Things are proceeding very quickly now that Ichigo is finally aware of who he really is. It only takes four panels from him saying goodbye to his dad, to getting back into Nimaiya’s place, and picking his new zanpakutou spirit. The Asauchi don’t even attack him this time, and apparently deem him worthy enough to kneel before him. I don’t know what exactly caused them to respect him this time within a span of a day or two of beating the crap out of him, but it does make him look like a badass, despite not making complete sense. Interestingly, the Asauchi he chooses materializes into something like his hollow form. We’ll have to see what his new zanpakutou will look like and what will happen with Zangetsu, if anything. Although his old sword was broken, it seems very unlikely that it’s completely gone from Ichigo, but I have no idea what this new spirit will mean for his original shinigami and hollow powers.

In Soul Society, the other shinigami are also trying to recover. Kensei calls Hisagi over for training, and as usual it involves the “get stronger or die trying” tactic. He has flawless logic: the quincy can steal bankai’s, so he better get his ready too! Kensei also insults Tousen too, someone who Hisagi still respects a lot (somewhat irrationally), but maybe the provocation is just what he needs. Hitsgugaya has a better approach by honing his skills other than his bankai, and simply doing the best he can do, but unfortunately I don’t think it will be enough. Elsewhere, Captain Komamura is also going back to his roots, and he visits a strange cave where a giant dog is residing. By big dog, I mean at least 50 times bigger than Komamura himself. He doesn’t seem to too happy to see him, though no doubt he’ll eventually agree to help. We might be able to learn a little about Komamura’s origins and backstory, and hopefully he will be able to make himself more useful in next battle.


  1. Wait so the fact that there was a guy who looked like a dog/wolf is actually going to get explained? That surprised me way more than Ichigo being able to succeed in his training.

    1. wait, so you’re reading a series that features gigantic malevolent spirits like hollows, magical swords, fake bodies, traveling through multiple dimensions…and the fact that they haven’t explained a dog man has been bugging you?

      1. All these “features” you have said have been seen and span from chapter 1 to now. All these holders are human that posses spiriture power and Komamura is the only animal. So when i saw fist him, I was how the hell did HE became a captain. A story about his past does interest me than seen ichigo getting new powers 4 different ways in 4 panels. It’s like saying who cares if kenpachi does not have a bankai being a captain which clearly seeing him get his zanpakto’s name and bankai will be badass.

      2. I never said his backstory as to how he became a captain wouldn’t be intriguing. You’re correct that he’s the sole “non human,” but I’m wondering why, in an obviously fantasy setting, would an anamorphic character would need an explanation as to how he exists. Even if he’s a rarity in sole society, it’s almost similar to questioning the existence of non human jedi. Considering how Aizen referred to the Soul King as a “thing” I wouldn’t put it past Kubo that the Soul King is also a non human.

  2. I have to love how Bleach atmosphere always “ruins one’s cool” after when a main character announces something profound.

    I am a little surprise how Mashiro is a “super vice-captain,” wikipedia labeled her a co-vice-captain. Either way, I am sure that maybe, unlike all the other women in the Soul Society, Hisagi may have some luck with Mashiro. Anyway, I am shocked that Hisagi will use a Bankai.

    Ichigo, I will wonder if perhaps he will save Harribel, she always did look like the Bar Tender Onee-san. And if Ichigo will develop Quincy powers now.

    1. “shrug” who knows. Aizen wanted to make Ichigo stronger in the past, but he didn’t bother letting Ichigo gaining Quincy powers. Which meant that Ichigo didn’t need Quincy powers or that Aizen just didn’t know what method to use.

      1. Ichigo is the bone of his zanpakuto
        Hollow is his body and Quincy is his blood
        He has fought over a thousand enemies
        Unknown to Shinigami, Nor known to Hollows
        Have withstood pain to win various fights
        Yet, his battles will never end
        So as he prays, Unlimited Bankai Works!

    2. i really hope not.
      A bow would probably be a kido type and wouldn’t fit ichigo’s melee style at all, that and the fact don’t swords need to have a blade? this is a zanpakuto made for shinigami after all.

      1. A Zanpakuto is a sword in base form, but there are a ton of examples of shikai and bankai both being different. From Unohana’s flying sting ray thing to Ikkaku’s spear and Kurotsuchi’s giant baby, poison monster thing. Though I agree a bow wouldn’t fit Ichigo at all, though it would be cool if maybe he could form the one handed bow like his mom to go with his zanpakuto

        Zero Hour 17
  3. I think the asauchi scene is similar to a teacher trying to teach Einstein the theory of relativity but with the catch that Einstein immediately covers his ears whenever he hears the word relativity.

    If that Einstein can overcome his fear (rejection of his hollow half for Ichigo), there is no longer a need to teach anything.

    1. I would suggest expanding on your thought to why you would think this way since you’re not really explaining your dissatisfaction with the chapter or the whole manga itself(I thought the chapter was okay, a little rushed with Ichigo’s development but nevertheless very intriguing)

  4. Seems legit.
    Those Asauchi probably had to sit through a day-long lecture about their behaviour.

    I’m sure we’ll see Ichigo’s resolve waver soon enough, like it always does.

    I think the remaining big question is really this:
    Can the elite quincy steal more than one bankai at a time? To be more specific, did they actually carry more than one bankai-stealing focus on them?
    I am currently doubting they can do so, but that’s just basic storyteller’s instinct – something Kubo doesn’t have. 😉

  5. I kind of wonder now how Zangetsu would look as he is going to be forged again; having his asauchi to appear like his hollow form, its certainly going to keep me thinking about it.
    *looks at fanart of Zangetsu as a female*

  6. …but it does make him look like a badass, despite not making complete sense.

    That’s Kubo in top form right there. Kubo in his worst form is when the story simply doesn’t make any sense minus the badass factor (Sense is never present anyways)…XP

  7. Dragonball Z with swords at it’s finest. Lol. At Least got somewhat interesting, but Kubo is still a shitty writer. Stan Lee can write circles around Kubo. In fact If Joss Whedon wrote Bleach RUKIA would be the Protagonist, just like how it was intended to be. I Miss old Rukia when she was useful knowledgable, and teacher like. Also the captains and vice captains training to battle without their bankai ain’t gonna do shit for them in the long run. I find it Hilarious that with Ichigo’s great family history gave him the balls to find his zanpakuto spirit that fast. LOL. Um, i think we are forgetting the Spirit King what Happened to him anyway? Also, if Aizen comes back I hope kubo doesn’t make him even more broken. Aizen may plan ahead….but he ain’t no freakin Dr. Doom!!

    Corey Lucas
  8. so i just caught up to the manga (again), nothing was said about fullbringers, it’s like they never existed for Ichigo in the first place,, did Kubo write them off as fillers?

  9. I can’t wait for Ichigo to fight Juha again.

    Ichigo, “You killed my mother”
    Juha, “But I’m your father”
    Ichigo, “Um, no you’re not”
    Juha, “let me finish! Kids these days, no respect. I was going to say Forefather”
    Ichigo, “Bankai” puts on hollow mask. Activates Quincy powers. Combines all 3.



    Zero Hour 17
  10. Man bleach would haven been a far greater manga if Kubo did other characters development and answered question like it have been on this arc, too bad it is too late now :S

  11. I was half expecting Isshin to show up when those shinigami asked what was gonna become of the 10th squad now. Well, that’s what I wanted to happen at least.

  12. Is Tensa Zangetsu coming back or not, if not is He going to be replaced by Asauchi. TK(the author) needs to explain why if that were to be the case. Zangetsu happens to be one of my favourite characters in this show.

    K C M

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