It’s a new week and with it, a new Naruto chapter. Following a long wait, the battle resumes in full force—filled with obligatory pre-battle poses, flashy moves, and… Madara just camping out. Suffice to say, Madara seems to have pretty much tossed all semblance of sanity aside (well, whatever he had left in the first place), and it’s just quite amusing to see how he just went up and quit on the fight like that. I guess it’s what they say. Some people just stay the same overtime, and Madara’s just living up to his insane personality per the norm.

Interestingly enough though, the dispatch of the Ten-Tails actually doesn’t really end up happening despite the combined powers of the former Hokage, “Hokage candidates,” and the rest of the Ninja Army… but what it does do is finally give Sakura some extra screen time to show off all the things she’s learned from Tsunade over the years.

Ultimately, things just go full circle for the most part. Virtually everyone we’ve known throughout the last 600+ chapters (that’s still alive) is gathered here (and virtually everyone else has seen a reappearance in some shape or form), Sakura seems to be readying herself to inherit Tsunade’s mantle (at least in terms of being the insanely powerful medical ninja… and maybe Hokage too? That would be quite the twist…), and it all combines to give us that gratuitous, action packed chapter we’ve all been waiting for. There’s admittedly not much to say as a result, but hey, pictures tell a thousand words, so I’ve included some extra pictures in the form of the image links above, and the troll version of Madara’s panel here.


      1. I think people are taking that line WAY too literally.

        I don’t think she meant that she “caught up” in terms of overall power or anything like that, but more so the fact that, unlike her self in Part 1, she can ACTUALLY be helpful and contribute to the battle this time around rather than being left on the sidelines as a total damsel in distress “needing” to be shielded like the helpless child that she was, unable to do anything but watch in fear.

    1. To be honest, I can imagine how this was how the Sanin were like before Orochimaru’s betrayal.

      On the side note, where is Orochimaru? Don’t tell me he may plan to use Edo Tensei on Jiraiya but has trouble looking for him.

      I am a bit humored in how the 1st sees Tsunade’s pupil. To think the 1st had such a monster of a descendent.

      Hashirama’s thoughts – “though from the look of Sakura’s chest, Tsunade kept some secrets to herself.”

    2. Hell,she shouldn’t even be worrying.She’s a good medical ninja that should naturally be protected,not jump on the front lines and risk getting killed(like she did now)strong or not.It’s like she just can’t accept that and wants to be on par with them as a fighter.You don’t see Naruto or Sasuke(or any other good fighter for that matter)going on how they can’t perform healing ninjutsu.It’s like a game of LoL where no1 people wants to be a support,or a mmorgp where no1 wants to be a healer.

    3. What’s most hilarious about the whole scene is that everyone recalls Tsunade, but for several chapters no one gives a single fuck about where she is, even though she is half-dead somewhere along the other kages.

  1. *Chapter In a Nutshell*
    1. Everyone wants to be Hokage…
    #Kiba? ఠ_ఠ Huh?
    #Sakura? WTF!? Lmao(She’s drunk)

    2. Hashirama’s clone isn’t enough to satisfy Madara’s years without bromance or romance. (Whichever you prefer lol).
    3. Sakura finally uses a move she waited 3 years to perform. No coincidence there. (For her darling Sasuke obviously ◔_◔
    4. Sakura claims she caught up to Naruto and Sasuke but ends up still being saved by them lol.
    5.(maybe?) You guys best believe Orochimaru is in the background up to something when all this is said and done. Sasuke is too quiet also, which raises suspicion. Not to mention Suigetsu and Karin aren’t there either.

  2. And Sakura gets random powerup that has never been alluded to just so she could look epic like Naruto and Sasuke. And funny how the guy who planned for all of this to happen decades in the past decides to be like: “OK I’m just gonna sit here and let you destroy my big plan step by step just so I can have a nostalgic fight with Hashirama and maybe after that we’ll share a sake or two as we laugh it off since neither of us can die and all.”

    …Of course and Hinata just gets a single frame dedicated to her…damn you Kishimoto…more on the fact that Naruto went on and pretended Hinata’s confession and sacrifice never ever happened.

    1. Well, to be fair to Sakura, at least her “random power-up” is a lot more believable in that it took time to really develop and able to come out whereas Naruto and Sasuke were practically handed uber power-ups left and right since post-Kakuzu/Hidan. I mean, we already knew from Part 1 that Tsunade’s seal is complex and that she herself continuously stored up chakra in it ever since she first developed it. The fact that Sakura was able to learn such a seal and do something Tsunade, a medical genius, was able to do (and possibly even better) at such a younger age says something for her so I give her credit for it.

