Leave it to Natsu to come up with the most bizarre schemes – when all else is lost, just shove everything into your big fat mouth and it’ll be A-Okay! Consuming the dragon’s flame seems like the kind of wild idea that is right up Natsu’s alley, but the subsequent development is probably something that even the Fire Dragon Slayer didn’t see coming – the fact that he was able to pacify Atlas Flame and bring the dragon to his side. The interesting turn of events could mark a shift of strategic advantage to the human’s favor, but it also leads to an interesting question of just what kind of beings the dragons are – or rather, what exactly is the driving force and motivation behind the mighty creatures. The intentions of the dragons remained shrouded in enigma and as far as I can tell, there appears to be a fascinating mix of contrasts within their ranks, not too dissimilar from the humans. Such variance in characterization can clearly be seen in Atlas Flame, who apparently switched sides the moment Natsu’s connection to Igneel has been made clear – even if it means antagonizing his own kinds. But what’s potentially most interesting about this entire shenanigan is the huge question mark next to future-Rogue’s Dragon Manipulation Magic – how does it work and how strong a clasp does it have on the dragons? For all we know, the whole notion could be a farce – an improvisation that future-Rogue conjured up from thin air, and the flock of dragons who are supposedly under his control could transgress the reins and go rampant at any time.

Speaking of future-Rogue, he’s certainly a megalomaniac of the highest order – on the surface, anyway! I still think there’s more to his back story than meets the eyes and the the lack of any mention of Frosch thus far is probably key to such exposition. For now, it seems like he’s preoccupied with the prospect of a world conquest and perhaps more importantly, the seemingly despotic man has also shown a fervent desire to defeat Acnologia at all cost. His connection to the Black Dragon has been vaguely hinted at on numerous occasions and I have a certain suspicion Zeref might have a hand in this conspiracy as well. There are many big questions surrounding future-Rogue that could use some answers, but I don’t think he’s ready to respond to any of them just yet – presumably not before getting his ass handed to him! Natsu couldn’t have found a better ally than Atlas Flame – whose elemental affinity is the perfect fit for him, and I have no doubt their combo will be more than capable of putting up a good fight against the all-powerful dragons. Whether Natsu’s exemplar will be replicated by the rest of the gang is anyone’s guess, but what’s clear at this point is that his valiant effort has given humanity a glimmer of hope and I suspect this is probably just the beginning of the massive counterattack by the Dragon Slayers – one that, at long last, allows them to live up their monikers!

Random tidbits:

  • Natsu sure did butter up to Atlas Flame quick enough – he’s already calling him “oji san”!
  • I must say – the lack of fanservice in this chapter is somewhat disappointing. Mashima sensei has to some extent, spoiled me rotten with the last few chapters!
  • Now that we have Laxus and the Raijinshuu heading towards where Zirconis is, does that mean a naked Evergreen is not too far in the horizon?
  • Check out this awesome prize figure of gakusei-Lucy at Stereoman’s blog! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for one that features Erza – which unfortunately remains absent from the production pipeline!

tl;dr: @SeishunRC – #FairyTail 332: Natsu’s gonna eat you up! A valuable ally shows up in the form of a dragon #Manga


    1. I don’t see the fanservice in Fairy Tail as a distraction or an obnoxious attempt at fan-pandering, but that’s coming from a guy who writes 700-word posts for Hyakka Ryouran week after week – I’m guessing my tolerance for fanservice is somewhat higher LOL :3

      1. I’m pretty okay with Fairy Tail overall, but definitely found that last week’s chapter was a bit obnoxious in terms of fan-service. Having Lucy naked for half the chapter (where almost no plot developed) is a bit excessive. It’s something you definitely don’t see in Naruto or One Piece, which develop the story a lot more and rarely have fan-service. Just my 2 cents though, I don’t really like watching anime that focus on fanservice/ecchi so I guess I’m pretty different from you!

      2. Me too I like the fanservice, but I rate it as medium level, or a little more. The fanservice Fairy tail does not bother me to enjoy the story and placed properly with comedy and at the right time without harming the progress of the story (this is my view).

        I consider “Fairy Tail” a manga that has a balanced fanservice. This is kept under or semi-medium most of the time, and come up short at times (if you consider the chapters within an arc as a whole, my explanation fits). In moments of action and seriousness this does not interrupt the time (there are scenes that can so, but are rare).

