Episode 07

「はじめての迷子」 (Hajimete no Maigo)
“The First Time Getting Lost”

I wasn’t expecting a full on attack from Mayura, but I was also expecting a more realistic battle that actually showed off Miyuki’s skills. I was a little disappointed that Izumiko ended up saving him again since she seems to be doing a lot of that lately. Come on! What kind of protector is he? What caught me a little off guard was how tied together Manatsu, Mayura and Masumi were. They’re very in tune in terms of their feelings and thoughts and it intrigues me how their powers are so dependent on it. That’s probably why Mayura and Manatsu seem “closer” than brothers and sisters.

The episode itself was rather slow for my taste. There was some interaction between Masumi and the students, but only because his brother left to tend for his horse. The episode has also changed its focus from Izumiko to her fellow peers so it’s hard for me to understand where the story is headed. I thought the intentions were to engage in a silent war between the power house students in the school, however that doesn’t seem to be the case either.

What caught my attention the most this episode was when Manatsu’s horse, Tabi passed. My dog actually passed away less than a year ago and I can totally relate to the pain and heartache you face when your pet dies. Perhaps it’s because I’m an emotionally invested person as well, but it really hurts when you outlive your pet and sad to say that it’s inevitable in most cases. I also had to put down my dog and when you’re watching your loved ones die before you – that pain made me cry through 2 tissue boxes in one sitting. That sort of sadness never really leaves your family either. I guess this is why so many pet owners are quick to buy another pet soon after. In the end, it doesn’t surprise me that Manatsu would disappear like that. Heartache makes you do some pretty crazy things sometimes.


Episode 08

「はじめてのお願い」 (Hajimete no Onegai)
“The First Request”

The focus of this episode was all about how to get Manatsu back and how to communicate with Masumi in the first place. What did Mayura mean by Masumi “taking away” Manatsu? I thought it was odd that she framed it up as a crime because it never occurred to me that Manatsu could be lost in limbo. I never imagined that siblings would be up against one another and in the end; it seems to me that Manatsu had to choose between a life with Masumi or Mayura. But no one wants to be stuck in limbo forever so Manatsu made the right choice.

All this time, I thought that Miyuki was kind of pointless up until this episode. Even though he holds a great deal of knowledge and seems to be the protector of Izumiko, he hasn’t been very informative or helpful. I always thought of him as a love interest too, but even that has died down since they don’t seem to be the most romantic couple. I’d have to give Miyuki some points for defending Izumiko even though his role was basically overshadowed when the goddess appeared in person to put the “dragon” spirit back to sleep. This was followed by a brief confrontation between Izumiko and the goddess who is supposedly within her. None of this is explained in detail until Izumiko’s mother (Paku Romi) finally appears and we get to understand why she’s so distant from her own daughter. We heard from her back in episode 2, but even now I’m still skeptical as to her role in helping her daughter. Her father seems to have better interests for her well-being.

All is well now and there is a brief time skip that mentions how Izumiko and Miyuki go back home for the remainder of summer. Like I said, I don’t really feel the relationship developing between Izumiko and Miyuki – mainly because I feel like their “partnership” has been very forced and their interactions are anything but “cute” and “romantic”. Compared to Kiri and Iwai (from Crime Edge), it feels like they’re both still not mature enough to think of each other in that way. However, Miyuki’s remark about Izumiko’s interest in certain types of boys has caught my attention so there’s hope for them yet. At the very least, I think it’s obvious that Miyuki’s been watching Izumiko’s infatuations with boys.

Note: I sincerely apologize for my double posts lately; I have never double posted once in my year at RC and here I go for a month without being able to keep up. I feel as though I owe an explanation for those that are patiently waiting and here it is. These past weeks have been busy for me because someone very special has traveled over 2,000 miles to see me and that’s been my priority for a while. For some of you that might not be a good enough answer, but it’s the truth. I hope everyone can understand (even a little) and I’ll try my best to be timely for the remainder of the season. I’ll have the next episode of RDG (releasing today) up soon =)




    1. She is. C: Actually she didn’t stand out as anything but an ordinary student in school. Her ‘fan base’ wasn’t really present, nor did I hear any of the cliches that you’d normally find around attractive popular girls such as “Oh there she goes!”, “She’s so flawless and pretty” etc. So you can imagine my surprise when I found out there was such a club of her. Mayura is the apparently the ‘silent’ type of popular girl it seems.

  1. I stopped trying to make sense of this show and just enjoy it. And I did. I found this episode entertaining. My only qualm is that he said his horse was black, that ending horse came back brown. Unless there was an error in the subtitles from my source, or that’s just how spiritual horses roll and not give a damn. Just sayin’. Kind of misleaded here.

    The other amusing thing that I also noticed is that Miyuki makes it clear to anyone that he isn’t ‘strong’, if anything last weeks episode proved that he’s willing to be a doormat to them cause he knows he’ll be too stupid to go up against anyone stronger. Cause that’s how weak he is. Apparently he didn’t get this memo when he was teasing Izumiko growing up, and he sure as hell didn’t stop being a total asshole to her those first few episodes; cause clearly Izumiko isn’t strong enough damnit. We, the viewers were all lied to! She is just a weakling with long hair who doesn’t have enough protein in her diet that makes her trance out like that that makes everyone around her shit their pants in awesomeness! ALL PRETTY EXPENSIVE CG LIES I SAY! That’s commitment damnit.