      Yes, it’s nothing uber-fancy or flashy like Naruto and Sasuke have done, but sometimes moves don’t HAVE to be fancy or flashy to be effective, and I feel a lot of people seem to forget that. Not to mention Sakura did ONE thing so far and the battle had only just started, so why not wait and see how it goes?

      It’s a large reason why a lot of people seem to always call Tsunade the weakest of the five Kage while completely overlooking her medical expertise and just how deadly it can be (if Kabuto was any indication), just because she hasn’t had so much page time or tons of battles to show more of her abilities and what she did show wasn’t all gigantically big or flashy, but simple.

      1. Believable? Yes, but the timing makes it smell bad. Unless the Kyuubi Chakra helped her finish it (in which case she didn’t even do it on her own) why didn’t she use it against Pain or Sasuke? Yes Sasuke and Naruto are overpowered, but by the Pain arc they had already surpassed their masters with Kirin and Rasenshuriken. Even if she becomes as strong as Tsunade it would be too little too late for her to catch up with them. It’s definitely an improvement over what she’s usually like, but it simply feels like Kishi is trying to hastily cover up how little she’s grown in comparison to the rest of her team.

      2. Totally agreed on the part where you don’t have to do all sorts of fancy moves to be effective.Personally,I prefered it when the fights in Naruto were simpler which made them more detailed & fun to watch.A hand to hand battle is much more exciting,in my opinion,when most moves are shown in detail rather than character X instantly teleports behind character’s Y back CUZ HE’S SO FAST THAT WE CAN’T SEE HIM!Combining taijutsu with some simpler ninjutsu was also interesting.Now it’s like “My move is bigger & flashier than yours,therefore I win.”
        Throughout the whis whole Shinobi War we’ve seen so many overpowered jutsus(well,before that too actually) that I frequently wondered what was the point of their army?Yea they weren’t completely usefull but there wasn’t really that much for them to do.These power-ups are just too much -.-

  3. Heh.., sakura still lame using her stored chakra to perform DAT jutsu 3 years is a loooongg…long time) and in the end naruto and sasuke saved her -_-

    Wow… i never expected dat barrier so powerful, all previous hokages power is a league of is own

    I can feel romance in the air when madara sit quietly and patiently waiting for hashirama lol

  4. @Zephyr: You make it sound as though Madara just decided to give up randomly. He’s actually waiting for the real Hashirama to show up because he doesn’t think a clone is worth his time. It’s a classic villain move in my opinion, and not a sign of him being lazy.

    1. Err I never said he was lazy.

      What I meant with the first paragraph is that it’s just somewhat “what the heck”/amusing that he just decides to stop fighting in general after wrecking havoc with the Ten-Tails for most of the recent chapters. It’s not even about fighting the clone as it is not bothering to combat the forces trying to seal the Ten-Tails in the first place.

      Sure, it’s a classic villain move, but it’s kind of nonsensical if you get down to questioning the end game. Because even if the Ten-Tails is defeated, it’s not guaranteed he’d get his 1v1 without anyone intervening. And even if you assume the first Hokage will do something to cater to this, when you wonder what happens next, you realize there’s nothing left even if he does somehow win (because by then there’s no Ten-Tails to do his plan)… not to mention there’s still everyone else waiting for their chance to take him down. And well, if he loses to the first Hokage… he gets his supposed closure, but then it really knocks out the point of having the Ten-Tails in the first place, ya know?

      I guess it could all boil down to all of this being caused by two people (Madara/Obito) unable to accept the past/trying to get closure to their past… and the threat of destroying everything was just a kind of facade in and of itself, but yeah… I’m admittedly having some conflicting feelings here is basically what I’m trying to say.

      1. And even if it was left to be one-on-one, there’s the fact that they both are under Edo Tensei, meaning neither could die and the battle would never be able to end, no matter which one may be stronger at this point, so there’d be no way for Madara to get any real satisfaction.

    1. That’s exactly what I thought, Naruto and Sasuke inherited cool new powers from their masters and mentors and still came up with a few jutsus of their own while Sakura is just showing off with what she got from Tsunade nothing more or less and nothing new.

      K C M
      1. I think they are hinting that Sakura’s jutsu is stronger than Tsunade’s because she doesn’t waste chakra on crap like looking 30 years younger or having larger boobs.

      2. Naruto leeched big time from Nine tails in the beginning so did sasuke he leeched from Orochimarus seal no duh. Sakura was the only one who got to where she is now with her own power she actually tried while every one else (naruto,sasuke) was handed there power on a silver plate so literally no one is original

        Pervy Sage(Naruto).
        Lady Tsunade(Sakura).
        you all missed this crucial factor in the story.