        Returning to mention the fanservice in general, I regret to say I do not enjoy watching “Hyakka Ryouran” for this. The characters seem interesting, I like Kanetsugu and Juubei, but I not like the story and the frequency of the high level of nudity. I like the style of animation, I had fun censorship like drops of ink, and I think if it were otherwise I would like the anime, but it is not. I am very sorry Sheishun differ slightly, but I think you do a good job with Samurai girls

        I like fanservice when it is at times, not very frequent. As in real life, I like the mystery. “mystery is the true art” for Shiroyasha, lol XD (I exceed with that quote). my gust

        Sheishun, I liked your post. You had problems, I worry the delay. But it’s normal, we all have important things to do in real life. Here we support you friend. XD

    2. I’m also not shocked at all by the fanservice in fairy tail, never were, never will; many fans seems to have disliked what happened in last week’s chapter, but I found it funny, it was mostly meant as comic relief really, as do many other fanservice moments in FT. The NatsuxLucy made me smile ^^ I believe people are reading too much into it.

  1. Unexpectedly taught that Natsu will finish eating the dragon, but instead eating and power up, co-working together and fight side by side with dragon is not a bad idea.

  2. Seishun sure loves his fanservice, hehe. I have to agree with Bobina though, Fairy Tail has potential for chapters that ultimately get somewhat clouded with fanservice. That doesn’t mean Hiro should stop including it, he just needs to pick his timing. Fanservice seems like something for light-hearted moments and not serious battles. But I could go on for ages.
    Anyways, this chapter was a surprising turn, and seriously jumbled my predictions for future chapters. I hope Hiro keeps up the unpredictability.

    1. LOL you got that right. I love my fanservice – not only am I blogging Hyakka Ryouran, I’ve even made a list of my favorite ecchi anime in my intro post XD
      I can see why some might find the fanservice in FT off-putting, but as I said in my response to Bobina, I quite enjoy it – especially in the context of FT because it has one of the best-looking cast!

  3. I liked this chapter. Natsu was adorable with his “He’s my dad~” We don’t know much about the dragons, only what Natsu and co. say which is very little. It is interesting that Atlas has a kinder-ship with the Flame King. I look forward to seeing how that develops. I’m most interested in what’s going on with future Rouge. I would like some Rouge + Sting vs. Future Rouge conformation~ maybe it will happen~

    1. Don’t forget the part where he called Atlas Flame “oji san”! That got a chuckle out of me XD
      It’s looking like a Natsu vs future-Rogue match-up at the moment, but who knows, anything can happen in this frenzied environment 😉

  4. First early comment!

    I did not expect Atlas Flame to turn traitor on his own kind the second Natsu reveals his connection to Igneel, who for some reason he knows considering Igneel existed around when Natsu was a kid and Atlas Flame is from 400 years in the past. It seems kinda…anticlimactic with how it happened just off the bat. Hopefully if the anime returns they will add a little more to it. On another note, we aren’t told what Future Lucy wrote in her journal right away. Mashima can be so evil sometimes but as the saying goes, good things come to those who wait…and I think waiting two weeks is good enough.

    1. I know what you mean. There are a number of subplots happening consecutively in the background and it doesn’t look like they’ll be converging any time soon – I want to know what happened to Jellal and Erza already! 😡

  5. I don’t think this Future Rogue’s scheme is his own doing…it’s probably just Rogue that was consumed by the dark entity, so the whole thing is his doing. If I would take a guess it could be that the dark entity is the Shadow Dragon himself, Rogue did mention that he killed his dragon parent because he was sick…it could be that the spirit of the Shadow Dragon lingered and he had much bigger plans than just passing his magic to some human and die.

    Side note, plus point for Natsu…that awkward moment when your prey jumps on your back and says “I’M GONNA EAT YOU!!”

  6. Here is my prediction.

    Considering that Atlas Flame sided with Natsu, we may also see Zirconis becoming an ally. He is clearly less malevolent than the average dragon, and he has a soft spot for cute girls like Wendy. Also as revealed when his spirit was revived, he is acquantances with Grandeeney, mother of Wendy. Once he learns of this, he may become a supporter for Wendy.

    Yay for perverted lolicon dragon. ^^

  7. After dragon-slaying magic, dragon-eating magic XD

    Show Spoiler ▼

  8. Need moar Wendy and Mavis fanservice :3

    On a serious note, now that Natsu has shown that the dragons can be persuaded to switch sides I really hope the same happens to Zirconis. I loved that guy ever since his first appearance many chapters back in the dragon graveyard, where he was already established as king troll and a lolicon lol.

    Im sure Wendy has what it takes to persuade him. Maybe tell him about their conversation.

  9. It’s like Xu Meng head fiercely poured cold water. Xu Union will be more deep resentment can imagine, he stared fiercely a full Feng Ting Liu Yiyi chest, eyes can not wait to dig into from the cleavage of the last helpless sigh, talk about a girlfriend so tired even point Consolation not give. Thanks to his endurance. Otherwise, early yellow.

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