    Irony at it’s finest lemme tell you. –Rolls my eyes- Moving on.. Anyways Mayura doesn’t buy Miyuki’s weakness worth a damn and wants to test that sombitch for the Hell of it, cause apparently she is looking after her buddy Izumiko. Don’t we just love meddling friends? I’m finding my own amusement in a trivial show like this that still needs to tie up some loose ends. Maybe that’s why I just enjoyed it so much cause I kept finding the characters interactions so contradicting at times. I’m also trying my best to not make a joke about- OH THE HELL WITH IT HERE YA GO! 8D .

    Well damnit, the things I do to myself. Now I can’t stop thinking about that play that I have yet to see. ಠ_ಠ
    Moving on again! Izumiko actives her hair power ‘antannas’ to reach the Himegami, it didn’t work cause her communication carrier doesn’t provide reception in the forest/woods/mystical places. It’s tough being Izumiko, damnit. Either way, Masumi appears and leads her to the croods hiding place cave that looks like a big magical crystal (depending how drunk you are or looking at it) straight out of a Final Fantasy game. Maybe it was the pretty starry BG that made me think it was a freaken huge crystal of awesomeness. Never fear, big magical boulder won’t stand in the way of mystical dancing and a fan. Shinji Ikari, I mean Manatsu we’re taking you back home to be a human again and be miserable like the rest of us. WAIT WHAT. A switch? I was decieved, epic troll there. Why you hurt my feels Masumi? ಥ_ಥ I thought you were pure and awesom- Ah scew it. Never trusting spirits again. WAIT. WHAT IS THIS. MY BIG BOULDER IS SHINNING AND BEING ALL PRETTIFUL LIKE A FUCKING CRYSTAL LIKE I HAD SAID ALL ALONG!? I WAS RIGHT.

    Then shit gets more weird. Izumiko does a great job at dancing that she releases a shinning transparent Pokemon name Gyarados, and it’s quickly stop by a ‘weakling’ who sprouted black wings. Whoa. Call me cliché, but wouldn’t white wings suffice considering that he is protecting someone? Yes, that is my only qualm in this whole scene like shit makes sense. Nevermind that Lady Himegami appears out of nowhere and trolls Izumiko, and we find out that her mom is a hot babe in the process, those black wings are greatly question. I demand answers! Also I just notice that we have hot parents in this show, which really makes my mind wander and consider the possiblity of Sagara’s dad hooking up with Izumiko’s mom in the past or currently…. HMM. Well we never see them together in the same room, and they’re both always away from their precious babies, what do you expect!? That’s it, no more watching anime late at night. Btw, I find it amusing that we have jealous spirits, even more how Miyuki made it clear to Izumiko how he feels. Clearly he doesn’t approve. Izumiko should troll him and say that her type is Mayura. EPIC TROLL RIGHT THERE. Looking forward to next week, where I’ll await more questions and pretty graphics. <:

    1. I support you in your decision to watch anime at night is bad. And also you stop getting drunk, is bad for you health and you keyboard LOL XD.

      Just kidding buddy, nice to see extensive and well structured comments about your opinion.

      1. NEVERRRRR. Oh you. You’re starting to get me all teary eyed! Say what you will, my comments are as accurate as they get. And I’m a trustworthy person. So it’s legit. 8D

        But yeah when I realized it I had ranted way too much, I’m a very fast typer so yeah. But I’m glad you find it somewhat amusing. I clearly did this all for you bby. (*゚▽゚)ノ

    2. You know this show deserves this type of post. I don’t have the kind of energy to give it so I salute your effort Solara.

      I mean this show is like trying to find out who dug a hole in the ground of a deserted park. Turns out YOU did it under another persona, but I’m not suppose to tell you that am I :p

      Don’t worry it gets better, or worse in this show’s case. The stuff gets better to talk about though. I felt like reviewing my dissertations while watching these 2 episodes. For 9 & 10, I flipped through the 729 pages of taxes my department had to prepare last winter. . .

      1. Oh you guys! Megas you’re also making me wanna cr-too late. (/´Д`)/ -Finds the nearest corner of any wall and cries with the most amazing sound effects imaginable-

        Well I honestly wasn’t trying to, I was just randomly being sarcastic/cynical/retarded as I watched this and all of that came out. I honestly don’t know how Cherrie does it, and for that I salute thee! My post is just ridiculously retarded by comparison to Cherrie.

        Is that right? I’m looking forward to what you’ll have to say about the next episodes now. You got my attention.

  2. In my own opinion: these episodes were good. Very good development of characters of the siblings Manatsu and Mayura. It is a good example of a good relationship of brothers and explained their dependence to be too close to be able have Masumi with them. It’s not healthy to force yourself to stay in accordance. Resentments arise when there aren’t expressed naturally, all people need to express their opinion, mainly to friends and family.