      3. @Tuxidocat

        Except the fact that The Kyuubi and Curse Marks ate away at them and caused as much damage as good and their fighting styles are completely different you are totally right -_-

        Zero Hour 17
    2. Well, one has to consider the fact that Sakura is only NOW being put back in the front with the others after being shoved to the background (like most other characters) to let Naruto and Sasuke (and Madara and Obito) hog the spotlight, giving them a lot more time to show off their own/new abilities. And, as I said, the battle has only just started, so why not wait and see what else happens?

  5. So everyone wants to be Hokage now? [facepalm] Though now that I think about it a bit more I can appreciate the attempt to make fun of Sasuke’s decision.

    Wasn’t very impressed by this chapter. First off is Madara sitting down and doing jack s*** while the others take out the Juubi. Seems to be one hell of a big disconnect between the grumpy old Madara that Obito met and the current version… It’s like Edo-Madara doesn’t even care about the eye of the moon plan! Hopefully there’s a good reason for this.

    Sakura failed to impress. Nothing we haven’t seen from Tsunade before, only used against fodder Juubis (which seem to be created via asspull no jutsu for the sole purpose of giving the fodder ninjas something to do), and a second later she needs to be saved again. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a conveniently timed powerup (three year charge time?! Tsunade takes three days!) and a couple of punches to convince me that she’s even come close to surpassing Tsunade or catching up to Naruto and Sasuke. The little end comment (“I think I’ve finally caught up with them”) isn’t encouraging either as it seems to imply tat she doesn’t have anything else up her sleeve, as well as being rather… unrealistic and unmotivated.

    Finally, as I said last week it’s once again shown that Sakura only has eyes for Sasuke, and that Naruto’s comment was meant as a joke.

    1. Nah… sakura only love sasuke, as for hinata she always catch up with naruto during chuunin exam arc, pain invasion arc, and this war.. i hope kishitmoto not abandon hinata feelings

  6. Oh man. I can see it now. Hokage Exams. It’ll be like Chuunin Exam all over again. Orochimaru not there? Can’t be a coincidence. He’ll reappear when everyone is doing the Hokage Exam and will pursue Sasuke’s body once again. And Karin is the new Kabuto but will try to grab some Assume for her own.

    That aside.

  7. oo Naruto you’ll never mature will you. I gotta be careful I dont turn Sakura on cause she will pummel me. never gets old.
    that feel of watching all 9 of the once genin standing there together. feels so powerful. Neji watch over them. im hoping that kakashi finishes up with Obito and then he’ll see sasuke and then yamato comes out of no where with sai. and then its like woah! team 7 part 1 and part 2

  8. Guys the beef between Naruto and Sasuke isn’t over even if Sasuke has become a good guy again(in which I’m still skeptical about) the fact that MK(the author) came up with this development about Sasuke wanting to be Hokage means that their fated fight is signed, sealed and will be delivered. Sasuke wanting the seat of Hokage may be the same reason as Orochimaru wanting that seat in the first place, remember in chapter 620 Sasuke asks Orochimaru his real reason why He tried to destroy the village and we the viewers never really got to know why(I believe we will sometime in the future). I think Sasuke’s reason for wanting the seat has something to do with what Orochimaru must have told him.
    Naruto on the other hand has learned a valuable lesson from Itachi (chapter 552)a very important factor in becoming Hokage IE not forgetting about his Friends and others who have strengthened him “It’s not that if you become Hokage that everyone will acknowledge you. It is those that are acknowledged that becomes Hokage”.Naruto himself must have sensed that little flaw in Sasuke when He mentioned his candidacy for Hokage, his(Sasuke’s) reasons for becoming Hokage may not be for anyone but himself and if that is the case this rivalry is far from over and it might make Hashirama’s and Madara’s rivalry look like a petty argument.

    K C M
    1. Also can’t forget that one of the first things Orochimaru said after he was “revived” again was that he wanted Sasuke’s body. He’s only following him now to see what he’ll do.

  9. Without a doubt, the best part of this chapter was Shino shooting down Kiba.

    Kiba: “Hey, I said I’m going to be Hokage, didn’t you hear me?”
    Shino: “Nobody’s listening Kiba.”

    It was worth waiting a week just to hear that.

  10. Kubo:Kishi is getting out of hand now, he’s really trying to steal my trollking crown, I must not allow this! Trollkai!

    Kishi:It’s too late Kubo, you can’t stop me, you’re already in my trolljutsu, the Infinite Trollkiyomi!

    In all seriousness, the 2nd and the 3rd Hokage will be in tears to hear the word Hokage being thrown around like some prize of a tournament by the current generation of youth that will shape the future.

  11. Sakura is going to die in this fight at least shes stepping up and doing something(Hinata just saw her cousin die then held hands with Naruto and leeched off of his power that’s doing allot to help with every thing). by the way Hinata and Naruto are going to get together no duh.
    and if anyone in this story is a damsel in distress its Hinata.

