where everything gets resolved. It just seems that he’s a baby in that way.

  11. I figure that Masaki was able to be stripped of her power because she was ‘tainted’ when she was bitten by Aizen’s experiment. Due to the ‘taint’, she was no longer considered a Pureblood.

    As an aside, given how Masaki acted in the previous chapter, I can only imagine how much less uptight Ichigo would have been if Masaki was still alive.

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