    In this anime I like the most natural way and slow way Izumiko and Miyuki are getting to know and maturing their relationship. They first started as two young forced together. The natural thing is that Miyuki does not want to be forced to be the guardian of a girl who does not know. The main reason is Yukimasa, this guy is obnoxious. Nothing that he says I like.

    Many animes do these relationships hastily. It is normal because they have little time and need to catch the interest of the viewers. In addition to advancing the story. For me it is excellent that this anime take time to develop the relationship of the protagonists. We all will see as Miyuki wins Izumiko affection. All we need is patience.

    Las wings that had Miyuki are of crow. with the cane he looked like a tengu. In Japanese Shinto mythology the tengu are powerful spirits. Muyuki attempt to scare the dragon pretending to be one.

    Yukimasa had better train to Miyuki, but as he rethought and decided to no longer use to him, and does not care about the ability to Miyuki.

      1. By the way, this was explained in the episode. I really don’t understand why so many people who watch this anime keep being confused about details that are explicitly explained in the episodes.

      2. @barano
        But I thought Wamiya was already released, unless I miss that somewhere Wamiya came back and sneak up on someone again. So it was a surprise to me that he was chilling inside Sagara.

        Most of the confusion comes from those that don’t know much about the BG of the spirits, which apparently you must be somewhat knowledgeable to actually comprehend what is happening and why in such fashion. Even if it’s explained, you still wouldn’t understand it. I’m one of those that don’t know the extensive BG like most so the entire series to me leaves me bewildered. Instead of giving it up due to ignorance, I opted for enjoying the ride. And so far I am. 8D

      3. Actually, a few episodes earlier you can see a crow following Izumiko and Miyuki. And at the end of episode 8 Miyuki very clearly explains what happened and how Wamiya ended up in him. Did you watch the scene after the ending?

        As for the BG, I’ve seen some people making a huge deal about the “spiritual background” of this series which apparently makes some believe that it’s impossible to understand what’s going on unless you have a degree in Shinto or something… that’s stupid. What you need to know is just some really basic concepts that you can look up on Wikipedia if you don’t know them already from other anime or manga. Other than that, this is a fantasy anime, everything that is important is explained.

      4. @barano
        I saw that as well, and saw him be re-release again. So it didn’t cross my mind that he came back again and again. Clearly I miss that otherwise I wouldn’t have been puzzle by it. Actually the only thing I was questionable about was why all of a sudden Sagara spouted black wings. Not question Wamiyas whereabouts. Now knowing that he was inside justifies what happened.

        Granted you don’t have to have extensive knowledge of the BG, but you must understand somewhat the concept. Even if understanding the concept, it’s still a variation of knowledge. Something that those know nothing about can be trivial sometimes while watching this. Not saying that you won’t enjoy the series, cause like you stated they do explain some things along the way. And most people tend to pick up shows for the soul purpose of learning new things. I was very confuse the first early episodes among a large handful, but I finally found it enjoyable towards the middle cause I understood at least the concept.

  3. Regarding Masumi and the dragon spirit(Kuzuryuu):

    Ghost Masumi NEVER existed. What we have been seeing all this time is Kuzuryuu’s dreaming (ie.spiritual)form taking the form of Masumi.

    Although Kuzuryuu’s physical body was sealed behind the Celestial Rock,its spiritual form was not, and was able to manifest itself in a human form due to the deep wishes and spiritual powers of the Souda siblings combined together, who simply wanted their departed brother back with them.

    Recall how in ep 3, Wamiya said he was only able to assume human form due to Izumiko’s deepest desire for a friend and her spiritual powers(triggered by her haircut),and the end of ep 8,where Miyuki theorizes Wamiya took on that specific human form ‘because that’s the type of form Izumiko likes’.

    Similarly, Kuzuryuu’s spiritual essence assumed human form due to the Souda siblings’ grief and their combined desire for Masumi to return to them. Since Masumi was Manatsu’s twin, it was only natural for this physical form to look exactly like Manatsu(fairer complexion and slightly feminine voice notwithstanding).

    Although Kuzuryuu tolerated(and even enjoyed) hanging out with the twins, it was aware that any changes in the sibling relationship(death, emotional separation) would break the spiritual bond and render it unable to physically exist as Masumi any longer.
    Thus when Izumiko entered the picture, it saw an opportunity to free its physical form from its celestial prison through her help, and gain true freedom.

    As Guardian Enzo pointed out on his blog, Masumi/Kuzuryuu reflected the ‘capricious nature of the spirit world’, and the danger of dealing with entities whose thinking does not adhere with the human notion of social relationships.

  4. Did anyone notice that episode 8 had many reference with Miyazaki’s animes

    The white dragon (Spirited Away) and (Princess Mononoke)
    The black wings (Howl’s Moving Castle)

    1. More like the show and Miyazaki’s animes draw on the same material? It’s not like Miyazaki was the first person ever to depict dragon deities and creatures with black wings.


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