    Also didnt naruto kinda leech of from the nine tails power in the beginning that’s really a super hero there not only that he couldn’t control it either.

    Sasuke is just a psycho. -_-

    1. Are you kidding dude. The fact Naruto was about to surrender when Hinata talked him off the ledge(so to speak) means FAR more than smacking a few fodder enemies and than needing to be saved again. Just stop

      Zero Hour 17
  12. I could imagine all Naruto manga readers sending an e-mail to Kishi,requesting that they wanna be appear in the manga as Hokage candidates.Since every1 and their grandmother wants to be Hokage,why the hell not?

  13. at least the ‘sudden power up’ makes sense as to why sakura wasn’t as strong immediately as opposed to now. the 3 year wait fits pretty well i’d say… and besides we all saw this coming since the last chapter lol. so it was pretty much the most realistic outcome. now all that’s left is for the 3 of them to summon their respective animal companions on the sannin checklist.

    1. lol she fucks up once and everyone says its the end for her… in any case it was definitely way better compared to how she was before. Sakura developing her own seal is a starting point for greater things, I’d really like to see Sakura revolutionize the capabilities of a medical nin. Tsunade established the system, it would be interesting to see what Sakura makes of it now that she’s inherited it from her.

    2. People should be glad that it’s “only” been that seal which, as we said, is actually a lot more “realistic” and not another new asspull Sage Mode. And she already did use it further than Tsunade did since, as far as we can tell, Tsunade was only able to use the chakra stored in her own seal to heal herself (or channel it to others via Katsuyu), but Sakura used it in order to further empower herself and it’s still possible it can heal herself (and maybe others) as well, but we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

  14. Sakura = Brute strength…that’s girly enough.
    Ehh is Sasuke smiling? Smirking?
    Naruto should stop acting like he’s the third wheel. He’s better than that.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    random viewer
  15. I’m going to get so many down votes for this lol but SAKURA FTW!!!! I’ve been waiting so long for her to be useful and to stop being the damsel in distress!! YES!!!! And I really don’t think she needed them to save her, im pretty sure she could have handled it, naruto and sasuke were just being… naruto and sasuke.

  16. “Sasuke-kuuuuun~ it was so cute how you tried to kill me that one time!”

    Sakura: worst character ever. She’s like an abused housewife who keeps going back.
    I really don’t know who’s worse. Her, or Karin.

  17. Sakura where was your head symbol when Pain attacked the village?? Was half of Konoha being destroyed not good enough to pull that out? Don’t tell me… You saved it for this match. YOU DUMB BI**H

  18. Is it just me, or is the artwork getting worse in Naruto? The character art looks disproportionate as fuck and the background art is just the same recycled rocky hills over and over again.

    1. The landscape this war is taking place on was never all that interesting to begin with. Probably even more so with all the massive attacks leveling wide swaths.

      Winged Robot
  19. For people complaining about Sakura not having the seal during Pain’s attack or Sasuke fight did you bother to read the manga. It clearly states she recently finished completing it. Convenient? Yes, but this is shounen.

  20. I feel like many of you aren’t happy with anything Sakura does. When she was the damsel in distress, you complained about how weak she was and was all talk. Now that she has gotten stronger, you’re complaining about how she’s there. It’s true that she may not be as strong as Naruto and Sasuke, but from where they started from, she went as far as they did as far of improvements at the very least. You can’t compare someone who went up with their own strength to someone who has chakra reserves from a ninetails and a family bloodline like the sharinghan.

    Sakura did start out annoying, but she has vastly improved and on top of that, hasn’t exactly been given a lot of opportunity to shine outside or in the battle (Though I imagine even if she did, many of you would still hate on her no matter what). She’s part of the original Team 7 and things have finally gone full circle. Please do try to look past your blind hatred…

    1. I think the fact that Sakura started out so weak, annoying, and helpless coupled with the fact that she’s still a civilian with no special abilities of her own who became a kunoichi is what really illustrates how far she’s come since then, making her improvements far more noticeable and “realistic” compared to Naruto and Sasuke where hax/convenient/etc power-ups/situations have essentially become the norm, or other side characters who, aside from more extreme ones like Neji, haven’t really changed that much from when we were first introduced to them.

    2. je trouve que tu a entièrement raison. les personnes qui ne peuvent pas la voir et qui préfère hinata oublie une chose : sakura ne viens pas d’un clan super puissant comme celui d’hinata donc elle a du faire beaucoup d’efforts pour obtenir une telle maîtrise du chakra, donc des 2 filles c’est sakura la plus forte(pour moi) car elle a dû faire preuve d’une grande détermination pour en arriver là ( ce qui la rapproche le plus de lee) ^^


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